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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.  If you are new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for other people, you may also wish to SIGN UP FOR MY WEEKLY BLOG, which has nothing but GREAT MBO stories from all over the world.  I typically post this one day after the newsletter goes out.   And have you requested that I be your FRIEND ON FACEBOOK yet?  Please do so.  I do give extra information there. 

Did you notice, the day after we said our Benevolent Prayer for the people in Libya, the UN voted UNANIMOUSLY for restrictions on Libya.  This had NEVER happened before!  We need to say another Benevolent Prayer out loud for the people in Libya right now.

“I ask any and all beings to come to the aid and assistance of all the people in Libya to keep them safe and to assist them in their change to democracy, thank you!”

Have you visited the Store on the website lately?  We’ve just added wallet cards that you can give to your friends about requesting MBO’s.  And we have Bumper Stickers too.  These are all created by the readers of this newsletter, so please support them if possible.  Go to and click on STORE.  While there, why not explore the website, where you’ll find all the newsletters archived, my weekly blogs, and much more!

I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use.  And keep in mind that this is an interactive newsletter.  It relies on questions from you, and participation when you’re asked to say a Benevolent Prayer for something happening in the world.  

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a different perspective:


Magnetic PoleFor the past few weeks I have continued to receive emails asking about a shifting of the poles.  As Gaia had covered that previously, I just answered the emails directly instead of in the newsletter.  But as they were persistent, I felt I should have Gaia comment again on the possibility. 

Gaia, people are still getting messages from various sources that the poles are going to shift this month or next.  Could you please comment again on your plans?

Yes, I understand those people’s concerns, as this is quite an active period Tom with the earth as a whole, and the active period does frighten a number of people; so some think of the worse case scenario and put that out, and it travels around from place to place.  But that is not what is going to happen, I can assure you and all of the people who read these words in the future.  I will not reverse the poles at this time, nor anytime in the near or even fairly far future.  These dynamic changes must meet with your own souls’ approval Tom, and shall we say your souls have enough on your plates at this time. 

So again let me say again, there will NOT be a shifting of the poles at this time.  Do not listen to these fear-mongers we will call them, as they simply are either misguided or have ulterior motives for putting such information out to the public—either for their own benefit or to stir up fear in the population that would be attracted to such predictions.  That’s my final word Tom.


David writes:  I wonder if sometime you might consider asking Theo to comment on the following...
Krita Yuga It is an excerpt from an old Hindu text (Mahabharata) that speaks of another way of life; in another time, long ago, and far away...
If we are simply ending one cycle as we enter into another (i.e. when one door closes another will open), and if this increase in vibrational energy is simply cyclical in nature (perhaps having happened before), then I wonder if this piece (below) describes, to any extent, what may come.
Not that I think we'll end up using horse and buggy again (nor do I think that would be especially bad), but I'm simply asking, might the times, which are-a -changing:-),  lead us in this general direction? After all, if  'all that men required was obtained by the power of will'  that sort of leaves the whole horse and buggy thing open-ended. Right?  Here is that excerpt:

[...] there were no poor and no rich; there was no need to labour, because all that men required was obtained by the power of will; the chief virtue was the abandonment of all worldly desires. The Krita Yuga was without disease; there was no lessening with the years; there was no hatred or vanity, or evil thought; no sorrow, no fear. All mankind could attain to supreme blessedness. [...]
Thanks again for teaching me about MBO's, and thanks in advance for your help on this!

Theo, David sent me a Hindu text speaking about a time long ago when there was no hate or jealousy, to violence, or disease, and no one labored because I suppose we could manifest everything we wanted or needed.  So will we return to those times, and I have to ask, when were those times?

Yes, this is a very ancient text from or about a people who lived even much earlier than the land of Mu and Atlantis Tom.  These people lived at a much higher focus, so yes there can be a time when this will happen again, but not for thousands of years, as even in the 5th focus you will need to have many lessons before reaching this level of existence; and then the earth experiment will be concluded.  It certainly is a time to strive for, but again far in your future.


SolfeggioMarie on Facebook brought it to my attention recently about Solfeggio Frequencies, which I had never heard of.

To quote Dr. Leonard Horowitz who wrote the above article:  “However, information has come to light in recent years that our modern day musical scale has been robbed of its vast potential for healing and transformation, and there was once an even more powerful, time-honored tonal scale known as, the "original Solfeggio frequencies."

So I asked Theo about them. 

