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April 5, 2014

Benevolent Outcomes Blog 4-5-14


Tom T. Moore's Books

Tom T. Moore’s Books

Welcome to the Benevolent Outcomes Blog, and welcome to everyone who subscribed in the past week.  This Blog is for people just discovering how to use a very simple, yet powerful and effective spiritual tool you can use every day the rest of your life.  It will lessen the stress and fear of life in general, and will make your life easier.  It’s so simple a lot of people say “It can’t be this easy,” but it is, because IT WORKS!  This reconnects you with your Guardian Angel, or higher power, or whatever your belief is.  You simply say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for…….., thank you!”  When you read the stories below, sent from all over the world, we use the acronym MBO for Most Benevolent Outcomes, GA for Guardian Angel, and BP for Benevolent Prayers (what you ask for other people).   


All my books are sold on in both print and ebook formats, if you wish to buy them that way, You can read SAMPLE CHAPTERS of all the books at

Please email me your MBO stories to show others how to use this simple tool to TomTMoore6(at)  Now for some inspiring stories.  


This one happened to me this past week.  My wife was out of the house and I was in my office working.  Suddenly I heard a patter-patter on the floor and went to investigate.  Coming out of the ceiling air conditioning exhaust grill was a stream of water.  I grabbed towels to begin soaking up the water and then a plastic garbage can from the garage.  Next I ran upstairs and went up into the attic where I discovered one of our two 50 gallon water heaters was leaking and had overflowed the pan underneath it.  I ran back downstairs and called the plumbing company, while requesting a Most Benevolent Outcome for a plumber to be available.

The plumbing company said they would have someone available by 5pm, which was three hours away.  Five minutes later they called me back to say they had someone who would arrive in about 20 minutes.  The two plumbers arrived, shut off the water, and drained the tank into a nearby bathroom tub.  There was little damage to our walls, as I had caught it so fast.  

We will have to replace the two water tanks, as both are the same age, but have requested a MBO for the best price, as we’re getting multiple bids.  


Carol writes:  I had a most wonderful experience this past Saturday using an MBO, and I thought you might consider putting it in your newsletter and/or blog.  I know you usually get MBO stories about folks getting their cars fixed or money when the need it or accident avoidance, etc, but this is a little different.  I hope you find it interesting.
This past Saturday, I attended an all-day lecture sponsored by the A.R.E. and given by a lovely woman named Judith Pennington.  The lecture was entitled, “Your Psychic Soul,” and it involved (in a nutshell) looking at brain activity on EEGs during theta meditation, and expanding our abilities into higher realms.   
As part of the seminar, we did several meditations down into theta frequency, and then she had us pair up with another attendee we did not know to do psychic readings on each other.  I was paired with a lovely woman of ~40 years, about whom I knew absolutely nothing, including her name.  She asked me to read her first.  Now, I have done some theta meditation training, but it was several years ago – and I am not a regular meditater.  I’ve done only two psychic readings in my entire life, and they were during the course of that earlier theta meditation training.  But, while Judith was giving the room some directions and instructions, I took a few moments to ask for an MBO.  I asked my guardian angels for a most benevolent outcome, that they help me provide this young woman with whatever information she needed at this time, and that the results be better than either of us could ever hope for or expect.  
Well let me tell you, I have never experienced anything that concrete, or rapid, or so ‘on the money’ as what I got for that young woman.  I started getting a picture of her in a tropical location.  There was a brief moment when I started to say to myself, ‘surely you are wrong about seeing a woman walking on a beach, in a sarong, by herself. How could this possibly mean anything?  We all want a tropical vacation! ‘ But I had to tell myself to stop judging and just relay what I am getting, since I don’t know any thing about what this means to her.  And while the picture didn’t really change, I got a flood of information about the fact that she is supposed to be a teacher.   As I continued to relay what I was being presented, at one point, I popped into her Akashic record and popped right back out again, but I saw enough to know that she had many lifetimes as a teacher, and many of them back to back.  At some point during the reading, she started squeezing my hands, so I assumed I was giving her information that made sense to her. 

