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First Contact


Gentle Way Book 3: Master Your Life


01 How MBOs Work
02 Benevolent Outcomes at Home
03 Benevolent Outcomes around Town
04 Benevolent Outcomes for Vehicles
05 Benevolent Outcomes for Everyday Transportation
06 Benevolent Outcomes for Jobs, Careers,
and the Workplace
07 Benevolent Outcomes for Personal Finance
08 Benevolent Outcomes for Self-Owned Businesses
09 Benevolent Outcomes for Physical Health.
10 Benevolent Outcomes for Doctor Visits
11 Benevolent Outcomes for Surgeries and
Medical Emergencies
12 Benevolent Outcomes for Peace of Mind
13 Benevolent Outcomes for Relationships
14 Benevolent Outcomes for Children
15 Benevolent Outcomes in Education
16 Benevolent Outcomes for Travel
17 Benevolent Outcomes for Vacations and Holidays
18 Benevolent Outcomes for Weather and
Natural Disasters
19 Benevolent Outcomes Involving Pets and
Other Animals, Reptiles, and Insects
20 Benevolent Outcomes with Technology
21 Benevolent Outcomes for Games of Chance
22 Benevolent Outcomes for Entertainment..
23 Benevolent Outcomes for Shopping
24 Benevolent Outcomes for Lost Items.
25 Most Benevolent Time Compressions
26 Small but Satisfying Benevolent Outcomes
27 MBO Combination Platters



Almost three years have passed since The Gentle Way II was published. Yet as many success stories as that book contained, I have continued to receive truly unique stories from people all over the world requesting most benevolent outcomes (MBOs) and asking for benevolent prayers (BPs) for their families, friends, other people, and other beings. It just proves that there are no limits to this modality, which is becoming a gentle movement as people discover how much better their lives are with these simple yet powerful requests.

MBOs Work Perfectly

When I began requesting MBOs about sixteen years ago, I had no idea how many extra benefits there were in making these requests. I just knew they worked perfectly, and I had never been able to say that about any other modality I had tried over the past thirty years. But I eventually discovered that this process was raising my vibrational level, which some people also term “ascension.” This allowed me to begin communicating with my own guardian angel (GA), Theo, in 2005, as well as many other beings.
My angel communicated to me in my “active meditations,” as I call them,
that requesting MBOs is the first and easiest way to raise your vibrational level a little at a time. He said you can read all the articles and books and listen to all the programs, but until you start implementing communication with Spirit, you’ll remain on a plateau of sorts. And it does take a lot of the stress and fear out of our lives, as you’ll read over and over again in this book. This includes even dangerous situations in which people found themselves in perilous circumstances.

For those of you attracted to this book for the first time, you simply say,
“I request a most benevolent outcome for _____. Thank you!”

This is the language to use when the request is specifically for you. For
other people, you change it to say a benevolent prayer:

2 ✴ The Gentle Way Volume III
“I ask any and all beings to _____. Thank you!”

As an example, here is one I’ve been testing out over the past couple of
years. I record my dreams each morning, since dreams are messages from our souls and can inform us of something good about to happen in our lives or challenges that are coming up. When I feel as if I’ve had a dream about an upcoming challenge, on awakening I’ll say,“I request a most benevolent outcome for anything that will occur in my physical
world that this dream may have referred to. Thank you!”

It makes me feel better knowing I’m getting a jump on the challenge the dream symbology referred to.

Some Common Questions I Get

One of the common questions I am asked is, “Should I say the request once, or can I say it multiple times?” My guardian angel tells me just one time works, but those golden lightbeings we call guardian angels understand that we live stressful and fearful lives, so you may say the request as many times as you wish. My angel tells me that we are not penalized for repeating our requests.

Another question I get often is, “Should I address a particular archangel? Or God or Jesus? Or whom? If you notice, there is no deity mentioned in the request, which I believe I was inspired to word that way. Just keep the request simple. If you wish to believe, however, that your request goes to a particular deity such as God, Jesus, Mohammad, Allah, Buddha, Vishnu, or any others I have not mentioned, that’s fine, because these golden lightbeings we call our guardian angels are tremendously powerful souls. I use the analogy of my own angel being able to handle two million requests for a parking space at one time without breaking a sweat!

Another question I receive is, “Why don’t my MBOs always work?” I explain that if you make a specific request, such as for a particular job or a
particular love interest, that job or love interest may not be in your best shortterm or long-term interests. You’ll find several months or even a year or two later that a better job or love interest was on the way.

Taking the Most Benevolent Path

Another benefit I did not realize when I began requesting MBOs is that this practice keeps you on your soul path, or “soul contract,” as my guardian angel calls it. People really have a lot of misconceptions about soul contracts, so let me explain them according to what my angel has told me. A soul contract simply means you chose the most perfect life you could for learning, challenges, successes, and so on. My angel explained it more fully when I Foreword ✴ 3 conveyed this question to him from one of my newsletter subscribers: “How much leeway does one typically have on a soul contract?” “As we have discussed many times, Tom, you do have the freedom to choose other paths during your time on Earth,” my angel responded. “But when you begin requesting MBOs, it does keep you on that path. Let’s say the path does allow you to wander just a bit — but not too far. Requesting MBOs does keep you on a path to meet those people you’re supposed to encounter and interact with and to meet those challenges set up for the maximum growth of your soul. So missing minor influences in your life can be okay, as others can be shuffled in to perform the same tasks for you, but it is so much better to request MBOs so that no shuffling takes place. Everything happens as it’s supposed to in your life, and when you finish this life and review it, you will be quite pleased with the results. It’s an almost perfect life from the viewpoint of a rearview mirror, shall we say? Again, you do have free choice, but taking the most benevolent path will get you to your destination much faster than wandering through the woods.”

Enjoy the many inspiring stories in the pages of this book, and if you have not tried requesting MBOs in your life before, please do so. It will be the best thing you have ever done for the rest of your life!

First Contact: Sample Chapters



  1. My First Conversations
  2. Antura: Aqua Man
  3. Antura’s Planet
  4. Antura’s Family and Friends
  5. Antura's Star System
  6. Star Wars
  7. The Federation of Planets
  8. Timelines
  9. Disclosure in 2013
  10. Pleiadian Contact in 2015
  11. Sirian Contact in 2017
  12. The Mothership
  13. The Mothership’s Crew.
  14. The Mothership’s Scout Craft
  15. Translation and Force Field Devices
  16. Portals
  17. Atlantis
  18. ET Contacts
  19. Contacting Other Planets
  20. Other Universes
  21. Moving a Planet
  22. The Future
  23. Conclusion


If this is the first time we’ve met on this journey we call life, then I need to give you some history of how I arrived at this point in time. You don’t just decide to pick up the phone one day and ask, “Now what is that planet code?” to dial someone in another star system.

For me, it began in 1979 when I began recording my dreams each morning. Less than two weeks later, I had a very vivid dream of an explosion with a woman and some men somehow involved. My wife and I owned an international wholesale tour company at that time and had planned a trip to the World Congress of Travel Agents to be held in Manila in the Philippines. It was such a strong image that we canceled our trip to Manila and added days to stays in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
On the first day of the congress, terrorists exploded a bomb at the front of the hall where I normally like to sit, injuring ten people. An investigation found that four men were involved, along with a woman who worked in the Philippine trade office in the United States. I vowed then to record my dreams the rest of my life, and since then I’ve had other precognitive dreams, such as the Delta Airlines crash at the DFW Airport in the mid-eighties, the Challenger shuttle explosion on takeoff, and the 9/11 attack. But what was even more important was the discipline of remembering the dreams each morning, dragging them up from the distant recesses of my mind.

Most Benevolent Outcomes and Guardian Angels
About fifteen years ago, I began experimenting with requesting most benevolent outcomes (MBOs). I won’t go into too much detail here, as that’s covered pretty thoroughly in my first book. I will say it is the best modality I’ve ever found to reduce stress and fear and put you on an easier path in life. One of my subscribers to my weekly newsletter compared the law of attraction to driving an old Ford Pinto and requesting MBOs to driving a Ferrari — both may get you there, but the Fer- rari gets you there a lot faster. You just say, “I request a most benevolent outcome for            , thank you!” It’s that simple.

