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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

February 10, 2018

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to Welcomesubscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my newsletter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and know, and I learn right along with you when you send me your questions to ask in a meditative state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep sending in questions.

I do have to ask this one more time. If you recall, we’ve said the Benevolent Prayer (BP) the last three weeks for our U.S. government to DACAmake decisions in our best interests. I found it interesting that President Trump more than doubled the number of people in the “Dreamers” classification to 1.8 million. Things will get “hot” in the coming days, so let’s say this one more time:

“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist President Trump, his Administration, Congress, and the Courts to make decisions in the best interests of the citizens of the United States, the citizens of the world, and the planet, thank you!”
Keep in mind that Theo has said there is great energy and power in saying these BPs out loud, so please join in and add your voice to hopefully thousands of others in repeating this. Copy and paste and send this BP to your friends and family.
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
2011 was the last time the police looked at the death of Natalie Wood on a yacht with Robert Wagner, Christopher Walken, and the ship’s captain. Here is what I asked that was in the November 26, 2011 newsletter:
Theo, will the truth come out about how Natalie Wood died?Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood

No, not completely, Tom. It has been too many years and it would be hard proving if there was anyone that contributed to her death. Police methods of investigation are much more sophisticated now than they were when this occurred. So, one or more people’s reputations may be sullied by the police probe, but no one will go to prison over this either. These were soul contracts balancing lives for all concerned.
Now, the police report they have been looking at this case again, so I asked:
Theo, has anything changed since 2011 regarding Robert Wagner being guilty of causing Natalie Wood’s death?

The circumstances, as related to you in 2011 remain, Tom. This happened to balance soul contracts and the authorities may get close to what actually happened, but with Mr. Wagner, aged 87 [now 88], there will not be sufficient proof for the district attorney to file charges. That is the highest probability at this time.
Rituparna writes from India:
I enjoy reading your weekly blog and have come up with two questions to ask about:
1. Could you ask Gaia about the weather conditions in the eastern and southern parts of India this year? Will the summer be boiling hot in the eastern and southern part?
2. There are many products in the market around the world selling India Mappoisonous products to kill small and tiny insects, like mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats and many more. Do we need to balance when we cause harm to these creatures? Do we have to balance if we kill these tiny insects like mosquitoes?

Gaia, what is the forecast for the eastern and southern parts of India this year?

Yes, unfortunately India will again be extremely warm during their summer. Yes, hot. There will come a time when after the free energy machines arrive that many more people will have some form of cooling apparatus, but not yet, so the people who cannot afford even a fan will still suffer through blistering heat at times. The Indian government needs to allocate more funds for shelters for people during these extreme weather conditions. In the meantime, perhaps a charity can begin to solicit funds to provide fans for those who are unable to afford them.
I am also asked if we must balance killing mosquitoes, cockroaches, Mosquitoand rats?

That is not necessary. All are part of the circle of life. All three can spread germs that are detrimental to humans, but have other uses such as food to those in the food chain. As these beings spread disease, Creator understands that it can be a matter of survival at this time.
In the future, you will learn to communicate with these creatures and send them on their way. So, to answer the question, there is no balancing that must be done. All creatures are loved equally by Creator, and were put on Earth as part of your learning.

Let’s say the following Benevolent Prayer (BP) OUT LOUD for those unfortunate people in India who do not have the means to purchase even a fan for cooling:

“I ask any and all beings to assist, aid, and comfort those in India who cannot afford fans of any type to be provided with these, or to find shelter from the heat, thank you!”

John writes:
I wanted to see if you could ask Gaia about what's going on with our ascension at this time. And also ask her about people having portals or "etheric doorways" being manifested to people to walk through to get to the New Earth. There are reports of this already happening. Last question is what type of ascension shifts can we expect this year in 2018?
Gaia, I’m asked if there are etheric doorways for people to walk through Ascensionto a “new Earth?” And also what can we expect in 2018 for ascension.

Here we get into beliefs, Tom. Regarding 2018, you will continue to ascend as you call it. Your readers must understand, Tom, that raising your vibrational levels—which ascension is basically another word for—can happen in spurts, a slow and easy increase, or even can backtrack at times, but not for very long. A belief in etheric doorways is just that, and if people wish to believe that, it is but one of many thousands of beliefs. Allow.
I have told you in the past, as well has Theo, that there are no special groups of people. And we compared it to a large cruise ship with many decks. Everyone, no matter their level of vibration, will all arrive at the same time. No one is left behind. That’s why you personally have incarnated over and over in order to push people along.

Mindee writes:
Thank you for all your work on The Gentle Way and for the newsletters that keep us inspired to be so. What peaceful solutions can all those involved take, especially ordinary people like me, to realize peaceful solutions to the problems with China, namely:
1. The territorial disputes with other Asian nations
2. The rising militarization of structures on the artificial islandsChina Artificial Island
3. The increasing ecological devastation caused by the building of artificial structures in the Pacific.
How do our GAs and Gaia see this situation? Thank you, Tom.

Gaia, what is the highest probability for China’s territorial dispute with other countries and the artificial islands it is building on the South China Sea?

