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January 27, 2018

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my newsletter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and know, and I learn right along with you when you send me your questions to ask in a meditative state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep sending in questions.

Last week I asked everyone to say the following Benevolent Prayer (BP) out loud:

“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist President Trump, his Administration, Congress, and the Courts to make decisions in the best Congressinterests of the citizens of the United States, the citizens of the world, and the planet, thank you!”
I think we did OK. Thousands of people are working this week, and hopefully there will be some bill passed for the over 700,000 “Dreamers” that were brought here as children.
Keep in mind that Theo has said there is great energy and power in saying these BPs out loud, so please join in and add your voice to hopefully thousands of others in repeating this. Copy and paste and send this BP to your friends and family.
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you

Eleanor writes:
Rain in Cape Town, South Africa. Good day, Tom.
Greetings to you. Would it be possible for you to ask Gaia if our dams will dry up completely in April or will we have some good rains? Blessings in abundance, Tom.

Busi writes:
Cape Town is in the grip of a drought that is said to be the Cape Town Droughtworst in 100 years. The city will reach day zero in a matter of weeks when taps will run dry. I understand that Gaia has her cycles and that this is one of them.
What I would like to ask Tom is what more do we need to know and understand about this dire crisis? We say benevolent prayers, but I am not sure if they are enough in this case.
Can Gaia shed some light on whether the desalination projects and other water projects being undertaken in Cape Town will bear fruit and whether they will avert the water crisis in Cape Town? Thank you so much, Tom.

Gaia, Cape Town, South Africa is close to running out of water. Will they receive any and if so when? How does this work in your cycles and for their soul contracts?

Yes, it will be some time before they receive sufficient rain for their Cape Town South Africaneeds. They will have to solve this problem in the short term by trucking in loads of water – even ship containers. Naturally, the long term solution is to have a desalination plant to convert sea water to potable water. There are smaller devices that people can use to make the water drinkable. As for soul contracts, again, I would much prefer that they move away from the coast. Yes, this may be a beautiful location, but events may occur where their lives will be in danger from the possible coming events. They are not the only coastal community having problems. I need people to move away from the coasts and I am slowly putting pressure on them to do so.Prayer and Meditation
So, to summarize, no short term relief, except for what the city can generate themselves. The rains will return, but not before they run out of water. That is the highest probability at this time.

Let’s all say a Benevolent Prayer for all the residents of Cape Town OUT LOUD:

“I ask any and all beings to assist the government of Cape Town and South Africa to provide sufficient water for the residents of Cape Town and for the rains to come earlier than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”
Kathy writes from Montana:
Thank you and Theo always for helping and putting out the Gentle Way Newsletter. It is so enlightening. I know it might be too soon, but can you judge what the summer is going to be? Is it going to be hot and dry with fires this summer?
Thank you and God Bless You and Yours.

Gaia, could you give us the summer forecast for North America starting with:
1. The Pacific NW

Yes, Tom. They will have a drier than normal summer with yes, a very California Firesactive fire season.

2. California

Again, much drier than normal and their fire season will even exceed this past year’s. This cycle will continue for several years. It is not just one year and then back to more normal (as your records from the recent past would indicate). Many more homes will be destroyed, as their soul contracts call for it.
3. The Southwest

They, along with California, will be dry and hot—but more seasonably so, with the monsoon season to alleviate conditions there.
4. Upper Midwest, including the western statesSummer in Mountains

More normal conditions will apply here throughout this region of the country. A more typical summer, shall we say.

5. Lower Plain States

Typical summer, but at times with violent weather. This region is subject to tornadoes and hurricanes. Hot and steamy, then torrential rains and floods. A more active summer this year.
6. New England

A typical summer. Conditions will vary.New England Lighthouse
7. East Coast

Varying conditions depending upon where they live. Somewhat cooler  than normal, but with weather varying from sunshine to cooler rain. Then stormy.
8. Florida

Batten down the hatches for a hot summer, then an active hurricane season.
9. Europe

Much more normal for them, but with periods of quite hot weather, then rains. Some flooding in certain areas.Hurricane Maria
10. Canada

Warmer than normal, but stormy at times.
11. Hurricane Season

Active again. The same as last year, Tom. They may think they had a one-in-100-years-storm, but they will see that is not the case. More people will move away from the coasts not only on the Gulf Coast, but Florida and the East Coast as well. Take that to the bank.
OK Gaia, will probably visit this as we get closer to summer.