What I did not understand at that time, and only learned years later, is that re- questing MBOs has additional side benefits. It raises your vibrational level, which some people term “ascension.” It keeps you on your soul path or “contract,” which is the path you chose prior to birth for the greatest learning, challenges, and suc- cesses. As we are veiled from knowing our true soul selves, we have free choice in this life to choose whatever path we wish. Therefore, we stray off the path quite often. Requesting MBOs keeps you on the straight and narrow.
In 2005 my wife and I attended a seminar held in Sedona, Arizona, by Richard (Dick) Sutphen; it was designed to increase your psychic senses. I had attended a couple of his seminars previously and didn’t feel I would learn much more; but my wife wished to attend, so I was there to support her. Was I wrong!

On the second day, Richard was going to put us into an altered state to give au- tomatic writing a try. Previously Robert Shapiro, to whom I dedicated my first book, had channeled for me a Native American shaman named Reveals the Mysteries, who lived in the 1600s in the western United States. That’s possible because all of our lives here on Earth are taking place at the same time, as time is an illusion (in a way, you can compare it to the movie The Matrix ). I decided to try and contact him to ask why I was the major person promoting this fantastic modality of requesting MBOs.

After Richard put us under, I thought, “Reveals the Mysteries, are you there?” He responded, “Yes, I am.” And I thought, “Wow!” I proceeded to ask him my ques- tion, and he responded by saying that I was a Native American shaman living in the same time period with another tribe. My name was Still Water, and I had decided to incarnate to live in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries to “reintroduce people to the Gentle Way.” He said I was to “write books;” I resisted, saying I was just a business sort of guy, thinking that I would be continuing with my international film distribution work until I retired. He said, “No, books,” very emphatically.

During the three months that followed this revelation, I wrote my first book usingThe Gentle Way as the title, which I had received that first time. I continued my con- versations in what I would describe as a light alpha state. If you go too deep into the theta level, you really are not able to function to ask questions and write or type the answers. And when you come out of this alpha state, it is like waking from a dream. Soon you can’t remember almost any of the answers — you have to read them.

Eventually, I started communicating with the being I believe is my own guard- ian angel. I asked him his name, and he said, “Oh, your vocal chords are not made to pronounce angelic names, so you can call me, Tom, Dick, or Harry, but Tommight be a little difficult in your meditations.” I thought about it for a couple of weeks, and one day, the name “Theo” jumped out of my subconscious.
These beings are really old whole souls who volunteered for the work of over- seeing all of our lives on Earth. There are a little over one million golden lightbe- ings — they emanate a golden light because they are so old and knowledgeable— taking care of all the souls having lives on Earth. I’ll go into much more detail about this in my next book. I’ve since asked my guardian angel several thousand questions, many of them sent to me by my newsletter subscribers.

My angel says that he sends me thought packets. This is information that is filtered from the right brain to the left brain, and the interpretation a person of these packets is governed by his or her beliefs and knowledge. Later I learned that I’ve done this in literally hundreds of other lives, as he says I’m one of only ten people on the planet right now who have incarnated over 1,000 times. My angel states that the Gentle Way dates all the way back to a life I lived on the continent of Atlantis — what was left of it — about 200 years before it last sank into the sea. I was “inspired” to create the Gentle Way modality.

Why Tom Was Chosen as a Grassroots Contactee
As you’ll read in the following chapters, I was chosen to be one of twelve grassroots contactees in 2017. Why was I chosen as one of the twelve?

First, you’ll read how Antura, my extraterrestrial contact, and I are members of the same soul group, or “cluster” as my angel calls it. Each soul cluster has on average between six and twelve soul fragments. Our soul cluster consists of eight fragments having Earth lives. Naturally, communication would be easier between us. You could compare it to twins who know what each other is thinking, but in this case, it would be like twins on steroids.

Second, both Antura and I are from that same water planet in the Sirius B star system. I learned that I’ve had thousands of lives on that planet.

Third, I’ve been in the international film and TV distribution business for over thirty years, and have been involved in low-budget movie and TV show produc- tions. You’ll see where this plays an important part later in the book.

Fourth, my guardian angel is also the angel for Antura during his many lives on Earth, so it’s easy for the two of them to communicate. My angel provides the ques- tions he knows I will ask before my active meditation so that Antura can prepare.

Fifth, I have experience in receiving these “thought packets,” which in a way is a form of telepathic communication — instantaneous across the universe with no time delays. I’m quite sure this will be used extensively in the future as we go out to the stars and must establish communications with the worlds we wish to visit. Each Earth starship will have one or more members of its crew who will be trained experts in this form of telepathic communication.

One thing I must explain. The rule for communicating with Antura was the same as it is for communicating with my guardian angel, or any other being with whom I now communicate. Antura is not allowed to respond to a general question about, let’s say, his appearance or a detailed description of the mothership he will arrive in. I have to ask every single question regarding details. He can answer those.
A simple explanation is that this is the major difference between what I do in a light alpha-altered state and what a trance channel does when he or she steps away mentally and allows another being to take over and discuss a subject that being wishes to discuss. I’m given much more detail, but I have to ask the questions. Nei- ther Antura nor the Angelic beings will provide answers for questions I don’t ask.
The questions I asked span a period of five years. I compiled the questions into chapters on the same subjects. As an example, I might ask a couple of ques- tions about the mothership one year, a couple the next year, and six months later two or three more. It would have been too confusing to list all the questions in chronological order.

Now for the story of how I was introduced to my “brother on another planet.”

Chapter 15: Translation and Force Field Devices

When we meet, Antura, will you speak with a voice, mental telepathy, or the translator device you have previously described?
It will be the device, as you call it. It will seem as if the words are coming out of my own mouth.  These are very sophisticated translators that will allow the first contact people to communicate effortlessly with beings on a much lower developmental scale than Earth so that they feel as if they are speaking with a person from their own planet. We can take on the image of that being.

Are these devices external or internal?

Are they the size of a computer chip, shall I say, or larger?
No, but you have the basic idea. They are quite small, as obviously over time, devices of any kind tend to grow smaller.

Are they self-sufficient, or are they connected to some type of computer device on board either the mothership or the spacecraft?
They are connected to both.

Do they operate via audio, brain waves, both, or in some other fashion?
They are capable of absorbing brain waves or functions, but they are also capable of interpreting any form of verbal and nonverbal communication.

That includes clicks, whistles, and other sounds of all types?
Quite so. Keep in mind that these devices, as you call them, have been developed over millions of years.

How much of a language must the translator capture before it is translated?
Again, this goes back to reading a being’s brain waves. From there, it is simply a matter of identifying the syntax.3 The translator is capable of translating millions of languages it has built up over time.

Does it feed brain waves to you, or do you hear it as audio?
It can do both, according to who is using the device. We don’t even think about it, as it is so natural and easy to use.

I assume you have had one or more lives on Earth in an English-speaking country?
Quite so. I’ve had several, in fact.

Are you able to bring up a particular Earth language you spoke? Or is there no need to do this due to the use of your translation devices?
There you have it. Yes, during meditation, I can bring up one of the prior languages I spoke, but there really is no need because of the complete translation devices we have. As I have explained before, they are capable of reading brain waves and other minute idiosyncrasies of a language — any language in the universe. As a comparison, calculations done by hand just a few years ago — in relative time
— are now done on your smart phones or computers. You would not return to the slow manual way unless your computer devices were not available, so it is the same with us and our translation devices.

When you use the translation device, do you continue to hear the sounds the being makes or are those sounds muffled so that all you hear are the words verbally or are they thought packets?
Certainly it would be distracting to continue to hear the other being’s sounds, so we hear only words we understand. They are conveyed via a sound system, we will call it. And yes, the words are also received as thought packets. So it is a multi- listening device.
It would be very difficult to concentrate on what is being said if you could simultaneously hear the other being speak while you were hearing the translation

— I am using a simplified description  here. It would be quite disconcerting unless you practiced using it this way, as was done in the distant past before the translators were more fully developed. These translators went through  various different models and upgrades over an extremely long time before the ones used today were created.