After a few minutes, I finished up (this lasted only about five minutes), and came back to beta state.  She had tears in her eyes, as did I.  She told me that I was so on the money that she could not believe it, that every single thing I said was true for her.  Then she proceeded to tell me about some of her background and, basically, how she had specifically avoided becoming a teacher.  I don’t want to go into details so as to protect her privacy, but suffice to say, what I provided her was an affirmation that all the things she was conflicted about were all the things she should be doing. She was overwhelmed, and in a state of shock.   
Frankly, I was in awe myself, having difficulty believing that I could be so accurate. I attribute the accuracy of my reading solely to my Guardian Angels, Guides, and Masters.  There is no way I’m taking credit for what happened – I was just the vessel.    
Just as an aside, when she read for me, she said that she saw white and gold orbs floating around me.  I am going to assume that those orbs are my Guardian Angels, Guides, and Masters.   Later, I said a heart-felt thank you to my GAs for the great readings.  I am grateful beyond words.  


Allan writes from Thailand:  This happened to my and my friend on or vacation.  This February – my best friend and I went to Indonesia – as always when going on a vacation I’m asking any and all beings of love and light to help and protect me and my friends – asking Gaia for the best weather possible (not interfering with her work: -D) asking for a safe flight – asking for seating on the flight where we can be in peace and quiet – with not too many crying children 😉

This year we had huge difficulties paying for our flight from Bali to another island, Flores, so I asked for a miracle – that even though we landed and had less than 1 hour to get luggage and buy tickets and check in again – we would make it. We got our luggage – no problems – but when we got to the ticket office they told us that the gate was closed and that there was nothing they could do – we had to wait till next day to get our flight to Flores.

Outside the office where to men telling us that if we gave them 3 million rupees – they’d give us tickets and we’d be on our way to Flores. But after almost 15 hours and not enough sleep – we didn’t want to give strangers our money. Suddenly a man from the ticket office came out – said come with me I’ll get you on the plane – he got us through security to the check in counter – told the check in lady to check our luggage in – meanwhile he got the tickets – so he was running back and forth the ticket office and we got out tickets and got onboard the plane.

To me that was the first of many small miracles we experienced this year.   The last thing I want to point out – is our return flight – against what I thought we were seated right next to a one-year-old baby boy – and I was worried that he would cry and do what babies do.  I of course said an MBO for a safe and quiet flight.

To my big amazement – this baby boy didn’t cry on the whole flight – he was however flirting with the stewardess – smiling and laughing at her whenever she came our way – everybody around was happy and smiling cause of this little boy smiling and laughing so much – thanks to MBO’s.  So again thank you so much for your work.


Dave writes:  Gail and I both asked for an MBO for our trip coming back from Florida and even asked for compressed time.   The trip was the easiest and best we ever had, hardly any traffic, and we arrived an hour before we expected to.  This was after even one additional stop.  And the beauty of it is, there was no anxiety associated with the 12-hour trip, which is often the case when you are anxious to get home.  


Sandy writes:  I requested an MBO that all boxes of stuff come to my door without hassle, so far, that has worked a treat!


Jean Marie writes: Why not an MBO for the children of war in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. It must be terrible suffering for them in many ways.

Here is a BP for everyone to say out loud:  “I ask any and all beings to assist, aid, and comfort all the children in war zones to find food, and to keep them safe, thank you!”


Yvette writes:  Two weeks ago I left my expensive pram at the playground after putting my kids in the car.  The next day after realizing I’d left it behind, I said an MBO for the pram to be returned faster then I hoped for or expected.  Five minutes later my sister-in-law rang to tell me there was a notice at the playground about my misusing pram.  I rang the number and had my pram back within half an hour. Thank you guardian angel and thank you Tom:)


Bernadette writes:  A few weeks ago, I was given the heads up that it was time to buy a new car (not NEW, but new to me!). I said an MBO to find the best car for me at the very best price. It took several weeks before I actually was guided to go a Dealership. Long story short: I ended up with a brand-new car, unlike any model I had even thought about. I got a great deal with the bank (friends for a long time, now!), and am loving the deal! Angels drive with me all the time—actually, it is Mary Magdalene (she has the passenger seat).


