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April 11, 2021

Samsung Agreement With Android

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The contract in question was the multi-year IP contract that Samsung signed with Microsoft in September 2011 and by which Samsung paid device charges for its Android phones. As part of the 2011 agreement, Samsung and Microsoft agreed to thwart their intellectual property, with Samsung paying Microsoft an unmentioned amount for every Android-based smartphone and tablet sold. Services and/or third-party content can also be provided via SERVICE. To the extent permitted by law, Samsung disclaims any guarantee, condition or guarantee regarding third-party services or content with respect to any aspect, including, but not limited, to quality, accuracy, efficacy, lack of viruses, non-violation of third party rights and compliance with applicable laws or regulations. The use of third-party services and content may be governed by terms of use, licensing agreements, privacy policies or any other such agreement by these third parties. Parts of service may be subject to open source licenses in which the terms of these open source licenses may precede the terms of these Terms of Use with respect to this part of the SERVICE. Ericsson says that from 2021, they could see a financial hit of between $118 million and $177 million per quarter. This figure is the result of a delay in royalties and procedural costs. However, intellectual property royalties could be recovered. An agreement between Ericsson and Samsung must be renewed for this possibility. This SERVICE includes software and data provided by third parties. They recognize that SERVICE is owned by Samsung and its licensees and is protected by copyright and other applicable intellectual property laws and contracts.

These terms of use and your use of service do not grant you ownership shares on or in the SERVICE, and you only benefit from a limited license to use, which is revocable under the terms of these Terms of Use. You cannot use SERVICE to reproduce copyrighted materials or materials for which you do not have the legal right or permission to reproduce. With the exception of private and non-commercial use, none of the content may be copied, reproduced, distributed, re-furnished, downloaded, downloaded, sent electronically or mechanically, recorded, photocopied or reproduced in any way without the prior written consent of Samsung or its partner. Any other use of SERVICE, including commercial use, modification, distribution or publication without Samsung`s prior written consent, is strictly prohibited. 2.3 To compile, decompilate, re-found or create derivative works on the basis of the whole, or part of the software, but only to the extent that such actions cannot be prohibited because they are essential to the interoperability of the software with another software and provided that the information you received during these activities is used only for the interoperability of the software with another software (ii) is not disclosed unnecessarily or communicated to third parties without prior written permission from Samsung; and (iii) is not used to develop, produce or market software that is essentially similar to software, or for other copyright acts.

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