Theo, please comment on the ancient Solfeggio frequencies found in the Hymn to St. John the Baptist.  Why were these notes and songs hidden or changed by the Catholic Church?

Yes, again one of those controlling things the church decided long ago Tom.  They did not want the population to continue to experience these notes and hymns, as they could see what it did to the people.  When they sang these songs they achieved spiritual awareness that did not require the priests of the day.  This could not be, as the church wanted to have all the power, so they destroyed these hymns over a period of time; although, as has been surmised, there are copies of all these hymns in the Vatican archives—more to be discovered again when the next Pope opens the archives again to scholars. 

Here is a sample I found on Youtube of the Hymn to St. John the Baptist:


Olof PalmeMaggie writes in Facebook:  Tom, 25 years ago today, Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was assassinated. Despite it being the most expensive investigation in Sweden, the murderer has never been found. Can Theo shed some light on this case?  Thanks!"

Theo, who murdered Olof Palme, the Prime Minister of Sweden 25 years ago and I’ll add, is this person still alive?

The person who murdered the Prime Minister Tom was a close associate, and yes this person is still alive today.  Yes you are receiving me correctly Tom.  I understand your concern.  As this was a balancing act from another life, it will go unsolved in this life, or at least until this person makes a death bed confession or leaves a note. 

As you know Tom, there are murders never solved, and though it may seem unjust, there are reasons for the actions.  If a person does murder someone, then there is balancing in another life if it was uncalled for.   This may seem callous on the surface, but your souls will balance all your lives Tom by the time you have your last life on earth. 


Soccer TryoutsLindsay writes:  This morning when we arrived at school, my 12 year old daughter Carly announced today that these "MBO's" really work.  Why?  Last Saturday we went to Select Soccer Try-Outs along with hundreds of kids.  She was crying, didn't want to get out of the car, said she had a stomach ache, her eyes stung from the sun screen that got in them and she was sure since there were so many kids, there was no way she would be chosen.  I said it was time for her to say an MBO to help her.  She did and reluctantly got out of the car. 

After that try-out, the 1st of the required 4 try-outs, the coach came up to me introduced himself and told me that my daughter has everything he could want in a player.  He talked about her leadership, her tenacity, her presentation, maturity, respect for adults and he went on and on.  After the try-out the next day, the same coach came up to me told me Carly is his favorite and he definitely wants her for his team.   Carly's angels must have really gone to town on her behalf.  It's 5:55 as I'm typing this. 

To top it off, Carly won Lady GaGa tickets from our local radio station a couple nights ago
Lady Gaga after her MBO to win and today, against all odds we got to school in 3 minutes, a major record.  My other daughters are noticing this and want to know her secret!  I'll make sure she shares.

Many students have reported over the years about their success in requesting MBO’s before tests.  It calms them and they are able to think clearly, resulting in higher scores. 

I will have many more great MBO stories in this week’s blog (thanks to YOUR contributions so please keep sending them), posted tomorrow at


Parallel WorldsI recently requested a MBO to meet a higher, parallel self, and then decided to ask Theo if that might be in my future.  If you requested this (based on a suggestion in a recent newsletter), you might wish to read the answer I received.  Here was his reply.

Theo, I’ve requested a MBO to have a meeting with a parallel self.  Will this happen and if so when?

Yes, a good question Tom.  Yes it will happen, but not now—in a few years shall we say.  Yes, you guessed correctly that it will be easier in the fifth focus, and certainly you can use more growth in order to handle meeting someone who you might feel deep down has it so much easier than you have.  That may be true in one respect, but having a harder, more difficult life does give your soul much learning and knowledge.  It makes you a hardy fellow. 

There are advantages to both, just as there are advantages to having more difficult lives on the lower time lines.  Each has its own learning experiences Tom.  Otherwise why would your souls have created all these various time lines?  Be happy where you are, and the parallel side of you on a upper time line will come calling one day, and yes, will answer many questions for you. 


NexteerPam writes:  Could you ask Theo about the link below? I just don't have a feeling that China is going to close up everything in five years and take the patents to China and operate there. What does Theo say about this?

“A short but, sobering video clip from a Channel 4 newscast from an English TV station about the demise of the former Saginaw Steering Gear (SSG) Division of General Motors Corporation, which became Delphi Steering, and now Nexteer.  It also provides insight as to where the Chinese are starting to spend the U.S. debt that they hold.   The column being built in this video is for the Malibu!  They not only got the Plant, they also got the patents, over 1000 of them.

Theo, I am asked what are the percentages of the Nexteer Corporation staying in Saginaw or moving the operation to China in five years?