Emily writes:  Last weekend my boyfriend was moving out of his place plus his storage unit to move in with me. When we reached the city he was living in the rain was coming down hard like sheets of water along with some thunder and lightning. We had already said an MBO for the day very early in the day.  While he was renting the Uhaul truck I said the following: “I request a MBO for this down pour of rain to slow down to either a drizzle or for it to stop so we could load up the truck without getting soaked.”

While driving to his storage unit I repeated the same MBO (for my own benefit), it was still pouring rain with thunder etc.  When we got to the storage unit, he unlocked and rolled up the doors to both the storage unit and the truck. As soon as he did that the rain slowed down to a drizzle about five minutes later it totally stopped. After we loaded up the truck we were surprised to have the sky clear up and the sun shinning on us.

As we were heading south to my home we noticed the storm had moved south, so once again I said another MBO for us to have a safe trip home and for the rain to either be a mild drizzle or for it to stop. We drove 200 miles to my house and did not hit any rain until we parked the Uhaul in the driveway. We were both very thankful for the wonderful day we had and all that we accomplished and for all of the assistance we had in doing what we did in over 13 hours.

Thank you Tom for teaching us all you do. I use MBO’s consistently for my day all day long. They work…I could most likely write a book on how many times I have requested an MBO and received great results & benefits from it.


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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

Tom T. Moore Tom

Tom T. Moore

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January 13, 2012

Benevolent Outcomes Blog 1-14-12




Welcome to this week’s edition of my Benevolent Outcomes Blog, and welcome to everyone who subscribed in the past week.  This Blog is for people just discovering how to use a very simple, yet powerful and effective spiritual tool you can use every day the rest of your life.  It will lessen the stress and fear of life in general, and will make your life easier.  It’s so simple a lot of people say “It can’t be this easy,” but it is, because IT WORKS! This reconnects you with your Guardian Angel, or higher power, or whatever your belief is.  You simply say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for…….., thank you!” When you read the stories below, sent from all over the world, we use the acronym MBO for Most Benevolent Outcomes, GA for Guardian Angel, and BP for Benevolent Prayers (what you ask for other people).


Have you bought one of The Gentle Way books yourself yet? If not, why not?  This should be on your 2012 Resolutions List.  Use one of those gift cards to treat yourself and make 2012 the best year ever!  On the old MBO forum one lady just posted that this is better than the Secret or anything she has ever tried, because IT WORKS!  You can buy them online by simply going to my website and clicking on the images on the side (which takes you to, or you can call my publisher direct at 800-450-0985.

Subscribing to this blog is easy, just go to .  I also email a weekly newsletter with more advanced topics, which you can subscribe to by going to  Here you can also read a couple of sample chapters of my first book to give you more suggestions on requesting MBO’s.  Please forward this blog to your friends if you enjoy reading it.  In the Articles & News section I have a new Search Function you can use to search all my articles and newsletters by simply entering a word or phrase.  And be sure to request to be my Friend on Facebook.  I give extra information during the week there.

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Please email me your MBO stories to show others how to use this simple tool to TomTMoore6(at)  Now for some inspiring stories.


Jacqueline writes: Just got back from our yearly visit of a week to my mother in law in Sun City West Arizona. At every point of our trip-flight, I asked for MBO’s every step of the way! It all went SO smooth and perfect! Thanks You soo much for MBO’s!!! Makes life so much pleasant!


Lee writes: I work in a spa in a resort and this week is traditionally slow as most people don’t travel right after the new year. Each day that I went in this week I said an MBO to receive more clients than I could anticipate or expect for myself and for my coworker’s. Well, I have one more day of work and already I am more than double my services from last year, and the spa is almost double the sales. I love MBO’s! Thank you Tom for your generous time to educate us in using these.


Lois writes: I went to a birthday party about a month ago and on the way I asked for an MBO for the experience of the evening, adding, “May the outcome be better than I can hope for or expect…” I arrived at the restaurant about 20 minutes early, as I had never been there before so left early. I decided to look around the neighborhood and spotted an antique shop. Wandering around in there I found a very large antique Tibetan Singing Bowl. Miracle of miracles I got it for $40, and checking later online, I found it was worth at least ten times as much. The rest of the evening went well, too!


