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November 5, 2016

Benevolent Outcomes Blog 11/5/16


Welcome to the Benevolent Outcomes Blog, and welcome to everyone who subscribed in the past week.



This Blog is for people who wish to learn how to use a very simple, yet powerful and effective spiritual tool every day the rest of your life.  It will lessen the stress and fear of life in general, and will make your life easier.  It’s so simple a lot of people say “It can’t be this easy,” but it is, because IT WORKS!

This reconnects you with your Guardian Angel, or higher power, or whatever your belief is.  You simply say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for… thank you!”  When you read the stories below, sent from all over the world, we use the acronyms MBO for Most Benevolent Outcomes, GA for Guardian Angel, and BP for Benevolent Prayers (what you ask for other people).   My website is


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Be sure to participate when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer out loud, but are you also saying the Daily BP each morning as I do?  Theo says this is one of the most important things you could do for yourself not only for this life, but all the others you have lived or will live on earth, as they are all happening at the same time.  Print it out and put it on your bathroom mirror to remind you.  Here is the link:  Here is an example of a BP for everyone to say today: “I ask any and all beings to intervene in the most benevolent way to stop any terrorist attacks before they happen anywhere in the world, to respect other religions, and for there to be peace in the world, thank you!”


Ellen writes from North Dakota:  Tom, my life is blessed because MBOs guide me to instant blessings, all the time.

This week, I served as a holistic healer with The Medic & Healer Council, NoDAPL Oceti Sakowin camp, Standing Rock Reservation, Cannonball, ND.  I was tasked in the moment to assist a young Native American woman with urgent need.  She was stranded in camp, a deadline fast approaching for returning to her drug treatment doctor, 300 miles away.  Her panic was clear, as we walked to find tribal elders who would announce her need over the camp PA system.  We said an MBO together, “to any and all, seen and unseen, who would assist; may ___’s ride home appear more quickly and easily than we can imagine!”   

Not one elder manned the loudspeaker, gone from camp. But to my shock, another tribal elder invited me to broadcast this need.  Hearing my own voice ring clearly around sacred fire, I asked for help on behalf of _____.  In 5 seconds a young woman appeared at our feet, offering a ride immediately to my charges destination.  It was such a stunner, we all giggled and gave thanks.  

I am still in awe of MBO power!   Whoof!


Rikki writes:  HI Tom — want you to know that the MBO’s and BP have changed my life — thank you seems way too little — but I do wish you continued success in all you do.

Now here’s what happened:

Yesterday (Friday Oct 21 2016) I went to the Beauty shop for a permanent and haircut — now — I have tried for over 10 years to get the right cut and curl — no one seemed to get it for me.  So yesterday before I left the house I asked: MBO for the correct haircut and curl that I desired — and thank you thank you thank you for lovely outcome I wished to have – and even better than I requested  (I can’t quite remember how I worded it — but with the way you suggest for the most part)

Well — did I ever get it — I mean perfect!!  I had to explain a couple times (same way I have done for years actually )  and because I’m in Tucson and most folks speak Spanish including this beautician — I had to make SURE she understood me– we went over it a couple times to make sure — she was very eager to please me — and?? I had been to her before and it didn’t come out like I wanted — so this is big!

It was expensive for me — but so worth it; it is exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it — length and curl the whole thing — I am so excited — I thought I was doomed to bad hair forever now!! HA HA — no more!

So I know for sure and certain it was the MBO that worked— ask your wife how important a woman’s hair is to her — or anyone for that matter — yes it grows out again — but !!!  I am just thrilled.

Thank you Tom and you may use any of this post that you want in your newsletter- Blog or what have you — I am a 67 year old senior living in Tucson for my health and it is all working well.


Shirley writes from Sonoma California:  I was invited to the home of friends in Marin County to celebrate my birthday.  After a good time was had by all, I left to return to my home in the town of Sonoma around 9:20 pm, a 20-25 minute drive.  Arriving at HWY 121 to turn left for Sonoma, the results of a colossal accident filled the intersection.  An officer told me I could not turn left, but, must go on toward Vallejo.  The area I would cross toward Vallejo is wet, reedy and dark on a poorly marked 2 Lane road.  I would have to find my way to turn around in an area strange to me and with very poor lighting.  

I quickly said an MBO for help to find the perfect place to turn around to go back.  Feeling
my Guardian Angel from the passenger seat, I could feel Her energy pressing me at the right time to move.  Just when I thought all the exits were gone before reaching HWY 80, I felt directions to take a left exit that took me down under the big bridge I had just crossed–exciting–a traffic light where I could make 3 left turns and be back on the return toward my Sonoma traffic light!  I arrived back in Sonoma at 11pm, an hour later than normal.  Thank you, Tom, for The Gentle Way.


Paul writes:  I have never found my MBO requests to be significant enough to relate to you until tonight.

I have had so many MBO requests answered within such a short time frame that others might say I am favored by someone.

My black cat went missing last night, and being the eve of Halloween, I began to worry about 1:00pm today as his food had gone untouched.

I had begun my MBOs last night before I went to bed, those being; I ask any and all beings to return my beautiful black cat, Moon Kitty, to me as soon as possible, safe and sound and in great health, so that I can love on him.

At 4:00pm today dark forces descended upon me presenting all manners of reprisals to be used if my cat did not return. I must admit my frame of mind was also altered as my cousin transitioned this week, and the demands of school prevent me from attending his funeral tomorrow. Just after 7:00pm I enlisted the help of my mother and her MBOs, by relating the story of my missing cat, and as I was typing this letter to request your assistance as well, my cat arrived, unharmed.

Thank you ever so much for having presented to me, the most benevolent outcome prayer.

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