Then is this accomplished mentally or physically?
An excellent question. It is more mental, in a way, yet still physical. So you could say a mixture. After you use one of these devices one time, you don’t even notice.

Is the voice you hear one that varies from being to being, or is it more or less the same tone?
No, it does vary, as it takes the essence of the language and yet is modified. And yes, if you are speaking to several members of the same species, you will be able to tell which being has spoken.

23  For those of you who, like me, did not know what the word “syntax” meant above, Webster’s Dictionary defines syntax as “an arrangement of words as elements in a sentence to show their relationship to one another” and “the organization and relationship of word groups, phrases, clauses, and sentences.”

Is there any society in the universe this does not work on?
Not as far as we’ve found.

Will the Pleiadians use the translator devices, or will they speak multiple languages?
No, they will also use the translator devices.

How does the translator work when there are beings with multiple languages all to- gether? If one person speaks to another in his or her own language, then that lan- guage would be the primary language. Therefore, would the other beings still hear it in their own language?
Exactly. Each translating device has the ability to translate simultaneously into whatever language the beings speak. As an example, if one person spoke French and the others German, Spanish, and English, then all would hear each conversation between members of the group in their own language. These devices are capable of handling hundreds of languages all at the same time.

Please explain the difference between a translation device and telepathy skills.
This is somewhat complicated for your understanding. A translation device is just that — a device that picks up brain waves and all sorts of audio and visual stimulus as we have discussed before. The skill of telepathic communication must rely on two people — and there can be more that tune into the conversation, as you are well aware — who transmit these thought particles to each other over any distance, even across the universe. And yes, this leads to your next question about inner space and hyperspace. This is the space those thought particles travel through instantly on their way to and from these individuals, just as you and I are doing right now. It will be many, many years before your Earth scientists are able to really understand this inner space and the voids, we will call them.

I assume this is the same space a spacecraft travels through when you go through a portal and come out a long distance away?
Quite so, but it is not exactly the same. This is very difficult to explain in three-dimensional terms, but as we have discussed before, there are limits to these portals that make it impossible to travel across the universe in one jump. It must be multiple jumps, similar to your Southwest Airlines that I gave you as a comparison before. There are no limits on thought particles being transmitted across the universe. This gives you a little hint that there are different forces at work here.

Force Field Devices

I assume you have some advanced device that will allow you not to have to wear aspacesuit here on Earth, or are you an oxygen breather?
We do have devices that allow us to be present in almost any atmosphere that you could imagine.

Is there something physical that you put on to adjust to different gravities and air and even to go out in space? Or is there a device that has been developed that does this for you when you turn it on?
Exactly. We do not have to put on any suits of any kind, not even the type that are transparent in nature that you might have thought of originally. Our science is so developed that a device was created or invented to adjust to all conditions relative to what is considered normal to each individual. Good question.

Regarding the device you wear to give you a force field and the correct air to breathe, does it act as a complete spacesuit, allowing you to exist in the harshest conditions on planets and even in space itself?
Yes, these devices are so powerful that we can exist at almost every temperature degree variant there is, from the hottest to the coldest and, yes, even in what you term the vacuum of space.

How does the force field device adjust for the variance in temperature at which two beings of the same species, using earthlings as one example, feel most comfortable?
This can be controlled both manually and automatically, as these force fields can detect slight variations in the comfort levels of different people wearing them.

Are these tiny devices — both the force field device and, I assume, a separate device for translation — attached to your body, as you would not want them to fall off? You previously said they were the size of a pinhead?
Yes, certainly it is not a glue. When activated, it naturally attaches to your body. The person who asked the question suggested magnetically, and in a way, it is magnetic. Once attached, it will not become unattached until you turn it off with a verbal or mental command.

Can someone on a different world touch you with your force field on and not disrupt it?
Yes and no. It depends on the action, so I cannot give a general answer. Most of the time, it would still protect us, but again, it depends on the action.

Are we talking about violent actions or just a touch from, say, me laying my hand on your arm?
Yes, we are speaking about violent actions, as there are some who this force field is not able to repel — but only a very few. Harsh environments are no problem for this force field.

Does the force field protect you on other planets against any diseases?
Yes, it completely blocks out any harmful spores, plant life, and any types of germs that would be harmful to our bodies.

What about on your planet?
We are quite healthy and need no special devices, as our bodies are quite compatible with our environment.

Is your force field and your translation device combined into one unit, or are they two?
Good question. I knew you would figure that out. They are combined into one unit, as the unit is quite capable of millions of tasks all at the same time. If you have a billion years on hand, you can devise some amazing devices to make life easier.


Gentle Way Book 1: Sample Chapters




Learning how to be in touch with your Guardian Angel is truly a simple process, as you’ll read below. Making it a part of your daily routine is the hardest part, as we are all creatures of habit. Adding something new to our daily lives, even though highly beneficial, takes some work.

I read a lot, both business publications related to the entertainment industry where I make my living, and many books with a special interest in spiritual subjects. About ten years ago, I kept noticing that many of the spiritual books I was reading kept using the word “benevolent” to describe suggestions from the Angelic realm. Among the Angelic suggestions were to look for benevolent experiences for you, to seek benevolent companions, and to seek experiences of benevolence for you and your family and friends together. These suggestions seemed a little vague, but I was intrigued.

Benevolent (pronounced Be-nev-o-lent) is not a commonly used word in everyday language, so it was quite noticeable to me. The Webster’s Dictionary defines Benevolent as “A kindly disposition to promote happiness and prosperity through good works, or by generosity in and pleasure of doing good works.” I wasn’t exactly sure how that related to what I was reading, but my curiosity was aroused.

Then I read a suggestion in one of those books to request a Benevolent Outcome for a specific need. That sounded interesting, so I decided to try it. I realized that in order to see if my “experiment” worked, I would have to have some immediate feedback. Therefore, I began by requesting, out loud, a Benevolent Outcome for finding a parking place next to where I went daily to pick up my mail. There is limited parking, not helped by having a busy veterinarian next door and a fast food restaurant next to the veterinarian.

It worked fantastically well! Someone would pull out of a parking space just seconds before I arrived. I also tried it out when we went to the theatre, and when we would go out for dinner. It worked again and again, with the only exceptions being my reluctance to pass by a parking space a little farther away. Then, as we walked up to the door of the restaurant, I would see the vacant parking space waiting for me, had I chosen to continue to drive closer to the entrance.

I gradually expanded these requests to every phase of my life—business and personal with the same success. In the following chapters, I will give you many examples of how to request these Benevolent Outcomes in your life, but let’s begin with some basics.

How do Benevolent Outcomes work?
A Request for a Benevolent Outcome is a request to your Guardian Angel for assistance.
A Request for a Benevolent Outcome has to be for exact intentions. You are asking for something specific.
It can only be used benevolently, even if it is accidentally (or otherwise) said in some way that isn’t benevolent.
It will only work if the experience is benevolent for everyone, including those who cooperate consciously or on a subconscious level in bringing about your request.
A Benevolent Outcome must be a request for something you wish to happen, not something you don’t wish to occur.
And the request has to be for YOU, although others with you may be benevolently affected too.

Again, a request for a Benevolent Outcome is not just words you say, it a REQUEST OF ASSISTANCE from your Guardian Angel. There are times when you can even feel energy after your request. I think that it is a feedback of love from my Guardian Angel. Putting EMOTION and FEELING into the request also helps. You are asking for a specific connection with a person or persons that encourages people to do something that they might otherwise do anyway; but your requests ask them to do something at a specific time and that is not against their will or best interests.

