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January 29, 2011

Benevolent Outcomes Blog 1-29-11




Welcome to this week’s edition of my Benevolent Outcomes Blog, and welcome to everyone who subscribed in the past week.  This Blog is for people just discovering how to use a very simple, yet powerful and effective spiritual tool you can use every day the rest of your life.  It will lessen the stress and fear of life in general, and will make your life easier.  It’s so simple a lot of people say “It can’t be this easy,” but it is, because IT WORKS! This reconnects you with your Guardian Angel, or higher power, or whatever your belief is.  You simply say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for…….., thank you!” When you read the stories below, sent from all over the world, we use the acronym MBO for Most Benevolent Outcomes, GA for Guardian Angel, and BP for Benevolent Prayers (what you ask for other people).

Subscribing to this blog is easy, just go to also email a weekly newsletter with more advanced topics, which you can subscribe to by going to http://TheGentleWayBook.comHere you can also read a couple of sample chapters of my first book to give you more suggestions on requesting MBO’s.  Please forward this blog to your friends if you enjoy reading it.  In the Articles & News section I have a new Search Function you can use to search all my articles and newsletters by simply entering a word or phrase.  And be sure to request to be my Friend on Facebook.  I give extra information during the week there.  Please email me your MBO stories to show others how to use this simple tool.  Now for some inspiring stories.


Eleanore writes:  I responded to Joe Vitale’s bog to validate my experience with The Gentle Way and to thank him for gifting others (and you) for sharing information.

I have the women in the office where I live using MBO’s and they are just beaming since they’re having really positive results.  Yesterday when I went by, I didn’t  mention it but they did and enthusiastically said, IT WORKS!”Thank You, Tom.

Eleanore is referring to a note I put in this week’s newsletter ( where Dr. Joe Vitale of THE SECRET reviewed both my books on his blog.  If you wish to read it the link is:


Randy writes:  My older son Benjamin has inoperable brain cancer and he had a seizure last night.  He wasn’t coming out of it very well and I asked for a benevolent prayer for him visualizing his body being surrounded by white light and he became cognizant with 5 minutes of that prayer.

I ask anybody that would like to ask for a Benevolent Prayer for my son, please do!

Thank you for informing me about benevolent prayers and Most Benevolent Outcomes.

If you’re new to these blogs, Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) are what you say for other people, while requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) are specifically for you.  So let’s all say OUT LOUD right now this BP for Randy’s son Benjamin:

“I ask any and all beings to aid, comfort and bring healing energy to Benjamin in the most benevolent way, and assist his parents in finding the best treatments for his condition, thank you!”


Sandra writes:  I would like to suggest that when requesting MBO’s, you use the words “any and all spiritual beings.”   Just saying “any and all beings” could include some not so beneficial entities.  Thanks for all you do!

For Sandra and anyone who has this question, we don’t want to limit the prayer to just “spiritual beings.”  As an example, if we say a BP for aid to come to people trapped in an earthquake, that aid might come from a search dog, cat, child, bird, men and women searching the wreckage, and yes, a GA that manifests physically to render aid.  My GA Theo has said when you say this prayer only beings “from the light” will respond.


Recently I was asked to take part in a forum on Benevolent Outcomes at http://www.stevepavlina.comThey don’t use their real names, so here is one that Sunny Days writes from Germany:  I had a funny experience today with a MBO, which showed me you have to be very precise.

Went for grocery shopping and when I was done I saw the long lines and I went into one even though I was third in that line, guy No 1 had loads and loads of groceries so I requested a MBO for another cashier to open About 2 mins later just when I started to put my groceries on the belt I heard a lady saying, come over here , I will open this cashier.  My MBO was answered in no time but I should have added : another cashier to open so I can be first in line and can get out quickly.

Here you go, be precise.

“Angel Psychic” responded:  Yes that’s such a good example of being exact when requesting MBO’s. I think doing MBO’s while we’re shopping is a great way to have small miracles happen on a daily basis. I’ve have dozens of amazing things happen in stores, just recently I had been looking for sunglasses in very nice stores and had planned to pay at least $25 or more for them (which is not a lot but I don’t like to spend too much) anyhow, I did an MBO before I went into a 99 cent store all I said was ” I request the most benevolent outcome to have a great time in this store and may this outcome be even better than I could hope for or expect” and as soon as I walked in I was “drawn” to the sunglasses and found a really nice pair for 99 cents…. I couldn’t believe it, since I know these stores have sort of very shabby sunglasses, well I bought them and so far they are as good as a very expensive pair as far as I can tell…and I’m very happy. I was so surprised by this find…it never happens with something like sunglasses….it’s fantastic how our guardian angels always seem to find just the right item, not only to make us happy but to kind of make your jaw drop at the same time.