Kelly writes on Facebook: An MBO saved ME from a speeding ticket last night! woot! And that was after I had already been pulled over!! lol! I said the prayer in between the time being pulled over, and the officer walked to my car.


Patrick writes: I just wanted to submit a MBO that I use that others could use as well.

“I request a MBO for my higher self, brain and subconscious mind to correct all thoughts and behaviors that get in the way of me experiencing optimal, robust health and abundant prosperity in all areas and aspects of my life, on all levels and dimensions of my being, from all directions in time and space now, forevermore, and always, without delay in the most benevolent way, and may the results be even more than what I could hope for or expect.  Thank You”.

Thanks Patrick, and anyone reading this blog, if you feel this MBO resonates with you, then please say it out loud.


David writes: Use ‘most benevolent outcomes’ daily. My son-in-law was fretting over this a/c unit in Ga, the blower stopped working and our granddaughters gradutation party was the next day. (Temps in the 90’s) The technician didn’t have the part and couldn’t get it so he called around and found one. After installing it still didn’t wok and he frantically called at least three other services who all said they would “try” to make it before the day was out. My wife and I joined hands and asked for a most benevolent outcome… while he was on the phone with another tech, the blower finally came on. The event was saved. Thank you Saint Tom T Moore.


Carol writes: In the past week I noticed one side of my brick paved driveway was damp like a sprinkler had sprayed on it, but there was no sprinkler there.  However my main water line and sewer line run underneath the driveway. When it didn’t go away day after day, I knew I had a leak and needed to call a plumber.

So before I called I asked my Guardian Angel, Anthony, “Anthony, I request a most benevolent outcome that when the plumber arrives, whatever is causing this will be an inexpensive fix”.

After my plumber came out and tested the water and sewer lines and found no leaks, he tested the sprinkler system and noticed the one in the backyard quite far from the leak, was actually running down and going underneath the driveway, an easy fix!  Thank you my GA Anthony!


Diane writes: We had a court date this past Monday and of course I did an MBO a few days before the day and that morning. Well, we went to court and did not have to go in front of the judge and settled on a lower price.  Oh, how I love my MBO’s! But right now still working on a MBO for getting a job.


Kim writes: Always helps with my parking–always–even if I have to say it real quick.


Gentle Way BookDon’t forget that THE GENTLE WAY II is NOW AVAILABLE for delivery on and is IN STOCK!  Here is theGentle Way 2 link: .  You can also order it by phone at my publisher Monday to Friday.  Call toll free 800-450-0985.  It has twice as many pages as the first book.  The books are great for presents for family and friends for birthdays and other special occasions!  The first book is also available on  Either or both books can change lives!


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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

Tom T. Moore Tom

Tom T. Moore
Email: TomTMoore6(at)

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February 6, 2010

Benevolent Outcomes Blog 2-6-10


The Gentle Way Books

The Gentle Way Books

Welcome to this edition of my Benevolent Outcomes Blogs.  These blogs are for people just being introduced to requesting Benevolent Outcomes for assistance from your own Guardian Angel, who’s your best friend and loves you dearly.  I receive emails from all over the world from people requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s abbreviated) in their lives from their own “GA’s.”

You can read a couple of sample chapters of my first book on my website http://TheGentleWayBook.comYou can also sign up for my weekly newsletter, if you wish to learn about more advanced spiritual topics.  Sometimes these blogs will have a little more advanced information in them, such as this one, but please keep an open mind.

Just begin experimenting with this simple spiritual tool you can use everyday of the rest of your life to make your life easier and less stressful. And don’t think that you can only ask for the “big things” in your life.  Use the tool for the mundane too, such as parking spots or a seat on a crowded bus, subway, or train.  Your GA has enormous capabilities beyond what we can understand from a third dimensional standpoint.  So here we go.


Dawn writes:  “Hi Tom, first I would like to say how much I enjoy reading your weekly newsletter. I would like to share my MBO x3 I had today. So here it goes. I had an eye doctor appointment today at 4:30. The office called and asked if I could come in at 2:30 because they had a cancellation. At 2:00 I leave work and start driving to my appointment. After a few moments I hear and feel I have a flat tire. I request my first MBO.

