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Pay it ForwardWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address. 


I have received several emails recently suggesting that I be a guest on the COAST TO COAST radio show (carried by many radio stations), as they felt this would be a perfect program for 
Coast to Coastme and it does have a large listening audience.  Over the past year or so, I have sent information to the producers of the show about my books, newsletters, articles and so on and have not had any response. 

So let’s try this.  If you will take the time out to do so, please send an email to the producers of Coast to Coast and to George Noory, who hosts the program.  Please explain IN YOUR OWN WORDS why you think I should be a guest there.  If you are not familiar with the show, here is the website: .

Now here are the email addresses of the producers and George Noory:, Lisa Lyon, Tom Danheiser   

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  I just sent this to a number of magazines.  Title is IF HEAVEN WAS A CORPORATION and uses the analogy of a corporation to explain spiritual concepts.  Here is the link and
Writerfeel free to forward to your friends.  I’ve had excellent response from several magazines:

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Complex WorldI publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Carell writes:  When you ask once again about events for CA, would you please ask specifically if Monterey, Carmel is on the "hit list". We are on granite here. In the '89 earthquake which
Monterey, CAwas so disruptive to the north of us at the Loma Prieta earthquake, we received nothing. So does being on granite "save" us? Or do we s till need to relocate 15 miles inland. For us, 15 miles inland puts us closer to the San Andreas faultline, so we're aware of that. I truly have the sense that I am divinely protected here, 2 miles from the Pacific Ocean,  high on a ridge. Am I deluded?

Gaia, is Monterey, Ca a safe place to live with it’s granite base?

Yes Tom.  It would be considered one of the safest places to reside in this region.  That said, that does not mean the area will not suffer damage from a large quake, but overall the damage will be much less than their neighbors.  So there are, shall we say, shelters from the storms that are on the way. 


Earthquake EnergyEileen writes:  Tom, will you please ask Gaia if the upcoming earthquakes will either/and help to stop wars in affected areas and/or cause the availability, somehow, of free energy and abundance for all?  Do the demonstrations all over the world also tie into this outcome?

Gaia, will earthquakes help to stop wars and/or to produce energy that can be harnessed someone asks?

You could say that indirectly earthquakes can stop wars Tom, as great resources must be spent to recover from earthquakes—resources that would have been available for military actions.  But there will be no earthquakes in the middle of a conflict between two sides in the foreseeable future.  Regarding harnessing this energy, it is far beyond your technology at the present time to be able to harness this energy.  It will be far in your future before this could be accomplished, and by then there will be magnetic free energy—actually long before then, so there will be no need to harness this energy.


Peggy writes:  Smart Meters are being rolled out around the country by gas and electric companies and are being installed on all residences. Are the wireless signals they
Smart Metersgenerate hazardous to our health and well-being?  We already know these types of signals can disrupt pacemakers and other medical devices.  Some people are complaining of headaches, aches, nightmares, and more. Can they affect healthy cells?  If so, what can we do to neutralize their effects?  Is there anything that can be done to ban them from usage?

Gaia, are the Smart Meters being installed near houses harmful to our health?

Not really Tom.  The frequencies they use do not affect humans.  It is not as if it radiated something harmful. 


Nancy writes:  Thanks so much for all that you do in helping us grow in our understanding of MBOs!   I love them!
I was wondering if you would ask Theo about how education might evolve from where it is today.   I have taught young children for over 30 years, and
do my best to cope with whatever is coming down the pike.   But I get fed up with those who are “authorities” on education telling us one thing one year and an entirely different thing the next.   I do what I have to do, but where I have increasingly put my energy is into emotional, physical, and creative aspects of education.  

Teacher & StudentsWe discuss our feelings first thing every day, because it’s a way to release any frustrations prior to coming to school.  Sometimes it’s also the only time I learn about  parents breaking up, the dog’s death, etc.   Often it’s not something I can help directly with, but I encourage everyone to help that person out, and remind the child who is talking that we are all with him or her.   I also allow a fair amount of choice in my class at times.   And of course we have to get up and sing and move around!  

Some of my colleagues feel that all of the above is a waste of time, and that I should be continually in the instructional mode.   But when a child shares a dream with us all, we all learn!  Any thoughts you might have would be appreciated.

Theo, how will education evolve in the next 25, 50, and 100 years?

Yes, a good question to begin the day Tom.    In the short range education will make some large jumps you see.  Already as you saw on TV 250,000 children in the United States receive all or part of their education over the internet and this trend will sharply increase, as it is found that the cost of educating the child is much less this way in hard economic times.  So certainly this is a major trend to watch, as this will improve on the way children are taught. 

The world will become the classroom, as children are more free to take trips with their families and discover the world and most importantly people of different faiths and beliefs and how they live.  Children will not be limited by being forced to attend below par schools, so there will be a leveling of education.  All this will take place in the next 25 years.

