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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address. 


Rain in TexasI want to thank everyone who said the Benevolent Prayer for more rain for Texas.  At my house in the past few days we had right at 4 inches (10 centimeters) of rain and even a dusting of snow early on Tuesday.  This was one of the largest amounts I saw of any of the rain gauges in the DFW metroplex.  We were 16 inches below normal so we still have quite a ways to go.  So keep saying those BP’s!

In my PROBABILITIES & PREDICTIONS article ( ) written in September, I reported I had been told some time earlier in the year that
2012 our U.S. Post office would be gone within 25 years with mail service first dropping down to two days per week.  They’re heading in that direction with the proposals this past week to cease Saturday service and for mail to slow down from one-day to two-day delivery.  I have some other updates below in this week's newsletter.  

The Gentle Way BooksIn case you’re starting to look for gifts for your family and friends, THE GENTLE WAY books make great gifts!  Some of my readers give five to ten books as gifts.  What better way to change your friends' lives for the better?  And have you bought one of these books yourself yet?  If not, why not?  This should be on your 2012 Resolutions List.  On the MBO forum one lady just posted that this is better than the Secret or anything she has ever tried, because IT WORKS!  You can buy them online by simply going to my website and clicking on the images on the side (which takes you to, or you can call my publisher direct at 800-450-0985.

NEW ARTICLE:  If you haven’t read this yet the title is IF HEAVEN WAS A CORPORATION and uses the analogy of a corporation to explain spiritual concepts.  Here is the link and feel free to forward to your friends.  I’ve had excellent response from several magazines:

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Star ExplosionAntonia writes:  What caused explosion that lit up Christmas sky last year?

I felt the soul of the Sun would be best to ask this question.  Sun, did the giant explosion seen by telescope last December 2010 originate in our Galaxy or another and was it a neutron star ripping apart a helium star as suggested?

Yes Tom, the explosion seen by telescope was in this galaxy Tom, but it was far enough away for it to seem as if it was in another galaxy.  And yes, it was a neutron star ripping apart the helium star as was hypothesized.  This will be studied by your scientists for quite some time, as this was a significant event which had not be captured and recorded before.  Obviously you are just scratching the surface, shall we say, in your studies of these cosmic events Tom.  The question they should also consider is why did it happen and what effect did it have, if any in your galaxy.  What happened to all that energy? 

I assume that the souls ensouling these two suns have gone on to new suns? 

In the latter case yes.  When we take on these duties we understand that nothing is infinite, so we enjoy and learn from the experience and use what we’ve learned for the next job.  This is similar in a way to what humans do Tom.  You learn and apply what you have learned as you progress.  That’s why you’re having all these lives Tom in order to learn and one day put it all together in a much large arena shall we call the universe. 

OK, Sun.  Thanks for the information! 


KatlaKwin writes:  The Iceland volcano Katla has had over 500 quakes recently and appears that it could explode, causing global impact.  I have read that it has a 10km (6.2 mile) crater and has the potential to cause catastrophic flooding when it melts the frozen surface of its caldera.  It could possibly send billions of gallons of water  through the east coast of Iceland and into the Atlantic Ocean.  Please ask Mother Earth when this is likely to happen and to what extent.  Blessings.

Gaia, news sources are reporting that the Katla Volcano in Iceland is having earthquake swarms and appears ready for eruption.  What is the latest on this volcano?

Yes, it appears to be ready to erupt Tom, but as I told you last year, this volcano will not erupt, at least not in say the near future of 2012.  I am moving much magma in that area so naturally there will be a number of small earthquakes.  So there will be no great eruption Tom. 


Japan Tsunami DamageGaia, please update us on the probability of the Japan and Puerto Rico earthquakes after the first of the year.

Yes, certainly Tom.  Yes, the probability on Japan is still quite high—over 98%--yes that is correct.  The Puerto Rico earthquake has remained about the same Tom-certainly over 70% to 80%.  So there is room here for this event to be moved down later in the year.  I am waiting on the soul’s signing off on this and they have yet to. 

