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June 2, 2012

Benevolent Outcomes Blog 6-2-12




Welcome to the Benevolent Outcomes Blog, and welcome to everyone who subscribed in the past week.  This Blog is for people just discovering how to use a very simple, yet powerful and effective spiritual tool you can use every day the rest of your life.  It will lessen the stress and fear of life in general, and will make your life easier.  It’s so simple a lot of people say “It can’t be this easy,” but it is, because IT WORKS!  This reconnects you with your Guardian Angel, or higher power, or whatever your belief is.  You simply say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for…….., thank you!”  When you read the stories below, sent from all over the world, we use the acronym MBO for Most Benevolent Outcomes, GA for Guardian Angel, and BP for Benevolent Prayers (what you ask for other people).


The next Blog will be sent out early, as I’ll take a short vacation this coming weekend.  Send in your MBO stories NOW!  

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Please email me your MBO stories to show others how to use this simple tool to TomTMoore6(at)  Now for some inspiring stories.  


Deleah writes:  Here is another MBO story you may use whenever you like.  I have been an active member on for a few years now and this is an auction site that uses a credit system rather than money. The only money involved is shipping cost of items. Well I found a seller and won five of her auctions, very small items. She wanted $16 to ship these items when I know it would not cost more than $3.50. I tried to reason with her and did everything I could to make it smooth. She ended up leaving me negative feedback for all 5 auctions and then also denied my request to give me back my credits, which put this into a dispute in which a moderator looks over everything and makes a fair decision.

I was a little upset at this point as this particular website has a policy in place that if you refuse to pay the shipping the seller may keep the items and your credits and so I said an MBO “I request a most benevolent outcome that a fair decision be made in this situation on Listia with results even better than I could expect or hope for.” I left it at that, did not think about it and just released it to the Angels and my Guides. I received guidance the next day to write Listia and explain everything that had happened and so I did this as well. Today I received a message letting me know that not only were all my credits refunded but they also took all negative feedbacks from this lady and made them neutral!!!! THANK YOU ANGELS!!! I love MBO’s and don’t know what I would do without them in my life. We are truly blessed to have Tom and his MBO/BP system!!


Diana writes:  My name is Diana and yesterday I was on my way home from paying my water bill and said a MBO for my finances. The next song on the radio was “everything’s gonna be alright.” Talk about quick responses. Thanks.

I’ve received messages like that many times in music.  


Daphnee writes from Vienna:  I wanted to tell you that I have been using much more MBOs lately and WOWOWOW they are working so well. For a good flight, for traffic, for parking spaces, for quick solutions.  Like the other day I had to bring my daughter to the hospital and I asked for an MBO, and within 45 minutes all was done: Registration, they had checked her, x-ray and put her foot into cast–which is very fast since one can wait for hours at an hospital here.  For quick stuff MBOs are working perfectly, but for bigger things it seems to take very long, which is quite frustrating.  Do you have a good advice on how to deal with the waiting for them to happen? LOL maybe an MBO for more patience ha ha!!

Daphnee is correct here.  We’re still in the “3rd focus” and things take longer to manifest than they will when we connect over to the 5th focus on December 21 of this year.  So hang in there and keep requesting MBO’s and be patient!


Lois writes:  Last summer I was visiting with friends of my older son’s in London.  They mentioned that they were trying to get tickets for the Olympics, which are only available by lottery. These are highly coveted and very high in demand. Not everyone who wants to go will get to go. I knew that my son and his girlfriend were already planning to come to London to visit these friends during the Olympics this summer.  So I said a BP for Lou to win one of the lotteries, with the “may the outcome be better…” supercharge at the end.

I just heard that when the last of several drawings she entered was held, Lou got tickets for them all to the opening day’s ceremony, which was the one they wanted the most. I was quite pleased. They were all jumping up and down with glee!


Diana writes: I use MBO’s to find misplaced documents, invoices, and always works. Even if it takes some time (weeks) I always manage to eventually stumble upon them.