Then as you move towards the middle of this century, naturally even more changes will continue and you will see many outmoded schools being abandoned and boarded up, or will be turned into other uses.  There will be a great leap in education and knowledge during this next 25 years.    To go farther out at this time Tom would simply be an exercise in probabilities, so the closer we can stay the higher the probability of these things coming to pass.


Double Full MoonSuzanne writes:  I have been seeing double full moons for months.  Can you explain what this means? 

Gaia, what are people seeing when they see a double full moon?

An interesting question Tom.  Let’s see if you can receive this.  The full moon can have the appearance of being double at times due to atmospheric conditions.  But there is no actual double full moon.  There are laws of physics here and to have two full moons on separate days would not work under these laws.  So again, the double full moon can appear under the right atmospheric conditions.


Sam writes:  I have been researching the Gypsy history, and am finding that they have been a severely abused and persecuted ethnic group. Including genocide, enslavement and attempts to exterminate them
Gypsy Lady as a minority and people. Can you tell me the origin of the Gypsy people and why they persevere through all kinds adversity? Also why they have this amount of suffering as part of their soul contract and why they maintain the nomad form of life verses settling down in one place?

Theo where did the gypsies originate—some have suggested India or even hollow earth, and why do they have soul contracts to be persecuted.  

Yes, Tom, the gypsies as they are called did originate in India long ago and have been nomads ever since.  They are persecuted because of their dark complexion, along with the fact that they do break laws in order to feed their families along the way.  Yet they also contribute by being who they are and shaking things up shall we say with their nomadic life when they arrive in a village, town or city. 

Their soul contracts are to be nomads and explore and travel, and to have lives where they are not the good guys shall we say to balance lives where they are.  Much will be learned by studying their DNA strands regarding their origins.  Living a life as a gypsy can be very adventurous incarnation, compared to many other humdrum lives spent, so it is a good change of pace. 


MermaidSteve writes:  Thank you for the info you give. I am curious of the people under the sea.  As we go deeper and deeper the sea becomes pitch black, do the people live in the dark? Or do they make their own light?  Or, do they tap into the core crystal of earth for that light and energy?  Lastly, if they use a light source do they have feline type eyes due to the extremes of light & darkness?

While reading the newsletter, I hear myself thinking the questions....and maybe hearing the answers disguised in my questions.  Thank you for your comments!!

I thought it best to ask the basic question.  Gaia, are there any beings, not including fish, that live deep in the sea besides the mermaid creatures?

Good question Tom, but no there are none at present besides what you term the mermaids, and as has been mentioned to you before, they learned long ago to stay clear of human contact, or their lives would be in danger.


Nancy writes:  I’m new to your work but have been enjoying your newsletters since I discovered them a couple weeks ago. I will order your book on Amazon, even though I
Underwater Cityswore off ordering more books until I read down the pile sitting here beside me. I just can’t wait, though!

There seems to be something going on with Lemuria. I hadn’t really thought much about it before. It always seemed to play second fiddle to Atlantis. But suddenly this year it’s all the buzz. I am amazed to discover in myself a strong emotional pull to the land of Mu and great need to know more. Is there some kind of Lemurian awakening going on?

Theo, will Lemuria somehow be more prominent in 2012 than it has been in the past?

Not nearly as much as the person who asked the question might think.  There will be great revelation or discovery of another undersea city, such as the one off the coast of Japan.  In metaphysical circles certainly it might be discussed more, but not as far as the general public is concerned.  All eyes will be turned to see what happens in 2012.


OceaniaGail writes:  Hi Tom – just finished reading your ‘Gentle Way’ newsletter.  Can you/Gaia speak to the Hawaiian islands?  I don’t recall information re earth change consequences; heard Kauai is the home of the original Lemurians, and because I believe they are my family, have been contemplating moving there.

Theo, do the Hawaiians date all the way back to Lemuria?

Yes, in a way Tom, but more from a point of view when other islands visited them who were direct descendants. 

Hawaii will have the same problems all the islands of the world will have in the next five years as the ocean level rises two feet.  If you live on one, live as high up as you can afford. 


AngelEleanore writes:  Another good edition of the Newsletter, thank you. 

We have so much “seriousness” lately.  I had a whisper in my ear to pose a question to you to perhaps lighten the mood a bit.

Recently, I saw a TV commercial displaying a beautifully gowned woman.  When she turned around we saw her bare back with some very prominent shoulder blades.  The whisper was, “Contact Tom T. Moore (of The Gentle Way)  and ask him to please question his sources as to what you believed as a little girl.  Are those prominent shoulder blades what is left after we are born here and our full wings are left back where we came from?”  So, I’m asking.

Theo, does someone having broad shoulder blades remind her of once having wings?