Yes, it will stay Tom, as although the parts could be made less expensively in China, they have other plans for not only this corporation, but others they hope to acquire in the future.  They are making a good profit from this company Tom and they understand the politics, which would result in moving the operation to China.  That does not mean, you understand, that they might not use the plans for manufacturing in China, but will also keep producing in the United States. 


Abortion SignShe asked me to call her Faith writes: I enjoy your messages very much and we can always learn something with an open mind and decide whether it resonates.
Concerning abortion, a source which goes very deeply enabling the ability to contact the highest realm for answers, stated that abortion is not negative karma if accomplished by (or through ?) the third month. Thereafter, it becomes negative karma.  This sounds reasonable and fair as it gives the mother a choice if she feels she cannot handle the pregnancy for whatever reason.  It is compassionate that this Grace period is permitted and one wonders if it ties in with a soul contract. 

Secondly, a high being on the other side stated that taking another life is not acceptable on the other side.  Whether this high being is referring to murder as exercised in war, or in some other non-military way among humans in their daily life, is not clear.  Because of this information from high sources, it would be helpful to know who is telling the absolute truth.  If the information is coming from "on high" -- it is difficult to believe that the truth is not be spoken.  If we cannot believe the highest source, who can we believe?  Thank you very much.

CartoonTheo, is there balancing that must be done if a woman has an abortion after the first three months?

No, Tom.  Again as I have said before, this is a personal choice to have a child, and although there may be guilt, which this person has to live with due to current beliefs, it is her choice to terminate the pregnancy.  There are souls who attach themselves to the fetus, knowing in advance that it will be aborted, simply to have that experience.  It may be that the soul fragment is preparing to be the child of that mother when she does decide to have a full term pregnancy, or perhaps the soul fragment just needs that experience to prepare it for another birth with someone else. 

There are many learning experiences on earth Tom, and this is but one of them, not only for the woman who terminates the pregnancy, but also for the soul which attaches.  On a higher level it is known what will happen, although there is certainly free will, and there are times when a woman is supposed to abort and she does not. 

You comments on the acceptability of taking another person’s life. 

If it is in reference to a doctor that performs the abortion, there is no balancing that must be done.  He is simply following the wishes of his patient.  IF he turns her away, then yes there will be balancing, as he must experience a life or more than one life of being turned away by a physician. 


CardinalMichael writes:  If there be truth to what I've read about cardinals being a sign of spirits in the area, the presence of several pairs always around my house sometimes have the appearance of looking in my windows.....are there spirits close to me watching and I have to add could one of them be my late wife?

Michael asks if the cardinals outside his house are just curious or are they sent or connected in some way to his wife who passed?

Yes, she does encourage the birds to present themselves to him, as a little reminder that she will always be with him until he passes Tom.  He can talk to her out loud if he wishes, and she acts as one of his Guides.  Naturally she has assistance from his own GA, but she does send her love to him and their daughter.


TelepathyJohn writes:  I have a question for Theo.   I would like to know if the Galactic Federation, at this time, would like humans to try to contact them telepathically?   I would imagine that this mode of contact is another way for humans to have less fear and start to realize our brother and sister ETs....if I can call them that, really do wish to ease their way into physical contact with us.   Also, what would Theo recommend as a great way to begin to establish telepathic contact, with say for example the Pleiadians?  Are there any quick and easy methods?

This brings up what seems to be a reticence in discussing this subject with the readers of this newsletter.  Perhaps part of it is a healthy skepticism, as there certainly have been a lot of kooks in this area, and discussing angels is one thing, but discussing ET’s is a whole different matter! 

A fast answer is that they're open to communication.  Don't forget that I have half a book of communications with Antura, one of my soul cluster brothers, who's having a life on the water planet I came from and will have my next life on (or under).  Theo introduced him to me one day and after that I started asking questions.  He's supposed to come visit around 2017, two years after the Pleiadians make public contact--first in Europe and then around the world. 
So down towards the bottom of this newsletter is a whole list (under SERIES) of newsletters on my Conversations with the Sirian.  If you see any questions I missed (and I'm sure there are a lot), let me know and I'll ask. 
You could ask your own GA to introduce you to someone from your home planet, or one that would be available to answer your questions.  We all came from someplace else to take part in the “earth experiment.”  If you were to ask any ET’s that haven’t had earth lives, they’ll generally say they’re glad we’re doing this, but they wouldn’t want to—too difficult!  But we’re going to change this universe.  We’re going to “add spice”—make the universe more than it is now.  We’re the Explorer Race!


