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May 28, 2016

Benevolent Outcomes Blog 5-28-16


Welcome to the Benevolent Outcomes Blog, and welcome to everyone who subscribed in the past week.



  This Blog is for people who wish to learn how to use a very simple, yet powerful and effective spiritual tool every day the rest of your life.  It will lessen the stress and fear of life in general, and will make your life easier.  It’s so simple a lot of people say “It can’t be this easy,” but it is, because IT WORKS!

This reconnects you with your Guardian Angel, or higher power, or whatever your belief is.  You simply say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for… thank you!”  When you read the stories below, sent from all over the world, we use the acronyms MBO for Most Benevolent Outcomes, GA for Guardian Angel, and BP for Benevolent Prayers (what you ask for other people).   My website is


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Be sure to participate when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer out loud, but are you also saying the Daily BP each morning as I do?  Theo says this is one of the most important things you could do for yourself not only for this life, but all the others you have lived or will live on earth, as they are all happening at the same time.  Print it out and put it on your bathroom mirror to remind you.  Here is the link:  Here is an example of a BP for everyone to say today: “I ask any and all beings to intervene in the most benevolent way to stop any terrorist attacks before they happen anywhere in the world, to respect other religions, and for there to be peace in the world, thank you!”


Laurie writes:  The insane TSA backup at Chicago/O’Hare that was in the news recently (5/15/16) reminded me of the miraculous MBO that I experienced on a recent trip to New York City. I requested an MBO for “an extremely short or non-existent wait in line at the TSA at the airport” for my return trip through LaGuardia Airport (a major New York airport). I used this wording without thinking about it because I always say it for MBOs about a short wait in checkout lines at my local stores!  Well, I got a non-existent line at the TSA checkpoint at LaGuardia Airport! Even though it was noon on a Sunday, there were no other passengers or travelers, just me. I didn’t even have to go through that Beam-Me-Up-Scotty scanner! It all went so fast that I didn’t even remember my MBO request and realize it had been granted until I was walking toward my gate. Wow!


Daralyn writes:  This incident occurred a couple of years ago, but I never got around to telling you about it (I think I was too in shock, or it might sound too outrageous.) Each summer since I moved to Texas in 2006, I have driven back to Michigan, about a 3,000 mile round trip, to visit friends and family for a week. Since I learned about MBO’s from your Gentle Way book and in your column in the Sedona magazine, I always requested an MBO for a safe journey before leaving home.

On this particular trip, during the return segment driving through Louisiana, I noticed while removing CD’s that the dashboard felt unusually hot. I attributed this to the fact that it was hot outside, about 97 degrees, even though that was not a logical connection. When I crossed the state border into Texas, the “check engine” indicator light came on. I was not surprised, because it does that as a matter of course when I am 500 miles from a scheduled oil change, which I was. I made it home safely and the next day took the car in to the dealer for maintenance.

Imagine my surprise when I got a call from the mechanic telling me that not only was the radiator empty of coolant, but that the reservoir was empty too. By all rights I should have had an engine meltdown in the middle of a hot “Nowhere!” Thank you, Angels, thank you, thank you, thank you! Tom, I do believe we can’t afford NOT to say MBO’s. Thank you for all you do.


Bob writes from north of Seattle:  My husband, a friend and myself spent two weeks on the US Virgin Islands.

We had barely been on the airplane to leave from Seattle when my husband began to complain that his iPhone was acting odd.  Kept saying that the charging wires were not compatible to the device, or that he had his earplugs attached when he didn’t, etc.  By the third day on the island, we were buying new charging wires because nothing would charge his phone properly.  By day twelve of fourteen, his phone was totally dead and nothing would charge it.  We both said MBO’s hoping to find a fix or at least resolve the issue quickly.  We arrived home last night and first thing this morning, we were off to the phone store.  They agreed he had a problem, looked up our contract, and insurance covers everything and he will have a new phone on Monday or Tuesday..a one or two day turnaround for something we thought would be much longer and costly.

When we left St. Thomas yesterday morning, we flew on a small commuter airline to San Juan, Puerto Rico to catch our flight to New York and then connect to Seattle.  As we were sitting on the commuter plane, we happened to look down on the tarmac as they closed the cabin doors so we could leave, when we noticed all of our luggage was sitting in the luggage carts, unloaded on the airplane.  When we questioned it, we were told that the combined luggage of twenty people was too heavy, so it would follow later.  So, we all said MBO’s for luggage meeting us when we got home.  