There is no limit to the number of requests you can ask during your lifetime. You will not go “over quota.” If you can imagine enormous stacks of forms all around you, each one of them saying, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome
The rest is blank and ready for you to fill in your request. You fill in the blank and say “Thank you!” I estimate that I have requested at least 10,000 to 15,000 Benevolent Outcomes over more than 10 years, and I still have that huge mound of forms that will never diminish in size.

SPECIAL NOTE: I interchangeably use the words, Benevolent Outcomes, Most Benevolent Outcomes, and the abbreviation MBO’s throughout this book. It all means and refers to the same thing.

As I have enthusiastically “spread the word” about requesting Benevolent Outcomes, I have encountered resistance for a couple of reasons. First is that saying these requests sounds a little “weird” as most people do not use the word “benevolent” in everyday speech. I understand that. But this is “Angel speech.” So when you want your Angel to listen to your request, you use their words.

Let’s say one together so that you will start feeling more comfortable about using these words. I want you to say out loud right now, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for reading this book, and may the benefits be even more than I expect or can anticipate. Thank you.” That last half of the request is something additional that I will explain later. Have you said it yet? If you are in public, you can whisper, or you can physically write it, but it has to be done physically, not just by mentally thinking it.

Another resistance I have encountered is “oh, I’m not worthy of asking for assistance,” or words to that effect. Who says you’re not worthy? This is your own personal Guardian Angel you’re speaking to. Some people have been verbally abused in life. Perhaps it was your parents or relatives that continually put you down. Possibly at school you had a teacher or teachers that did not know how to instill knowledge without berating your efforts. Or perhaps you got that message in your religious institution. Whatever your situation, you have the right to speak to your very best friend in life--your Guardian Angel. Don’t let anyone deny you that right.

I am also asked, “Tom, shouldn’t we just ask for the important things in life, and not the everyday small things?” My answer is you have to ask for the small things in order to remember to ask for the important outcomes. Right now most of you are pretty disconnected from your Guardian Angel and Guides. By requesting the small things like a parking space or a seat on a subway or bus, you get immediate feedback that there is someone there. It gives you confidence to request the bigger results.

Another important point to remember is that your Guardian Angel does not have vocal cords to respond to you. They respond by whispering messages and creating events that let you know you’re never alone—they’re always with you. When you request Benevolent Outcomes, you raise your awareness to these messages and events. It takes practice. If you only contact them in times of crises, they can be slow to react because they have to figure out how to communicate with you. The more you request Benevolent Outcomes, the more “tuned in” you will be with your own Guardian Angel and Guides.

That’s why you must make requesting Benevolent Outcomes a habit. My French teacher taught me long ago that it takes a minimum of seven times repeating something before you learn it. I suggest putting up a small sign in your bathroom or on the refrigerator (or both) that says, “REQUEST BENEVOLENT OUTCOMES TODAY!” so that you’ll remember. Otherwise the words in this book will slowly fade away as you are caught up in your daily activities. I have included a page in the Appendix that you can remove, or go to my website and copy and paste it to your computer to print.

I am also asked, “Shouldn’t I have my (Clergy person) request these Benevolent Outcomes for me?” Can you imagine on a practical level even 300 people calling their spiritual advisor all day long to ask him or her for a parking space, or a meeting they are about to have, or any of the thousands of requests that those 300 people would request during a given week? It would be overwhelmingly impossible.

You have to ask yourself, if you were moving and needed help, would you call someone and ask him or her to call your best friend to assist you in moving? Of course not. You would pick up the phone and call your friend and directly ask them to help you move. This is the same premise. You are requesting help from your Guardian Angel who is your very best friend.

Your Guardian Angel is there to assist you every minute of the day, but you have to ask. We can use the metaphor of your Guardian Angel and Angelic Guides sitting around watching a TV set of your life as you live it. They are pretty bored, because they don’t get to help you very often. They can only “whisper in your ear,” and most of the time you don’t listen to them. They jump with joy when you acknowledge their presence and request even a little assistance.

Requesting Benevolent Outcomes will strengthen your spiritual beliefs, because you will be receiving constant feedback that there are Angelic beings that love you and wish to help you lead a more gentle, less stressful life—The Gentle Way!

I have been asked if we can request a Benevolent Outcome for world peace, for victims of disasters and other such requests. The answer I received in my meditations is that the Angelic beings that bring about Benevolent Outcomes are not the same as the ones that handle requests for other people. Anytime you include another person in your request, or request something for other people, this is said in a different way, which I will devote a chapter to in this book. Both are quite similar, but different. Requesting Benevolent Outcomes is for you personally.

In the following chapters I will give my suggestions on all sorts of ways to request Benevolent Outcomes in your daily life. I suggest that you read this book over the course of a week. It will give you a chance to digest the many times you can request Benevolent Outcomes without them blending altogether, or to use a colloquial expression, “coming out your ears.”

But I do wish to touch on one point before we move on. I did not invent talking to Angels. This has been going on for thousands of years. I‘m just showing you how you can do it in the 21st Century. I simply tried out some obscure concepts, they worked, and I am passing along my success to you. Think of me as a friend and give me a hug if you ever meet me. That’s all I ask or want. Soon you’ll be having many success stories of your own.



We’re going to begin with easy requests so that you will receive immediate feedback that requesting Benevolent Outcomes does work.

Not so long ago on a visit back to Sedona, Arizona (considered one of the most beautiful places in the United States) my wife, friends, and I drove to the “uptown” section of Sedona for Mexican food. For many of you who have visited Sedona, you know that the parking there can be quite problematic because of the many gift shops and restaurants, divided by a busy four-lane street. I requested a Most Benevolent Outcome when we left the hotel for a parking space in front of the restaurant. Every single parking space on both sides of the street was taken until we reached the restaurant. There, right at the front entrance, was “our” parking space. Again, this was immediate feedback that I received.

As an easy-to-do exercise, let’s begin with the above example. You’re going to a shopping center, dinner or a movie at a location where it is typically hard to find a parking space. You say out loud (well before you arrive), “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for finding a parking space near …… Thank you.”

Now I have had some friends say, “But Tom, I use my ‘parking Angel’ already.” Here is why I think requesting a Benevolent Outcome is better. If you just request the nearest parking space, your angel or guide will comply, but that might not be the most benevolent place to have your car parked. Someone could open their car door too hard and “ding” the side of your car. Or someone might back into your car and dent it. By being too close you might miss that old friend of yours you haven’t seen in ages or the sale you wouldn’t have known about, had you not walked past it on the way to your destination.

But requesting a Benevolent Outcome works perfectly! It may seem initially that it didn’t, until you realize all the other possibilities that come into play. Ninety-nine percent of the time you’ll be close, and when you aren’t you’ll know there must be a good reason. Plus we are working to have you make requesting Benevolent Outcomes a habit. Finding a parking place is a constant problem for many people, so it’s a perfect exercise.

Clara in Seattle emailed to tell me that the first time she requested a Benevolent Outcome was to pick up her grandson on a hot summer day. She knew she would have to wait for him and hoped to find a space up close. She requested a MBO (my abbreviation for Most Benevolent Outcomes). Arriving at the school, the only space available was on the last row, but it was the only one in the shade of a tree! It made a believer out of Clara, who says she requests MBO’s for everything. She says it has never failed her.

As part of my film distribution business, my wife and I go to press screenings of movies all the time. I like to sit in the very middle of the row, preferably halfway up so that my line of sight is in the very center of the screen. I always request a Benevolent Outcome for having those seats available when we arrive in the theatre; and invariably, they are.

Those of you who commute to and from work by train, subway or bus may find it difficult to find a seat. Then you should say out loud, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for having a seat on the (train, bus, subway, etc) when I board. Thank you.” Not too long ago, I was in Paris. A friend and I had to go across to the other side of the city on business. We had to take three connecting subways on the way there and two to return, so I requested a MBO for a seat on each one, and as we boarded there was a seat waiting for me, even though this was a busy time of day.

