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December 29, 2018

Benevolent Outcomes Blog 12-29-18


Welcome to the Benevolent Outcomes Blog, and welcome to everyone who subscribed in the past week.



This Blog is for people who wish to learn how to use a very simple, yet powerful and effective spiritual tool every day the rest of your life.  It will lessen the stress and fear of life in general, and will make your life easier.  It’s so simple a lot of people say “It can’t be this easy,” but it is, because IT WORKS!

This reconnects you with your Guardian Angel, or higher power, or whatever your belief is.  You simply say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for… thank you!”  When you read the stories below, sent from all over the world, we use the acronyms MBO for Most Benevolent Outcomes, GA for Guardian Angel, and BP for Benevolent Prayers (what you ask for other people).   My website is


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Be sure to participate when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer out loud, but are you also saying the Daily BP each morning as I do?  Theo says this is one of the most important things you could do for yourself not only for this life, but all the others you have lived or will live on earth, as they are all happening at the same time.  Print it out and put it on your bathroom mirror to remind you.  Here is the link:  Here is an example of a BP for everyone to say today: “I ask any and all beings to intervene in the most benevolent way to stop any terrorist attacks before they happen anywhere in the world, to respect other religions, and for there to be peace in the world, thank you!”


Here is a story from me. My daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to visit his side of the family. They were to return back to the DFW Airport on Thursday, at 5:40 pm. This is “drive-time” in the Metroplex, so I requested an MBO for my drive to the airport. Gaia had other plans. She had a huge storm pass through the Dallas-Ft. Worth area the day before (we received 3.4 inches of rain at my house), and there were people who spent the night in their planes on the tarmac, unable to get to their gates. There were many cancellations and delays that extended all day Thursday. They initially could not find a crew to fly from DFW to Jackson Hole and return, delaying their flight back over three hours. Finally they took off and were scheduled to arrive at 9:12 pm. Requesting another MBO, certainly there was no worry with traffic at that hour, so I took my time to the airport, arriving at about 20 minutes after they landed.

When I arrived at the airport parking area across from the baggage claim, there was only one space left (just for me!), because a large pickup truck’s front wheels were slightly over the white line. Didn’t bother me! I telephoned my daughter to see if they were standing there at baggage claim, and she said they were still in the plane, waiting for the gate to open. While I was talking to her, the plane began to taxi again, but were on the other side of the airport, so it took them ten minutes to taxi to their gate. I told her I would meet them inside.

I sat in a row of chairs and saw them coming to baggage claim. There were three flights listed on the monitor for bags, but suddenly a lot of bags started arriving from Toronto—they had made a mistake on where to send them. There were so many bags that the carousel jammed and stopped. The Toronto passengers finally arrived to claim their luggage. Other luggage kept coming up, so I requested an MBO for my daughter’s family’s bags to arrive and almost immediately one of theirs popped up. I was sitting there with my granddaughter, playing “Ride a little horsey.”

With the four hour delay, added to arriving well before take-off in Jackson Hole, they were exhausted and down to their last diaper, so I volunteered to drive back, requested an MBO for the drive, and it went smoothly.


Caroline writes: Hello Tom, once again your message has rung true and helped to transform a recent air journey from potential extreme turbulence to mostly smooth skies! My father-in-law, who is 92 and for whom I am presently care-giving, and myself made an airplane trip from Whitehorse, Yukon to Prince George, B.C. by way of Vancouver due to airline scheduling.

Ironically, this involved flying south nearly 1,000 miles then returning north 500 miles. At any rate, two massive weather systems were meeting in the skies above the south B.C. coast, and all flights, if not cancelled or delayed, were expected to be highly turbulent. Not being a fan of turbulence, I spent most of both flights quietly reciting MBOs as my father-in-law, if he heard me, would have thought I’d gone barmy! For the most part, both flights down to Vancouver then back up to Prince George were pretty much turbulence-free!

We had a wonderful visit and an early Christmas with my two beautiful kids and their partners, and on the return flights five days later, more turbulence was expected, and the same MBOs were quietly recited and once again for the most part worked beautifully!

Tom, I am so filled with gratitude that I happened upon your Gentle Way site and will freely attest to how well MBOs work for pretty much any situation life deals out. Thank you to you, Theo, Gaia, Antura, any and all beings, our higher selves and every living, joyously jitterbugging particle in all of our universes!


Sue writes from Texas: Just wanted to let you know about a couple of MBO results.

Earlier this week I decided to make my Walmart returns before Dec 26th, but before I could make the trip I heard on the radio that the return lines at Walmart were already long so I said an MBO on my way to the store. When I arrived to my surprise there was only one person in line ahead of me and I completed my task in 5 minutes.

This morning I heard about an awful fire here in Houston where several homes were lost with one loss of life. A firefighter was injured and taken to the hospital but they had no information on the nature or severity of his injuries. Said my MBO for the families and firefighter and in less than an hour I heard on the TV he will make a full recovery. How is that for a speedy answer? Love those GA’s!!!

Wishing you, your family and all my Gentle Way family a most benevolent holiday with better than expected or hoped for outcome.

