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November 27, 2009




The Gentle Way Books

The Gentle Way Books

Welcome to this edition of my Benevolent Outcomes Blog.  This Blog is to help introduce people to the concept of requesting Benevolent Outcomes in your life on a daily basis.  By doing so, you’ll be reconnecting with your Guardian Angel, who will assist you with the most mundane requests, like a parking space at a busy mall during the Christmas Holiday season (which might not seem so mundane if you have driven up and down rows of parked cars trying to find a place to park).  Or it can be a much more serious request such as, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my reunion with my family, thank you!” This is really good to request if there is much conflict in your family.  I use the abbreviation “MBO” for Most Benevolent Outcomes.  You can go to my website, where you can read two sample chapters of my first book, articles I’ve written for magazines, and much more!

In my last Blog I mentioned that on my 45 minute walk down the Croisette (in Cannes, France) to the New Port, I would say “Bonjour” to a homeless man living next to the sea wall I walked on and he responded. One night I over-ordered at a restaurant and so I had them put it in tin foil (they don’t have to-go boxes, at least not at that restaurant).  This morning I took the sack with me and requested a MBO for not only my walk, but that he would accept the food, as I could not tell how cognizant he was.

He was feeding the pigeons and sea birds as he seems to do each morning.  Are they a bunch of beggars!  They never left the sea wall or surrounding rocks, but kept eyeing him for the next handout.  Luckily I had scooped up all the bread in the basked at the restaurant so he’ll have more to feed them.

I gave him the food, and I was to find out in speaking with him that he was from Berlin and spoke pretty good English.  He had met Laura Bush one time he said before George became President.   He liked her—said she had a good heart, but the Russian president (or? I wasn’t sure) had a hard heart from what I could tell.  He also gave me advice about staying warm in Germany.  Mentioned how St. Moritz was great to ski, and how he had been in Northern Italy, but I couldn’t tell how long he was there.  Said he gets his food from cleaning up after the markets held in Cannes.  Not sure if he is on a clean up crew or just scavenges, but I did see tins of cookies that I had seen in the Palais building (where the TV market and Cannes Film Festival are held).  All in all a conversation that I never imagined having.  It was a nice Benevolent Outcome.

When I booked my hotel to attend the Frankfurt Book Fair, I found the only two star hotel available in the main part of Frankfurt was called the Angel Hotel.  I did chuckle when I booked the hotel and requested a MBO.  It was in a great location only one block from the main train station and a two minute walk to the escalator down under the street and another one minute to the subway or train to the Frankfurt Book Fair.  There are two other hotels on the street and they share the street with a whole line of sex shows, peep shows, etc.  These are rip-off joints according to the hotel owner Mehra that are out to rob the “rubes” who walk in for 1,000 or more Euros (heard as high as 5,000 E).  Will those men and women have some “balancing” (as my Guardian Angel Theo calls it) to do in a future existence!

I had requested a MBO for the room to be ready upon arrival and it was within 10 minutes even though it was still morning.  Another lady that arrived shortly after me was still waiting for her room to be cleaned when I walked out the door headed to the Frankfurt Book Fair.  I had printed a number of press releases about the books in Cannes.  I planned to drop them off at the press office, but wasn’t sure they would let me in as my ticket was not good until the next day.  Naturally I requested a MBO to be allowed entry, and at first the lady refused me entrance and then let me go in.  At the press office the young lady said the charge would be 156 Euros (about $230!) to drop them off.  I pleaded with them to let a poor author put them out and she said come back the next morning at 9:00 am and she would ask her supervisor.  I was having a hard time finding some place to eat, as the restaurants I passed in the Fair were not yet open.  I requested a MBO to find some place open for lunch.  I came upon the Switzerland Café and there were a number of people eating inside.  I got in line and got my food, and then looked around for a place to pay and saw none.   I sat down and started to eat, still searching.  Finally I asked an Italian lady at the next table where to pay, and she said that was a free lunch for participants in an all day seminar.  I wondered why there were so many men dressed in business attire and not casual clothes for setting up the booths (or stands as they are called in Europe)!  A really nice MBO!