Perhaps Tom, but not on earth.  There are winged people on other planets Tom, which you will someday discover as all of you go to the stars.  Winged angels is a 3D concept and not in actuality.  It stems from early education and from your trusty GA’s giving an appearance to people who have it in their minds what their concept is of a Guardian Angel. 


Interior of SpaceshipFor my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster” having a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System. 

Lou writes:  I would be interested in what Antura has to say about something I experienced in a ‘dream’ state. The real short story is that I was in a space craft above the planet Earth, before me were a podium with a flat table top surface, past that is a large viewing screen that was displaying a view of space. Beside me a tall thin male. He instructed me to place my right hand above a portion of the podium and when doing so, a tremendously large space craft was seen to appear in the viewing screen. The craft was a most brilliant, effervescent, shimmering luscious green. I was told that this is how to uncloak a spacecraft. My questions are what race was the man from, what race did the spacecraft belong to and why was I there?

Antura, why did Lou view a spacecraft and how to uncloak it; why was he there and where was it from?

Yes, Tom.  He was ethereally on the spaceship and was being shown some things by the crew, whom he knows from his home planet.  It is in orbit to study earth just as there are a number of other spacecraft set up around you, cloaked so as not to cause a disturbance. 


Ron writes:  I am going to be short on this. Anthony Sanchez Has been doing investigations on UFO’s and aliens. He has been focusing on Dulce New Mexico and he has found
Dulce, NM that out in the Mesa area there is a whole lot of things happening in regards to Greys and scientists. They are located under ground. He states that they also have UFO craft down there too. Anthony has contacted some kind of disease which he says he was poisoned with it from some of the people involved. He also says he was taken down there and has talked with witnesses who know what is going on down there. This also has to do with Indians too for this is located on a reservation. They are also do research on interbreeding. Plus they too have had lots to do with cattle being mutilated. Wow, I must say this whole thing is very, very interesting and has gained my total interest at this time. You can find out more at .

Theo, what is going on underground at Dulce, NM and was Anthony Sanchez poisoned and did he actually go underground?

Yes, there is much secret work going on at this facility Tom.  Dulce is the new Area 51 shall we say.  It is more remote—not so easy to travel to as was Area 51, although it is now appearing on various investigative websites.  Mr. Sanchez was poisoned but not for what he found.  There will be much more coming out about this in the future, and I do not wish to spoil the fun or satisfaction of discovery of those who will bring to the light of day this facility and what happened to Mr. Sanchez. 


Spontaneous CombustionDarrell in Kansas City writes:  I have recently joined your newsletter subscribers list. I am new to MBO’s and have ordered books one and two.

I have a curiosity question about Human Spontaneous Combustion. I have read stories about this happening to people without any visible reason. Is this something Theo or Gaia could explain for us? Thank you.

Theo, why do some people spontaneously combust?

Yes, this is a rare DNA profile Tom, and as you can imagine, there are past life reasons for someone to combust in this manner.  Generally it is because they caused a lot of people to die in an explosive manner.  It is a chemical makeup in their bodies that allows for this to happen. 


Anupa writes:  Please enlighten me more on Geopathic Stress – the stress lines that cause cancer? How is this measured and do these lines change over time?? Any further information on this will be very
Geopathic Stress Lineshelpful.

Theo, any comments on Geopathic Stress—stress lines that can supposedly cause cancer?

I will say these studies are really something to ponder, but it will lead elsewhere.  I can’t reveal too much as there are people working daily on this and I can’t spoil their research, but I will say it will lead them to discover other things. 


Hoover DamAntonia writes:  I was reading about this area and wondered if the coming changes will affect it?

Gaia, what is the probability of Hoover Dam being damaged by an earthquake in 2012?

As you guessed Tom, there is very little probability of this occurring.  I would say at this point less than 10%.  Certainly when the California coast quakes they will feel it there, but much less in intensity as they are far enough away to be sheltered or buffeted by the mountains.  So this dam will remain in place for many years to come Tom.


Theo, when will people start to dig up old dump sites and recycle all the metal and other things? 
Dump Site

Yes, this will begin happening in the next 10 years Tom, as recycling improves in efficiency and people look to have sources.  The most prime for this to occur will naturally be dumpsites before recycling began in that area of the country.  So this land will become much more valuable than people realize.  Processes will still need to be improved to recycle large amounts of what was garbage, to retrieve that which is recyclable and to put to use what is not.


Indian MasterRaphael writes:  I would like to know if there any possibility to project Akashic records visuals into the third dimension.
I read in the book : LIFE AND TEACHING OF MASTERS OF THE FAR EAST about visions of the future which were projected on the wall of a cave, by Indian masters for a group of spiritual explorers.

Theo, is it true that visions of the future were projected on a cave wall by Indian masters?