Dan in Calgary writes:  Just want to share a few MBO stories coming out of my current trips. I flew from Montreal to Atlanta and asked for a great seating arrangement. I ended up having a row to myself with lots of room to spread out. Perfect.

I arrived in Knoxville and asked for all parts of my day to go better than I could hope for or expect. On that day I took an extended walk and just as I made it back to my room, the skies opened up and it poured. A colleague of mine wasn’t so fortunate and asked if I had gotten wet. I replied my GA watches over me!

On another note, I said a MBO for a position in my organization that came open and that I thought I would be ideal for. I didn’t get the job, so it will be interesting to see what my GA has planned for me where I am.

Thanks Tom, enjoy my regular blog/newsletter reads!

That’s what trust in the system does.  If you don’t get something, you KNOW that something better is on the way!


Ian in Australia writes:  Here is another of the results of my MBO’s.  I use them every day, but this one was so good and straightforward I had to tell you.

Well, I am visiting Sydney, Australia at the moment. I think I asked for a safe, fast, comfortable bus ride to my destination that evening.  It was a rainy Sydney rush hour, and I am not very familiar with the bus system, which is comprehensive and has lots of buses to many places, and thus many bus stands.  Having bought a ticket I went to more or less where I thought the bus I wanted departed from, and I was looking around to see if it was the right place when within a few seconds a huge queue appeared behind me.

So now I was standing in a valuable spot, at the head of a queue, and I didn’t want to move.  A bus came and stopped in front of us, and its destination sign looked promising. I hopped on the bus, the driver confirmed I could indeed alight at my destination; and I had my choice of seats, being first on the bus.  Naturally I chose the left (curb) side of the bus so I could read the building numbers to choose the exact bus stop to get off.  The bus quickly filled, soon departed, and seemed to cut through the traffic quickly, I could judge from the numbers where to get off, and, in fact, the bus stop was only a couple of minutes walk from where I was meeting friends.


Louise writes:  I just had to report an amazing MBO!

Over the weekend we received a code violation for an abandoned deteriorated vehicle on a vacant lot that we have for sale.  Due to the Memorial Day weekend, I couldn’t get hold of the person who was in charge of the lot – couldn’t even find his phone number!!!  Needless to say with trepidation I have been saying MBO’s that the vehicle would be removed without any cost to us (dealing with the County regarding code violations is a real challenge here), and had my friend do the same.

This morning I called a towing company and they informed me that I had to have clearance from the police for it to be removed.  I arranged for someone from the police department to investigate.  I spoke to a Deputy Sheriff who went to look at the vehicle and said that the Vin number plate had been removed.  He gave me a case number and said to proceed to get someone to pick it up.  I told him that the neighbor who lived across the street had permission to park his vehicles there overnight and maybe he would have some info.  The Deputy said he would check it out.  Many phone calls and ‘no ma’am’s’ later, I found someone who would go and look at it to see if by chance they could tow it.  He phoned me back and said that he was at the lot and that there was no vehicle there! WOW!  I was gobsmacked!!  I didn’t even have to go to the lot, which is about an hour away to sign a release or anything!  The junk fairies were asked by my guardian angel to get involved.  YAY!!! WHOOPPEEE!!!


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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

Tom T. Moore Tom

Tom T. Moore

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January 2, 2010

Benevolent Outcomes Blog 1-2-10





Welcome to this edition of my weekly blogs about using a simple, yet very powerful spiritual tool, which you’ll be able to use the rest of your life.  I discovered about 14 years ago that I could request Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) for SPECIFIC things in my life, and my Guardian Angel would respond with assistance from the very mundane requests such as a parking spot to important things in my personal and business life where I run an international film and TV program distribution business.  IT WORKS! But experiment and prove it for yourself.  You say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for____, thank you!” Below are more stories sent to me from around the world from people incorporating this simple spiritual tool in their daily lives.  Enjoy!