I had walked to the book fair, but there was some construction to pass through and cobblestone walks, so since I was dragging a roller bag filled with books, plus my briefcase, I took the “S Bahn” train to the fair grounds.  At 5 minutes to 9:00 am they started letting the large crowd of people inside.  They later reported that the first day attendance was 39,000 + people!  This is the largest market I’ve ever attended, with 15 halls each holding enough stands for a normal convention, with over 7,300 companies exhibiting!  This is 10 times as many as exhibit at the world TV market in Cannes.  At the press office they said not only could I not pay the 156 Euros, but I could not even put press releases out as I’m an author and not an exhibitor.  Keep in mind I requested a MBO, so I accepted what happened wondering where my MBO was.  I almost trashed them, but took them with me.  The MBO was that my publisher had not put in a sell sheet with the books, so I was able to use the press release as a sales sheet!  I wouldn’t have had anything to give to the people that just wanted a card and some literature to refer to about the book.

Naturally I requested MBO’s each morning that the results of my meetings would be even better than I could hope for or expect.  I also requested MBO’s each morning as each afternoon to be led to call on the right companies, as there was no way I was going to make it through all the halls I had listed to visit.

I have already come to a verbal agreement with a publisher in Greece that also publishes the Kryon books—nice synergy.  Plus I have many more that I hope will close in the coming weeks.  I met with my German publisher on Friday, and they said they thought the book will be released in May or June.  And I had chance meetings or was compelled to stop at certain places that should prove fruitful.

As one example, on Friday I was in Hall 8.0 where all the Americans and British have stands, and I stopped to have an orange juice to rest my weary legs.  I sat down at one of those high tables with bar chairs and a young lady sat down there too as it was quite crowded.  We started discussing my book and it seems she works for the largest publisher in Croatia.  She took a book with her and I’ll follow up.

Today I was concerned about getting my three roller bags to the train track and requested a MBO for someone to assist me.  Before I could ask, Mehra volunteered a young man by the name of Handi to assist me with the bags.   He took two of the bags all the way to the spot on track 7 where my car was supposed to stop.

When I arrived at the Munich train station, as I mentioned above, I had only 14 minutes to get from track 1 to track 22, which sounded like a long way.  It took me a couple of minutes to attach two of the bags together and I requested a MBO for assistance in finding the track AND assistance with my bags, as the signs said nothing about a track 22.  I asked a lady passing by and she pointed me towards the “S Bahn” sign, which I was quite familiar with from Frankfurt.  As I started down the escalator with my 3 bags, I noticed a couple with medium size roller bags headed in the same direction and asked if they were going to the airport and they said yes.  I followed them, and the German couple was quite nice and told me which train to take, as there were two that stopped before the airport train.  He even helped me on board with my bags (a nice MBO).  They were headed to Kenya for two weeks for some sort of government work that they had a hard time explaining in English.

During the 40-minute ride I tried to phone the hotel to see about the shuttle van, but the phone would ring and no one picked up.  I requested a MBO for finding the shuttle.  At the airport station the German couple again assisted me in getting the bags out (nice MBO).  I proceeded to the Information counter, where they called the hotel, and told me to sit down, as it could be 10 minutes before pickup.  Less than 2 minutes later a German lady from the hotel called to me and off I went to the shuttle van, which was filled with people whom she had picked up from the train.  I was the last on board and sat up front.  This gave me the opportunity to go in and check in to the hotel instead of standing in line (another MBO).  They gave me my own portable alarm set to 4:30 am, and I requested a MBO to awaken just prior, which I did.

I requested a MBO to sit next to someone interesting to talk to on the flight from Amsterdam back to Dallas-Ft. Worth, and my MBO was that the Dutch man who sat next to me never spoke to me for 10 hours—only in Dutch to a friend across the aisle.  This saved my throat, as I had picked up a chest cold.  I requested a MBO for customs and went through the passport check OK, but the customs guys wanted to check my bags because I listed books on the form.  The MBO was that I got to hear an angel story from one of the customs officers and gave out two business cards for them to go online and read about the book at

This is really simple to do, folks, so give it a try.  Start by requesting a Most Benevolent Outcome for your drive to work, or for a seat on a busy train or subway.  Easy steps that will give you immediate feedback that your requests are being answered.