We watched the connection plane being loaded with luggage and we didn’t see ours, so we kept fingers crossed and kept going.  We arrived in Seattle and we went down to the baggage area and got off the small carry-on we had taken, then we stepped into the baggage claim customer service area to explain our problem.  When we had checked luggage in originally with the commuter airline, we asked if the luggage could just be pushed through to Delta Airlines all the way.  She said she could so we gave her the flight numbers for Delta.  We are now at the Delta Customer Service and she found nothing showing we had any luggage at all other than the one carry-on.  She gave us the look of…you are truly screwed.  

At that moment, my husband happened to look out the window in her room and saw our luggage being wheeled through the door near the carousel.  We went out and the guy pushing them out, said that the pilots had had someone pull them from the front of the plane and move them to the baggage area.  No one seemed to have a good explanation of how they got to Seattle.  


Raymond in Dallas writes:  I have an MBO story for you.  I was speaking to my neighbor the other day and she told me she lost her job when the company was bought out and they laid off 1/3 of the people.

She is about 45 and single.  She has to depend on herself and was pretty depressed about losing her job.  She had an interview last week and commented on the job search being more difficult than she thought it was going to be.

I left her and privately said that I hoped God would help her find a job soon that was suitable to her interests. I asked that she find a Most Benevolent Outcome for her situation, a job that was fulfilling and close to home.  Her last job required a one hour commute in the Dallas area.

I spoke to her briefly last night and she said she got a job in the local area. Her spirit and personality was much brighter.

I ‘m not sure if the MBO was responsible, but I’m glad that I was able to help with the resources I had available and it worked out for her.


Michelle in Baltimore writes:  I hope you and yours are doing well. I seldom use MBO requests. Not because they don’t work for me, but because I seldom need to specify my desires. What normally occurs is I define a need and then sent out the request for that particular issue to be resolved. It is effective for me, since my angels and I work so well together!

However, there are times when only an MBO or BP will work. In March, I requested a MBO for GREAT weather for our upcoming family cruise to Bermuda. It would be a reunion in Bermuda with our family on the island.  I said the request and forgot about it until the week we left port. Weather in Baltimore has been cold and wet. Cold enough to have the heat on, constantly. When we left Baltimore, it was pouring rain.

I anxiously tracked Bermuda weather, it was rain, rain and thunderstorms forecast for our arrival on Monday May 26th. It was STILL raining an hour before we docked. But by the time we departed the ship, the sky had cleared. It was a sunny and warm 80 degrees. We did get a brief shower around 8pm, but that cleared up quickly. On Tuesday, it was warmer and still sunny. I got word upon arriving home that the showers moved back in not long after we set sail. Our return trip home was bright and rain free. So for this request, I give my angels a 10+. I was so certain the rain would ease and the sun would shine, I packed 4 pairs of sunglasses! I got to wear all of them!  Thanks Tom!


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Have a Most Benevolent Week!


Tom T. Moore

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December 12, 2009





The Gentle Way Books

The Gentle Way Books

Welcome to this edition of my Blog for those who are just learning about requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) in their lives to lower stress and the “fear factor” and lead a more gentle life.  You can learn much more about requesting MBO’s on my website There you can read a couple of sample chapters of my first book, articles I’ve written for magaines, and much more!  My new book, The Gentle Way II:  The Story Continues is now available for order directly from my publisher at 40% off the list price, along with my first book, until January.  Telephone 800-450-0985 to order.

One more note:  You will see some questions below I ask my own Guardian Angel Theo in meditation.  Anyone that already meditates can do the same thing.  It’s just another way to benefit from meditation, which is recommended by doctors and health care specialists.


A number of people have written to me in the past couple of months asking about requesting the same Benevolent Outcome multiple times.  My standard answer has been, as I was told, that you only have to request it one time.  But still the emails kept coming, so I knew it was time to get the answer directly from my own Guardian Angel Theo.

Theo, here’s a question I’ve been asked several times recently.  Should people only request a Benevolent Outcome once, or can they request the same numerous times?

