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April 12, 2021

Senior Note Purchase Agreement

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i) Guaranteed debt. Create, assume, assume or are responsible for a secured debt, which is the first in the right to pay non-eligible debt or high debt levels. (b) the full purchase on his own behalf. This agreement is concluded with the buyer based on the buyer`s representation to the company which, by the execution of this agreement by the buyer, confirms that the security to be acquired by the buyer is acquired for an investment on the buyer`s own behalf, and not as a nominee or agent, and not for the resale or distribution of a part of it. and that the buyer does not currently intend to sell, grant or distribute them otherwise. In addition, by executing this agreement, the buyer assures that the buyer currently has no contract, enterprise, agreement or agreement with a person to sell, transfer or grant stakes in that person or to third parties with respect to any of the securities. The buyer was not formed for the specific purpose of acquiring any of the securities. As a precondition for the purchase of senior notes, potential investors must make the payment to a group subscription account held, on behalf of the company, with a bank or credit union not affiliated with the FDIC, for the exclusive purpose of holding subscription deposits pursuant to the Senior Note Purchase agreement. (v) “Authorized Links” (i) Links for non-due taxes or links for taxes that are challenged in good faith and by appropriate procedures for which adequate reserves have been established; (ii) links, with respect to property or property legally created in connection with the ordinary activity, such as.B. supports, warehouses, equipment and mechanics and similar links, which arise in ordinary business and which are not unpunished or due or which are the subject of a good faith challenge and appropriate procedure; (iii) With regard to workers` compensation, unemployment insurance and other forms of social security, legal obligations, contractual offers, public contracts, performance and restitution of cash obligations and other similar obligations arising from ordinary activity, bonds or deposits under ordinary execution have been issued under the legal provisions, common law or agreements concluded on an amicable basis; (iv) links that fulfill obligations arising from a capital lease where these links do not extend to land other than land leased under such a capital lease; (v) Links to equipment or other property acquired or owned by the company or one of its subsidiaries to ensure the purchase price of this equipment or other real estate or debts intended exclusively to finance the acquisition of this equipment or other property, provided that this link extends only to equipment or other financed assets and to all , replacement, replacement and revenue (including insurance products) of these products; (vi) links in favour of customs and tax authorities which apply legally to the guarantee of customs payments related to the importation of goods; (vii) Links that are created in a timely manner or by banker`s pledges, neither by law nor by treaty; (viii) leasing or subletting and licensing or sub-licensing in connection with the company`s ordinary business; ix) Links, which insure the debt that first applies to the full payment of all amounts liability under the bonds; (x) Links that insure the debt of a person (with a subsidiary other than an existing subsidiary of the company) existing at the time of the creation of a subsidiary of the company or the merger with the company or a subsidiary of the company or Links to insure the debt related to an acquisition, merger or consolidation; whether these links existed prior to the date of acquisition, merger or consolidation, had not appeared in anticipation and did not extend to other assets; xi) links expressly subordinated to banknotes; and (xii) Links to land or assets acquired after the date of this development for compensation

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