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

Tom T. Moore

copyright 2009

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November 25, 2009






Hi everyone and welcome to this third edition of my continuing blogs about a simple, yet powerful spiritual tool you can use every single day to make your life less stressful, less fearful, and much more enjoyable!  You accomplish this by simply requesting Benevolent Outcomes each day for the mundane things like driving to work each day, for more important things like a business meeting or for having a good day earning tips or making retail sales, to the really important things in your life like requesting the PERFECT JOB for you, the PERFECT HOME for you, and the PERFECT MATE for you.   You can read two sample chapters of my book on my website

This blog covers my trip to Cannes, France from London in October on a business trip I take two times a year for a world TV and DVD market, as I do international film and TV program distribution.   It will show you how often you can request Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) for all sorts of circumstances.

I’ll start at the first, with my flight from London’s Heathrow Airport on KLM with a change of planes in Amsterdam.  I made the mistake of forgetting to ask for a Benevolent Outcome for going through security and was stopped by a security guy and asked to put my roller bag in the metal form to see if it fit.  The wheels made it too long by about one inch or less, and he made me run back to check the bag in at KLM;  I knew I had a problem because of the combined weight of the two checked bags was at the maximum allowed, even though I was traveling business class.

They said I was at my limit and were going to charge me 130 GBP (about $200) overage.  My only option was to run downstairs (along with my roller bag and briefcase) to a store at the far end of the terminal and buy a cloth bag to throw everything into.  Naturally by now I said, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for buying the bag and resolving this problem, thank you!”.  I bought the cheapest bag they had which was 15 GBP (about $24) and ran back upstairs and started transferring virtually everything in the bag over to the cloth bag.  I then attempted to check the small roller bag and it weighed a total of 4 kilos (8.8 pounds).  The supervisor said that they would have given me 2 kilos, but since it was 4 they were going to charge me 50 GBP ($80) for the overage.  I started taking literally everything out of the bag including tissues and putting it on the floor next to the bag.  The two supervisors were called away and the lady at the counter told me to quickly give her the bag before they returned and she checked it.  That was the Benevolent Outcome to that problem!

Next back to the security line and of course I requested a MBO.  The guy who had made me return to the airline counter let me up to the front of the line, even though he said KLM had not paid for “fast track.”  I made the flight with time to spare and had a pleasant chat with a lady to Amsterdam (naturally I requested a MBO for someone interesting to talk to).  I had a long layover in Amsterdam before taking the flight to Nice, which I spent in a KLM lounge with free drinks and food.

I had requested a MBO for my bags to come out quickly in Nice and they did come out in plenty of time to make the bus to Cannes, which was filled with people going to the TV market.  I had requested a MBO to sit next to someone interesting, and I wound up sitting next to the British chap I had sat next to on the plane from London to Nice last March!  We still may do some business.  He even dragged one of my bags to my hotel, as he was traveling very light (what a great MBO!).  I showed him where to pick up his badge on our way, as he did not have his yet, and I was able to pick up my Guide book with everyone listed who was attending the market; this meant I did not have to return to pick it up, a very nice MBO!

One problem I had before commencing my trip was that when the head of the New York Reed Midem office had left in May or June, the new people denied giving me a “Platinum” card which allowed me to have meetings in the VIP Club.  After experiencing congestive heart failure (and a MBO of a full recovery) in 2006, my doctor said he didn’t want me to have the stress of having a booth or “stand” as they’re called in Europe.  I decided I could use the Buyers Club if needed, but requested a MBO when I twice emailed the head of the TV department at Reed Midem requesting the Platinum card.  I never received a response from her, so as I TRUST MBO’s to work PERFECTLY, I knew the Buyers Club would be best, and it was.  I met several buyers there that were not on my list of 60 appointments I had for the 4 days of the market and we had meetings either when there were no-shows for appointments, or in the few remaining times I had left.  Needless to say I was exhausted each night, as I didn’t leave until about 7:00 pm.  I did reconnect with the two young ladies from Canada I mentioned in my weekly newsletter last year at the Buyers Club and they’re still requesting MBO’s.