So what about the probabilities of the California quakes?  Have they risen since I last asked in September.

Yes, Tom, those probabilities have increased dramatically since September.  Northern California is at over 85% and Southern California is not far behind at 80%. 

This is for all of 2012 or the first or second half?

More on the order of the second half but not too much farther. 

What other major events will be in the news besides the earthquakes and regarding earth events?

Yes, there will be quite a few Tom, as I told you before for this time period.  The Ring of Fire will be quite active this year along with several volcanoes.  Weather will certainly be in the news as people receive too much rain or snow this year and not enough in places like Texas and Africa.  These are generalizations as we could speak for an hour or more. 


Kepler 22bGaia, The planet Kepler 22b I think it’s called just discovered, which they say may have mild temperatures (72 degrees F or 22 C) and could be very much like earth; is it inhabited?

Quite so Tom.  It has a number of beings who live there—mostly water beings you understand. 

Is it a member of the Federation?

No, not at this time Tom.  Again you get into how far they have progressed and they are behind you in development. 


Marines in Poppy FieldKristine writes:  A friend just sent me a link regarding how the US government CIA---is protecting and aiding cultivation of illegal drugs such as the growing of poppy seeds for heroine and morphine in Afghanistan.  Can you ask Gaia and Theo about this situation...Will there be any positive outcome regarding exposure to this scandal and the government's corruption as illegal drug profiteers?

Theo, is the USA and UK’s military guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan?

No Tom.  Not to the extent suggested by the story.  By trying to protect the farmers and the small hamlets from the Taliban it may appear that they are guarding the fields, but quite the contrary.  They are trying to get the farmers to grow other crops, so as not to assist the Taliban, which also distributes this product to earn money.


There is a press report that the mysterious Voynich Manuscript had finally been translated.  Theo had said in the 2/27/10 Newsletter it would be solved one day. 
Voynich Manuscript
Here is the link to the press report:

Theo, has the Voynich manuscript been translated and solved?

Yes, to a certain extent by the person who reported on it.  They were inspired to translate the material. 


Robyn Gardner & John ForesterEileen writes:  You know, I was just thinking of asking if that guy Richard Forester, who was just set free in Aruba, actually had anything to do with Robin’s disappearance and if she is, in fact, dead.  He is now saying she may have been a victim of human trafficking.  How can that be if he said she disappeared while in the water with him?  Much Love, Tom, and those in the higher realms who work with you, and many Thanks!

As I explained to Eileen, I can only ask if she is dead or not, as soul contracts which are still working come into play.

Theo, is Robyn Gardner missing in Aruba still alive?

As has been speculated Tom, she is no longer living.  Reports that she might have been whisked off to be some sort of trafficked slave is not true.  Naturally I can’t   give you much more information as soul contracts are at work here.  She had slain the person who killed her in a past life I will say. 


Theo, my readers ask will Sky Matawala be found alive? 
Sky & Mother

No Tom.  He was slain by someone close to him.  That’s all I can say at this time.

More about the case at:


Astral TravelFor my new readers Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster” as Theo calls it, and was introduced to me by Theo sometime ago.  He had been “tuning in” with my soul’s permission. 

John writes in Facebook:  Tom, in your last newsletter, in the question for Antura he talked about a person having an etheric visit of an ET ship, can you ask Antura when you have time, if there is a way for humans to visit the Federation ships at night while we sleep?

I now need to speak with Antura.

Antura here Tom, monitoring the proceedings shall we say. 

Good day and good life Antura.  I’m asked if there is a way to visit Federation ships during our sleep or dreaming time?

Yes Tom, but it requires the dreamer to be able to dream lucidly and request that they be accompanied to a Federation ship, which would receive them.  Naturally it would be best if they visit a ship from their star system or home planet.  As has been reported, some people are taken there by their own people and introduced to concepts and to the ship itself to prepare them for when the Federation ships come to visit publicly. There will be much more of this during the years leading up to public contact so that the fear level of the population as a whole will not be so high. 

