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Tom T. Moore

All these questions and answers came from past newsletters, I think in 2009.  Eventually they will be in a future book.


How many guides do I have at the present time?

You have more than the normal contingent, as you have much to accomplish.  The number fluctuates between 10 and 12. 

Have I known any of them before?

Of course.  They are your friends from mostly previous lives and even a couple from future lives who wish to get to know you better.

Will my two guides from the future be work associates, family, or mates?

Good question again Tom.  They will be work associates.  You will need to be in good communication with them during the lives to come and they wanted to get to know you and your vibration, work and so on so that they would be more fully prepared to assist you in some upcoming lives.  It is quite normal, and you have done this very thing many times yourself in order to prepare to know someone better in an upcoming life. 

Tell me more about my guides and tell them I appreciate their assistance. 

That is very nice of you to recognize their assistance Tom and they greatly appreciate it.  When a soul fragment volunteers for this work, they understand that there will be no recognition; but they are able to learn much from their side too as they watch your life unfold.  This learning or education will also assist them in a future life. 

When do they volunteer—before my earth life, or in the middle of one when a call goes out from you?

No, no, they absolutely know what your contract is for the life in advance and you actually sit down so to speak and discuss it with them.  We are a big happy family and these discussions, if on earth would seem to go on for hours or days, but actually this process is quite fast.  It is much easier to exchange ideas and opinions on this side, as there are no egos in play yet. 

Does everyone have one or two main guides that are sort of leaders of the group?  How do they work with you?  Do you sort of take a background position?

Ah, an interesting series of questions.  Certainly you, meaning soul fragments in general, will have one or two guides that influence and guide you more than others.  These guides are with you on a long-term basis and are not like the guides that come and go depending upon your need for them.  In your case we have stated before that you had guides for first your travel business enterprises and then for your film distribution business.  The former are really no longer with you, except to assist you in your personal travels.  The main guide or guides are here for the long run—for your complete life.  They assist me and I them as somewhat of a team, along with your own higher self.  As I explained before, life is much more complicated than you can conceive at this time, but you are slowly building on that knowledge base. 

I think this next question would apply to a lot of people-- Regarding my two main guides—are they from my soul group or elsewhere?

Ah a good question Tom.  They are from your own soul group.  They are not incarnated at this time, and certainly play a great part in assisting me with your daily affairs.  They know you intimately and are able to assist you through me with that knowledge. 

Theo, Have I been someone’s guide in the past or future, and if so how many times?

A good question as Gaia would say.  You have been someone’s guide many, many times in the past and even in the future.  Being a guide helped you grow at a faster rate as I have explained about the benefits for your guides this time around. 

So what kind of number can you give me regarding the number of times I’ve been someone’s guide?

You would not believe the answer I would give you Tom, as it goes up into the thousands.  You have been a busy guy and have not let the moss grow under your feet so to speak.  You have enjoyed the work immensely, as you have such a varied background that can benefit many people.

How are they chosen?

The same as I.  They volunteered and were chosen for their skills depending upon what you needed at that moment in time.  There were naturally the ones who specialized in travel during your tour company days, and then recently in movies and entertainment, and those who assist you in writing. 

Would either of the two writer guides be recognizable as far as a past famous life?

No, these writers are just very competent at their craft with many lives spent writing.  Your type of writing—articles and even your book—is much more factual as compared to a novel, so your needs are for people that can write well and convey points most succinctly and understandably. 

I understand Theo.  I wish to thank them for their assistance and what they will assist me in doing in the future.

They express their thanks and love to you Tom.  You made their day. 

Also say thanks to all my guides.  They work with no recognition I know.

Yes but they are all excited to work with you in this life, I assure you. 

Do my guides communicate with me directly or through you Theo?

They actually communicate through me, sort of like uploading information into a computer and then it is downloaded as whispers in your ear and thoughts.  You are noticing it now much more than you did before.  Most people never recognize when they are being given some information out of nowhere.  

I can’t be a guide for more than one person at a time can I?

Yes, of course you can.  Even though you are a fragment or piece of a soul, you are not limited to just one person, as you can have multiple activities going on.  You offer your services wherever they are needed as the calls go out for souls with certain experiences that can assist someone.  It does not have to be someone you have known in any life.  It’s just being generous with your offer of knowledge. 

So the whole idea of us lying around relaxing doesn’t seem to fit does it?

Not at all.  Certainly there are those that need to rest and recuperate before they move on, but after that there are many activities that you can participate in.  This is one of the major ones.

What other activities?

Oh, discussions and friendly debates would probably head the list, but it is all done nicely shall we say.  Everyone presents their ideas and opinions.  There are no egos involved to get in the way. 

Do you or my oversoul send me messages or inspirations?