Monday night I was invited to a buffet dinner at the Majestic Hotel Beach and requested an MBO for someone to talk to.  I met an interesting gentleman by the name of Julius who does the PR for the World Music Awards each year in Monaco.   He says I should be drinking a glass of water each day with cayenne pepper, so I’ll have to investigate that.

I shipped a box weighing 17 kilos to Frankfurt, so I would not have to pay 10 Euros ($14.70) per kilo overage on Lufthansa.  This proved to be a MBO, as I had to roll three bags to my hotel in Frankfurt from the train station.  More on that in the next blog.

I did a 45 minute walk each morning after the Cannes Market finished all the way from my hotel to the end of the sea wall at the “new port” as they call it and back.  I walked along the Croisette before sunrise, but still daylight.  It was interesting to see all the big hotels that line the Cannes beach, but also the cruise ships that lie off shore and all the people preparing the restaurants that sit directly on the beach for the day.  I requested a MBO each morning for my walk to be interesting and it varied each day.

Much work and deliveries happens, with the sidewalk washed each morning by the “city jet” crew with a small water truck that went down the sidewalk with them, the garbage men picking up the trash in the bins that line the sidewalk, the crew building a large temporary structure on the beach, probably for a large party for the upcoming Duty Free Market the following week, walkers, joggers, and even a homeless man that sleeps against the seawall I walk on top of heading for the huge yachts at the end of the wall.  He’s a real character that feeds the birds and somehow fixes what appears to be tea, in a glass cup and saucer.  I said “bonjour” to him each day and he cackled a “bonjour” back to me.  He had clothes and lots of other things spread out on the huge boulders that lie against the walkway below the sea wall. More about him in the next blog.

Until then, have a Most Benevolent Week, and a Most Benevolent Thanksgiving!

Tom T. Moore

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November 21, 2009


The Gentle Way Books

The Gentle Way Books



Welcome to the second edition of my blog about requesting Benevolent Outcomes in your life.  This is a simple, yet powerful spiritual tool I discovered around 14 years ago that I use every day in my personal and business life running an international film and TV distribution company.

You can read two sample chapters of my first book THE GENTLE WAY: A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe In Angels by going to my website  You can also read articles I’ve written for regional, national and international magazines.  I’m a monthly columnist for The Sedona Journal of Emergence! (

I always suggest starting out with requests for the mundane things in your life such as saying, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for a parking space in front of ______________, thank you!” In my belief system, I believe it’s my Guardian Angel Handling these requests, but you can believe you’re being assisted by whatever higher power you believe in—that’s OK!  Just know, IT WORKS! Now for some neat Benevolent Outcome (MBO) stories.


Rick writes: “The lock to the laundry room door in our apartment complex has been balky lately. It seems like I spend 5 minutes trying to get the key to unlock it. I’ve used MBOs for it, and they’ve worked. The other day, I asked for one almost an hour before I went down there. To my surprise, the door was wide open with a couple of people already doing laundry, and I guess previous MBOs must have gone beyond my key working, as the landlord finally fixed the lock! It’s now in perfect working order.”

It’s those little mundane MBO’s that make life easier!


Laura writes:  “ I was overdrawn at the bank $130!, plus a $27 charge & $35 bank charge from the man that said the money was no good. O’ boy did I pray. I returned the used product but the man wanted me to pay his $35 bank charge. Well, I have 0000 money & the money from the product $125 was not returned yet.  I owe my bank $130, plus the $27 fee.  What MBO should I say ???  I have not slept the past few nights trying to word this correctly. Thank you Tom.”