I’m sure everyone heard that there was a large 7.9 earthquake this week off the coast of Alaska. Because it was at a shallow depth of 6.5 miles, a tsunami warning was issued for the whole coast of Alaska and Canada, with tsunami watches down the United States coast and as far away as Earthquakes in AlaskaHawaii. Because the earthquake occurred farther offshore, there was only an 8 inch tidal wave, although a buoy near the quake center recorded a 30 foot wave. So I asked if there would be more this year.
Gaia, will you have more earthquakes above the 7.5 level along the North American coast in 2018?

The probability of this occurring is fairly high at this time, Tom. The 7.9 quake off the coast of Alaska was just one of many points that need to release pressure. Again, these are warning signals to all who live along the North American Coast that they should heed. But to answer your question, yes, but they will cause little damage. They will be in remote areas—not like the ones that will be centered in very populated areas in the future.
Cheryl writes:
I was wondering if you could ask a few questions about the flu strains that are currently causing illness in the United States, are they naturally occurring strains or have they been genetically engineered? Also, about how many soul contracts have chosen to pass Flu Virusaway as the result of catching these flu strains in the US this year, is it hundreds, thousands, or more as with the Spanish flu version?
To further my understanding, could you ask Theo to explain, does the length of your current life depend on when you meet all the experiences you signed up for in your soul contract or is it based on a contracted period of years?
I truly enjoy your newsletters, books, and expanding my spiritual knowledge base. Thank you for all you do.

Gaia, are these flu strains all natural, or genetically engineered?

They are all natural at this time, Tom. That is not to say that there has not been work to modify certain strains in the laboratory that could be used against another nation—several of the large nations have done work in this area, but at this time there is none that are devoting all their time to creating new flu strains. It is hard enough for the flu strains to be kept somewhat in check with the best efforts of your scientists.
And the next question you were about to ask is why?Study of Flu Virus
Again, all these challenges must be met and dealt with prior to you going out into space. You must know how to identify and treat or neutralize any virus you encounter, or else your space ships and eventually Earth will be decimated. You will be happy to note that every virus you will encounter as you explore first this solar system and eventually the stars is available for you to study here on Earth.
So, again to summarize, all these flu strains or viruses are natural. Your scientists have thousands of hours of study ahead of them before you can say you know how to control every flu strain or virus you may encounter.

Gaia did not say how many deaths, but it appears to be only in the hundreds as we are almost at the peak of flu season.
In the past, I was told that you can have more than one “exit” point in your life, depending upon whether you stayed on your soul contract or “went off the reservation” as Theo humorously terms it. If you go too far off, you may be heading to some very difficult experiences and Steve & Barbara Rothertherefore you might have an early exit.

Before I started communicating myself, Dena and I attended a Kryon Summer Conference and Steve Rother gave me one of those quick, two-minute readings. He asked if I had almost died recently, and I first said, “No.” Dena quickly reminded me that I had lost 40% of the blood in my body while in Cannes, France for a TV market, experiencing for the only time in my life diverticulosis. He said that was a “phantom death” and it was time for me to go to Plan B, which I interpreted was to really work on telling everyone how great it is requesting MBOs in your life.


For my new readers, Antura is an ET, but is also a member of my soul group or “cluster,” who was introduced to me back in 2008. If you’ve been taught over and over again that we’re the only intelligent life forms in a universe with trillions and trillions of planets, understanding we are not may be a little daunting, but try and keep an open mind. Antura lives First Contact book coveron a planet called Nommo in the Sirius B Solar System—one of over 20 planets there circling a sun that is smaller than Earth, and virtually all are inhabited.
You can read much more about him and much more about our universe and the three universes that are close to ours in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here is a link to a couple of sample chapters: Click here. Here are more questions that I asked Antura in the past week.

Antura in the wings, Tom.
Good morning and good life, buddy. Hope you are faring well on the ship.