China will continue to flex its muscles, but with only limited success. Island South China SeaThe rising ocean levels make it difficult to sustain artificial islands due to natural events such as typhoons. A low level island can be completely washed away in turbulent conditions. And, I might add, Tom, that these storms will happen multiple times. Again, these are not sustainable. Additionally, the United States will not be moved out of the area, due to its treaties with the other nations. Yes, China will make some inroads, but they will also listen to those whose business dealings would be adversely affected.
Let’s say this Benevolent Prayer (BP) out loud:
“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist those people who are working for peace regarding China’s disputes with other Asian nations, thank you!”
Cannot find the email with the question.
Gaia, does any of our DNA follow us from life to life?DNA

Yes, in a way, Tom, but not how the person asked. Your DNA exists over different dimensions. This will be very difficult for you, or even your scientists to understand at this time. They will in the future. Much more study, obviously, needs to be done in this field—even to understand the DNA strand in this focus, much less in the other focuses.

I have found it interesting that there are people who read this newsletter and readily accept that I communicate with several “angelic” spirits—including Gaia and Theo—but find it difficult to accept that I also communicate with Antura, an ET who is a member of my soul group or “cluster,” as Theo calls it. Keep in mind that I did not ask to speak to an First Contact BookET. Theo introduced him to me one day in 2008. Here is a link to excerpts on from my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET that tells that story (see Chapter One). Click here.
Antura is currently orbiting overhead in a mammoth mothership that is cloaked. It would frighten the majority of people on Earth as it is three miles wide and twenty stories tall. Here are more questions I asked this past week.
Antura, I read that in your work you have visited other planets, not just one, that are in another universe, is that correct?

That is correct, Tom. It is just so difficult to describe to you the difference between Earth or even any of the planets in this universe and those we have visited when we went there ourselves.
They had suns, did they not?

Yes, but, again, even the suns in this universe were constructed with different properties than those in this universe. No, we were not the first to visit that universe, but we had been assigned to study certain aspects not studied before. The beings we met were also not like any Universeencountered before, and I can assure you we have a wide variety in our universe. We have a long, long way to go in studying this other universe – thousands of universal years. It is the same with the other two adjacent universes.
Are both those the size of our universe, smaller or larger?

A little larger, Tom. I know you thought I might respond smaller, but they are not. There was plenty of space to work with and they had no problem in using it.
As you have said in the past that your job or specialty is grass roots contacts, did you perform such a duty when you visited the sloth-like Ground Slothscreatures on the desert planet in our universe?

Quite so, Tom. There is a pattern to what we do. There are those who specialize in governments, those that specialize in science, and then those of us who contact average people. You can learn much from those classified as just “normal beings.” They give you much insight into their societies and how they operate, and at what stage of development they have achieved. This can be done quickly, and at other times painstakingly slow. As I told you long ago, I have the “gift of gab” and that may seem like a simple statement on the surface, but I can assure you there is much more to it than meets the eye. I am an expert –am considered an expert in learning about different cultures.
Just as a starting point, what sort of beings inhabited the other 20 or so planets you visited in this universe?

I understand we have little time today, Tom, and we could have a discussion for hours.
Would any of the planets you studied have been water planets?Planet

Yes, but only one. You can think of some questions in that regard for next time.
[Next session] Antura, can you explain the difference between Nommo and the water planet you studied?

You’re fading, Tom, so just a little today.
There was a difference in the water—not only the composition, but thickness. It was made up of different minerals. It was quite toxic, yet there was a race of amphibians that had adapted and will one day reach a point where they will be ready for space.
So, their intelligence would be the same as yours?

Quite so, but they are much younger in terms of lives.
Did your scout craft submerge?Submerged ET Craft depiction

Yes, that was the easiest way to take our readings. We were discrete, nonetheless.
When you met with them did you take on their appearance?

Yes, they had not reached a level where we could show them various different forms.
I’ll end with a question that I asked Theo about the Russian Disclosure, as I’m as impatient as anyone in this happening.
Theo, why did you say that Disclosure by the Russians would be last June if you knew soul contracts? Is disclosure really within 50 days or so or not? I would much prefer the truth.

Yes, we did want you to remain connected; as you look back you have asked many questions since that time. And we do want you to stay connected during this time period. But, as I recently told you, the probability of the Disclosure is coming quite soon. That is a fact, Tom. Just be patient and keep asking questions that give your readers more information about ETs. You will also be able to use what you asked when you do your documentary. You will be so overwhelmed with the sheer scale of these ships that we need you to have as much information about them and your ET cousins as possible.
This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Marion writes:
One I said the other day was to Mother Gaia asking for it Snowstormto stop snowing. I could not keep up clearing the snow for my stray kitty to go to his house, that I have for him to use during winter, and also asked to have the wind die down. It's just too cold for stray animals. No sooner than I said that, it happened just like that. I was sure thanking Mother Gaia all day and still do every day. I have so many little MBOs that happen every day for me. I sure believe in them. Still waiting for the big MBOs I've asked for, lol.
That reminds me to mention a couple of things that my new readers might not know. For those in Northern climates who might not see the sun for days and weeks on end,
Gaia says that you can request an MBO for one sunny day and week, and she’ll grant your request. I have always suggested Saturday as that is a day that everyone is out and about shopping, or going to sporting events, movies, etc. Naturally, don’t wait until Saturday to request the MBO.
Then, regarding storms, in the southern regions of North America, we’re already having thunderstorms as we did last night.
Gaia says that we can request “gentle rain,” which I do, saying, “I request Gentle rain” three times. Takes away the threat of a tornado hitting your house.