A good question Tom for today.  Yes, if they feel a need to, they can request a Benevolent Outcome more than once, although it is not needed.  One request works just as well as numerous requests.  We, meaning what you call Guardian Angels, understand that since you are veiled, you question everything—even the validity of requesting MBO’s–even when you have been having great success in requesting them.  The veil is very thick but it is thinning, and as you have told your readers Tom, requesting MBO’s thins the veil and raisers their vibrational level.  So if they feel more comfortable in requesting a Benevolent Outcome more than once, then it is OK, and it will not dilute the request.

So request the same MBO as many times as you wish if it makes you feel more comfortable.  Your Guardian Angel will not penalize you if you do.


Starr writes:  “I enjoy your newsletter but I have an issue with your Benevolent Prayer. It says “I ask that any and all beings…” Doesn’t that leave things open to non-benevolent beings to step in?  Shouldn’t it be changed to something like “all beings from the light…”?

”This may be my issue, but would you go out to the street and ask any and all people you meet into your home, or mind?  I am surprised that someone hasn’t put this out there before. Blessings.”

I do thank Starr for bringing this up.  I find that when I receive a question like this then there are many other people that have this same question, but haven’t asked.  I’m quite sure this question will be in one of the first two chapters of my upcoming book.

Theo, Starr has a problem with “any and all beings” as she is concerned that this will attract non-benevolent beings.  Your comments.

Yes, it might seem that way on the surface to Starr, Tom, but when angelic beings, as you call them, are called upon to provide assistance, they certainly would not “dial up” shall we say, a non-benevolent being to assist the person that said the Benevolent Prayer, or for whom they said the prayer for.

These are, as we have discussed before, whole souls Tom, and even though they have not achieved a golden light-being level, they still are whole souls and capable of millions of decisions per minute in your time.  Please trust these souls to handle any request in a most benevolent way, as they have only the best intentions for the person or beings in the request.  It is all accomplished from within the light, so there is no danger of attracting non-benevolent beings.


Judy in Sydney Australia writes:  Hi Tom.  I just have to tell you about my recent Angel miracle. On Tuesday night, I was going to a night class in another part of Sydney. I said my MBO’s for safe travel before I left. When I got there, I parked my car and walked across the street with the green light. Suddenly, an elderly lady in a 4WD flew around the corner at full speed and narrowly missed me – I mean by an eyelash! She said she was looking at the lights and not at pedestrians on the crosswalk. I screamed and fell back onto the road, but just scraped my hand and had a few bruises.

“Several people ran to give me their cards as witnesses but I really was alright, just shaken up. Another 1/4 of a second and I would have been badly hit.

”After my class, I stopped off at the supermarket and playing over the loudspeaker was the song, “Send me an Angel”. How’s that for confirmation!  I can’t thank you enough for your instructions with MBO’s – it saved my life!”


Tresta writes:  “I would like to thank you for writing the book “The Gentle Way”.  I have been constantly disciplining myself to request my MBO’s (Most Benevolent Outcomes).   I recently had an incident with my car.  On this particular morning I dropped my children off to school.  After that I went to the gas station and headed home.   Mind you.  I live on an Island (St. Thomas, Virgin Island).  If you ever been here, you would know that it is very mountainous.

“Back to the story.  I was driving up the side of the “hill” and I veered to the right.  I noticed I was veering a little too far to the right.  I steered right back to my lane and stopped the car.  I got out, looked under the car and I didn’t see anything loose.  I quickly got on the phone to my husband and informed him on what was going on.  I told him “stay on the phone with me, I’m going to put the car in second gear, turn the hazard lights on and drive “slowly home”.  Before I took off, I immediately said my MBO.   “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for this car to arrive safely at home”.  What do you know I made it! Safely!   My husband called the mechanic, he came out, looked at the car and called me over.

”We both looked under the car.  To my surprise he showed me the steering rod, completely off the wheel!  He asked how did I make it home.  I immediately said, “My Guardian Angels.”   Once again, Thank you, thank you Tom.”


Angela writes: Please explain the Benevolent Living Prayer?  I wondered about prayer for a Benevolent outcome for someone else. (Buying the book may have shed some light on this subject.  It’s on my list of things to do.)