Here are some more easy to use examples. Anytime we misplace something in our house, we request a Benevolent Outcome for finding it, and it always turns up. Two of our friends, Don and Karen, recently moved to San Diego to be close to their children and new grandchild. As you know, when you move you have a bunch of boxes and it’s difficult to remember everything you put in them. Karen had that same situation with numerous boxes in her garage. She needed some important papers for the bank, but couldn’t recall which box they were in. She requested a Benevolent Outcome for finding the right box, and in the first box she chose, there were the papers right on top!

Just the other day, we needed to find a warranty on our digital camera to have it repaired. My daughter and wife searched through the box we normally keep the warranties in, but couldn’t find it, and searched everywhere else. The camera store claimed they had no record of us even buying the camera. Finally, my daughter said, “ I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for finding the camera warranty paper,” and went through the same box again. There it was, just a little hidden!

Two of our friends, Joy and Bob purchased a home in the country. Every time they have closed on a house in the past, they experienced problems at the closing—mistakes in the paperwork, etc. This time they requested a Most Benevolent Outcome for the closing and reported that they “sailed through” the process with no problems.

During the month of August, my wife, some friends and I drove to Mena, Arkansas for the weekend. I discovered during the drive there that my van was short on coolant for the air conditioner. Not having sufficient cooling in the final “dog-days” of summer in the South can be miserable, so I requested a Most Benevolent Outcome for getting it repaired. The motel told me that finding a place open on Saturday in such a small town might not be possible, but they gave me the name of a tire store nearby to try.

We were there at 7:00am the next morning, but it would not open until 8:00am. I was drawn to a service station that was open nearby and asked if they knew of a garage to service the air conditioner; a young man that “just happened” to be there suggested an automotive repair garage several blocks away and recited the phone number from memory. Finding the garage closed, we returned to the tire store, and I said, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to have the air conditioner serviced TODAY (with feeling)! Thank you.” The lady said that they didn’t have the equipment, so I pulled out the telephone number I had kept and asked her to telephone him.

The garage owner answered and said that normally he did not work on Saturday, but to come by, as he was repairing a UPS truck we had seen in the driveway. He replenished the coolant and charged me only one-third of what I would have paid in Dallas. And as a side benefit, we were able to view his unbelievable collection of old Indian motorcycles, a 1942 Hudson sedan, a marble collection, and toy cars in their original boxes. He had taught automotive repair in a local college for 25 years before retiring. Had the lady who knew him not telephoned, he might not have said yes to us. And it’s obvious to me it was no coincidence that the young man was there at that service station to suggest we try the repair garage. My Guardian Angel arranged that.

Another example—several years ago my son and I, along with his friend Jason and his father, flew to Salt Lake City, Utah and camped all the way up to Yellowstone National Park and back. What a wonderful trip! I knew that our flight back to Dallas was oversold, so I volunteered the four of us to be “bumped.” Typically, the airline compensates with free tickets or coupons to use in purchasing tickets, which I thought we could use the next year. Naturally I requested a Most Benevolent Outcome. They did not need our seats, but for volunteering, they gave us four First Class seats. My son, his friend and dad had never flown first class, so this was the treat of their lives. The following summer our schedules did not coincide and we were not able to return—therefore making the memories of this trip more special with all the Benevolent Outcomes shared with friends.

Two years ago I went to St. Petersburg, Russia on business, and the company I was visiting informed me that they would have to put me in a smaller hotel. All the larger ones were sold out because Paul McCartney would be performing in concert. Upon arrival, I asked if they would take me to the ticket office, as I had never had the chance to see him in a live performance. This was the day before the concert, so the odds on getting a ticket were not too good.

Naturally I said, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for buying a ticket as close to the front as possible. Thank you.” They had one ticket left in the first 40 or so rows and I wound up sitting right of center on row 27. This concert was the first ever to be performed in front of the famous Hermitage Museum that I had visited earlier that day. What an experience!

One night, our two friends, Bob and Mary, were driving back from an Alanis Morisette concert in Ft. Worth, about 30 miles from Dallas. It was late and Mary requested a Benevolent Outcome for their drive back home. They stopped at a stop sign in the middle of the highway almost at the top of a hill, which was hard to see in the dark. They heard a loud squeal as a truck came up behind them, slammed on its brakes and skidded sideways, narrowly missing them. She stated, “It was a MBO for sure!”

When the American Airlines Center opened in Dallas, the first concert was The Eagles. I had always wanted to see them, but had been out of town when the tickets went on sale and were immediately sold out. I told my wife that we should take a chance and requested a Most Benevolent Outcome for buying two good tickets. I told her to wait for me on the front steps to the Center while I tried to see if I could buy tickets from a scalper or someone that had two extra tickets.

There were almost no tickets available and those that were available were priced too high. I have such confidence in requesting MBO’s that I just KNEW that I would find two somehow. Suddenly, a guy just passing by saw my two fingers raised and told me that he had heard there were some tickets left at the box office. I thanked him and went and found my wife and we went over to the ticket window where I bought two of the last four seats they had left to sell, 18 rows from the stage. Obviously my Guardian Angel arranged for that passing gentleman to inform me about the tickets. That’s the way requesting Benevolent Outcomes work.

My son returned from an all-night high school graduation party with a Sony Play Station he had won in a drawing. Although it was the second largest prize, it was the one he really wanted. He explained to me that he had requested a Benevolent Outcome “two times.” He was a little anxious, as once was really enough.

Now that my son is in college, he was taking a computer course last summer. He was busy studying for a final and could not drive down to Waco to drop off a video tape of a power point sales presentation, so my wife and I jumped in the car and drove down the 100 miles to his college. I requested a Benevolent Outcome for the drive down, but was dreading the drive back because I knew we would be hitting the Dallas drive-home traffic around 5:00pm. As we started our return my wife said, “Well I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that we will see little traffic on our drive.” I thought, “oh sure, lots of luck—the traffic is just going to disappear!”

Well we sailed through the freeways around downtown like it was mid-day. We actually arrived back home in better time than the drive down had taken. In a meditation afterwards, I asked about that and was told that we should ask for the impossible, because it will actually exceed anything we can think about as a resolution.

C.J. in Wisconsin emailed to tell me that after she left a job, it had started to snow and the roads were “getting nasty.” So she requested a Most Benevolent Outcome that the roads would clear and she would arrive home safely. She reported that the “roads kept getting clearer and clearer…Too Coool!! I love this stuff!!”

That’s why I had you say in the first chapter, “and may the benefits be even more than I expect or can anticipate.” You have to be spontaneous in saying this, almost as an afterthought. You want to be surprised at how good the outcome really turns out to be—more than you could have imagined. You Guardian Angel and Guides will have you laughing and saying, “I didn’t even think of that!” This was something I learned after requesting Benevolent Outcomes for a long time, and I am still surprised and sometimes amazed at the results of this request.

My friend Robert told me he was to meet his friend Wendy across town and requested a Benevolent Outcome to arrive on time. When he encountered a traffic jam in a large highway interchange, he doubted that it was working. He called Wendy and she informed him she was behind schedule and hadn’t left her house yet. After hanging up, he suddenly had the “inspiration” to exit and go pick up some mail he had been meaning to for two weeks, but had not had the time. After quickly picking up the mail, he returned to the freeway that was now clear. He still arrived before his friend Wendy. He says that this was a “gift.” Also notice he listened to his Guardian Angel.

Some of you reading this book may already have had experiences in requesting outcomes on a more mental or subjective level. My wife and I attended a seminar on an Alaskan cruise recently where I was allowed to introduce requesting Benevolent Outcomes.

Two ladies came up to me afterwards with their own stories that they felt were Benevolent Outcomes. First Joan, from Vancouver, related how she and a friend were on a previous trip to Alaska, and her friend really wanted to see a bear. So Joan requested a “Divine Order” and a bear appeared right on the trail they had taken into a forest.

Lena, from Perth, Australia was telephoned by a friend, who lived 30 minutes farther out from town, to ask for a ride to see a well-known speaker. She didn’t mind picking her up, but did not relish the thought of driving in the late hours after the program out of the city limits to drop her off and then back another 30 minutes to her house. She really wished that somehow she would not have to make that drive. Out of the blue a couple called that lived near the friend and said that they could take her back with them. She was positive that this was a Benevolent Outcome when she related the story to me.