Folks, this is not rocket science.  Requesting Benevolent Outcomes is the simplest way you can communicate with that loving soul we call Guardian Angels.  You don’t need me to create each one especially for you—in fact knowing your situation you’ll probably request a better MBO.

As I wrote Laura, you don’t have to have absolutely perfect wording.  Your GA knows what you mean.  Just say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my problem with my bank and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!”

You can also request a MBO for being led to enough money to pay all your expenses.


Daphnee writes:  “I am now in New York and reading your book bit by bit as I am spending time with my family.  I wanted only to let you know a funny and short thing that happened to me.

“After I started reading your book, one night I had a dream, I cannot remember the dream but I do remember one thing while dreaming I was requesting an MBO for something.  I was amazed that while dreaming I was still able to request one. I cannot explain it and I was wondering if you ever heard of such a situation.

“Another little story. My 4 year old was given some expensive earrings by my sister and her godmother. This morning she lost the back of the earring which is very tiny. I requested an MBO to find it and I had not even start look, the Angel directed me straight to the place where it had fallen and nobody was laughing at me anymore as I said 3 times my thank you.

“I am now going to request an MBO to request more MBOs every day.”

That was a nice MBO find!  And yes I have dreamed of requesting MBO’s, and I think that you were being reminded in the dream to do that also–perhaps in connection with finding the earring.

Don’t forget, you can go to my website and click on SIGNS. There you will find a sign that says REQUEST BENEVOLENT OUTCOMES TODAY! You can print out one or several and paste them up around your house to remind you until it becomes an absolute habit.


This was a message from Heather: “Hey Tom. Just to let you know about my most benevolent weekend–I’m a server at IHOP; well Sunday was looking pretty slow and I asked for a most benevolent tip day–well by the time I finished with my shift, I made $130.00– just what I needed (asked for). Gotta love it. I sure do. Thanks for telling us about the word Benevolent!”

I suggested to Heather and to anyone involved in serving the public that you can say each time before you begin work, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for tips today and may it be even better than I hope for or expect, thank you!” I wrote a whole article titled HAVE MORE SUCCESS AND LESS STESS IN RETAIL, which you can read on the website at under Articles and News. It has a lot more suggestions for anyone working in a retail store, as a commissioned salesperson, etc.


I knew that heading would get your attention.

From Lynn in Oregon: “I learned about you and Most Benevolent Outcomes from the Sedona Journal of Emergence over a year ago. I bought your book and also sent it to several friends. I have had so many wonderful MBO’s happen, sometimes I am just in awe… I always say please and thank you… One of my favorites is hot tub nights. Our tub is out on our deck, and living on the northern coast, there are a lot of rainy nights. My husband and I go out to the tub just about every Friday-Sunday night. We spend about 30 minutes. Now the chances of it raining, you can imagine, are big. We had to give it up quite a few times the first winters we lived here… Then I started using MBO’s. I ask for the sky to be dry above our Hot Tub between such and such time… I give it an hour…. I would say that we have a lot less rainy nights then we did the first couple of winters we lived here and I did not ask for MBO’s. I say it was almost 50/50 in the winter here…. Now 95% of the time it is either clear, or just a bit misty… May be cloudy and cold, but we don’t care about that! Thank you!!!

“And I use it just about daily! Lot of little things… I find it seems to work best for the small things to just make life simpler and more pleasant! And I so often find, when it doesn’t work, it turns out there is a good reason! Something even better happens. Thank you for your wonderful book! And sharing!”

If you read my book, then you’ll remember the chapter about the KRYON ALASKAN CRUISE where the whole group of us asked for clear days for our shore excursions and each day was clear. It was great!


Sue wrote to me on Facebook: Hi Tom, have a great MBO story for you today! I work at a large university and participate in their van pool program to help our environment and save a lot of money on gas and wear and tear on my own vehicle. In this program you cannot get a van pool vehicle until you have 5 additional people who work full time committed to riding with you on a daily basis. I left my other van pool in January as their working start/stop times really didn’t jibe with mine, meaning that I had to stay an extra 30 minutes each day to catch a ride home with them.

