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Tom T. Moore Author of The Gentle Way BooksTom is a native of Dallas, Texas, lived in Dallas and then Ft. Worth for ten years, and moved with his mother, dad and brother to North Little Rock, Arkansas, when his dad’s company transferred him there. Tom graduated from North Little Rock High School and attended Texas Christian University (TCU), graduating with a degree in Finance.

During his university days he worked at a variety of jobs to help pay for school, but found time to be on the Dance Committee, Entertainment Committee, and was head of the All University Trip Committee. Little did he know that those interests would lead to his two major occupations. He also went through the four-year ROTC Army program to help pay for his education.

After his graduation, he spent two years in the Army as, initially, a 2nd Lieutenant and then 1st Lieutenant. One year was spent in South Korea as part of the peace-keeping force on a Hawk Missile Site and Battery Command. On his last assignment he was the youngest Assistant Professor of Military Science in the Fourth Army Area at the University of Oklahoma.

Upon his departure from the Army, he tried to begin an apartment maid service back in Ft. Worth, Texas, but was underfunded, so he took a job at the General Dynamics plant as a cost analyst. He left that job and moved to Dallas, having decided to start a ski club for single adults, using the knowledge he had gained running trips at TCU. The ski club would eventually grow to be the largest ski club in Texas, with weekly bus trips to New Mexico, and air trips to Colorado, Utah, Lake Tahoe, California, and Chamonix, France. Tom had to change the name of the club from Single Skiers of Dallas to Sno-Mad Skiers of Dallas because so many club members were getting married.

During this time period, he met his wife, Dena, at a ski club party. They married eleven months later. The two made a good team since she was an accountant while he had kept his receipts in a brown paper bag! She would later say that the first time she looked in his eyes she knew there was a connection there.

So, how did he begin on the path he’s now on? One day in the Dallas Morning News they had a story about an astrologer whose hobby was the Dallas Cowboys. At that time, the team had never been to a Super Bowl. The Astrologer said they were not going that year, giving a number of reasons why, but they would go the next year. Tom had never read an astrological story, so he tore out the story and put it in his desk drawer. At the end of the football season, he removed it and discovered the astrologer had been about 80% correct. Tom then reserved 300 airline seats a year in advance to Miami, and became the first tour operator in Dallas to ever run a trip to the Super Bowl in 1971. He did not know how astrology worked, but he decided to study more about it. He scheduled all his ski club meetings on astrologically favorable days.

This led to opening their own travel agency named The Travel Hut, and eventually morphing into one of the largest international wholesale tour companies in the southwest (named Moore Tours), taking thousands of people to Las Vegas, the Cayman Islands, and of course ski destinations. Tom earned his private pilot’s license in order to call on travel agents in the sprawling southwest, but the business grew so fast he had to hire a salesman to make those contacts. In 1979, Tom was asked to serve as Committee Chairman to organize a regional meeting and exposition for the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). At that time, it was the largest assembly of travel agents in the Southwest and largest exposition.

Also in 1979, Tom started to record his dreams each morning. Only a couple of weeks after he began, he had a vivid dream of an explosion with a woman and several men involved. He and Dena had been planning to attend a World Congress of Travel Agents in Manila, but changed their plans and added days to Taiwan and Hong Kong instead. On the first day of the Congress, terrorists blew up a bomb at the front of the hall, injuring several travel agents. A Philippine woman working in Los Angeles and four men were arrested. Tom vowed to record his dreams each day the rest of his life, and does to this day. He has had many prophetic dreams since then, including the Delta Airlines crash at the DFW Airport in 1985 and three dreams about the 9/11 crash into the World Trade Center.

In 1982, Tom and Dena presented two "psychic" seminars in Dallas and Houston, with Ruth Montgomery, Brad and Francie Steiger, and Dr. Edith Fiori as speakers. A total of over 600 people attended the events.

