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Most of my stories I write about are how great requesting Benevolent Outcomes are for relieving stress and reducing the “fear factor” to where it almost does not exist.  One of my friends Joy, along with her husband Robert, have been requesting Benevolent Outcomes for several years; I even related a couple of stories about them in my book.  Recently she was involved in an automobile wreck on a highway near their home that required the intervention of her guardian angel.

She was traveling about 60 to 65 miles per hour in rainy conditions when she was suddenly struck from behind by a truck that the wrecker driver later estimated had to have been going at least 80 to 100 mph.  He expressed his surprise she hadn’t rolled her car.  She was knocked off the road and “somehow” came to a stop about 1/4th of a mile down the highway, but till this day does not remember how she did it.  At the time she didn’t realize she was injured, but discovered a couple of broken bones later.  The driver of the truck told her he was on his cell phone at the time and told the police officer he reached down for something and took his eyes off the road. 

She later told me she was positive that her guardian angel had intervened, as she could see no way she could have brought the car to a safe stop.  I decided to ask my Guardian Angel Theo about this and here’s what I received in my “active” meditation (which I keep reminding that YOU can do too):

Yes.  She is correct in this assumption, as she was stunned by the suddenness of the accident and could not have steered the car herself due to her age and reaction times.  Therefore her guardian angel assisted or took over in steering her car safely to the side of the road.  Later she would discover that she had suffered injuries, but was in shock at the time.


In the first chapter of my book I related how we mostly think of guardian angels—that they are only there to step in and assist us if we’re in trouble.  As you’ve read in the book and in these newsletters, that’s not the case.  They’re available to assist us JOYFULLY at any time from the smallest requests to really serious ones.  Here’s an example of something that happened to me in the last week.

I have a time-share in Park City, Utah that I use each year to go skiing.  This time my son and were going to leave this Friday, February 15, and fly up to Salt Lake City for a week of skiing.  Last Friday I suddenly received an email from the resort company that manages the condominium complex; it stated that a retaining wall was in danger of collapse, and they had to cancel my reservation along with a number of others.  Panic City!  This is a very busy ski week over the President’s Day Holiday and I knew that Park City would be heavily booked.  I immediately requested a Most Benevolent Outcome for the problem to be resolved, picked up the phone and contacted the resort association.  I was first offered a condo in Salt Lake City—45 minutes and over a mountain pass from Park City, then a condo at a smaller mountain again about 45 minutes from Park City, and finally a condo about 20 minutes away.  I said, “Keep looking,” so the lady said she would call Monday or Tuesday.  I admit that I was worried, but I said, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for a condo in Park City, and may it be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you.” When you add the “and may it be even better than I can hope for or expect,” you allow your guardian angel to come up with some amazing results that you would never have thought to request.

On Tuesday, she called and said she had a studio condo IN THE SAME COMPLEX that they obtained from another resort company on trade, and had not yet been rented.  The only problem was that it was a Saturday-to-Saturday stay and not Friday-Friday.  I requested another MBO when I called Delta to change my reservations.  When I originally booked, I had to use 100,000 miles for the two tickets, as the inexpensive 25,000-mile seats were already gone.  When they checked on Saturday, the same flight was available; for the Saturday return, an even better timed flight was available, and they BOTH had 25,000 mile seats available!  I was able to redeposit 50,000 miles to my account for a future trip for $75 per ticket.  Now THAT’S what I call an “even better than I hope for or expect” result!

But stop the presses!  As I am finishing writing this on Friday morning, yesterday afternoon I was contacted by a TV station in the Midwest wanting to purchase 100 movies from us.  Had I left today, I would had to delay the negotiations until my return, but now we’re supposed to agree on a price today.  Again, that was something I would never have expected or thought would occur. 

Plus I’ve mentioned many times that your request must be benevolent for all parties involved in the request.  The owners of the studio timeshare would have lost their ability to trade for another week in the future.  Now they’ll be able to go on a holiday somewhere else. 

Before I was offered the studio I asked:

Theo, did I create the condo problem, or was it created by you and/or others to demonstrate benevolent outcomes?

No, as you guessed Tom, you created it, so that you would have another good story to demonstrate the power of requesting Benevolent Outcomes.  This was naturally done from a higher-self perspective and your fragment of a soul is “along for the ride” as you would say.  But don’t stress or have fear Tom.  It will work out to your benefit, perhaps better than you hope or expect as you requested.


Here are some questions I asked Theo about soul relationships in families. 

Does a soul have an opt-out clause during the first 6 months after birth?

In a way, yes.  The soul can opt out as you call it at that stage.  Yes, it is mostly taken by younger souls having their first lives on earth.  They are very disoriented because they have never experienced being veiled.  But also it can be understood that the parents can also experience the death of the child and grow from it too.  So to answer your question yes there is an opt-out clause that is taken by some souls.  And yes they do take on some karma at that time if they do opt out.  Everything must balance out you see.

Theo, what about the souls in a family?  Are they mostly from the same soul group, or closely associated, and take on different disguises so to speak in each life for learning?

Yes you are correct Tom.  This is generally true, but like anything there are exceptions.  Sometimes a soul, such as yours needs to be in a certain time period so your soul will arrange with another soul grouping to have you born during that time.  There can then be great differences between you and the family soul group, so it does seem as if you are the odd man out, but it is necessary to assist your soul in its plans, but also you can have challenges created by the differences so that you can grow some more too. 

Are young souls and old souls mixed in a family or are all of them mostly the same age so to speak?

There is a great mixing Tom, as how else can a young soul learn, but by being thrown in the pool so to speak and told to swim.  Some do fine and others sink, but with lots of learning so that they can improve the next time around. 

Theo—the mixing of young souls can be even as a parent of an older soul.  Does the older soul give them problems as a teaching or learning aid?

Exactly Tom.  Or they can be almost be the parent of the parent, which you’ve heard about many times.  The parent is at a loss to know what to do and how to care for the child, so the child, which is normally an older soul but naturally not always, takes over as it matures.  There is great learning for the young soul parent, or parents.  They sort of have failed in their goals, but learn greatly from the experience.

When we speak of young, medium and old souls, is that only in relation to their earth experience?

Quite so, Tom.  Souls are actually timeless beings, but when they start having lives on this planet of free choice, it is so different from any other planet in the universe that they must have had numerous lives elsewhere in order to have lives here.  This is a planet that, as we have spoken about before, is like a masters degree program in a university.  You must have had physical and spiritual mastery on other planets before you are allowed to have lives on earth.  Material or physical mastery is not such a big requirement, as most souls have already achieved that.  That would be like grade school to give you a comparison.  Spiritual mastery is much harder to achieve—sort of like high school, to use the same comparisons. 

Probably my definition or understanding of spiritual mastery is not the same as what you speak of?

No, not at all.  It is this symbiotic relationship between creation and your lives and soul—again very difficult to describe to you with your present knowledge. 


I will be speaking on Friday evening of March 14 at the Satori Group in Ft. Worth, Texas.  If you’re in the area, I would love to meet you.  I’m going to do a guided meditation so that you can contact your own Guardian Angel, and I’ll be signing books.  Contact Phil Walthall at 817-222-1871 or by email at for more information.  “Satori,” for those not familiar with the word is defined as “A spiritual awakening, often coming suddenly.”  That might happen to you on March 14.

So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative, share it with your friends! 


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