In my meditation the message I receive is that you should continue with these requests. But requesting Benevolent Outcomes is an expansion of what you have been doing, as it gives structure and becomes a habit, instead of something you think to do occasionally. Requests for Benevolent Outcomes are to be said out loud (you can whisper or write them if need be). This is a physical world and you want a physical action to take place. Therefore you must request the Benevolent Outcome in a physical manner, by writing or saying the request out loud. .

When you see the positive results from requesting Benevolent Outcomes, be sure to thank your Guardian Angel. I say “thank you, thank you, thank you,” as I don’t say that to anyone else. Three “thank you’s are just for my Angel.

All of the above stories should not only provide you with ideas of what to request Benevolent Outcomes for in your life, but you should be able to see how it lowered the stress and increased the “fun factor” for myself, my family, and my friends who request Benevolent Outcomes on a daily basis. In the following chapters I will give you many more suggestions and success stories, but you can start experimenting with these requests right now!

Easy Steps Review:

-Request the Benevolent Outcomes out loud, whisper, or in writing.
-Start with easy requests for immediate feedback.
-Be very specific with your request.
-Make requesting Benevolent Outcomes a habit.
-Requesting a Benevolent Outcome with emotion and feeling reinforces the request.
-Don’t be afraid to ask for the impossible.
-You can request that the outcome be even more than you can expect or imagine.
-Thank your Guardian Angel for fulfilling your request.

Gentle Way Book 2: Sample Chapters













My daughter was married on a Saturday last year in June, and anyone who’s gone through this experience knows how stressful it can be. So here are some benevolent outcomes that happened through our requests.
First was my wife’s search for a dress for the ceremony. As Dena and I work together in our business, this meant we both had to take off from work to look for one. Both she and I requested a benevolent outcome for quickly finding the perfect dress for her and that it would be better than we hoped or expected. In Dallas there’s a store named Terry Costa that sells all sorts of beautiful gowns and dresses for all occasions. The owner is the ex-wife of Victor Costa, the designer. After arriving, we went directly to the sale section, as we didn’t feel the dress would be worn again for some time, if ever. We found a beautiful dress that was originally offered at around $300 and was on sale for $120. Then the sales woman, to our surprise, took off another fifty percent to drop it to $60! It still needed altering, but so would any of the other dresses.  She received many compliments on the dress at the wedding and reception. 
Next, my son and I went to pick up our tuxes on Thursday. Naturally I requested an MBO for the drive there, and that the tuxes would fit properly. They did fit well, and we left to return a bad laser printer to Fry’s Electronic store, which was about an eight-minute drive back to the north. As we were walking into the store, my daughter called and said the store had called her to say that I had left my tux shirt on the chair there. I was surprised, but sent my son in to get the printer while I drove back to the store, wondering why I hadn’t received a benevolent outcome. When I arrived, the owner said that our handkerchiefs had just arrived. I’m quite sure he forgot to give them to us, so it was a good MBO that I had to return while I was still nearby. When I arrived back at Fry’s, they still hadn’t found the printer, which was the only one left on sale. Both my son and I requested MBOs, and finally, after another thirty minutes, they found the printer behind several other boxes of printers.
Also, when my wife went out searching for a rehearsal dinner dress (after requesting a benevolent outcome), she immediately found one on sale for $22—and it looked great!


Cheri writes: “I really enjoy your newsletter and pass it on to friends. I have been using MBOs sort of on and off since I saw you at Satori in North Richland Hills, Texas, a couple of months ago. I wanted to tell you that my roommate (a dear friend) and I recently had a very powerful demonstration of the effectiveness of MBOs. Her daughter and her husband, originally married in a civil ceremony three years ago, were planning to celebrate their union with a marriage blessing in their church. Our extended family was very excited about the upcoming celebration and had been preparing for some time. There was just one problem. Due to a very limited budget and the high cost of renting a space, there were no plans for a reception after the ceremony. The plans, though lovely, felt truncated, and we all longed for a way to bring this special occasion to a more appropriate conclusion. After exploring all conceivable options, we had finally, reluctantly, given up.
“One week to the day before the ceremony, my roommate had a thought (divinely inspired) about a room at her church that might be available for free. Four days and many prayers later, she confirmed that we had the room. That left all of us just three days to put the reception together after work. For every obstacle we met, there were answers. Resources, ideas and people appeared just when we needed them. It took a lot of work and some squeaky-close episodes, but the next Saturday night after a beautiful ceremony, we had a great reception. Almost everyone who attended the wedding was able to be there, even loved friends who were attending another function at the same church and were drawn to our event. Thus, the happy couple got to celebrate their commitment to each other in the company of family and friends.”
I would have advised Cheri to request a benevolent outcome when they had the problem, and very probably the solution to the problem would have presented itself earlier, or perhaps an even better solution. They cocreated the solution through synchronicity. You’ll find this happening more and more as we move farther into the fifth dimension.


Laurie writes:  “I ask for pretty mundane things, and this one is no different, but the result was still pretty significant, relatively speaking. I dislike going to my main post office branch because the line is usually so long and slow. But this time I was forced to go there because I wanted to rent a PO Box. I asked for an MBO for a short line about a half hour before going to the post office, and lo and behold there were only about six or seven people in line when I got there. Unheard of! That fact was reinforced to me when the next person in line behind me remarked that she’d never seen the line so short! (The Universe was telling me, “See?!”)”
The way this request probably worked was Laurie’s guardian angel contacted other guardian angels whose “clients” would have been in line at that time, so either they would come a few minutes early, or delayed their trip to the post office for a few minutes. Isn’t that neat the way it works?


Jan writes:  “After my ordeal last week at the Laundromat, when the two “ladies” (running the place) refused to turn on the air conditioner, I refused to go back.  This week I mentioned going, but not going back to that one, and my daughter said they are opening up a new one closer to you so check that one first. 
“I immediately said  “I request the most benevolent outcome for the new laundromat being open and having a good experience there.  Thank you Angels.”
“I got the clothes ready and messed around a little while, and headed to the new Laundromat.  From the parking lot I saw a lady in there doing her laundry. So I got out and went in.  YES, they were open.  They had been open about 30 minutes when I got there.  The owner told me the inspectors had just left and said they could open for business. LOL.  Amazing.”


I took my dogs for their afternoon walk. Normally my wife walks them too, but she was super busy, so I had the two alone. As I rounded a bend a half-block from my house, I looked down and spied a red object on the sidewalk partially hidden by monkey grass (at least that’s the name I know it by). I reached down and picked up a red cell phone that someone had dropped. I didn’t have my reading glasses on, so I couldn’t see the numbers. I wondered how I’d get in touch with the person who had dropped it, and thought perhaps one of my children would find a way. But just to be safe, I requested a benevolent outcome out loud to find the person the cell phone belonged to, and continued on my walk.

A few minutes later the cell phone rang and I answered. It was the owner’s husband. I told him I had it and gave instructions how to find my house. About forty-five minutes later he showed up and explained that his wife dropped it walking their dog. They live only two blocks from us; if she had been searching, it would have been very difficult to see the cell phone in the shadows of the trees and grass.


Kelly writes:  “Hi Tom...this one just happened.  I was returning from grocery shopping and while driving noticed my cell phone was missing.  It wasn't where I usually put it in the outer pocket of my purse...nor was it in my 2nd likely coat pocket.  I was already a bit stressed from a full work day followed by shopping and knowing I had hungry mouths at home to feed and dreaded the thought of having to retrace my steps. 

“Well, I immediately requested an MBO that my cell phone was in the car.  As soon as I pulled into the garage, I heard a phone ringing; I immediately thought the angels were letting me know I could relax as the phone was in the car....just a matter of locating it.  Sure enough, it was in the trunk.  How it got there, I can't imagine.  Besides, I rarely get calls on it.  Weeks pass without a single call.  It is just used for emergencies.  I thought then that maybe my husband had called.  No.  The caller ID was of an unknown number and area code I wasn't familiar with.  No message, just a missed call.  The timing was impeccable.  The ring happened literally within 2 minutes of my request.    Divine intervention?  I sure think so!”