“So I decided to try and start up my own van pool with me being the primary driver and getting 5 others who live near me and have my work hours. I immediately started out by saying an MBO for having people who will be good matches for me and my alternate driver’s personalities, so that we would be able to have a good group riding together for the 2 hrs of commuting every workday. It took me a long time (7 months) to get all of my people but I finally after much frustration on my part wondering why it was taking so long got my last person and applied for the van.

”This organization requires that every newly forming van pool attends a formation meeting with the universities alternative transportation coordinator and the representative for the van pool company. During this meeting I was told that we would not get the customary brand new van but would instead get the only van available and it was a used van. I was a bit disappointed but having said MBOs all along this journey of getting my van pool group started figured that there was a reason for all of these hurdles. I was assured that the used van was safe and trustworthy and because I trusted in them (and my MBOs) I said that is fine I will take whatever you give me!

“This meeting was 2 weeks ago and last Thursday the company representative emailed me and asked if I would be available to meet her and get my van on Monday the 31st (yesterday). Of course I said yes and double checked the day and time with her and made arrangements for it yesterday. Well, we showed up for the meeting (which meant we had to take time off work and have my co-worker drive us across town several miles) and were told that she had made a mistake and told me the wrong day and that the delivery was to be today the 1st. I was very disappointed and yes a bit upset but tried my best to be polite and positive to the coordinator while wondering why this happened and what is going on?? Of course I quickly remembered that I had said MBOs for everything I could think of surrounding this whole event and thought that there was a reason or two for the misunderstanding.

“So now here’s today, the real van delivery day!! We once again show up at our meeting time wondering what our “used van” will be like. The company rep shows up and takes us outside and says “I felt so horrible about the mix-up yesterday that I decided to give you a brand new van and not the older one!” Wow!! Talk about a fantastic MBO!!!

Thanks Tom for your wonderful work and your efforts to get the word out on MBOs! Many Blessings to you Tom and your family!”


For those of you starting to buy Christmas presents, don’t forget that THE GENTLE WAY II is available for pre-order now and should be ready for delivery SOON!  It goes on the presses next week.  My publisher told me it will be around 300 pages—twice as many as the first book, but the preorder price is only $2.00 more–$16.95.  It could go higher, so put your order in TODAY by calling 800-450-0985 to order.  And the first book is a GREAT gift too, and it’s available from my publisher, or on  What a great present for you, your friends and family!

If you’re on Facebook, add me as a friend too!  And let your friends know about this blog.

Have a Most Benevolent Week everyone!


Tom T. Moore

copyright 2009

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November 17, 2009



This Blog is for people just discovering the simple, yet powerful spiritual tool of requesting Benevolent Outcomes in their lives. You’ll find that requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) will lower your stress and fear levels, and give you a more successful and calm life. It does not mean that you will not have challenges in your life—they’ll just be easier to work through.

Please go to my website , where you can read two sample chapters of the book to get your started. I also have articles there you can read that I’ve written for various regional, national, and international magazines to give you even more suggestions.


Heather writes: “Dear Tom, I just had to write and let you know just one story that happened to me and there have been many since I originally found your website. We just moved 2 weeks ago to a wonderful house in the country. That was part of 1 MBO. But the one I wish to tell you about is the one that saved my family. We had just been here 3 or 4 days when a huge thunderstorm kicked up.

“Now I love a good storm but this one got nuts fast. And all of the sudden I realized we had a tornado heading straight for us. I could hear it coming and see the way the wind was blowing the debris. I shouted for my children so we could run down the basement and as we running towards it I mentally requested a MBO for the storm to not cause damage or injury, and just like that it slowed right down and it died to a more gentle rain.

“To say I was completely in awe would be an understatement. And I know this saved my family and the house we just moved into. I say a huge Thank you everyday for finding your site. And I cannot tell you how many times I have made a MBO and it has worked. So again, Thank you!!”

I do recommend that you say your MBO request out loud. In this case I’m sure there was such emotion and danger involved that there was an exception made.