Mostly me although your oversoul will at times, especially during your sleep time when you return back to the stars so to speak.  We can discuss that more fully at a later time if you wish. 

Are there such entities as “side souls” someone asks?

No.  This refers to what could be considered guides.  Sometimes people attract entities that are lower vibrationally and attach themselves to those who allow drugs or alcohol to rule their lives.  Then, as we have discussed before the Cosmic Cops as Mr. Sutphen calls them (covered later) must be called in to rid a person of these attachments.  But for all intents and purposes there are no twin souls or such, but everyone does have their main guides present to assist the Guardian Angel as you call us in assisting you throughout your life on earth. 

How much energy does a soul have?  And I will say a whole soul compared to a fragment like I am?

Tremendous energy Tom.  Your machines that measure energy would not only peak but would break as the normal soul is extremely powerful with tremendous amounts of energy.  Now the person that asked that question was really referring to a soul fragment having a life on earth.  You do have energy, but certainly tiny in comparison to your complete soul.  More sensitive machines are being developed that will one day more accurately measure the energy of the average human being. 


Theo—I would like more information on how one life affects the others for a soul fragment.  As an example, has anything I’ve done in this life benevolently affected one or more other lives?

Yes, the Living Prayer that you say each day benevolently affects all the others Tom, and affects them more than you can imagine.  As I told you before, this erases much Karma—more than you can imagine as I said, so that you do not have to do so much balancing elsewhere, even in the lives where you were one of the “bad people” as would be defined today.  So that is certainly one major thing that you should continue to do and encourage other to do the same.  Beyond that, there are those times when you assist or help others just out of the goodness of your heart that also erases Karma in other lives, as it is a balancing that must eventually take place.  You’ve become very good at balancing these things over many, many lives.  You’re much more open to doing these things and realize on a subconscious level that leaving tips for waiters and other seemingly small courtesies you do for people help to balance lives.  It helps to raise you to another level faster.  The more people that do things for other people out of the goodness of their heart and not for financial remuneration the higher the level that you will all vibrate on. 

Have I ever said the Benevolent Living Prayer I say each morning in any other life?

No, not really.  This is your first life to recognize the value of saying this prayer.  That’s why it is so important that you continue to say this prayer on a daily basis, as it truly does erase much Karma as I have explained before.  So I am telling you the complete truth here Tom.  Do not doubt this statement, as I know doubt can creep into your mind.  This is a true gift to yourself and all the other lives you’ve lived and will live on earth.

Note:  The Living Prayer I say each morning goes as follows:  “I ask that any and all beings come to the aid and comfort of anyone I have ever harmed either physically, mentally, morally, spiritually, or emotionally in any past, present, or future life, and I ask that any an all beings come to the aid and comfort of the families of anyone I have ever harmed in any way in any past, present, or future life, thank you!"

I was told that this is rarely said in a normal life, but as you read above is HIGHLY BENEFICIAL to all your other lives and this one too!  You can find this Benevolent Prayer to print out on my website under SIGNS at

Have I ever said the Living Prayer I say each morning in any other life?

No, not really.  This is your first life to recognize the value of saying this prayer.  That’s why it is so important that you continue to say this prayer on a daily basis, as it truly does erase much Karma as I have explained before.  So I am telling you the complete truth here Tom.  Do not doubt this statement, as I know doubt can creep into your mind.  This is a true gift to yourself and all the other lives you’ve lived and will live on earth.

Theo, how do you handle a situation in which a life contract calls for someone to be killed at an early age like the one I lived early in Word War II?

I handle it the same Tom as all the other contracts that call for someone to not live to be or die at an old age.  My job is to take care of them until that time and to assist in actually setting up or pushing them along to be where they are supposed to be so that the event will happen.  That may sound a little callous, but keep in mind these are soul contracts and my job is to give aid and comfort as much as possible until the time of

Why did I seemingly wait so long to have a life where I was killed as that child in WWII?

You just had to find the right circumstances for your birth to a Jewish couple where you would not live long.  Yes it did free you of a Karmic debt stretching over several centuries.  But that’s how Karmic debts are taken care of.  It can be done within ten or twenty years or 2,000 years.  It does not make any difference on this side.

I assume I had taken the life of a child at some point in some life?

Yes of course you did.  So you had to suffer the same fate as the child you slew in a past existence.  Remember that everything must balance out and there are lives where you have been a cheat, thief and killer and then there are lives where you were called a saint. 

Did I have any Karmic ties to the German soldier that killed me in World War II?

Yes of course you did.  He was the child you had slain in the previous life.  That was a good question, Tom.

So did he incur a Karmic debt in killing me?

Not so much as the Karmic debts he owed for killing all the other people –innocent people with no weapons.  He has much to work off in future lives. 

But perhaps those people also owed him a Karmic debt too?

