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Imagine for a minute if heaven was an international corporation.  Then we would be able to explain a lot of misconceptions people have. 

First we would have a brilliant CEO (Creative Executive Officer) such as Steve Jobs, whose creations and innovations are different from all the other corporations.  He would be loved by all his millions of employees, who couldn’t wait to work for him and applied immediately for whatever jobs he needed to be done.   Having started the corporation from scratch, naturally he could do all the jobs himself; but because he loved his employees so much, he wanted them to have the privilege of doing the jobs themselves and thereby learning and growing in experience. 

In different locations he would be known by different names, as he wanted his employees to feel comfortable in his presence.  But he was still the same CEO.  He would have several Vice Presidents who came from other corporations and who could serve as his emissaries, speaking the local languages no matter how far flung the corporation operated. 

Then he would have a little over one million employees who where quite special.  They had a great deal of knowledge and had earned gold star status in other corporations.  They were assigned the intricate job of working closely on a day-to-day basis with millions of clients at one particular location.  They take great joy in this work, and love their clients as if they were their own children.  They also have specialists in different categories to assist these clients. 

Next there are a little over one million younger employees who answer requests and complaints, which come in every minute of the day.  Many of these they are able to respond to favorably, but they know that not all requests can be, due to the contracts the clients had forgotten they agreed to years ago.

Of course this corporation needed thermal engineers to keep the fires burning throughout the corporation, so they have several million of them, along with millions of employees that loved working with the land.  And we certainly can’t forget the assistants of those employees either.  

Have you deciphered my symbology yet?  Of course the Creator of our Universe is known by many names—God, Allah, Elohim, and Vishnu just to name a few of the many thousands.  And his “Vice-Presidents” are his Emissaries.

Then the employees with the Gold Stars—they are the “Golden Light Beings” we call Guardian Angels, although they like to be called “Servants of the Creator.”  They were attracted to this creation, because this one is unique from all the other billions of creations.  They volunteered like all the rest of the “whole souls” we call angels.  But they have great knowledge and experience, so they emanate a golden light.  And their assistants are our Guides, who have volunteered to assist us in our work on earth.  These are our soul mates and other souls with specific expertise.

The younger employees are the “whole soul” angels who respond to all the prayers on earth.  Many they can assist us with, but a number they cannot, as there are soul contracts that must be adhered to.

Naturally the thermal engineers are the souls who ensoul all the suns in the universe, and the ones who like working with the land are the souls of the planets, like our Gaia.  They can have many assistants, which help them run things, depending upon the complexity of the planets. 

So if there is one point to this exercise to make, it’s that yes, God or the Creator or whatever you call It, could do all these jobs Itself, but dearly loves all of these souls so much that It allows them to do the work and grow in knowledge themselves.  You would not expect any less from the Creator of this magnificent Universe, with its billions of galaxies!

Tom T. Moore is a speaker, frequent radio guest, and author of THE GENTLE WAY: A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe In Angels and THE GENTLE WAY II: The Story Continues (Light Technology ISBN # 1-891824-60-0 and # 978-1-891824-80-7) and a weekly newsletter.   For more information, go to



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