Patrice writes: “I would like to tell you about a neat story that happened to me as a beginner using MBO’s. I was taking my son to the Special Olympics, which is a big event in Boston. We were nervous about parking because the event was huge and parking is few and far between at these events, especially in Boston. So you can imagine how handy MBO’s can be around here.

“We entered the parking lot and there was not a parking space to be found. So… I immediately requested a MBO for a parking spot to open. In the back of my mind I thought this probably won’t work but I’ll try anyhow. My husband looked at me like okey what are you doing ….then within seconds someone backed out and in we went to the space.

“My husband was so surprised. He turned to me and with a smile remarked “Nice job!” I was so, so delighted and stunned. Now this was quite a feat considering there were no parking spaces at all in this crowded lot in downtown Boston. It was quite remarkable.”


Diana writes: “I had another amazing experience with MBOs this summer holiday. “We went to Turkey, and I requested an MBO for the city where my in-laws lived, to be cooler and life more bearable at that time. In the city it was raining (a little) and so turned cooler than normally at that time. It never rained there in the summer. Even my mother-in-law was surprised at the weather. I had a huge smile, and of course thanks for my GA.

“Another thing was: my husband was requested to urgently meet a former business partner to “finish an accounting matter”. In the past they always hinted that we owed them money (we did not); they pushed us out after it become successful. Anyway, we thought they will again ask for that money. I requested a MBO for the meeting. The morning of the meeting, the guy forgot about it. But later in the day they had a meeting. My husband told me: the former partner handed him 2,000 usd in cash as a settlement of accounting. My jaw dropped. I like to think that my MBO was helping that.

“Recently 2 nights ago, I requested a MBO for help in organizing our office space as I have had some quarrels with my husband about that. I had almost instant insight about the situation. And my husband agreed that the idea was good on how to re-organize space.”


Darlene in Texas writes: “I always say an “MBO for Divine protection, keen awareness and defensive drivers all around me and a safe, uneventful trip to work” each morning before I back out of my driveway.

“If I’m running late I always “request an MBO for a compression of time to arrive and be able to punch the time clock at the precise time I am supposed to clock-in”. It has worked for me each and every time I have requested it. Sometimes, in my mind, I just know I’m going to be late but I never voice it. My GA’s always get me there.

“Last week I went to see my parents, 6 hours away. As I was returning home I went through a small town and in my haste to get back home, was pulled over for speeding (48 in a 35 mph zone). I only received a warning. Thank you for enlightening me on MBO’s. I use them ALL THE TIME!!!”


Gail writes: “My story is about a benevolent outcome I asked for when looking for a new kitty to add to my household. I requested just the right kitty for our family, and that when introduced to my old, huge cat and our dog, that there be none of the hissing and even fighting that usually happens at first. I still marvel at how complete and wonderful the outcome was.

“We found the most loving, sweet kitty (one year old) who is a complete joy for us. The extent of her gentleness and congeniality is unusual for a cat. And, from the first moment she met our cat and dog, she got along splendidly with them. Anyone who has introduced a cat into a household with another cat knows what a miracle this is.

“The Gentle Way helps us in our every day lives, reduces our anxiety, and is a good tool for turning our life challenges, big and small, over to a Higher Power.”


Kathy writes: “I have a MBO experience to share. A couple of months ago, I moved back to my small hometown in East Texas from the Dallas area. It has been a challenge to “slow down,” as the way it is in small towns, everyone moves at a leisurely pace.

“One morning on my way to do errands, I was stopped by a train. A lllooonnnggg train. I immediately recognized that this was a message from the Universe to slow down. I turned off my car ignition and while waiting, I recalled childhood memories of waiting for this train, which was quite relaxing, or so I thought. At the first sign of the last car
in the train, I started my ignition and zoomed across the tracks while the red lights at the railroad stop were still flashing.