Helena has previously written me when she was out of work asking for MBO’s.  Now she has found work as a receptionist in a surgical clinic, but she’s stressed as the doctors and nurses are “bitchy” and are not nice to her or the other receptionists.  I’m condensing her email as it was long and detailed.

Helena asked:  “I was wondering Tom if you could help me with the right wording for doing MBO’S for — 1. Getting on and fitting in with the Doctors and the Receptionists. 2.  Protecting me from the Doctors and Receptionists.  3.  Being able to do and understand everything that I am expected to do.”

“I am worried about being able to stick the job out and I want to enjoy it, but I never realized how hard working and stressful it is.  And I know soon two of the receptionists will be leaving because they have had enough of the way they are being treated. Although we all work so hard there is hardly any fun and laughter in the place. The Doctor’s Surgery is very clean and so nice.  I am a healer Tom and although I have told some of the receptionists, they think I am odd for being into healing.  I am not ashamed of this and they do make me laugh with their responses, I just want to be able to fit in with everyone and be able to do everything that is expected of me as a receptionist. So far I am a nervous wreck because I am under so much pressure, and I don’t feel that some of the receptionists and Doctors are that nice or helpful towards me and I am to frightened to speak out in case I may lose my job.  Many Thanks Tom for your kind help and patience.”

These suggestions are not only for Helena, but anyone else that might find themselves in a similar situation.

Perhaps you were put there to be the candle in the dark room of stress as the medical personnel try their best under extremely trying circumstances themselves.

So what can you do to “lighten” up the place?” I’m going to give you some suggestions, but I don’t know if you can implement all of them.  Do the ones you can.

1.  Each day when you go to work say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my work day, may my work be productive and without error, and may the results of this work day be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!” Print this out in big letters and say it before you go out the door each day.  This sets it up for your GA to do some amazing things with your day.

2.  Are you allowed to place a sign on the wall in front of your work station?  If so, why not put up the EXPECT GREAT THINGS sign that you can print out on my website (  Naturally you can say this each time you come to work, but it will also be there available for others to read–and you want them to.

3.  Each day you can say a Benevolent Prayer for everyone you work with–say, “I ask that any and all beings send loving and calming energy to all the doctors and other medical personnel in this facility and surround them with loving pink light all day, thank you!”

4.  Is there a place where you could put up funny cartoons about doctors and nurses–that would make them laugh?  Laughter is GREAT for the soul! You could find them online by doing a Google search.  Then you can cut them out and put them on bulletin boards or above you desk or in the lunch room.  If anyone sees you doing it, just say you think the place needs a little laughter and humor.  Perhaps others will start to do the same thing.

Remember, healer–you can be the healer of healers!  Be that beautiful light!


Lynn writes: “Hi Tom, thank you for all your assistance.  I have nearly read all of book one and it didn’t take me long. The newsletters are good for getting more ideas on using them. I was thinking of copying any good ones and adding them into the back of the book.

“I said one yesterday for an area I feel blocked in and last night I had a dream where I felt this got unblocked as I experienced a situation and felt things being released in the dream. So now I realize, if I request one it can work on any level in the physical or dream worlds.

“Today I rang the people who supply and deliver our fruit and veggie box to us each fortnight and just remembered as I was being put through to quickly say an MBO.  I told the customer service person that our fruit from them has been bad, and I wasn’t satisfied; and she gave me 50 percent off our next box!  I also found out how to know what’s in our box in advance–a real help for us.

“On a weekend outing to do a small job at a shopping centre I asked for an MBO and afterwards I saw how many good outcomes there were; if I said them all here it would take up a page. The job I did went really well with the person and we had a very good exchange that is unusual for people doing her job. A man came up to us in our car as we were leaving asking for some money to buy petrol, so Michael gave him a few dollars and then I saw him at a Ute with the hood up and a petrol can in his hand, so he was genuine.  So they work for helping others also, and I had asked for an MBO for a good car parking space. So I will stop there as it goes on to quite a few other things that occurred.