Quite so, Tom. Continuing preparations.
Antura, is the reason there are so many inhabited planets around Sirius B is because it is smaller than the Earth?

Quite so, Tom. The Explorer Race will see that there are many suns the size of Sirius B and invariably there will be inhabited planets orbiting them. And yes, in our case there is the mammoth sun Sirius A, plus the Sirius B Size with Earth Comparisonmuch smaller Sirius C, that all have inhabited planets. It truly makes a large complex of inhabited worlds, as compared to Earth being located now in a solar system with quite different planets, and none of them currently inhabited. This is all designed for you to learn about different planets. All of the planets in this solar system have identical planets all over the universe. So that by the time the Explorer Race reaches the stars you will have an understanding of all of these types of planets.
Jim Connell writes:
Just finished this book, ET's and the Explorer Race and on page 195 Robert Shapiro tells of underground bases that extend ETs and the Explorer Raceover parts of several states. Also, he is saying that there are two different populations of ETs.
I thought that all had been removed and there were none now living in the US? For several pages in the book it tells about them. Any thoughts from Gaia on this?

Antura, didn’t ETs have a base under Sedona, and if so, was it abandoned? Or was this somehow the Illuminati as some people claimed?

Yes, blame it on the Illuminati, as it is much easier to believe in some sinister humans than ETs. The answer is yes, there was an underground base there, but too many tourists came and it became difficult to do studies there.
What about the people who would show up in the desert and warn people away? [I was personally told this by a shopkeeper in the old Sedona Arizonamining town of Jerome that we visited.]

ETs in disguise, Tom.
I do know that when we first started visiting Sedona several years ago there were constant sightings of ET ships coming out of the canyons nearby, plus encounters with ETs in the desert. Nowadays, there are over 3 million tourists each year, so it would be understandable if they decided to move their studies elsewhere. It is still a great tourist destination, plus all the vortexes with great energy emanating from them.

This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Auntmommie writes:
I have many cats and a couple of dogs. I enjoy the way they react to each other and they talk to me all the time. When our Daddy-O cat, Nico, got sick, your website was the first place I asked for MBOs to be said for him, and they were…However, the situation Vet with Catremained the same. I kept expecting every test to come out better and better, but that wasn’t the case. Things just got worse. It was then I realized, and I truly believe to this day, that Nico had more to teach the boy child than anything else…He was on a mission is all I can say.
When my son lost his father he was 11 years old and lacked the skills to grieve properly. As Nico got sicker, my son wept and wept and we had very many meaningful conversations about life and death and the whole process surrounding the situation. We decided we would let Nico be a cat as long as he wanted to be and when he could no longer do that, we would put him down. We decided we were not going to put him down Catbecause it was inconvenient for us.

One morning, Nico took a turn for the worst; we were both with him when he passed. We revered him, we loved him, we wrapped him up in a nice soft towel, found a box, dug a hole, and invited friends to come over for the burial that evening and I served Tuna Noodle Casserole for all who came. The day started off as one of the saddest days of all time, and ended up in a meaningful evening filled with memories. And when my daughter returned home to hear about Nico’s passing, the very first thing she did besides cry was reach out and hug her brother and tell him how much she loved him. That was a moment that will live with me forever.