This is another post on the forum from Maraislanuit:  This might be a silly question, but what does it mean when you ask for something that goes so far from working out? I really enjoyed working with my therapist and I made sure to ask for continued work (and money to afford her) in an MBO…and she dumped me this morning. Disheartening all across the board.

Angel Psychic replied as well or better than I might have:  When you asked for the most benevolent outcome about your therapist, and then got dumped, that’s probably the best outcome, even though at this time it does not look like it. You might do better either without a therapist or perhaps you need to look into a different one.

This sometimes happens when people ask for the most benevolent outcome in the form of an MBO at their present job…and then suddenly get fired…lol.

It may seem like a disaster at first, but perhaps your guardian angel is trying to create circumstances that will push you a little to take some sort of action for something new… which in turn would be best for you, even though you don’t see it. Always trust that everything will work out for the best when you ask for an MBO…. your guardian angel really does wish you to have the best in life, so keep the faith!

I just thought of something else, since at this time you trust your guardian angel and you know they wish the best for you, the next thing would be to do some MBO’s such as:

“I request the most benevolent outcome to have a new therapist come to me that will be 100 times better than my last one, and I request this outcome to be even better than I could hope for or expect….thank you”

(I would also do MBO’s for the solution to your problem that you had gone to a therapist to resolve in the first place, for example, if you were depressed and went to the therapist for that, you could do all sorts of MBO’s to have your guardian angel resolve your depression for you, if you have trouble wording your MBO properly for your specific problem, just ask me and I’ll help you. Using several different MBO’s for your problem from all different angles could help you get rid of your problem very quickly and probably save you a lot of money too!)


Bobby on Facebook sent me this message: Tom: I request Most Benevolent Outcomes ( MBOs) daily for various purposes, including activation of my chakras. Requesting MBOs really helped me solve some of my problems and those of some people I helped with and achieving certain goals. Again, Tom thanks a lot for this technique and I’m grateful for that Xtrememind forum thread on the Gentle Way authored by member Pleiadian Healer where I first learned of MBOs.

Seems the word keeps spreading as more and more people recognize what a simple, yet powerful spiritual tool requesting MBO’s is.  Just amazing.


David writes:  I am new to your newsletter. I signed on last Saturday, and after looking at your latest channeling I began looking around, checking into your archives. I believe in angels and can think of no better knowledge to have than to learn to use that which has been given. I’d like to thank you for your kindness. Just last night my wife was becoming frustrated looking for the exact name of the last continuing education course she took ( about a year ago ). She needed the exact wording I order to obtain credit from her employer.  Anyway, she couldn’t find it and I suggested your approach to a simple MBO request. She followed my lead, and voila’… Within two to three minutes there it was!  How cool is that?

It must be rewarding to be able to share this kind of information with others. I also believe in the power of common prayer, and with the collective efforts of many, even if we cannot always see it right away, there has to be a resulting benefit (e.g. wherever two or more gather in His name).

I understand that you have people from all over this planet interested in your work, subscribing to your newsletter. I can’t help but wonder if, as a matter of individual convenience, coupled with the idea of increasing the power behind the intent, if you might consider designating two (or maybe even several )  specific times for people to be able to offer your GP’s together.

I AM certain there is a shift in consciousness underway on Earth and now might be the right time to pursue transmitting this kind of collective thinking.

My Guardian Angel Theo says that due to the great differences in time around the world, saying Benevolent Prayers that I suggest here in the Blog and newsletter act in a crescendo where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  Here are a couple of others to say that were in this week’s newsletter:

This is for a missing child kidnapped by the boyfriend of the child’s mother.  Let’s say a Benevolent Prayer out loud for Juliani:

“I ask any and all beings to keep safe and come to the aid and assistance of Juliani Cardinas to bring this child back to his family, thank you!”

Remember, you can make a difference!  Let’s add another Benevolent Prayer right here.

“I ask any and all beings to assist in bringing a peaceful change in governments to Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia, thank you!”


Erika in Australia writes:  I said that Benevolent Prayer as I was writing it for your newsletter last week and I have to say it really worked for me; this newsletter is the best I have read and enjoyed ever so even if I only gain the MBO it was worth sharing it.

This made me wonder after I read the MBO I wrote and read in the newsletter about how we can affect the world with these that another one for your newsletter could be:

“I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for Tom’s newsletters and blogs to have the Most Benevolent Outcome for all that is shared and for all that read them resulting in Many Most Benevolent Outcomes for the whole world!”

Any who wish to say this out loud may do so, and thanks!


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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

Tom T. Moore

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