”I pulled over to see how bad it was. It was FLAT! I slowly move to a close by shopping center to park, because I could not leave my car where it was. Next, I call a lady at work and ask her for a favor, to either take me to my doctor appointment or may I please borrow her car for a few minutes. She said, “I will come and get you”. She drives me and how wonderful, I was there exactly at 2:30. The doctor said that was the fastest procedure she had ever done.

”We came back to change my tire and put the donut one on. I have never had to change a tire on this Jeep. I found my jack and tools rusted and hard to manage, another MBO in place. Two men came by immediately and changed my tire. One of the men told me my spare was very low and I would need to air as soon as possible. I did not make it out of the parking lot. I decided to walk back to work since my car had not gotten very far from work earlier.

”A second lady I work with saw me walking. She pulls over, I explain, she says, “I have Fix a Flat”. We go to my car. Clearly the donut is off the rim and we will need to remove the spare and try the can on the original tire. MBO #3, immediately another two men take over the tire job adventure. They find a large chunk of ceramic deep in the tire, remove it, plug the hole and fill it with fix a flat. One of the last two men that helped me used to work on tires and always carries PLUGGING TOOLS WITH HIM. They followed me to the gas station for air. This all took place within 2 hours. WOW!”

Notice everyone that Dawn requested a Benevolent Outcome when the problem first occurred.  Actually that set up all the other Benevolent Outcomes, resulting in the final MBO!


I want to remind you how requesting Benevolent Outcomes does make life more gentle and less stressful, even for the simplest, most mundane requests, as you’ll read below.

Paula writes:  “I just bought 5 books and am thrilled of the idea that now I have “presents” to give…. but they will be for birthday gifts… to the people I love the most.  I know your book has influenced me and I know the angels talk to us (if we would only listen).

”Tom, I use the benevolent requests daily, and am still amazed with the results.  I requested a parking space a few days ago… the wind was cold and raw and I didn’t want to walk those extra steps… but I also didn’t want to find a spot where I would be getting my car banged up by other people’s car doors… the angels found me a perfect spot with room galore and it was 3 cars down from the doorway… perfect.

”This is one of many, many results I’ve had.”


BG writes:  “Seems people mostly report on the profound results from using MBO’s.  I’ve had a couple of rather humorous but practical and useful results that I want to share.

”Ever since I moved into this new house four years ago, I have had trouble with the low flow commodes working properly.  Therefore, the plunger is always close at hand.  It is something I really dislike doing but it beats the alternative.  One day, even the plunger was not being successful.  So I said, “Well then, I just request a most benevolent outcome for this commode to properly flush.”  Nothing happened so I walked way to contemplate calling a plumber.  It wasn’t long at all when I heard a gurgling sound coming from the bathroom.  Went in to investigate and sure enough, the commode was empty and flushing properly.

”During my meditation that week, I was reminded that the commode incident was metaphoric for how I hold on to junk.  So, now an MBO is part of my daily constitutional to easily release and flush away the junk in my life.

”The other one happened this week when I had to park under a tree that was a popular spot for birds.  I was on a tight schedule and did an MBO for a convenient spot that would let me get in and out quickly.  When I got out and saw all the droppings, I debated moving yet this was the most convenient, actually only, parking spot in the lot.    So, I requested an MBO for the bird droppings to miss my car.  When I entered the door to the building where I was going, I looked back and saw there were no birds in the trees.  I said thank you and went on about my business.  Came out and still no birds.  As I pulled out of the lot, I saw the birds return.

”Profundity comes in all shapes, huh?”


Kathy writes:  “I was very intrigued with your angel book sample chapters and how to contact them. My question is if we sinned earlier in our lives and have repented or have been trying to make up for what we did, do we still have guardian angels with us?”

Kathy’s beliefs and mine are different, as I’ve been able to ask my Guardian Angel many, many questions.  These may be counter to your beliefs, but I can only tell you what he’s told me.

