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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.  If you are new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for other people, you may also wish to SIGN UP FOR MY WEEKLY BLOG, which has nothing but GREAT MBO stories from all over the world.  I typically post this one day after the newsletter goes out.   And have you requested that I be your FRIEND ON FACEBOOK yet?  Please do so.  I do give extra information there.  And please list my book and/or website as one of your favorites.  I also post on TWITTER

Hundreds of people died in the past week in Libya, so I ask you again to say this Benevolent Prayer OUT LOUD:

“I ask any and all beings to come to the aid and assistance of all the people in Libya to keep them safe and to assist them in their change to democracy, thank you!”

SPECIAL EVENT COMING:  Please mark your calendars right now for Saturday, April 16.  I will be doing a webcast again with my producer Cindy Belmonte.  You will have a chance to ask questions and I’ll answer them live for one-and-one-half hours.  Hopefully next week I’ll have it listed in APPEARANCES at the bottom of the newsletter. 

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use.  Please keep in mind that this is an interactive newsletter.  It relies on questions from you, and participation when you’re asked to say a Benevolent Prayer for something happening in the world.  I encourage you to send in questions of a GENERAL nature, which I can ask Theo or Gaia.  

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a different perspective:


Japan EarthquakeI had already written the below, when I awoke this morning to hear that an 8.9 magnitude earthquake had struck off the coast of Japan with a resulting in a 30 foot (10 or 11 meter) tsunami.  Yesterday I had asked Gaia about the earthquakes which has already occurred earlier in the week.  There have been MANY large aftershocks creeping down the coast towards Tokyo.  Whether the earthquake I was told about by Gaia which was to happen last September will now occur, I have no idea.  We’ll wait to see.  News reports already report hundreds of bodies lying on the beaches.  Now the tsunami is headed across the Pacific as I write this.  Here is what I previously wrote and received:

Just this week, offshore of the main island of Japan—Honshu—there was a 7.2 earthquake (producing a two foot or 60 cm tsunami), followed by three quakes 6.0 or above—along with a number of smaller aftershocks.  CNN reported that Tokyo shook for a full three minutes.  You can see the list of earthquakes by going to .   So I asked Gaia:

(3/10/11)  Gaia, are you planning any movements close to Tokyo, or are the movements off shore enough to stave off any movements on the island itself?

Japan TsunamiYes Tom.  The movements offshore have relieved some of the pressure along the fault line, but it is not enough.  There will come a time, very soon I might add, when the fault line will spring apart as you saw in that demonstration on TV the other day.  It is inevitable, but in this case the pressure to move on that part of the fault has increased.  I know you do not wish any dates Tom, so I will just say that the souls living on this island have approved a movement in the near future.  That is all I’ll say at this time. 

Let’s say a Benevolent Prayer for everyone in Japan, and for anyone in the path of the tsunami across the Pacific:

“I ask any and all beings to assist all beings affected by the earthquakes and tsunami to keep them safe and assist in their recovery, thank you!”


NibiruRhonda writes:  My husband has a question for Theo:  He follows the "Zeta Talk" site and wants to know a) Is there truly a Planet X (Nibiru)? b) Will it pass close to the earth? c) If so, when? and d) Will there be the world-wide tectonic movements causing volcanoes, floods, etc. that the Zetas are predicting?  He's really looking for a definitive answer since the Zeta's (and I can attest to this) are extremely vague with specifics. 
Thank you so much for your work and for bringing the Gentle Way to everyone who is open to it.  And please thank Theo, Gaia and the gang for their love and concern for all of us.

Gaia, there has been much talk about a Planet X recently.  So is there a Planet X in our solar system, and if so where is it located, and I’ll add is this Planet X the one most closely associated with the Planet Neburu mentioned in the writings of Zecharia Sitchin?

Yes, Tom.  There are one or more planets you have not yet discovered.  They are masked, as they are not on the same elliptical orbit as the rest of the planets.  The one I speak of is not a very large planet and therefore does not influence you the way the others do Tom.  And you are correct--this planet is not the same one as the planet Nibiru, which is far out of the solar system at this time. 

Planet XIs this planet inside of Pluto? 

Yes, you will find it with a little bit of searching, or perhaps a lot.  It does not cause any danger or problems for you at this time Tom.  This is another case where it is easier to blame some mysterious planet for everything which is occurring, rather than to accept the fact that the earth is undergoing modification, shall we call it. 

In connection with this question will there be worldwide movements and floods?

Yes there will be and are continuing to be world wide movements Tom, as anyone can see simply by watching the USGS website devoted to showing all earthquakes in the past 7 days.  These movements are literally all over the world.   And yes, I do have help with these from the Sun, who assists me with solar flares and the CME’s as they’re called.  But I also have assistance from the other planets in this solar system to achieve results.  It may seem fairly simple on the surface Tom, but I assure you, the movements in my interior are quite complex. 

So to answer this person’s question, yes there will be more worldwide movements and yes there will be floods from time to time, as they are called for by your souls for learning.


Himalayan Sea SaltRandy writes:  I found that Himalayan Sea salt from Pakistan cured my high blood pressure.  Within hours my blood pressure returned to normal.  It now stays around 117/78 as opposed to 150/90 with prescription blood pressure medicines.  It's much cheaper than even my co-pay for my two blood pressure medications, which I can proudly say I'm off of now.  I was afraid to tell my doctor when I had my physical but I am off my medication completely for blood pressure. 