”I need a Benevolent prayer for my son and granddaughter.  My son is going through the courts requesting full custody of his daughter.  It has been very emotional for us and I am having a hard time stopping the tears.  (My granddaughter’s mother…they did not marry…..just moved her 5 states away.)  Please assist in a loving way to phrase the prayer?”

Yes, there’s a whole chapter in the book about Benevolent Living Prayers.  It’s what you say for other people, where MBO requests or strictly for specific things for you.  A whole different set of what we call angels takes care of those requests.

Perhaps you could say, “I ask that any and all beings assist my granddaughter in having the most benevolent living arrangement and custody for her, thank you!”

Remember that all these requests have to be benevolent for everyone in the request, and saying that Benevolent Prayer puts it squarely on what’s best for the child–whether that’s full custody, partial custody, or whatever.  Remember that there are soul contracts at work here, so you can only request what’s best for the child and her soul contract.

When the court case comes up you can say, ” I ask that any and all beings assist the judge in making the best decision for the custody of my granddaughter, thank you!”


Shannon writes:  “Thank you so much for your newsletters.  I use MBO’s through out the day, and it has made my life much easier.  I am a Reiki Master and am teaching Reiki and trying to spread the word about this wonderful healing energy.  It has made quite an impact on my life, and others that I have seen.  I was just sent an article from the Reiki magazine with the following:

“Recently a committee of Catholic bishops wrote a statement saying that Reiki is based on superstition and Catholic’s shouldn’t use it. More specifically, they said it shouldn’t be used in Catholic hospitals, health care centers, or by Catholic chaplains.

“Is Reiki a healing energy that helping our advancement or just another “thing” that we have made up?  Being from a Catholic background, I do not have any trust in Catholic Church, but it saddens me that they are doing this.”

Theo, is Reiki a valid healing modality?  Why would the Catholic Church try to ban it?

Yes, of course it is a valid form of healing Tom.  The Catholic Church wants to ban it for several reasons.  First out of ignorance.  They don’t understand how it works.  Second, because they don’t understand it they are fearful that it could be some form of Satanism, which you and others know it is not.  So as it always happens, ignorance breeds fear and their actions spring from that fear.  It will take some time for them to accept Reiki as a form of healing, and yes, they like to think they’re the only form of healing – only through the Priests, but there are many forms of healing and more will be discovered in the coming years.  There will be less need for their services shall we say by their congregations.


This actress asked me to not use her real name so Joy writes:  I have been requesting an MBO around my acting career – have used the phrasing that you suggested.  Then I asked for a “sign” that I was focusing on the right direction.  Just got a letter from Screen Actors Guild that they would like me to be on the nominating committee for 3 areas for Emmy nominations – a total of 9 nominations!!  It is a “random” draw.  However, I got the letter the day after I asked for the sign!  Pretty amazing!  And one of the areas?  Best actress in a sitcom!!!!!!  Which is exactly what I would like to do!!!!!

“Oh, and one more thing!!  An actor that I met in the fall agreed yesterday to forward my headshot and resume to one of his agents to see if I could free-lance with this agent for commercial work!!  I request a Most Benevolent Outcome about this agent and may it be better and greater than I hope for!!  YAY!

“I request a Most Benevolent Outcome about being on the SAG TV nominating committee and may it be better and greater than I hope for!”


Annette writesI’ve been reading your book and first of all I want to thank you for writing it and secondly, for writing it in a way that is simple to use and understand. I’ve had some interesting results; the best was finding an item that a friend of my husband (who is stay with us temporarily) broke. The pan has not been made in over 20 years and it was something I uses for specific cooking. When I went to the manufactures website to see if I could order a replacement, it was over $60.00. I requested a MBO to find a reasonable replacement and I found a like new one on EBay and bid $20.00 – I won it at $14.50 and with shipping it came to $28.97.

“Then I found the other item, a Tupperware colander, (that he accidentally melted) on EBay. It is made with only the holes in the bottom and fits my containers perfectly – it hasn’t been made in close to 30 years. I was able to get it with shipping for $18.50. I didn’t even ask for that MBO – but since I was trying to replace items I often used as a set my Guardian Angel put me in touch with how to replace them BOTH! They are like they have never been used!!  And…the person who damaged them gave me the money PLUS extra towards utilities, etc.!