How do you manipulate us in our dreamtime to visit the ships?

Yes, this is fairly easy to do from our point of view Tom.  In future years you will learn much about the etheric body and eventually how to control it yourself.  This is not too far in your future, but far enough that
Astral Projectionit sounds like science fiction at this time.  We are simply able to project ourselves, naturally with the soul’s permission, to take the place of what you call your dream angels and escort you to the spaceships.  It is all done in a meditative state.  We do not use fancy instruments or machines, but our training allows us to meet you on a dream level.  You may also notice from reading about other close encounters that it seems like a dream to the people, as it is difficult to recall.  This is all accomplished, as I said before, with your soul’s permission for your learning purposes. 

Sandy writes on Facebook: This sucker's planet sized. Is this a real ship and can you get the 'scoop' on what it's up to? Certainly doing a rotten job of hiding if so.

Antura, was that a spacecraft which was lit up by a CME from the Sun, or just a camera flare of some type?

No it definitely was a space craft Tom, one of the larger ones that was cloaked.  It was making studies near there while also keeping an eye out on you.  The CME did uncloak it for just a short time. 


Sending EnergyKaren writes:   Karen writes:  Hi Tom, wondering if you can ask Gaia a couple of things. Can she feel when I send Reiki to her, and what are the chances of a large earthquake and/or volcano eruption near Yakima, Washington?

Gaia, can you feel the Reiki energy sent to you by Karen and other Reiki practitioners?   

Yes, certainly I can feel the energy sent to me by these practitioners, just as I can feel when you send white light and any form of love you wish to send me, you see.  So it does not have to be limited to any particular type of energy Tom.  Everyone of your readers is capable of sending me love and energy. They don’t have to do any long studies, unless that is their life’s purpose or soul contract.    But I do appreciate the Reiki practitioners’ efforts.  I send them my love. 

I have asked Gaia about Mt. Rainier not too long ago and she said it would erupt one of these days and for people not to live near the mud flow.  I’ll try and update in the near future.


Heather writes:  I have been reading about the Enneagram which splits human personalities into 9 different categories. It's very interesting and I would like to know if it's an ancient system that was developed and if so by who? Also, since it seems to be so accurate is it the personality of our soul or just us in our current lifetime?

Theo, is the Enneagram based on an ancient system, and if so by whom and when?

Yes, it is based on ancient calculations and more will be reveal shortly Tom.  It is worth studying for those who have an interest in such things. 


British ManJackie on Facebook writes:   If you get the chance to ask about this, can you? I can see how it would rewire things in the brain. I thought maybe it could be a walk-in, but the person would know they were a walk-in, right?
British Man ’Turns Gay’ After Accident? A British man who was previously a rugby-playing skinhead broke his neck and suffered a stroke--and then, he says, found that his sexuality had changed from straight to gay.

Theo, can a severe accident rewire a brain to be either gay or straight, or would this be a case of a walk-in?

No Tom.  This is not a walk-in, and yes it requires not rewiring so much as a change in the DNA strain.  This is a rare occurrence, but was agreed to and planned as part of his soul contract. 


Michel writes:  I use the MBO's all the time and they REALLY work very well. My question is about the pilgrimage that is happening right now with the Mayan elders who are taking 13 crystal skulls from New
13 SkullsYork to Los Angeles and doing public ceremonies along the way at sacred sites. What is the purpose of this pilgrimage and does it really open up more places to let positive energy stream into the earth. Does it also help to heal the earth and all the beings on the earth? What does it do exactly? Here is a link to it. It says the last time these ceremonies were public was 26,000 years ago. Is that true?

Theo, what did the Mayan Elders achieve with their pilgrimage with the 13 crystal skulls?

They were encouraged to do this during their meditative times Tom, as the crystal skulls communicated with them so that the skulls could record the energy among other things.  These skulls have recorded much of the history of the earth and the Elders were guided to do this for them. 


9th Roman LegionAntonia writes:  What really happened to the the Ninth Legion?

Thank you for all you is so great to have someone who can shed some light on all these mysteries!