Yes and no.  Some people did but others had had no relations with him prior to their deaths at his hands.  Naturally he would later die in the war, so that helped a little, but only a little. 

Do you meet me at my time of passing?

Yes I’m there with many other spirits to greet you and in forms that will be recognizable to you.  You will have a crowd this time like no other.                                          

Are there angels actually assigned or volunteer for death duty or is this simply done by you and my guides?

No there are loving angels that assist in this death process Tom.  There are many jobs to be performed on this side of the veil for you and death duty is one of them, as these angels have great compassion and love and are able to transform themselves into whatever form your belief system calls for to assist in the transition. 

Why is a death angel needed when you’re there anyway?

A good question Tom.  My job is to greet you along with all your friends and love ones.  The angels that handle this duty are experienced in guiding everyone in the right direction so to speak, as your soul will no longer be tethered to your body.  We wouldn’t want you to become lost, now would we (a little humor there)?  So their job is more complex than it might appear on the surface.  They certainly do much more than take on some appearance of a friend you know or relative.

Months later I would ask for more information about the death process.

Theo, I would like to cover the death process in more detail for everyone.  Where does it actually start?

Yes Tom, it’s starts early on actually—weeks in advance.  The or your immortal soul informs you during the dream state or even twilight state if you are incapacitated that it is time to leave your body, so then the preparations begin.  At this point I—your Guardian Angel, am working quite closely with you, along with your guides.

Has the death Angel made an appearance yet, or do they wait until the time of death?

No, they are still in the background shall we say.  These loving spirits are aware that the person will soon pass over, and they can shall we say analyze you in an instant as to your religious and cultural background—your belief system—and they do consult with us, although this is certainly in a millisecond in your time frame.  So everything is made ready for the individual passing over.  The body is worn out, or, in the case of a sudden death due to war, disaster, or any other type of death where the person does not live to old age, this is all done in your sleep time.  As you have read many times, people have what are termed “premonitions” of death.  This is due to what they are being told during their sleep time.  In many cases it is a relief on a higher level that you are getting to leave, as you have been veiled from knowing your true self for many years.
OK, so the preparations have been done.  Is the next step the day of death, or is there something else?

No, you’re quite correct Tom.  These preparations go on until the day of death, and if it is a violent death, the Guardian Angel makes sure that that person is in the right place at the right time for the death to occur, per that person’s soul contract.  When everything is in place, then we are all gathered for that moment when the person expires.  The loving soul that is one of the volunteers for death duty is on the scene to comfort and accompany the person to the next level.

Do they travel on a tone as we do during the sleep or dreaming time Theo?

Yes, exactly, Tom.  At the moment of death, the silver cord, as it is known, releases.  It is not cut, but simply releases.  The death angel leads that person’s soul fragment on and here is where there are the reports of beautiful white lights and a tunnel, as the tone acts in a way like a tunnel, and there can be music or whatever that person needs to become aware that they have passed on and this is not a dream.  In many cases other soul fragments that the person has known will be in attendance to welcome and encourage the soul fragment, and they will appear as they had in, or during that person’s life.  This is especially true for the soul fragment’s own soul group or cluster.  At this point there is much celebration, and the person is guided to an interim location, if you will, where they can rest and regain their strength and orientation, depending again upon their belief system.  There is no time on this side, so this process can last as long as appropriate.  They—the soul fragment—may wish to envision a beautiful mountain cabin, or one on the shore of a beautiful lake or ocean.  Then slowly they become bored with this and it is time for review of the last life and preparations for the next life.

So the review does not come immediately after they have passed over?

No, it’s not necessary, although this process can be almost immediate for some individuals that quickly remember the process.   Each person or soul fragment is different and is treated with loving care by the souls who are assigned to them upon arrival.

So the death soul (angel) is only there for the death process and that is all?

Yes, this is very important and requires dexterity shall we say, as some soul fragments are disoriented and due to their belief systems are not prepared for this process. 

Someone asked what about the benefits to families and our soul when we leave behind a part of us when we die.  Your comments?

Yes this fragment of the fragment so to speak, does remain attached with its biological family, so that there is a connection to the fragment that has gone back to the soul group.  A little difficult to explain to you, but this connection serves both the living and the fragment to keep an eye on the rest of the lives of its children and mates.  It is a way of giving comfort to them that they can feel this presence around them whenever they wish to. 

Does this extend to the grandchildren?

Yes of course, if the person was alive when they were born, they will send loving feelings to these children whenever they wish to receive them on a subconscious or subliminal level.

Theo, I an understand the benefit to the soul fragment’s family, but what other benefits are there to the soul fragment besides keeping an eye on their lives?