StarshipI had been meaning to ask this question and finally got around to it.  As I’ve mentioned several times, Theo says my next earth life will be in the 3,400 era as a pilot of a starship—one of 17 constructed here on earth.

Theo, how many crewmembers will there be on the starship I’ll be on in the 3,400 era?

A fairly large number Tom.  Yes you are receiving the number of 300 or more.  These are fairly large ships, and must have people to handle the craft 24 hours a day, plus there must be all sorts of specialists in many fields on board such a craft.  This will not be like Buck Rogers and a crew of 5 or 6.  Great strides will be made by then and the ships will rival the ones in your science fiction movies, as don’t forget—the writers of these books and stories have had lives in the future, and are simply writing about them now as science fiction.  It was quite real to them when they had lives in the future.


Hugh writes:  In "The Gentle Ways" newsletter you recommend getting Dick Sutphen's CD "Spirit Guides".  I have gone to his web site and for some reason can't seem to find it. Perhaps the CD is under a different name. Please assist me.

I had several similar emails with the same comments.  It is a little difficult to find unless you know where to look.   Here is the link:

It's listed down 4 or 5 courses on the page.  He has 50% off right now. 


FutureEleanore sent me this and even though it’s an advertisement made by Corning, the futuristic things they suggest may just be around the corner.  It’s 6:33 long.  I posted it on my Facebook page and it received excellent reviews from my FB friends.


I’ve been recording my dreams every morning since 1979.  Two weeks after I began recording them I had a precognitive dream of an explosion with a woman and some men involved.  My wife and I were scheduled to travel to Manila for a world congress of travel agents, so we deleted Manila and added extra days to Taiwan and Hong Kong.  Terrorists blew up a bomb the first morning in the assembly hall, injuring 10 people.  A woman and four men were arrested.

I highly recommend having a notebook, penlight, and if you wish a Dreamers Dictionary (I use the one by Lady Stern Robinson and Tom Corbett) at your bedside.  After you become used to thinking about your dreams as you awaken, you’ll have many amazing dreams and messages from your soul.

Here are questions I asked Theo about dreaming.


DreamtimeTheo, what and where are the people and places we see each night (not always but many times) as we are just starting to drift off to sleep?

Yes, Tom, your mind opens up and you start seeing other parallel existences that you normally shut out during full waking consciousness.  It would confuse you to see these all the time, but your mind allows them to bleed through when you are going into your sleep mode. 

So are these parallel or past life or both?

Mostly parallel Tom, although certainly there is no limit to what you can see in this relaxed state. 

There are no time limits to our dreams is there?

No, as we have discussed before, there is only your 3rd dimensional time.  In the dream world you are outside of time each night. 

DreamingAre dreams quantum?

Yes that is a good analogy there.  You do draw people and events together that are not together in a linear sense.  That is part of what quantum means. 

So the dreams can last as long as they need to in order for us to receive information or be of service to someone elsewhere.

Exactly.  Sometimes you’ll wake up remembering a long dream, yet you had just gone to sleep 15 or 20 minutes before.  The actions in the dream would have taken a lot longer had you been constrained by time. 

How many dreams might we have each night?

Most of the time you will average seven or so Tom, but there can be 20 or 25 that you have absolutely no memory of, as they are buried deep within you psyche.  You are not supposed to remember those dreams, as they are very complex and not understandable to you in 3d earth terms.  Your mind rejects those it cannot understand on a subconscious level.  You should re-encourage people to put a notebook and nightlight or flashlight next to their beds and try to remember.  Even though they will not understand them on a conscious level, on a subconscious level they will and this is very good as many of these dreams have subliminal messages in them. 

(Months later) Theo, someone asked if there is any reason people tend to wake up at 3:00 am?

It is really just the end of their cycle of deep dreaming Tom.  Again, this happens at different hours for different people.  There are dreams, as I’ve said before, that you are not meant to understand that you have in this deep dream cycle.  Then later in the last half or so you will have dreams that you can remember and write down, which I encourage all to do.  But the deepest dreams are in that early cycle.  Much goes on in this cycle that man has not discovered yet.  I’ll leave it there.

Why do some people only spend 3 hours a night sleeping, such as a friend of ours, and how does that affect their sleep process, cycles, etc.?