So, it was then that I realized that even with the power of MBOs, we cannot always have things our way because there is so much to learn and to try to manipulate the situation into something we think we may want may not be what we need to succeed.
Linda writes:
I have a home for sale in Oswego, NY that was vacant. I first said a BP for the best realtor. I found the best realtor who agreed to adjust her fee, called me quickly after I left her a message, and offered to do a market assessment while others wouldn’t adjust the fee and Oswego NY Roadhadn’t had much interest in doing a market assessment. I then said a BP for a fast sale at the best price and no problems. The house sold in four days with no contingencies and the inspection came out without issue. I now had to wait for two months for the closing, which is slow in NY in the harsh winter. I asked that the house be kept safe and free of damage, and to be able to find someone to snow plow at the best price possible. My neighbor agreed to plow for free. Oswego gets over 130 inches of snow a season so that’s a lot of plowing. I say BPs of love and appreciation for my neighbor too!
I have been going up every weekend to check on the house, and it is about an hour away.
I always say an MBO for my travel. I watch the weather and when we have bad storms up there I say a BP for my basement not to flood in heavy rain, and the heat to stay on in extreme NY Housecold, and in big snow storms that the exhaust pipes to the furnace and hot water heater are not covered in snow creating CO issues. This past week they had inches of rain, followed by a couple of feet of snow during the week, so each morning I say a BP for my house to work well, that mechanicals function well, and structure remains intact and that my home is not damaged by people or weather. I specifically asked that my exhaust pipes are not covered in snow and the roofs do not have too much of a snow and ice load. I have also been working on fitness, and ask every morning for the best workout for me because I typically go to the gym every day.
So, on Sunday, I head up to Oswego to check the house, and the wind blew most of the snow off my roof, which was great because I didn’t want to rake the roof, and the driveway was plowed, but I open the back gate to the walkway and there was over 3 feet of snow all the way to the door. Well, I just got one heck of a workout shoveling the snow and the best workout for me. I get over to the exhaust pipes and the snow had drifted away from that side of the house so that there was grass visible and no snow at all by the exhaust pipes. Inside all was well and I was able to leave after I got my best workout and all of my prayers answered. I am still amazed!

Theo, I was just thinking, besides letting me know that Gaia and I have Lovecommunicated many times, is there any other reason she would have me say “God speed?”

Yes, Tom. It does in a way connect you to all those thousands of other times you and she have communicated in the past. It’s like opening a well-used channel of communication that has to be opened each time you have a new life. It is a reminder that you can use it at any time. It is like two old friends picking up a phone after one has been gone for a while and taking up where they left off the last time they spoke. A nice question.
Laurie writes:
I have a quick Atlantis question for you.
Were the “Temple of Healing” and the “Temple Beautiful” mentioned in Depiction of Temple -- Atlantisthe Edgar Cayce readings actual religious-type temples or just a name for secular, scientific hospitals or other healing facilities like we have today? Were the priests and priestesses of those times actually what we would now call trained physicians and doctors? Why did Cayce call them “temples”?

Gaia, was the “Temple of Healing” and the “Temple Beautiful” actual religious-type temples or secular hospitals or healing facilities and why did Cayce call them temples?

Mr. Cayce called them “temples,” Tom, because that’s how the Edgar CayceAtlanteans referred to them. He received that correctly. Regarding their use, each had their specific purpose or purposes. The Healing temple was just that—a place to come and be healed of any and all maladies of that day and time. The Temple Beautiful was more a temple that was to heal one’s spirit you could say. Yes, there were advanced techniques at that time to improve one’s appearance, but that was not all their purpose. There they could also pray for their soul’s betterment and to love one another. You could say whatever you wished.
So, in summary, one temple had all the healing lights and advanced procedures for those truly sick or injured, and the other was for healing the soul.

I assume the Atlanteans had advanced enough to have artificial limbs, or were they to the point of growing them, as we seem to be inching Atlantistowards?

They had not reached that point yet, although that was a good question.
I would have thought they had with 50,000 years to work on it.