First, these are “whole souls” that we call Guardian Angels and are very experienced and have attained “golden light-being” status.  Only a few of the million GA’s were created by the Creator of this Universe.  The rest were drawn to his creation because it was unique.  Theo tells me he’s a GA for 19,000 souls (each with soul “clusters” or “groups” of 6 to 12 “fragments”).  He says he’s been my GA for ALL of my lives on earth, which are all happening AT THE SAME TIME, as time is an illusion for us.

So a very short answer to this question, you will have a Guardian Angel until the day you die, who loves you dearly and is truly your best friend–able to do amazing things beyond our understanding. As an example, they are able to become physical for a short time if needed to save a life.

So forgive yourself.  Your Guardian Angel will be there for you.  Whatever it is that you consider that you’ve done wrong in your life, do something for others that will start to atone.  And go to my website and print out the Benevolent Prayer sign and say that every day–I do. Theo says it will help you much more than you can imagine now.  You are, after all, saying a prayer for anyone that you have wronged in any way.


The following lady asked that her real name not be used so I’ll call her:

Pauline writes:  “I recently purchased your book after being introduced to MBO’s by a friend.  I have used them successfully for small things and am building my confidence in my Angels (and myself) to work on bigger things.

”In reading the book, I ran across a section that raises a huge question in my mind.  It pertains to Illegal Aliens and in particular the word illegal.  Is it reasonable to expect our Angels to give us an MBO when we are knowingly doing something that is against the law?  I understand completely that sometimes, one feels they are backed into a corner and have no choice, but does that then mean if a person is hungry and decides to break and enter a house or rob a business that he/she should request an MBO for that deed?

”I am having great difficult believing that Angels would protect someone who chooses an illegal activity that deliberately harms another.  Of course, that also means I believe that crossing the border illegally harms the citizens of this country because this causes a huge tax burden on tax-paying citizens, increases the crime rate, etc.

”Thanks – I love your book (except for the part in question) and the concept of asking for MBO’s.”

One of the rules for requesting Benevolent Outcomes is it must be Benevolent for not only yourself, but for all those involved in the request, even if you request something that is not Benevolent either in error or on purpose.

A person that crosses a border illegally is following their soul path.  They may be caught and sent back, they may be preyed upon by bandits and rapists, they may die of thirst or freeze to death, or they may be successful.  That is neither for you nor I to judge.

Also our soul paths are affected too.  Do we show them compassion, or treat them as the scum of the earth?  These are learning lessons for the population of this country too.  Perhaps you’ll have to see the other side by having a life as an illegal alien.  All lives must balance eventually.  So please send them love and light.  “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” Dalai Lama

I also have in the first book a section for prostitutes and remaining safe by requesting MBO’s.  Do I condone prostitution?  Of course not, but the vast majority of prostitutes are victimized, so I tried to give them hope, if they ever read my book.

So Pauline emailed back and asked:  “Thank you for your reply, Tom.  I am still stuck on the word “illegal” and unfortunately, your answer does not give me the clarity I was hoping for.  My question was not about my judging their illegal activity, but about whether the person breaking the law could/should ask for an MBO for that activity.  In other words, if I decided to cheat on my income tax return, would it be appropriate for me to ask for protection from my Angels for deliberately cheating?  I will ask for an MBO regarding resolution of my own conflict with this issue.”

So I asked my Guardian Angel Theo in meditation:

Someone wants to know what the results would be if you asked for a MBO for cheating on your income taxes?

A deep philosophical question Tom.  Yes, I sent you a picture of a great shark or fish devouring you.  It really depends upon a person’s soul contract is Tom.  What are they trying to learn this time around.  If you do not pay your fair share of money to your government, then perhaps you will be caught, or perhaps not.  There are lessons to be learned either way, so there is no one answer.  If you are hoarding the money, there will come a time when that energy flies out the window.  If you use that money for others’ welfare instead of lining the pockets of some government bureaucrat, then that is a learning experience too.  Again there are no “right answers”—only lessons to be learned.

I assume you would have a similar response if someone requested a MBO to steal.

Yes and no Tom.  Yes there are learning lessons, but when you steal from someone, you incur Karma and that has to be balanced in this life or a future one, when you will have things stolen from you to feel the same anger and heartache someone felt when you violated their space—their house, home, or business.  That must be balanced.

Have a Most Benevolent Week everyone!

Tom T. Moore
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