Good question Tom.  These people are able to step out of time quickly and have virtually the same experiences as everyone else, but outside of time.  They are not limited, as you may have thought, in being able to experience what they need to experience as far as learning, and being of assistance to someone somewhere else in the universe.  What is difficult for them to do is to process all this information and download it so to speak into their mind’s subconscious.  Their physical bodies are just wired differently than yours.  It is more common than you may think, but the people are able to go about their daily activities with no outwardly effects. 

Dream AngelDo you take part in the dream process in some way?

Not really too much.  You have guides and your soul and other angels that step in to take you to where you need to go in the universe, or to just give you symbolic dreams.  You are well cared for during this process.  There are actually angels that are assigned or volunteered actually for this duty.  Life is much more complicated than you can imagine Tom.  You are only seeing a little glimpse of it.

How many angels are in charge of you at dreamtime—one or more?

A good question Tom.  There is only one angel assigned so to speak to guide you to where you are needed or want to go.  Your soul has complete knowledge of where it wants you to go and what to experience during dreamtime.   As you know, certain dreams are to assist you physically in some way and others are to review the day’s events, and others are to give you a glimpse of the future, but in symbolic terms, which you understand on a soul level, but most of the time find hard to interpret in your waking state. 

Did these angels volunteer for his service as you did?

Yes of course.  Each part of the process requires angelic help and so these angels, or souls if you will, volunteer their services out of love.  It’s just that simple. 

On another day I asked, Theo, how many whole souls act as dream angels?

Ah, another good question this morning Tom.  Again it is in the area of the same number of souls that act as Guardian Angels—a little over one million.  As you can imagine, they are quite busy handling thousands of clients each night in their sojourns and they work closely with us and your higher self to send you or take you to all the places you need to be during one night, but again all your lives which are occurring at the same time.  Your soul is constantly acquiring knowledge and you as a fragment of that soul go out into the universe and bring and experience events and lives that are quite complex and mostly not understandable if you were to remember every dream you had during the night.  It would overwhelm you. 

Are the souls that take care of us in dreamtime Golden Light Beings like you?

No they are not.  Again, they do not have to have the same knowledge and experience.

DreamWhere do we go?

Sometimes across the universe and other times you stay very close by, especially if you are somewhere that you must be able to awake in a second, especially if your life could be in danger.  That sleep time is not as restful as when you are able to fully experience what you need during dreamtime. 

When we go to another part of the universe and interact with other beings, are we part of their dreams or do we appear physically to them?

Both.  It depends upon what level – what dimension they are operating on.  You can be a dream to them where they are meditating and you come to give them some advice they are seeking.  It could be a dream state such as yours, or it could be where you actually interact with them on a higher dimensional level.  This is extremely complex and has as many answers as you could possibly imagine and even many more.  There are thousands of possibilities just in these trips across the universe.

I just read in Robert Shapiro’s book Animal Souls Speak that when we are in dreamtime we travel on a non-physical tone.  Is that correct and can you explain it in more detail?

Yes, I’ll try Tom.  This gets fairly deep for you, but you do travel on a tone that allows you to travel to the far ends of the universe if you’re needed there. 

Why is a tone needed?

Good question.  Your soul fragment resonates its own tone you see, and the tone you travel on is attuned to your own tone.  You would become lost if you did not follow the pathway of the tone that is laid down for you by the dream angel that accompanies or watches out for you during dreamtime.  Again this is another intricate working of the dreamtime system, if you will, that allows you to go and do and experience what your soul desires for you to do in dreamtime.  It is very technical in a sense and a little difficult to explain in the third dimension.  I know I have used that excuse if you will before, but it is factual.  You can only absorb and understand so much, as it would be beyond even a scientist that studies quantum physics.  We could compare it to your own highway or road that you travel vast distances in a second. 

ETDo the majority of the beings in the universe dream?

Oh what a question.  There are millions of answers.  Certainly a huge number of beings do dream.  Some exist in a constant state of dreaming and others do not have the capacity to dream at all.  It would be impossible for me in the short time we have together in these sessions to go through an even minute number of possibilities, But I do think you are asking, do other beings in the universe dream and I will answer that there are billions of beings in the universe that do also dream. 

Would beings that dream comprise the majority of beings in the universe?

Most certainly, Tom.  There are actually trillions of beings that dream.  Those that do not comprise a smaller minority. 


FRIDAY, MARCH 4, 10:15 pm EST, 9:15 pm CST, 8:15 MST pm, 7:15 pm PST.  LATE NIGHT IN THE MIDLANDS WITH MICHAEL VARA.  To listen, go to


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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