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November 17, 2009



This Blog is for people just discovering the simple, yet powerful spiritual tool of requesting Benevolent Outcomes in their lives. You’ll find that requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) will lower your stress and fear levels, and give you a more successful and calm life. It does not mean that you will not have challenges in your life—they’ll just be easier to work through.

Please go to my website , where you can read two sample chapters of the book to get your started. I also have articles there you can read that I’ve written for various regional, national, and international magazines to give you even more suggestions.


Heather writes: “Dear Tom, I just had to write and let you know just one story that happened to me and there have been many since I originally found your website. We just moved 2 weeks ago to a wonderful house in the country. That was part of 1 MBO. But the one I wish to tell you about is the one that saved my family. We had just been here 3 or 4 days when a huge thunderstorm kicked up.

“Now I love a good storm but this one got nuts fast. And all of the sudden I realized we had a tornado heading straight for us. I could hear it coming and see the way the wind was blowing the debris. I shouted for my children so we could run down the basement and as we running towards it I mentally requested a MBO for the storm to not cause damage or injury, and just like that it slowed right down and it died to a more gentle rain.

“To say I was completely in awe would be an understatement. And I know this saved my family and the house we just moved into. I say a huge Thank you everyday for finding your site. And I cannot tell you how many times I have made a MBO and it has worked. So again, Thank you!!”

I do recommend that you say your MBO request out loud. In this case I’m sure there was such emotion and danger involved that there was an exception made.


Patrice writes: “I would like to tell you about a neat story that happened to me as a beginner using MBO’s. I was taking my son to the Special Olympics, which is a big event in Boston. We were nervous about parking because the event was huge and parking is few and far between at these events, especially in Boston. So you can imagine how handy MBO’s can be around here.

“We entered the parking lot and there was not a parking space to be found. So… I immediately requested a MBO for a parking spot to open. In the back of my mind I thought this probably won’t work but I’ll try anyhow. My husband looked at me like okey what are you doing ….then within seconds someone backed out and in we went to the space.

“My husband was so surprised. He turned to me and with a smile remarked “Nice job!” I was so, so delighted and stunned. Now this was quite a feat considering there were no parking spaces at all in this crowded lot in downtown Boston. It was quite remarkable.”


Diana writes: “I had another amazing experience with MBOs this summer holiday. “We went to Turkey, and I requested an MBO for the city where my in-laws lived, to be cooler and life more bearable at that time. In the city it was raining (a little) and so turned cooler than normally at that time. It never rained there in the summer. Even my mother-in-law was surprised at the weather. I had a huge smile, and of course thanks for my GA.

“Another thing was: my husband was requested to urgently meet a former business partner to “finish an accounting matter”. In the past they always hinted that we owed them money (we did not); they pushed us out after it become successful. Anyway, we thought they will again ask for that money. I requested a MBO for the meeting. The morning of the meeting, the guy forgot about it. But later in the day they had a meeting. My husband told me: the former partner handed him 2,000 usd in cash as a settlement of accounting. My jaw dropped. I like to think that my MBO was helping that.

“Recently 2 nights ago, I requested a MBO for help in organizing our office space as I have had some quarrels with my husband about that. I had almost instant insight about the situation. And my husband agreed that the idea was good on how to re-organize space.”


Darlene in Texas writes: “I always say an “MBO for Divine protection, keen awareness and defensive drivers all around me and a safe, uneventful trip to work” each morning before I back out of my driveway.

“If I’m running late I always “request an MBO for a compression of time to arrive and be able to punch the time clock at the precise time I am supposed to clock-in”. It has worked for me each and every time I have requested it. Sometimes, in my mind, I just know I’m going to be late but I never voice it. My GA’s always get me there.

“Last week I went to see my parents, 6 hours away. As I was returning home I went through a small town and in my haste to get back home, was pulled over for speeding (48 in a 35 mph zone). I only received a warning. Thank you for enlightening me on MBO’s. I use them ALL THE TIME!!!”


Gail writes: “My story is about a benevolent outcome I asked for when looking for a new kitty to add to my household. I requested just the right kitty for our family, and that when introduced to my old, huge cat and our dog, that there be none of the hissing and even fighting that usually happens at first. I still marvel at how complete and wonderful the outcome was.

“We found the most loving, sweet kitty (one year old) who is a complete joy for us. The extent of her gentleness and congeniality is unusual for a cat. And, from the first moment she met our cat and dog, she got along splendidly with them. Anyone who has introduced a cat into a household with another cat knows what a miracle this is.

“The Gentle Way helps us in our every day lives, reduces our anxiety, and is a good tool for turning our life challenges, big and small, over to a Higher Power.”