Yes let’s delve a little deeper Tom into this.  The soul fragment does gain other benefits.  It can act as a guide for one or more of the family members to assist them in their decisions of what is best for them.  It also gains more knowledge by observing other lives and how they were influenced by that soul fragment’s life so that perhaps it can do a little better job or perform better in another upcoming life.  Those are the major benefits.

Will I need much time to recuperate after this life, or after reviewing this life will I jump into preparations for the next one?

You will need some time to adjust to the fact that you are not hindered by an old decrepit body, so yes there will be some time as you adjust back to the vibrant soul or portion of one that you are.  You will just not need as much as the normal soul fragments or soul pieces.  Understanding and knowledge will not have to be so dramatic and seemingly long lasting, as say for your friends that only believe in heaven as taught by the church.  So yes is the answer that you will take time to recuperate and see all your old friends.  It is the time to do that and enjoy each other’s company unencumbered by being veiled. 

You mentioned meeting with guides before each birth yet lives happen simultaneously, so how can all these meetings happen at the same time?

Yes this is difficult to explain in the 3rd dimension.  They have the appearance to you of being one life after another, as there has to be some linear correlation.  Therefore although there is technically no time on this side of the veil, there has to be a division between this Nirvana, and the activities that go on there, and the activities that go on, on a soul level.  It is very complicated, but there is still separateness after your death and before the next life.  Perhaps that is not a complete answer, but very close to explain why each time feels like an ending and preparation for a new beginning. 

OK.  Can we have, or is this common to have overlapping lives, where we are born into a life while we still have another going on?

Yes, this is quite common.  Keep in mind, that from our side, you died in one life and then on a linear fashion you prepared for another life, and then were born.  It is extremely rare for you to meet yourself so to speak, so there is no overlapping problem from this side.  Naturally this is done in order for you to live through certain world events, but also to interact with family and friends that are all being born during that time period. 

What form do we take during my life preparations or do any of us have a form?

Yes you do take on a form that is convenient.  It is more an energy form than a human looking form.  By then you will have passed the need to look like a human form and can be the energy that you are.  You have great energy so your form gives off very beautiful colors unique to you, as you must remember that there are color spectrums that are far beyond those of earth. 

How much does an oversoul take part in discussions about one’s next life on earth or perhaps even on another world?

Your oversoul as you call it Tom, does act as a loving advisor that directs the discussions if you will, while your soul group works out the contract for the next life.  As you do, you call in other soul groups as they are needed so that the experiences you have are arranged with those soul groups—yes, young and old.  As I said Tom, we are one big happy family and soul groups come in and out as needed—you just put in a call for them, and they offer their ideas and how you can interact with their next physical lives as your paths cross. 

Theo—do we have a “planning board’ where we plan our next life with our guides?

Certainly the description you read is fairly accurate Tom.  It is sort of a holographic screen where you quickly lay out your next life and all the paths are considered and the one that will give you the highest amount of knowledge and understanding is chosen first, then all the other souls that you will meet along the way are invited to give you ideas of learning experiences with them.  As I mentioned before, we are one happy family and everyone offers up ideas where there are no egos in place.  You can design a very full life with many challenges, or an easier life with just a few.  It’s up to you and your soul.

Do some people come in with a less defined soul contract and if so why?

Yes, some people that are on earth may have had very difficult lives so they choose a very mundane normal life with just a few challenges.  And it is open-ended so that if they so choose, they can have more challenges during the life if they feel up to it.  Again, it is up to the soul as to whether they wish to finish everything as we have talked about before in 600 or the longer 800 lives average. 

Since we have free choice, when we decide to take an alternate path during a life other than the best one for our growth, do we then come back to the planning board during dreamtime, or is this taken care of as a possibility when we are first planning our life?

Yes, a good question Tom.  You do come back during dreamtime and consult with your guides and higher self and redo the board.  It can be done in one night, but sometimes it takes longer.

So if we have free will does a Guardian Angel or other being know what we’re going to do, when there seems to be only potentials that can change depending upon our choices?

Yes Tom, we do see these potentials and know in most instances the path you will follow at any given time.  Yes you do have free will to change and yes as we have discussed before you frequently take a path that is not in your best interests or on your soul contract.  So even though it seems that you are living this life in a linear fashion, we can go to the end of your life and look back on what you chose.  I realize this is very complicated for everyone, but we are not constrained by time—only you are.  So in the short run we see your potentials and with a long view we see what you chose to do. 

So even though we choose something that was not on the soul contract, you know this in advance?

Oh yes.  We can tell from your previous actions how high a potential is for you to take this path or that path.  We have few surprises from our viewpoints as you make choices in your lives.  When you are drawing up your soul contracts, you normally know the weak areas in advance yourself.  We do our best to guide you, but there are many times you make decisions from a mental perspective and not from feeling.  This will gradually change over the coming years and life will be more benevolent for you all.


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