“I have sent out your last newsletter to my email list I have, called Divine Angel Treasures and put a link with your book on Facebook.  Nice chatting with you like this Tom and thank you for all your sharing you are a generous benevolent soul.”


The second book was just finished by my publisher.  For those of you who are Amazon Associates, you can link my first book from your website and make some extra money.  And link the book website on Facebook and MySpace if you wish.


(Edited for space)  Blake in Hawaii writes:  “I answered an ad for a guy looking for a warehouse space to store/ play his drums. I needed a drummer, and I currently rent a warehouse with a studio apartment attached here in Honolulu. (another perfect MBO outcome)….The drummer (Kimo) and I met and he moved in.  He brought in an electronic drum set made by Roland….. a real basic kit–a toy really.  We started to jam just for fun…. He spoke about how awesome my music was…. and that after the first of the year he would have more time, and he volunteered to help me record a demo.

“We played (he came over 4 times), Christmas came and he said he would be unavailable till the first of the year. When I hadn’t heard from him I called on the 6th… no return call… nothing.

“I am jonesing to play at this point and re-requested the MBO for a perfect team to back me up with my music.  Later that day an acquaintance introduced me to a music enthusiast he knew with a my space page with over 28,000 friends. She called me and we talked …. at which time I told her about the drummer issue….. “Would I like to audition my grandson?” he’s looking for a band. duh -(he is twenty and has played for 14 years…)  I of course said yes called him and he asked if he could bring around his buddy to play bass.  Instant connection… just add music… we have only had 4 rehearsals (using the electronic drums left behind by the first guy- as the grandson had only a really cheap acoustic drum set he is thrilled to get to play the electronic set which he appears to be a wizard of some sort when he sits down with the kind of enthusiasm I have to play – he loves the music! And he is twenty, what an affirmation of potential for my material….

“During our first rehearsal he (apparently clairvoyant) said out of the blue ” I don’t think the drummer is coming back for his set… he just gave it to you…. new pa speakers and a stereo too….in that moment I felt Kimo make the decision to leave me the equipment and never come back -he has key’s….He mentioned his ears hurt from playing… I am hoping that something like that is what moved him to stop playing…

“Anyway we’ll be recording in the next weeks, I’ll send you some tracks…. still have not heard from Kimo, but without his drum set my current band would not have what it would take to do this. How weird a benevolent outcome is that? All kinds of things seem to go like that for me when I hold the faith that IT IS WORKING OUT.

“Here is one last thing for your readers to consider: I have basically made all my bills but have not been able to replace an Amplifier that has blown up. (I play through two amps, and have been making just one work for rehearsals)  I have spent many hours looking on line for something I want to buy but have received the thought repeatedly what I wanted to buy and has been designed specifically to fill my needs – but not in the market yet but available soon.

“I found the unit yesterday. At a music store that doesn’t sell the unit! I explained to the store manager the solutions I needed…. and he seemed very agitated…. after about two minutes of hymning and hawing around he announced he was going to show me his personal unit even though they didn’t sell them – available only online – no dealer in the US.  Anyway the unit is being released next week after the NAMM show with what spirit says are the various updates and refinements made since the prototype was released (the manager owns an early unit.) Now I know why I didn’t have money to buy something – that I would not have liked! So many MBO’s they just start to seem normal! Thank you Tom!”


Charlene writes:  “To add to your huge list of successful MBO’s (Most Benevolent Outcomes):  I left it a bit late in making reservations for Memorial Weekend.  We are combining a graduation ceremony with a couple days at the beach.  And in Northern California that can get to be rather insane finding a little hide-away if not booked very early.

“So my request was to find a wonderful little cottage that didn’t break my bank account and was within 1 hour of the beach and 1 hour of where we are to attend the graduation.

“Within two hours of looking online I found the absolutely perfect place nestled in its own little redwood grove 20 minutes from the beach and about the same from where the graduation is going to be.  I continue to stand in utter awe and gratitude!”