Kelly added:  “It seems that I actually experienced a sort of "layering" of MBO's last evening.  Prior to my grocery shopping, I requested an MBO that I'd be able to accomplish all I had planned at the store...finding what I had intended, finding a perfect parking spot, lots of space in the store and quick and moving check out... (no crowds) so that I could get home swiftly and be able to put together dinner in a relaxed manner without time pressures. 

“Well, The phone ringing in the car immediately let me know I didn't have to go back to the store (more time for me).  You see, it was in the trunk, but not visible.  It was quite dark and under a bag.  I wouldn't have seen it... nor looked in the trunk, of all places, had it not rung.  I can just imagine that I would have gone to the store looking and having a fruitless search, not knowing it was in the  trunk if it hadn't rung. 

“I believe the angels were working on the MBO I previously requested that I could have a leisure dinner prep time. In fact, it gets better.  My 14 year old son approached me at the door and was very up beat saying "I love you mom, repeatedly.  More than usual and it seemed to instill a leisure/calm mood in me after such a busy day.  In fact, He willingly helped me make dinner!  That is an all new occurrence.  So all of these situations show how this leisure time request was honored too.  I am so grateful!

”Thank you sooooo much for introducing this concept to the world.  It is wonderful.  Many, many thanks.” 


Harry and his wife have the distinction of being the first people to sign up for my newsletter.  He’s a masseuse and forgot to write an appointment down so he overbooked and had to change his appointment at a credit union at the last minute.  I’ve condensed his story for space.

Harry writes:  “So I asked if I could come in the morning  -- before noon - - at !0:00am.  She said that they had a staff meeting at 9:00 and if I could be there by 10:00, it would be fine.

”I went into overdrive - - had to flush my pool filter before I left, take a shower and pack all my massage chair, oils, towels, etc. in my car.  I got in the car at 9:20 and as soon as I turned the key on and my gas gauge beeped at me, I realized that I had forgotten to fill up the night before.  I quickly asked for a MBO of the events taking place, and headed to the gas station around the corner. 

”At the gas station, I scanned my discount card and then scanned my debit card and waited.  The screen popped up with a "Problem - - See Attendant" message.  I went and called the attendant and he said that the computer was running slowly that morning and that I should re-enter everything.  It worked that time, and after filling my car, I hit the road.  My clock read 9:29, and I (was running late).

”Out loud I said, "OK guys, I really need an Most Benevolent Outcome with a little time warp to get me to my destination as quickly and safely as possible without breaking any laws. Please keep all traffic lights green so I can get there expeditiously without speeding or breaking any laws!”

”As I passed each of the first 13 GREEN traffic lights, I shouted "Thank You!"  Then as I approached the (next) light, it turned red!  As I slowed to a stop, I said aloud, "Thank you for letting me catch a breather and drink some water,"

”I continued on through Garland into east Dallas and made every other traffic light -- I quit counting - - just kept shouting "Thank You!”  I entered the Credit Union parking lot at 9:58!  Another rousing "Thank You!!!"


Lynn writes: “Hi Tom, thank you for all your assistance.  I have nearly read all of book one and it didn't take me long. The newsletters are good for getting more ideas on using them. I was thinking of copying any good ones and adding them into the back of the book.

“I said one yesterday for an area I feel blocked in and last night I had a dream where I felt this got unblocked as I experienced a situation and felt things being released in the dream. So now I realize, if I request one it can work on any level in the physical or dream worlds.

“Today I rang the people who supply and deliver our fruit and vegie box to us each fortnight and just remembered as I was being put through to quickly say an MBO.  I told the customer service person that our fruit from them has been bad, and I wasn't satisfied; and she gave me 50 percent off our next box!  I also found out how to know what’s in our box in advance--a real help for us.

“On a weekend outing to do a small job at a shopping centre I asked for an MBO and afterwards I saw how many good outcomes there were; if I said them all here it would take up a page. The job I did went really well with the person and we had a very good exchange that is unusual for people doing her job. A man came up to us in our car as we were leaving asking for some money to buy petrol, so Michael gave him a few dollars and then I saw him at a Ute with the hood up and a petrol can in his hand, so he was genuine.  So they work for helping others also, and I had asked for an MBO for a good car parking space . So I will stop there as it goes on to quite a few other things that occurred.


Dianne writes: “The three ladies in my office and I passed an insurance examination this year. I can tell you I needed all the MBOs you could possibly imagine during the studying and the actual exam—thank the angels we all passed. In recognition of all the hard work and eventual success, we were rewarded by our company to a meal at a top London restaurant. We were booked to attend the Wolseley Restaurant, which was built in the 1930s I believe, as the showroom for the new Wolseley motor car. In honor of this prestigious car, the showrooms were designed in the Venetian/Florentine architecture of the Art Deco period in marble, sweeping staircases and ornate mirrors. The Wolseley is situated opposite the Ritz in the heart of the Piccadilly/Mayfair area of London and is the haunt of many well-known celebrities—apparently.
“I did not know that this was the reason the restaurant had been chosen for us. However, my manager who accompanied us, and as I say unknown to me, was desperate to see and most of all meet a celebrity. He complained all evening that we were dining too early, that we wouldn’t be able to see a celebrity from where our table was, if they did happen to arrive. I on the other hand was having a wonderful evening, having previously asked for an MBO. The venue and food were first class and the atmosphere quite warm and friendly. Quite often these places can feel intimidating. Anyway, no celebrities.
“Finally, we were ready to leave, and my manager Paul— who was desperate to see a celebrity much more than any of us four ladies—another woman and I went to the restrooms. We went down one of the sweeping staircases to the lower floor where they were located, one at a time. I was the last down the stairs when all of a sudden I heard a woman shout. I knew it wasn’t my friend, but I was concerned that she was okay, so I rushed to the door where I’d seen her disappear through. In the doorway with her back to me was a woman laughing and talking to Jane (my friend) who stood behind her. The lady had thought Jane was someone she knew and had shouted in surprise at seeing her there (incidentally, no one was more surprised than Jane). When the woman turned around and I could see her face, she was none other than a famous UK celebrity and television presenter. She apologized for delaying me in the doorway and then left. Jane and I held on to one another laughing so hard, because here was our celebrity and we had practically bumped into her.
“Well, it didn’t stop there. Oh no. The angels had more surprises in store. I went into the cubicle only to find a mobile phone, a pair of sunglasses and a cardigan on the shelf. When we went back upstairs, I found our server and gave her all the stuff, telling her about the woman who had just left the restroom before us and that these could possibly be hers. They were and she was very grateful for them to be returned—especially her phone, as you can imagine. I had such a wonderful evening, Tom, and would have enjoyed myself without meeting my new celebrity friend; however, she was the ‘icing on the cake’ as they say, and such a fantastic MBO—one that I would never have imagined myself. It was just so funny when we told Paul what had happened. You couldn’t believe the look on his face. I can still see it now. So I said, ‘I told you but you didn’t believe me, did you? If you want to meet a celebrity, you request an MBO.’ I’m still laughing from the whole thing. How funny, eh!”


Lynn from Oregon writes: “I wanted to share this part of a letter my friend Annie sent me. She had made a trip to Phoenix to take care of her ninety-year-old father, who needed some dental work. She lives up in a small mountain town, but used to live in Phoenix. So when she comes down she tries to get a lot of things that a small town does not offer. I introduced her to MBOs by sending her a copy of your book. As you can see, she has become a great believer.”
From Annie in Arizona: “The rest of my trip after taking care of Dad was pretty good and full of MBOs. I needed to shop since there is no place in our little town that sells some of the items I need. I did get three bras on sale at Kohl’s on senior’s day, with the senior discount to boot, and a smoking deal on blue jeans too. I needed bras and was going to buy them no matter what the price. The first Kohl’s only had one in my size and it was on the bottom rack, way in the back; you know how it is when you have to have one specific brand/style. I even had to squat down to find it.
“Off I went to another Kohl’s, asking for an MBO for at least two of them.  I walked into the department and there were two of them on the front of the rack, chest high. I continued to ask for MBOs for all my errands and got prime parking spaces and all my stuff in no time at all. The oral surgeon was even early, the wait for Dad’s return transport was faster than usual and I had a safe, quick trip home. What a deal. I thanked the universe and angels profusely.”