Tom and Dena sold their travel business in 1982, having burned out from too many long days. Looking around for something new, Tom decided to begin an international film and TV program distribution company, initially called Reel Movies International. It would take two years before the business started making a profit.

During the ensuing years, the film distribution business continued to grow as Tom attended and exhibited at Film and TV markets in Cannes, France, Milan, Italy, Budapest, Hungary, London, U.K., and domestically in New Orleans, Houston, Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

In the 80s, Tom continued to read extensively and attended a couple of seminars put on by Dick Sutphen, who had coined the name "vortexes" to describe the energies in Sedona, Arizona, and was a million-selling book author. He would prove important to Tom’s development in the future.

Life is not without challenges, and in 1995 Tom acted as co-executive producer and guaranteed the budgets of six low budget movies since the Asian market was, in sales terms, "hot." But that market collapsed during the next 18 months, and Tom’s film distribution business was forced into bankruptcy. He and his wife restarted the company, naming it Reel Media International.

Tom was reading extensively, and that included the monthly magazine, THE SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE! One day he read a channeled article by Robert Shapiro. Robert channeled a spiritual being named Zoosh. Zoosh said people could "request benevolent outcomes in their lives." This struck a note with Tom. He began testing it out, and discovered it worked PERFECTLY! He had never been able to say that for any of the modalities he had tried. He worked on the wording and was "inspired" to word it so that anyone of any religious belief could request "Most Benevolent Outcomes" (MBOs).

He eventually started submitting articles on requesting MBOs to THE SEDONA JOURNAL, which were well accepted by the magazine’s subscribers. He would eventually become a monthly columnist for the magazine, featuring stories sent to him by people from all over the world relating their successes.

In 2005, Tom and Dena signed up for a seminar put on by Dick Sutphen to improve one’s psychic ability. Tom decided to try and contact an American Indian Shaman that Robert Shapiro channeled for him named "Reveals the Mysteries," while in an altered state. He was successful, and was informed that he was a Shaman living at the same time period in the mid-1600s named "Still Water" and was told he had decided to incarnate in the 20th century to "reintroduce people to The Gentle Way." He received the name of the first book in The Gentle Way series the first time he communicated with his Shaman pal, who is now his main Guide. He was told to write "BOOKS!" and so he wrote the first The Gentle Way book in only 90 days.

He began asking questions, first of Reveals the Mysteries and then his own Guardian Angel Theo, and Gaia, soul of the Earth. Each time he would ask how his reception was progressing, he was told "Practice, Practice, Practice." It helped that when he started a weekly newsletter questions that he never would have thought to ask were sent in by subscribers.

In 2008, Theo introduced him to a member of his soul group or "cluster," an ET named Antura. Antura is part of a "first contact" team specializing in making contact with evolving societies. Tom asked Antura hundreds of questions over the next few years, which resulted in his fourth book, FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Just before he sent the manuscript to his publisher, Antura informed him that he and his family would be visiting their huge mothership, with a crew of 900, in 2017 to shoot the first documentary on board an ET ship. This date has slipped to 2023.

Additionally, in 2008, Tom was told that in a past Atlantean life he was "inspired" to create The Gentle Way, and 200 years before they destroyed themselves in a horrific war, he led 25,000 people to resettle in Egypt. Again, he asked hundreds of questions about Atlantis and Lemuria, resulting in his book ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: The Lost Continents Revealed! that was published in 2015.

Tom's latest book is THE GENTLE WAY WITH PETS: Angelic Help for Your Animal Companions.  He communicated with a number of what we term "Group Souls," simply to differentiate them from our souls.  There are many stories included in the book about how his newsletter readers use requesting MBOs and asking for Benevolent Prayers for their lovable pets. 

Tom and his wife and children are residents of Plano, Texas. His daughter and son-in-law are the proud parents of a daughter, and Tom and Dena’s grandchild.

Tom has been told there are many more chapters to be written before his transition, but this brings you up to the present time.

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