“Since I am new to the requesting of MBO’s I was wondering “how” to go about asking for something to continue to function and not break down, at least until I am financially in a place to repair or replace said item.  Example: our hot water heater was installed 9 years ago. The warranty expired 3 years ago and yesterday we noticed the spicket was dripping. Would I request the MBO for our hot water heater to continue to work until we were more financially stable, or would I request that all our appliances and equipment continue to function while we are going through this, or does it matter how I word the MBO? I want to make certain that my intent is presented properly.

“I have read through 1/3 of the book and have to take a break periodically to digest the information and understand it. It is all new to me – talking to my Angel for these things, but makes more sense each day. I have looked through the book and not seen a request example that seems to relate to the request for something to work instead of finding a repair, but I may have overlooked it.”

You’re right.  That’s one of the things that’s not in the first book but will be touched upon in the second book, as I recall from other stories I’ve received.

You do have a couple of MBO’s you can request, so you can do both—“I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that the water heater continues to work properly until I can afford to replace it, thank you,” or ask for a MBO for a replacement that you can afford — and see what your GA comes up with.  You can add the tag line “and may it be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!”

What about checking Craig’s list in your area?  Sometimes people (as we did when we bought this house) want a specific type of water heater and replace one that still has a lot of life left in it–a good interim solution.    Sometimes a plumber, who might need some side work, would either offer one, or would keep an eye out for one for you for the cost of say $100 plus labor.  The plumbing companies would not want to do this, as there’s probably not enough profit in there for them.

And one more thing, I would suggest keeping your friend out of the kitchen—he sounds like a walking accident—probably because he is concerned about his situation.


Steve writes:  “Thank you for your recent reply to my question on the Santa Barbara wildfires. This is an update and follow up to my previous question.

”After I wrote to you, the situation looked very, very serious for Santa Barbara and also for Montecito to the south and Goleta to the north as the fires continued to spread. The next evening the firefighters were bracing for the worst as the Sundowner winds were predicted to be gusting again. These winds come up in the evening and blow down the foothills fanning the flames out of control and towards the residential areas. I followed an impulse to request an MBO that the Sundowner winds be calmed. The previous day, when “all hell broke loose,” the temperature in Santa Barbara was a record 101 degrees in the city and much higher in the foothills.

“The next day a marine layer brought cool, damp air in from the ocean. The temperature dropped 30 degrees and the Sundowner winds never materialized as predicted by the National Weather Service. Every day I kept requesting that the Sundowner winds be calmed. The marine layer remained for three days with no Sundowners. For the next 3 days the National Weather Service predicted a return of the Sundowners, but they never materialized, allowing the firefighters to achieve 80 percent containment and begin scaling down the operation.

“As I write now, 14 days after the fire first broke out, there is 100 percent containment of the fire and firefighters are mopping up as the fire burns itself out. The city has returned to normal. What a miraculous turnaround to a potentially disastrous situation. I am wondering whether my MBOs and my Guardian Angel could have produced such a profound effect. Naturally I would like to think that is possible, but find it difficult to believe.

”Would you ask Theo or Gaia if my MBOs and my Guardian Angel played a major role in this miraculous turnaround or was it just one of many other factors or was it just coincidence?”

Theo, did Steve’s request for a Most Benevolent Outcome regarding the Santa Barbara fires have any effect, or was it just one of many factors or a coincidence?

Yes Tom, his request of the Benevolent Outcomes did have some effect, along with the prayers of countless people in that area.  Prayers are answered as you teach.  They don’t have to be said a particular way, although what you have shown people how to say them works perhaps the best, because it is so easy to remember, as compared to trying to make up a completely new prayer each time for something specific for you, or especially one for other people and beings such as animals.  So to answer Steve’s question, yes, his voice was heard along with others and Gaia changed the weather for them, as you are junior creators in training and you must be able to see your successes, yes?

Yes, of course I agree.  We would give up if we saw nothing happening.  That’s what’s great about requesting MBO’s in your life.  For the mundane requests like a parking spot you receive immediate feedback that this simple spiritual tool works, and it builds trust in requesting MBO’s for the more important things in your life.

Have a Most Benevolent Week everyone!


Tom T. Moore

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