Thanks for all you do to get this message out and a most benevolent 2019 to all.


Molly writes from New York: In September, I made reservations to fly to Oregon to be with my daughter and grandkids for The Christmas Holiday. I said MBOs for a great flight, getting there on time, and having no issues. My flight to New Jersey was very close to my connecting flight time to Portland. I ran from one end of the terminal to the other all the way saying MBOs. When I got to the gate it was closed, and they said you’re too late. I said, “But it’s Christmas, and I really need to get there.” The lady at the gate opened the door to the runway and took me down to the plane, saying, “I can’t promise you anything, but we will see if they will open the door for you.” She knocked on the plane door, and they opened it just for me. Something I’ve never seen them do before. I thanked my GA many times. And am so grateful.


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Have a Most Benevolent Week!


Tom T. Moore

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July 2, 2011

Benevolent Outcomes Blog 7-2-11




Welcome to this week’s edition of my Benevolent Outcomes Blog, and welcome to everyone who subscribed in the past week.  This Blog is for people just discovering how to use a very simple, yet powerful and effective spiritual tool you can use every day the rest of your life. It will lessen the stress and fear of life in general, and will make your life easier.  It’s so simple a lot of people say “It can’t be this easy,” but it is, because IT WORKS! This reconnects you with your Guardian Angel, or higher power, or whatever your belief is.  You simply say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for…….., thank you!” When you read the stories below, sent from all over the world, we use the acronym MBO for Most Benevolent Outcomes, GA for Guardian Angel, and BP for Benevolent Prayers (what you ask for other people).


HOUSTON WORKSHOP SCHEDULED: Less than one month until I will be speaking at the Soul Explosion & Living Green Expo in Houston, Texas on July 30 and 31. Plus I will also have a half-day workshop that Saturday afternoon July 30, which will include a guided meditation where you’ll be able to answer questions of your own Guardian Angel.  It will be held in the Westin Hotel Galleria.  Go to to sign up for the Houston workshop.

Subscribing to this blog is easy, just go to .  I also email a weekly newsletter with more advanced topics, which you can subscribe to by going to  Here you can also read a couple of sample chapters of my first book to give you more suggestions on requesting MBO’s.  Please forward this blog to your friends if you enjoy reading it.  In the Articles & News section I have a new Search Function you can use to search all my articles and newsletters by simply entering a word or phrase.  And be sure to request to be my Friend on Facebook.  I give extra information during the week there.

If you like forum discussions, I’ve been asked recently to post on one devoted to discussions about Benevolent Outcomes.  Perhaps one day we’ll have a forum on the website, but here is the link to this one for now:

Please email me your MBO stories to show others how to use this simple tool.  Now for some inspiring stories.


AG in the forum writes:  I promised I will post at least one holiday story so here I am. After I spent some days in Napoli, my friend and I went to Ischia, an island not very far from the city.

We decided to hit the beach, but it was raining. We were upset, but I still asked for an MBO to spend a great day. Finally we reached a complex with thermal waters, which is at the end of the city we were in. We did not have enough money to pay the entry as we did not expect it to be so expensive, but the guy at the counter offered us a discount 🙂

We entered the complex having 3 euros for 2 people. It is interesting, but I have spent one of the best days in my life. Due to the slight rain, we were around 20 people in a complex that has some 30 pools with different kinds of water. I still remember that feeling of being in the warm massaging water while slow drops of rain fall on my face.

The problem was that we had only 3 euros and that we got really hungry and did not want to leave the place too early. Funnily enough, we found on the ground, next to our chairs another 3 euros. And with 6 euros we got two sandwiches and two drinks 🙂

We felt glorious as we left the complex!


Chrissy in Australia writes:  Here is an MBO that I used recently that you can use in your newsletter and with which I had great results.

My husband and I were flying back from Sydney to Brisbane recently after visiting family. Not long after take-off, the pilot announced that there would be a lot of turbulence coming into Brisbane.  I immediately said an MBO for as little turbulence as possible and of course ended it with MAY THE RESULTS BE SO MUCH BETTER THAN I COULD HOPE FOR OR EXPECT.
And of course, they came through and there was absolutely no turbulence whatsoever. I thanked them 3 times when we landed.

I say MBO’s for the following –
·         a safe journey to the airport
·         that we get to the airport on time and that we have a check in without any problems,
·         that we go through the security check smoothly
·         that the flight is smooth.
·         I also add one for a very safe flight, and a smooth landing and that the bags are delivered without any problems. Mine generally come out in the first 2 minutes of the conveyer belt starting up!!

If some people are having trouble ‘allowing’ the Angels to do what they need to do, in other words, if they are not sure that it will work, then they can do and say the following which has worked for me in the past – Hold your hand over your heart and as you breathe out, you say I TRUST and as you let the breath go, you release from inside all your worries. Trust that the Angels have only your best intentions in mind and they never let us down.

Hope this helps some people.  God bless and keep up the brilliant work you do.

Great suggestions from Chrissy everyone!


Jean in Ontario writes:  Enjoying your newsletter, as usual!  I have another parking MBO for you.  We were helping my son move some of his things from storage at his father’s.  The parking in front of his house is horrible, he says — sometimes not even room for their vehicle, and we had two carloads of stuff, including three heavy boxes of books.