Theo, what ever happened to the Roman 9th Legion?

Yes, they were destroyed both by their enemies and by the weather, sickness, and hardship Tom.  But it was mostly by their enemies.  There are still remnants of those battles, which will be discovered in future years. 


On February 2, 1959, nine Russian campers were mysteriously killed while camping in temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees C.  Read more in these two links. 
Russian Campers

Theo, what happened to the nine Russian campers who died mysteriously in 1959 on the Dyatlov Pass?

Yes, it does appear to be very mysterious Tom, and for good reason.  They did encounter an alien expedition and in fear attacked and were killed.  This was before the Federation Directive but was a contributing factor in its creation. 

Was it the greys?

Yes it was. 


Queen MotherAntonia writes:  I am reading a book about this lady, who supposedly became the wife of the sultan, taking the name of Naksh-I-dil and becoming the mother of the Ottoman Sultan.  Is any of this true?

Theo, was Aimee’ du Buc de Rivery the same person as Naksh-I-dil Heseki a Valide Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

Yes she was as has been greatly speculated Tom.  She was captured and eventually was considered the equivalent of the Queen Mother.  Naturally this was a soul contract and she was able to turn being kidnapped into the best situation she could under the circumstances.  She was a very dynamic lady in that incarnation. 


This MBO story and the next one were in last week’s blog at .  I thought these would be of interest to everyone.  You can sign up there on
Winner the right hand column by clicking on “RSS,” which if you are not aware stands for “Really Simple Syndication.”  Please send me MBO stories for the blog, as many people just being introduced to requesting MBO’s read the blog. 

Laurie writes:  I read Rob's story (MBO for Recording Album) on your 11/19/11 blog (and again in the 11/26/11 newsletter) about his GA helping with his bass playing and it reminded me of how MBO’s and my GA have helped with my own creative efforts.  In the last four months I was assigned to write two children's books.  Each day I requested an MBO for "any creative and helpful beings to whisper in my ear and inspire me" while writing that day.  The words and ideas flowed almost effortlessly!  There were times that I swear I could actually hear a voice in my head suggesting a word or an idea that moved the story along.  I was on such a roll that I finished the second book three weeks ahead of my deadline! 

Oh, and I got that second book assignment because the original writer "just happened" to drop out of the project and I was "just lucky" to contact the editor in charge when I did.  As Obi-Wan once said: "There's no such thing as luck."  I agree with him!


Kitten in KennelDarrell writes:  I have received both books on MBO’s and have had great success with the (what I call) everyday items.

I do have a very special MBO to share with you. We lost our cat several months ago (deceased). We have finally reached the point of looking for another cat. I have read in one of your past newsletters where it is possible for animals to reincarnate back into ones family. So, I said a MBO that our cat MESO could reincarnate and once again be a very special part of our family. I have had very vivid dreams of our cat for several nights.

Today, we went searching for a kitten and the first place we went into we ask to see some kittens. As we walked into the kennel I spotted a kitten that looked exactly like our MESO. I called to it by the name MESO and the kitten got up and came over to the kennel door. We picked it up and knew right away that it must be MESO. To make a long story short, we decided to take him.

My wife, daughter and I were so happy to find that little kitten thanks to a MBO and some great work by my GA!  I expect great things every day!  I really enjoy your newsletters. I began reading from the oldest and working my way forward from there. Thanks again Tom, Theo, and Gaia.


Theo, I’m getting a lot of flack regarding the Smart Meters.  Did I mis-receive you?

Not at all Tom.  I understand there has been much written about the possible effects of these meters, but the sound waves we will call them for your purposes do not have an effect on the human body. 
Smart MeterCertainly there are other things that do, but this is not one of them.  “Take it to the bank” is, I believe, the term you would use.


Here is a free angel book sent to me by the author, Darren Linton.  Title is SPREADING YOUR WINGS.  I regret I have not had time to read it myself, but angel books are always great around Christmas time, so here is a gift for all my subscribers.  See if it “resonates” with you.  The link is:


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011


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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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