Vicki in Texas writes:  “I did want to let you know about another mbo related to termites.  We had a termite swarm appear in our jacuzzi tub.  The pest guy with 20 years of experience chasing bugs came to check them out.  He was very knowledgeable and had all these ideas about where the bugs would be coming from.

“Both my husband and myself said mbo’s for the termite problem.  When the bug guy returned to treat the termites he could find no trace of a current termite problem.  He seems like the kind of technician who always finds the bugs so when he could not find any bugs he was totally baffled.  I know it was due to the Mbo’s.  I am hopeful that my husband’s cancer will go the way of the termites.  Thanks again for your newsletters, advice and most of all introducing us to Mbo’s.”


Jill writes:  “My sister sent me the link for your site.  I say my requests for MBO’s daily and realize they have given me great strength.

“I seem to have a lot going on around me and unable to ‘see the forest for the trees’ – crisis in my marriage (sexual addiction), my own alcohol and food addiction, unclear direction and unemployment, no income, an international move in 3 months with no direction as to where we go…

“I say the same MBO’s daily. Should I change them each day?  I am not sure what to ask for with so much going on. At best I ask for strength and feel I am receiving that.  Keep up the good work and thank you very much!”

May I suggest for Jill and anyone else with any of these challenges you say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for being led to the best treatments for my addictions FOR ME, thank you!” You can change the requests up each day, including requesting a Most Benevolent Outcome for remaining disease free until you are able to have sex only with someone you care about on a steady basis. You can even request a MBO that you do not meet someone who will have sex with you.

And as you may have read in my weekly newsletters and this blog, you can request a MBO for the PERFECT job for you and the PERFECT place to live.


I almost did not include this one, as Helena had written me before, but this is a really good demonstration of how requesting MBO’s can lower stress and fear, once you get used to using this simple spiritual tool.


Helena in London writes:  “I left my flat to go to work but decided to go back to get my diary that I needed; in my rush and absent minded after locking up my flat I came out the communal door and put my ruck sack on top of the dustbin shelter.  Unbeknown to me I put my flat keys down whilsted I opened my bag to put the diary in. Off I dashed to work (bearing in mind I had done my MBO’S that morning) (One of my MBO’S was asking that my home remains safe from intrusion etc.. the MBO that you recommend in your book).

“All my day went by, I worked late on Friday evening, so when I locked the surgery up I could not find my house keys. I searched everywhere; one of the receptionists was kind enough to help me search, but we could not find them anywhere. This made me panic; I couldn’t concentrate and started to fear the worse, so Heather, the other receptionist, offered to come home with me.

“I started to feel quite negative thinking “gawd my flats been broken into,” or “the neighbors have got my keys and have gone up into my flat.” Under the circumstances I would have just burst into tears, but for some reason I didn’t. On the way home I started pleading to the Angels for help and I started requesting for MBO’S for help. I didn’t care what my friend thought, but she was giggling and teasing me for the things I was requesting for (and she was looking at me in a strange way, but I did not care)!  She probably thought I had lost my marbles.

“I couldn’t believe it, as I got nearer to my flat–there sitting on top of the dustbin shelter were my keys!  I just could not believe they were still there as a whole day had passed, and it’s certainly a busy street where anyone could have taken them. My God, TOM my requesting of MBO’S had definitely worked for me. I thanked everyone and every thing for my keys and my flat being safe!  WOW TOM, aren’t I sure one LUCKY person? THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! THANKYOU!”

Helena had her Guardian Angel acting as a Security Guard for her all day!

So check out my website at, where you can sign up for my weekly newsletters, if you wish.  The newsletters get into more advanced metaphysical type explorations.   I’ve also started Podcasting those for people who don’t have time to read.  There are also articles I’ve written for magazines, videos, and more!

Have a Most Benevolent Week everyone!


Tom T. Moore

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