So when I was several miles away, I thought to ask for an MBO for parking in front for both of us, to make unloading easier. He had me park around the corner while he checked things out, then came running back and told me to come quickly as it was unheard of to have two parking spaces, right together, and both in front of his house!  Needless to say, it did make unloading a lot easier.

I have been using the Benevolent Prayer so that all the people I have harmed in any way, using the list given, in any life, may be aided and comforted.

I also wanted to tell you that I have really good luck with traffic signals — sometimes it seems they even stay green longer than they should just so I can get through!  Of course I remember to thank them!

Jean is referring to the Benevolent Prayer I have posted on the website at


John writes on the forum:  Just recently I was in a big department store looking at many different things, and as I left after at least an hour (I was really tired too), I realized I left my sunglasses somewhere in the store.   From a logical point of view, trying to find these sunglasses would have been nightmare, so I decided to take the easy route and ask my GA to help me find them.   I said an MBO to find my sunglasses and then just let my GA lead me to them; I did this by wandering around aimlessly and not using my logical mind at all.  I even managed to calm myself down enough from all the anger I felt after I realized I lost my sunglasses.  After about only 5 minutes of wandering around I walked right up to them in the back of the store as they were waiting for me to return (they were on a table next to a chair I was thinking about buying).

Anyway, this little exercise was a real eye-opener for me, since it allowed me just step back and let my GA lead the way, and it also helped me find my sunglasses in a very easy and effortless manner.   It’s little things like this that makes working with your GA such a pleasure; I’m always amazed at the results!

It’s interesting to see when you have trust and faith in your GA what you can accomplish!

I had a problem with leaving my reading glasses in restaurants and having to return to pick them up.  I requested a MBO to never leave them anywhere again. Plus I purchased an expensive pair of sunglasses as a present to myself the first time I returned to Cannes, France for a TV market after I had recovered from congestive heart failure.  I’ve said a similar MBO for my sunglasses too. Both requests are working perfectly!


Lisa writes:  I’ve been following you for about 8 months now, and love reading your MBO stories & channellings.

So thought I’d let you know my one from last night. I work night shift as a nurse, and had just arrived at work when I got a phone call from my husband to say, our 11-year old son had been involved in an accident. He and his friends had been playing about on a gate, and he had jumped off and the gate, which was a very heavy metal farm gate, had swung full speed into his face.

I was horrified and my husband sounded in shock saying, “It’s really bad,” and told me they were on their way to A&E at another hospital. I knew I needed to go and be with them, but our hospital was very busy & under staffed and I was the only trained nurse in my ward. However i was given an hour or so cover from another ward as it was an emergency- which was leaving them dangerously short.

I was praying all the way to the hospital, and saying my MBO and Any & all beings prayers frantically. I protect my son every day with the angels, so felt confident they would have been there with him.

I arrived at the hospital at the same time as my husband & son, and yes it did look BAD! His wee face was distorted by swelling and there was a lot of blood.
We arrived into A&E, and I was conscious that i would be torn between needing to be there for my son & knowing work was left short. However without a doubt my sons needs would be taking priority over my work!   Well, we were taken almost straight away at A&E by a nurse I knew, which was very comforting. My son was taken quickly via Triage, on to see the doctor. He was examined and sent straight away to X-Ray, as the doctor said quietly he suspected a fracture or break to the bones in my sons face.

I was praying the whole time and as a Reiki master, was sending him Reiki to comfort & heal him. We were taken straight away at X-Ray and then back to get the results.

Amazingly there were no breaks or fractures!! It was only surface damage and swelling. Now how could a heavy metal farm gate hit an 11 year old child full in the face without leaving at least a broken nose???

The angels were indeed present! My son was discharged and sent home, i went back to work and all in all was only gone for one hour and fifteen minutes.

Now I call that a miracle! Thank you Angels and thank you Tom, we are blessed indeed.


PJ on the forum writes:  An MBO last night … I was struggling home, carrying lots of shopping. I caught a tram, and while on the tram I whispered an MBO for a taxi to be available at the end of the tram line, as I simply couldn’t carry everything I had with me, all the way home, and a taxi would cost only a few dollars. It was rush hour, and usually taxis are hard to come by at that time of the day, especially on a Friday.

I didn’t think the MBO would work, as I hadn’t said it aloud.  When I stepped off the tram, directly in front of me was a taxi, waiting for a fare! I hopped in and was home within two minutes. Unbelievable!

I remember one time being in Milan, Italy for a film market and decided to head over to a walking street to a restaurant for dinner.  It was a taxi ride over, which was easy to obtain at the hotel.  After dinner, I walked outside and headed to the boulevard at the end of the street to pick up another taxi.  There were no taxi stands anywhere so I thought I would just wave one down.  The only problem—they were all full!  I waited for at least five minutes, and finally it dawned on me I had not requested a MBO for a taxi, so out loud I started to say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for getting a taxi soo….” And before I could complete the sentence around the corner came a taxi.  I waved it down and returned to the hotel.


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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

Tom T. Moore

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