“As I crossed the tracks, I saw a police car waiting on the opposite side, and remembered that I’m to wait for the flashing lights to cease before crossing. The policeman immediately turned on his lights, did a u-turn and I pulled over. When the officer approached my car, I had registration and insurance papers in hand and immediately apologized stating that I was wrong and didn’t wait for the lights to go off. I also added that it had been decades that I had to wait for a train.

“As he went to his car to run a check on me, I began thinking that I did not have the money to pay for a ticket and said the following MBO, “I request a MBO in this situation that I receive a warning ticket or may it be an outcome better than I could ever expect or imagine. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

” The officer came to the car and said, “I’m going to give you a warning; however, I don’t have my warning book with me. This ticket would cost you $300 or more. You need to learn to slow down and take it easy. Okay?” “Yes Officer, I will.” And then I said to my GA, whose name is Lillian, “Thank you Lillian!” ”


Lynn writes from Oregon: “I so enjoy your newsletters and reading about the MBO’s. Just wanted to let you know that MBOs fill my life now…even without asking. Yesterday my friend Diane and I drove to Portland, and hour trip over the coast range. I always ask for safe expedient smooth journey when I do this. She says that she forgets, but feels like they happen anyway. And as we talked, I realized I feel the same way… Now that I got my angels in action, I think they are just there. I will still ask, but not worry as much if I forget? Just wondering if you think this happens, we are putting our angels into action?”

My Guardian Angel Theo has told me that even as long as I have been requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s–around 14 years now), if I were to stop requesting MBO’s tomorrow it wouldn’t be too long that I would be just like everyone else reacting to events and not being protected and guided.

Remember, one of the major benefits of requesting MBO’s is it keeps you on your soul contract or life path that YOU LAID OUT prior to your birth for the purpose of gaining the most knowledge and having the most experiences which this life can provide you.


Annette writes: “I had a very stressful time when we were beginning work on writing our RFP (Request for Proposal) for our Federal contract. I left my second job to be available to work on this and honestly, after sitting in a few meetings, did not want to be involved (my gut told me we would lose a portion of our contract) but….this was part of my job.

“My friends and family had been telling me that I needed a break after working 2 jobs for 3 years, dealing with my Dad’s passing and my Mom 800 miles away and the contract issues at work was just too stressful. My GA kept telling me that I needed to get some rest and several times I would say to my GA – “I can’t take a break right now, I’ll take one
when all this is over”.

“On December 24th at 7:45am – I fell and broke my ankle outside of a shopping center while getting that last minute Christmas gift on my way to the office. I looked like something from a cartoon; I slipped on ice and one leg went one way and one went the other – I landed on my more than ample backside, slid down the ice and since I was wearing boots with excellent tread, when my foot hit the pavement my right leg twisted up behind me and TADA – a nice spiral fracture, dislocated foot/ankle and a few other interesting, but minor injuries.

“The first person to see me was an off duty paramedic who came running to me followed by an on duty police officer. In the ER we had to use my new flannel PJ’s I had picked up for myself as an impulse buy (they were only $5.00!) after they cut my jeans away and as I lay in the ER for 10 hours I heard my GA say “You needed to take a break”. They reset the ankle, but I would need surgery on the leg and would have to wait a week to let all the swelling go down.

“I had a great pity party Christmas morning as I was in some pain (my husband – such an Angel) and a week later, had surgery. I was 8 weeks out of the office and 12 weeks in a wheelchair. While out of the office the person that one of the managers wanted to write the RFP got to write it. I worked some from home with our Budget Officer and learned
two very important things:

“1) Be careful what you ask for….like not wanting to work on the RFP
2) Listen to your GA when they looking out for your health – they have
your best interest at heart
3) My GA has a sense of humor
4) My GA took care of me completely; off-duty paramedic, police
officer, the flannel PJ’s. My GA had everything ready.
5) Sometimes what seems at first to be a negative thing turns out to be
a positive thing.

“I learned several “lessons”, some serious and some humorous – all of which made a big impact on my and facilitated some changes that have been positive.

“So slow down and “smell the roses” everyone!”

And with that I’ll wish you a Most Benevolent Week everyone!


Tom T. Moore

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