Kathy writes: “I have a MBO experience to share. A couple of months ago, I moved back to my small hometown in East Texas from the Dallas area. It has been a challenge to “slow down,” as the way it is in small towns, everyone moves at a leisurely pace.

“One morning on my way to do errands, I was stopped by a train. A lllooonnnggg train. I immediately recognized that this was a message from the Universe to slow down. I turned off my car ignition and while waiting, I recalled childhood memories of waiting for this train, which was quite relaxing, or so I thought. At the first sign of the last car
in the train, I started my ignition and zoomed across the tracks while the red lights at the railroad stop were still flashing.

“As I crossed the tracks, I saw a police car waiting on the opposite side, and remembered that I’m to wait for the flashing lights to cease before crossing. The policeman immediately turned on his lights, did a u-turn and I pulled over. When the officer approached my car, I had registration and insurance papers in hand and immediately apologized stating that I was wrong and didn’t wait for the lights to go off. I also added that it had been decades that I had to wait for a train.

“As he went to his car to run a check on me, I began thinking that I did not have the money to pay for a ticket and said the following MBO, “I request a MBO in this situation that I receive a warning ticket or may it be an outcome better than I could ever expect or imagine. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

” The officer came to the car and said, “I’m going to give you a warning; however, I don’t have my warning book with me. This ticket would cost you $300 or more. You need to learn to slow down and take it easy. Okay?” “Yes Officer, I will.” And then I said to my GA, whose name is Lillian, “Thank you Lillian!” ”


Lynn writes from Oregon: “I so enjoy your newsletters and reading about the MBO’s. Just wanted to let you know that MBOs fill my life now…even without asking. Yesterday my friend Diane and I drove to Portland, and hour trip over the coast range. I always ask for safe expedient smooth journey when I do this. She says that she forgets, but feels like they happen anyway. And as we talked, I realized I feel the same way… Now that I got my angels in action, I think they are just there. I will still ask, but not worry as much if I forget? Just wondering if you think this happens, we are putting our angels into action?”

My Guardian Angel Theo has told me that even as long as I have been requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s–around 14 years now), if I were to stop requesting MBO’s tomorrow it wouldn’t be too long that I would be just like everyone else reacting to events and not being protected and guided.

Remember, one of the major benefits of requesting MBO’s is it keeps you on your soul contract or life path that YOU LAID OUT prior to your birth for the purpose of gaining the most knowledge and having the most experiences which this life can provide you.


Annette writes: “I had a very stressful time when we were beginning work on writing our RFP (Request for Proposal) for our Federal contract. I left my second job to be available to work on this and honestly, after sitting in a few meetings, did not want to be involved (my gut told me we would lose a portion of our contract) but….this was part of my job.

“My friends and family had been telling me that I needed a break after working 2 jobs for 3 years, dealing with my Dad’s passing and my Mom 800 miles away and the contract issues at work was just too stressful. My GA kept telling me that I needed to get some rest and several times I would say to my GA – “I can’t take a break right now, I’ll take one
when all this is over”.

“On December 24th at 7:45am – I fell and broke my ankle outside of a shopping center while getting that last minute Christmas gift on my way to the office. I looked like something from a cartoon; I slipped on ice and one leg went one way and one went the other – I landed on my more than ample backside, slid down the ice and since I was wearing boots with excellent tread, when my foot hit the pavement my right leg twisted up behind me and TADA – a nice spiral fracture, dislocated foot/ankle and a few other interesting, but minor injuries.

“The first person to see me was an off duty paramedic who came running to me followed by an on duty police officer. In the ER we had to use my new flannel PJ’s I had picked up for myself as an impulse buy (they were only $5.00!) after they cut my jeans away and as I lay in the ER for 10 hours I heard my GA say “You needed to take a break”. They reset the ankle, but I would need surgery on the leg and would have to wait a week to let all the swelling go down.

“I had a great pity party Christmas morning as I was in some pain (my husband – such an Angel) and a week later, had surgery. I was 8 weeks out of the office and 12 weeks in a wheelchair. While out of the office the person that one of the managers wanted to write the RFP got to write it. I worked some from home with our Budget Officer and learned
two very important things:

“1) Be careful what you ask for….like not wanting to work on the RFP
2) Listen to your GA when they looking out for your health – they have
your best interest at heart
3) My GA has a sense of humor
4) My GA took care of me completely; off-duty paramedic, police
officer, the flannel PJ’s. My GA had everything ready.
5) Sometimes what seems at first to be a negative thing turns out to be
a positive thing.

“I learned several “lessons”, some serious and some humorous – all of which made a big impact on my and facilitated some changes that have been positive.

“So slow down and “smell the roses” everyone!”

And with that I’ll wish you a Most Benevolent Week everyone!


Tom T. Moore

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