I guess that was a “BBO!”


Kelly writes:  “Yesterday I requested an MBO for when I went to my hair stylist.  She is a new one for me and the other two times I visited her there was a "stiffness" and not much talking going on between us.  It felt uncomfortable and not relaxed as with my prior stylist of 13 years, but she did good work.  I requested that my visit go smoothly and comfortably between us and that a mutual rapport would begin so that my future visits with her would be comfortable and "looked forward to". 

“As I sat down at the shampoo sink, our conversation hit it off with a bang from a mere comment I had made about feeling "chilled", despite the Spring weather.  It just so happens she and I both have that tendency and then that led to other topics, which revealed other common traits between us.  In fact, the hair cutting went by in a breeze and I was so into the discussion that I didn't realize she was done.  We both were laughing and smiling.  What a great outcome! 

”I also want to share some incidents involving compression of time I have used since your mentioning in your newsletter.  I hadn't recalled the exact wording to use, I believe I said something like "I request that time stretches out to allow for me to get to my class on time, without feeling stressed or panicked with sufficient time to allow for preparing my kids' dinner before leaving."  It worked marvelously as I was on my way home from work during rush hour and had 45 minutes until class time--the trip home could take 20-30 minutes at times--or as little as 15.  Then the class was 5 minutes from my house, but I had to change and prepare dinner.  I had 7 minutes to spare once I got to class!  (I didn't look at the clock during my trip either).

”Another incident involved a trip into Chicago for a class.  I rarely drive downtown and felt I left sufficient time, but didn't realize road construction nearby really was slowing traffic.  I put the request to use again--again forgetting the exact wording, but apparently it worked with my intended meaning/emotion about the request.  Again, I didn't look at the clock.  I had 15 minutes to spare and made sure I left earlier the next day of the class so I wouldn't cut it so close. 

“Again, that next day, on my way home from my course I hit rush hour and had previously requested a rapid trip home allowing for extra non-rushed time that evening to unwind before thinking about the next day's work.  As I approached the ramp to the express lanes (As I said, I rarely drive downtown and tend to avoid the express lanes as I wasn't completely familiar with them/where they let off, etc.) I had to decide if I'd take that ramp or stay on the regular route.  It just so happens I was listening to a Deepak Chopra CD and at precisely the last moment I could make the decision, Deepak, in his discussion of time/timelessness, mid sentence said "Take the fast lane". 

“I abruptly did and the pace of traffic was smooth and flowing much faster than the regular route.  It did slow up a bit later, but I did make it home earlier than I had thought and was able to unwind with my kids and chat with a friend.  Now I will keep a memo to myself in the car to request a "compression of time"--a lot less words and easier to say.”

Notice how her Guardian Angel arranged for the CD to play that particular part at just the right time.  Those are the ones that you know your GA is chuckling about!  And don’t forget to say, “I request a Compression of Time, thank you!” when you need more time.


Annette writes:  “I was not going to tell you about the first part of this story, but since the second part is too weird and has to be part of the MBO I've requested for assistance in paying down my debts.....

“I forgot to get buns for the brauts for dinner and had to run to the grocery up the road. While there, I overheard the cashiers talking about putting ice in a cart of food and looking for a missing card. When I went outside there was a woman and her daughter sitting in the chairs on display out front. The woman was on the cell phone crying hysterically - as I walked towards my car I heard a voice (one I hear periodically) tell me to turn around. I did and walked over to the woman. She was off the phone and crying even harder. I asked if there was something I could do and the woman took my hand and thanked me for her concern, but said there was nothing and then started crying too hard to speak. Her daughter who must be in her late teens told me they lost their grocery/gift card and didn't realize it was missing until they were checking out. They'd called home and no one could find it they didn't have any money for the groceries. I asked them how much their groceries were and the daughter said - probably $100.00. I thought for a moment and decided I could help them with $50.00. The mother still holding my hand looked at me in shock and I said "come on - lets get the groceries". I got the head cashier, and they pulled out some things that were "extra" and the casher had someone take the cold food back. As they rang it up the mother kept hugging me and thanking me and telling me I would be paid back and I was an angel and....

“They had potatoes, chicken, vegetables, cooking oil a few buy one get one free sodas ice cream and a pack of breakfast rolls. As they got to the end of their groceries the mother told the daughter to put back the ice cream and the breakfast rolls back and I told her no - go ahead and get those. I was not going to deny them a little comfort food. The amount came to around 60 plus dollars, but I knew I could swing it, just take my lunch a few more times the next 2 weeks and not get anything not necessary and we'd be good. As we were leaving a young pregnant girl met them - I was introduced to their preachers wife who the woman told me she was going to join them for dinner. We exchanged numbers and hugs and I went on home. When I told my husband - he was amazingly cool with it and actually felt we'd be fine...I did to.

“Now here is where it gets weird....I had balanced the checking and savings account the day before - to the penny. This morning (Tuesday) I opened the account to transfer money from savings to checking for my husband to get some funds and there was 60 dollars more than was there on Saturday. I checked the account - there had been no deposit no explanation - none. Now, I could have made a mistake and not noticed I had $60.00 more in savings......but I am pretty certain I was to the penny and marked it so.

“Now THAT is a Most Benevolent Outcome!!!!”

Yes, it’s nice to know that a Guardian Angel can put money into your account!


Judy in Sydney Australia writes:  “Hi Tom.  I just have to tell you about my recent Angel miracle. On Tuesday night, I was going to a night class in another part of Sydney. I said my MBO's for safe travel before I left. When I got there, I parked my car and walked across the street with the green light. Suddenly, an elderly lady in a 4WD flew around the corner at full speed and narrowly missed me - I mean by an eyelash! She said she was looking at the lights and not at pedestrians on the crosswalk. I screamed and fell back onto the road, but just scraped my hand and had a few bruises.

“Several people ran to give me their cards as witnesses but I really was alright, just shaken up. Another 1/4 of a second and I would have been badly hit.

”After my class, I stopped off at the supermarket and playing over the loudspeaker was the song, "Send me an Angel". How's that for confirmation!  I can't thank you enough for your instructions with MBO's - it saved my life!”


Your Guardian Angel is always trying to let you know it’s there to assist you.  Most of the time you ignore these reminders.  Even though I communicate with Theo in my “active” meditations, he still likes to surprise me with reminders, which I think he does so I’ll relate them to you.

One of the ways he does this is by having songs played on the radio, or he’ll have me remembering some song when I awake in the morning.  Last Sunday my wife and I were over at our new house, which is still undergoing remodeling.  Finally after my wife was satisfied she had made sufficient notes to relay to the contractor, we closed up and got in our car for the return trip to our house.  Just as I turned on the car engine, the car radio started playing one of my favorite songs—FOOLED AROUND AND FELL IN LOVE by the Elvin Bishop band with vocals by Mickey Thompson, who earned a spot in the Jefferson Starship band based on this performance (you can listen to it on Youtube).  It was “by request” and I told my wife at the time—yes it was Theo’s request. 

So in my next meditation I asked:

Theo, I assume that was you that arranged for the song to be played as I turned on the car engine this past Sunday?

Yes of course it was.  I simply arranged, as you guessed, with another guardian angel who takes care of a client that likes the same song to have them call the radio station and request it.  That was a simple job or action for us to do.

Well, I thank you Theo.  It was enjoyable for both my wife and I to sing along, and thank the other GA for its assistance too.

I will Tom.  That’s nice of you to think about that too.

So pay attention to those reminders folks!  Your own GA is saying, “Don’t forget about me—I’m here to assist you—you just have to ask!

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