Ashana writes:
Hi Tom, lately my MBOs involve my Journey coming up this month. So, as I bring my car to the shop to have it checked out and Car Servicingoil changed, I say an MBO that everything is great and it's not going to cost me any more money. And that was so. I pray in advance, I set my intentions for a smooth and wonderful journey to and from. I pray for the relationship of those I meet on this journey, that I am of Joyful service to those I meet, that I be welcomed with love and recognition. And, as always, I ask to be blessed mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.
I can't thank you enough for bringing this to the world, I tell everyone I meet about most benevolent outcomes and I really hope people take advantage of the service our Angels provide us with, what a gift. Thank you.

Not sure who asked this question.Cat seeing orb
Theo, do cats see spirits and if so under what conditions?

Their reception, we will call it, is more acute than humans, so they can see at times a person’s guides and recently passed loved ones, whether human or a beloved pet. There are some humans with this ability, but for most people it would be disconcerting to constantly see these images.

Mike writes: Three questions for Cat Oversoul, if you please.
1) Do cats have thoughts, similar to what humans do, or do they only Thoughtful Cathave instincts and rudimentary emotions? Like, when my cat Miko stares into my eyes from across the room for a full minute, what is on her mind?
2) What are they staring at so intently over our shoulders, when we see nothing there? They can see into other realms, no? And;
3) I read an account once, that was supposedly channeled, that cats, dogs, and most other animals come from their own star systems, where they are the dominant species on their respective planets, and are considerably more humanoid in their appearance back home. It also said that dogs and cats, eons ago, were at war and that’s why they’re wary of each other in our “reality.”
Is any of this true?

Cat Soul, do cats have thoughts as humans do?

Yes, in a way, but our brains, as you can see, are not so complex. It is Thoughtful Catwired, shall I say, more on the instinctive side, yet we have the ability to reason and take independent actions. Our brains are more complex than scientists give us credit for, but still we are on the simple side—more instinctive. Good question.
Were dogs and cats at war with each other sometime in the past?

No, we came from different star systems and have always had good relations. Creator told both me and Dog Soul that our makeup would be such that we would not exactly love each other, although there are now many exceptions to this. When you raise your individual vibrational levels, so do we.
Margo writes:
I saw a video on caves in China that are supposed to be 3,000 or more years old. Can you ask how these were made since they seem to have been carved by some machine technology of the past?
Along with my interest in Sound Tech regarding the moving of huge stones, which could be possible, are these 2 technologies from our ET Longyou Cavesancestors?
Click here.
Thanks, I purchased your 5 books and am enjoying reading and using your methods.

Gaia, how were the Longyou Caves in Quzhou, China constructed?

Yes, a mystery to begin the day. These caves were constructed by humans, yes, but with the help of their ET friends at that time—and we’re speaking thousands of years ago before the ETs were instructed to withdraw.

What was their use?Longyou caves

Protection, as you might imagine, Tom. But for whom, you would ask?
There were still creatures roaming the Earth that posed a problem, so they could come and temporarily be safe.
Why would there not be any traces of their habitation? Because this was for a short time, and they looked upon these caves reverently. No drawings or anything of that nature were allowed. Even all excrement was removed. This was almost a holy place for the people.

Sriranjan’s son is autistic and wants to know what developments are Autismcoming that will allow him to lead a normal life.

Yes, Tom. In the next few years there will be major advances in the treatment of autism. Your scientists are fast approaching the time when autism will be controlled so that an autistic person can live a more normal life. This will occur within the next 10 years.
Aravind writes from Australia:
Read your FB page on incarnation.
I think you had a past life during the biblical time of Mordechai (or MordechaiMarduka as he was called) in the Old Testament. You were an influential money-lender and/or priest in the Syrian-Jordanian area. I had this dream five months back. Hopefully Theo or Gaia can shed more light.

Theo, did I have a life as a priest or money lender back in the time of Mordechai or Marduka?

Yes, Tom. You were not a money lender, but a priest in that time period. Your connection to money was from the donations to your church.
Aravind sent me this story from the Miami Herald, posting a de-classified CIA report saying Hitler may have escaped to South America. Hitler's Bunker
Click here.
Theo, a photo turned up of someone supposedly posing with Hitler in South America. Did Hitler take his own life, or did he escape to South America?

No, he did not escape, Tom. He went down with his ship you could say. There were some people who idolized him and tried to look like him, just as there are people who today will try and look like a famous person, but hopefully for the final time we will say that he died in Berlin in the bunker.


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