Again, no. Their healing path was different than your paths today. In the future, you will mix both together as the healing power of light will be rediscovered.
Jen writes:
I was wondering if you could confirm something for me. I was meditating and received this information from Spirit. The lost writings of Jesus are going to be found this year and they will be authenticated as genuine by Pope Francis. They will cause a huge rift inVatican Hallway the Roman Catholic Church, because the information contained within them will be earth-shattering for the flock. This experience will test Pope Francis' leadership to degrees that are unheard of and I think there will be a rift in the Church where some people will not be willing to hear this information, nor believe it, and would prefer to stay where they are spiritually with the Church that they have grown up with. Here are some of the things that I was told will be discovered.
Jesus DID come to change the law and he did, big time. He was probably the most progressive soul on the planet at the time and his thirst for equality for the sexes was frankly unheard of. His wife, Mary Magdalene, was his equal and co-regent and he would bounce ideas off Jesus & Mary Magdaleneof her often, using her women's intuition for a better way to explain his theories. She was a wonderful wordsmith and would help him with many of his teaching parables, she even edited the writings that Pope Francis will find.
Jesus would perform marriages for gay couples and even married two of his disciples who were men, Peter and Thomas. I know they were probably married to women, too, which was the tradition at the time, but these are the two I was told who he had married. Jesus said that all that matters in the Universe is love and he would never judge anyone for how they came to love, just that they COME to it.
There is more that will be discovered, but these are the things that will make the Church leaders and some of the flock the most upset. I pray for them to find the Light and Understanding that Jesus most sincerely wishes them to find. I know that it troubles him greatly that he is thought of as a God. I can hear him now, "I wish they would just stop fussing about me and get on with white lighting the planet already!" I had a very close life with Jesus and called him Ada. As did you, my friend.
Well, that's it. I hope that the discovery of his lost writings will happen very soon. We need some positivity in the world right now that is tangible and we also need to know the truth, the whole truth. I think what's going on right now is what Master Kryon, you, Gaia, Theo and Vatican constructionAntura have been telling us to brace ourselves for for a long time. Thanks to you all for helping us to prepare. I call for Truth and Justice to be with us and for the Light of Love to surround us all. Thanks, dear Tom!

Theo, will there be lost or hidden writings of Yeshua, or Jesus discovered this year?

No, Tom, it will be a little longer before these come to light. There will beJesus and Disciples activity in this area, but the actual “lost” books will not be released by the Vatican this year but extend this out a little and the probability goes way up.
Did Jesus perform a marriage for two of his male disciples?

Yes, that was naturally covered up and those records were discarded starting with the Council of Nicaea. Every religion has their “hardliners,” shall we term them, Tom, and the Christian religion is no different. Does that stop love? No, and the Creator wanted all forms of love as part of Its desire for variety.
Graham asked about the Loch Ness “monster.”Loch Ness "Monster"
Gaia, sometime in the past I think I asked about a Loch Ness “monster.” Is it still alive and are there more than one?

The Loch Ness creature, we will call it, is still alive and active at this time, Tom. It does have a mate. It is very shy, but as Creator loves variety, it exists. It is a relic of those days when dinosaurs roamed the earth. It is being allowed to live as long as it wishes, as it is of no harm to anyone.
Mike writes from the UK:
RE: Benefits of Cold Showers
Are there any real benefits of taking cold showers? Many individuals who take them daily say that they apparently start becoming more confident in other areas of their lives and they start having more of a Cold Showerhigher tolerance level for things that bothered them greatly before. Does taking cold showers make you more confident or is it just a BIG placebo effect?

Gaia, are there benefits to cold showers?

Certainly, if the body is too hot from being out in, let’s say, a desert area with high temperatures, the body needs to cool down and a cold shower is a quick way to do it.
Then psychologically the idea of taking a cold shower to lower ones libido does have a shock effect, but as a general rule, warm water opens the pores, but cold water closes them. This is basic science, Tom. Everyone’s bodies are different, and for some people a cold shower is refreshing and for others the very idea sends shivers up their spine.

Kevin writes:
We have been hearing about free energy for a while and I am excited about the concept, but impatient to see it become common reality. I was chatting with someone I met and they are powering an Storage of Energyapartment building with a generator that uses Earth’s magnetic energy with a small battery pack for some part of it and it is hooked up with the local utility electrical grid as a backup. Is this one of the free energy options that you were talking about or is it related to any of the Tesla technology that I hear talked about? Can you share any more on the subject?
Theo, using a generator to power an apartment building using magnetic energy, is it a step towards free energy?

Yes, it is one of the steps, Tom, but not the “big cheese” we will call it.
Here is the video clip in question.
Click here.
Theo, it appeared to me that the ET boarding the ship and taking off was CGI of ET boarding spaceshipCGI, but Antura said no. It was real. Please clear this up for us.

The CGI was well done, Tom. You were just not receiving well and Antura had to answer in kind. As you saw, the craft went into the trees instead of lifting off. But it did have the effect of several million people watching and wondering. It is another time for people to question what the governments have been claiming—that there are no such thing as ETs.
So, again, this was CGI—I’m not interjecting here?

That is correct this time, Tom.


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