Certainly there is some truth to this, Tom.  The Indian masters are quite capable of this and there have been times they used this method to teach those who wished to learn. 


The following is from my weekly blog last week at .  John is a very experienced “MBO’er” and is the monitor or host of the forum on MBO’s at .  It’s a pretty active forum if you wish to check it out. 

John writes:  Well I use MBO's for everything.  When I go to the store I do an MBO before I go in and I have all sort's of interesting things happen, from finding things I thought I'd never find, to finding perfect gifts for friends (for birthdays and things like that), to having shorter lines at the checkout... etc.   I use MBO's for small things a lot.   When I drive I do an MBO to arrive safely at my destination.   I use MBO's at work to have a great day and get more done, or ask to have like just a little work that day if I don't feel so great.   Amazing synchronicities happen every day.   Also of course, like in Tom's newsletter I use them for parking spaces too... I find the most amazing spaces where there are none. 

Choking I also did an MBO recently, when I started to choke on a bagel I was eating, I did everything I could think of to stop and finally in desperation I remembered to do an MBO and in like 5 seconds the choking just stopped... I was amazed.   That happened again a week later and I also had it stop in about 5 seconds or was like magic and I couldn't tell exactly how it was done but it felt like a small miracle.

I also use my GA (guardian angel) for big things like finding a new job, and things just drop right in my lap, or having new friends show up... etc.  Tom recommend also doing MBO's for impossible things, like having large sum's of money come to you.   They might not happen, but you can give it a shot... also it's a VERY good idea to do an MBO to pay off a specific bill, rather than ask for a large sum of money.   Working on specific bill's is much better.   You can ask to have your car insurance bill reduced, or ask to have your credit card bill paid in some miraculous way, or maybe get some help with it.   I also do MBO's before I go to anyplace where I have to pay a bill in person, and sometimes I get discounts where it's like impossible to get them.   I got a big break on my car insurance once doing an MBO before I went to go see the agent and that never happened before in my whole life!

I also do an amazing MBO before I go to bed, something like "I now request the most benevolent outcome to have a wonderful and restful sleep tonight and to wake up in
Restful Sleepthe morning refreshed and rejuvenated and healed....thank you".    When I say that before bed I wake up feeling so great it's amazing!   On days when I forget to say it... I wake feeling so-so and then realize, I forgot my   It does make a big difference though.    Asking for healings using MBO's for myself work really great.

You can even ask to have your psychic abilities to be increased or intuition awakened or third-eye stimulated.... and things really get done, I feel this incredible energy in my forehead when I do that.   You can do an MBO for clearer communication with your guides and angels... etc... the list goes on and on, whatever you can think of.... do an MBO for it.

As for communication with my GA, I get it in the form of intense "knowings," I've gotten to point now, where my communication channels are becoming very open.   Lately I've noticed I can ask for directions while driving my car, and get the most amazing "impulses" as to where to turn and where to go.   It's like I never got lost anymore... and don't need a map or's really great!

You could take me, put me in the middle of a strange forest, where I have no idea where I'm going and I could get myself out in no time, asking my GA and guides for help.   I've grown in confidence now and I feel so protected and's really fantastic!

I hope more people get into MBO's--it's worth the time and effort.  Your spiritual development will also grow by leaps and bounds too!


Baba VangaSandy writes:  I was wondering if you would please ask who it would concern if Baba Vanga was indeed clairvoyant, psychic, or connected to otherworldly beings?  Was she less veiled than the rest of us Human beings?  Are her predictions in anyway predictive or is she just another "web kook", a species of nut whom often brings misery to the gullible.

Here is a Wikki describing Baba Vanga in some detail:

This lady is in no way related to Sai Baba about whom you have written and her name doesn't turn up in a search.

Theo, was the Bulgarian Beba Vanga a clairvoyant?

Yes, she did have some special abilities Tom as she could tune into spirit and also be inspired at times. 


VaccinationLynn writes: Just got the Gentle Way Newsletter--reading about autism.

My grandson has a form of autism--three and a half years old--apparently after the vaccinations that were given him.  Supposedly the doctor was going to space the shots out on him.  He was all right except for a heart problem that has cleared up.  It started out about 6-9 months old age and we noticed a difference in him.  He is being helped out with teachers, and so forth, but wish that it never happened to him All these children that have health problems due to the government and telling the doctors what has to be given to people, especially the ones that are
not aware of the crap that is going on.
It is disgusting about the government having the children get the vaccinations with all the junk that they put in it.  I remember many years ago that I had a bad cold and sore throat and did not know any better and was given a shot and it only got worse.  Now I use only the Boiron brand for the colds and flu that people get in the flu season.
I wish that things would change faster and that they would start using the sound and light to heal us like they show on Star Trek.  We would be much better off.


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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