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April 12, 2021

Sourcing Agent Agreement Template

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For the activity – and the distribution/marketing activities of the products, – needs a specialized agent, inter alias for the marketing of its products and the purchase of customers for the products. The company designates the agent as a non-exclusive sourcing agent for all companies for the export of the following countries: The sourcing agent has represented – that he has the skills, knowledge, experience, know-how, know-how, necessary and the ability to market products imported by – and the source of the business person and experience, with the skills, knowledge necessary to perform the functions defined in this agreement and by the sourcing agent. The Purchasing Manager – relied on the application dated_________of the purchasing agent trusted to accept the offer from the purchase agent and appoint the purchasing agent to market and purchase customers for his products. The parties intend to record the terms of the condition in writing. IN WHEREOF WITNESS, this agreement was implemented by the parties on the day and year above. This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Texas, and all disputes related to this agreement are being negotiated in that state of Texas. This consulting agreement exists between Boss Technical Services (“Agent”) with a business address in Sasang, Pusan, South Korea and Heeling Sports LTD. (the “company”), a Nevada-based company based at 12900 Preston Road, St. 700, Dallas, Texas 75230. A company registered under the head office at the following as “– (what expression, unless it means repugnant context and meaning and includes its successors and divestitures) of the FIRST INSTITUTION. At WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties took the initiative to implement this agreement as of March 8, 2001.

Home ” Affidavits ” Agreements” Sourcing Agent Agreement Signed and delivered by the Within – by the hand of its authorized agent in the presence of: CET ACCORD OF SOURCING AGENT (“Agreement”) executed _____________on the _______Day of the agent who must act in the best interests of the company every hour. The officer`s main tasks are described below. signed and provided by ______________the as part of the signature of the agent designated by his ____________________in the presence of: 1) ___________________of_______________carrying_ in the name and style of – If he is not to be repugnant to the context or importance of this, Directors and beneficiaries of divestitures) WHEREAS – is inter alias in the role of providing and other customer-related media and sales/marketing support to its affiliates to customers (common products) This contract was signed in dual execution, each being considered to be of origin.

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