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Recently in my meditations I have been frustrated because I've been blocked from knowing about a coming National event.  Here was the answer given me by my Guardian Angel Theo:

Yes I understand Tom.  I just have not been allowed to and you'll see the reason when the event takes place.  It's an event that could be stopped if there was any hint from you or anyone else, so therefore you and everyone else is blocked from knowing about it in advance.  Remember there are those in higher circles that would make sure an event will never happen, on the premise that it might.  It would endanger people involved.  You would not want it on your conscience that you inadvertently caused someone harm, I know.

Then I saw the election results for Iowa the other night and thought to myself that Barack Obama just put a target on his back with his win.  Being from Dallas, we certainly have a little higher level of perception about this possibility after President Kennedy was assassinated here.  Although this possibility does not seem to match what I received above, I thought I better ask about this in a meditation.  So I asked:

Is there a possibility of an assassination attempt on any of the U.S. Presidential candidates in the near future?

Yes, certainly there is Tom.  I did pass that possibility on to you in a "whisper in your ear" sort of way.  They must be extremely careful in their travels and appearances, and even that may not be enough, but if one of them has a "contract" to be slain, then there is really nothing anyone can do, as that is a life choice for a number of reasons—Karma, and to cause great compassion and a desire by those in the U.S. and even in other countries to question prejudices.  It was the same with Mrs. Bhutto.  She gave her life to bring great change and to affect people on a worldwide basis.  That is all I will say on the subject at this time.

So may I suggest a Living Prayer to say for the Presidential Candidates.  Please note that this is a non-religious not prayer—not invoking any deities.  There is a group of loving angels that volunteered for this duty and they act INSTANTANEOUSLY on these requests.  So I suggest you say out loud:

I ask that any and all beings come to the aid and assistance in keeping the U.S. Presidential candidates from any harm now and into the future, thank you!

That's all you have to say, and only ONCE.  You can say other Living Prayers for individuals on a different day.

A couple of points about Living Prayers:
1.  You say "I ask" instead of "I request" as you do in requesting Benevolent Outcomes.  I didn't see much difference and asked during one of my "active" meditations and was told to "read a dictionary."  There is a difference.
2.  Living Prayers are said for other people and can be more general, where Benevolent Outcomes are requested for something specific for yourself.
3.  Keep these prayers simple--it complicates things when you start invoking deities.  That's what I've been told.
4.  I've been told that these prayers are energy and if we could see them on a higher dimension or interdimensionally they are multicolored streams  that go from you to the person(s) or animals that you said the prayer for.  They're supposed to be a beautiful sight to behold. 
Good Life!

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