All the doctors in the past told me to stay off salt but this Himalayan sea salt isn't bleached out like the white table salt most consume.  Why did this natural sea salt cure my high blood pressure.  Oh, I bought 5 lbs fine salt that will last me forever here:
Maybe it will help somebody like it did me.  I wish I could ask Gaia how that happened that the pink Pakistan Sea Salt normalized my blood pressure?

Gaia, Randy says Himalayan Sea Salt dropped his blood pressure to normal.  Why did this happen?

Obviously Tom, the purity and properties of this salt from Pakistan are far better than those which are obtained from other salt mines in the world.  This salt is 95% or more pure, where as you’ve read other salts might be only 35%.  The properties of the salt do have an effect on humans to lower your blood pressure Tom and I highly recommend its use.  This is another basic element, which you should be ingesting instead of the processed salts, which lose their ability to help your system and actually can have the reverse effect. 

I asked Randy how he controls his intake and this was his response:

SoleI use a mixture of the Himalayan sea salt in water called sole.
Himalayan Sea Salt Sole

Fill a glass jar to a depth of 2 to 3 cm with large Himalayan pink salt crystals and cover with spring water. Seal jar and leave overnight. Replenish as desired. Sea salt is naturally antibacterial, so no refrigeration is required.
Every morning I mix 1 teaspoon of the sole with a warm cup of water.  That's it and it's control my blood pressure from day one.  It goes totally against what medical doctors have learned.
I was using 2 different blood pressure medications before using the Himalayan sea salt sole.

Naturally I DO NOT RECOMMEND getting off your blood pressure medications and trying this out.  You need to monitor your blood pressure EVERY DAY if you decide to try this.  Here is a link to a four-part discussion about Himalayan Sea Salt between a German and an American doctor.


Bathroom fallMary writes:  I would like to share my MBO story with you and your readers.  I am a devout reader of your newsletter and blog.  I was doing the MBO's for approximately six months.  One morning, still half asleep, I slipped and fell out of the shower tub.  As I was ready to fall, I had a thought to say, "Guardian Angel help me!"  I believe that saying that saved my left Knee.  As I was slipping I could feel my knee twisting and all my weight on it.  I thought for sure I would end up in the hospital with surgery on my knee. 

I did end up going to the ER.  My blood pressure was sky high because of the pain.  I got a pain shot and pills and orders for no weight bearing for one day and then to increase weight bearing with each passing day.  I did say MBO's to be seen at the ER quickly, to be correctly diagnosed, and proper treatment.  I also asked for healing energies to come to me and for pain relief.  My ER visit was very quick and I was seen as soon as I signed up.  As my visit came to an end, ambulances showed up with MVA patients. 

In the coming days and weeks I used EFT tapping for the pain, which helped a lot.    I have two young children and husband to take care of.  Without MBO's and EFT I would have been in so much miserable pain. I am thankful for these tools that empower us.  Thank you Tom for the work you do to get MBO's out to as many people as possible. 

Don't forget you can read stories just like this each week in my blog, posted on Saturday at can sign up to receive this each week.


Wisconsin ProtestMichelle on Facebook writes:  Just finished reading this week's newsletter, outstanding!

I am encouraged by the change we saw on behalf of the people in Libya and would like to try something much closer to home. I live in Minnesota and have many friends in Wisconsin who are affected by the political situation. Could we try an MBO for this situation? I have been saying this:

"I ask any and all beings to aid the government in Madison in making decisions that will create the Most Benevolent Outcome for all of the people involved with the workers' rights. Thank You!"

And thank you for all that you do to spread the word of the Gentle Way.


Grand GalleryJaffra on Facebook writes:  Perhaps Gaia would tell us if there are beings living within, or using, the pyramids?

Gaia, are there any beings living in or using the pyramids of the world at this time?

Yes, as you guessed Tom, the only beings, which would be living inside the pyramids of the world--yes other than rodents and other such beings--are those at a higher level of focus.  So they help anchor your next focus, which you will soon move into.  This will be understood a little bit better Tom in the coming years, but suffice to say Tom there are no beings living in the pyramids in the third dimension at this time.  And certainly there are religious which use or focus on the pyramids as part of their religious practices.


Angry HusbandI'll call her Emelia writes:  I hope you and your guides can provide some clarity re this situation that has been burdening me for nearly 4 years.

My husband of 10 years left our marriage abruptly in a character that was diametrically opposed to what I'd experienced during our marriage. This character left with no explanation whatsoever and refuses contact of any sorts with me.  I currently have no idea where he is.

The husband I'd experienced for over 10 years was loving, caring and extremely kind. This other character was abrupt and cruel.

Would you please ask your guides if this secondary representation of my husband was perhaps another version of him from another timeline? And if so, where is the husband I knew and loved?

Understanding of what happened re this abrupt separation and subsequent divorce would be truly appreciated, Tom. I simply require closure.

Theo, Emelia asks why her husband had a complete change of character and abruptly left her, and was this a parallel husband?

Not a parallel but certainly a different person Tom.  He was a Walk-in and had a completely different personality from her former husband.  He had wanted to be removed and was granted his wish, as his soul determined he would not learn more in the circumstances he was in.  So he is a different person than the one she originally married.


Lascaux Cave PaintingI recently viewed a documentary sent to me by an Italian producer asking for my opinion.  It’s not dubbed in English, and there were other things that need to be changed to make it more saleable, but part of the documentary contained an interview with a French archeologist inside the Lascaux, France cave where there are some amazing paintings, so I asked Theo about them.

Theo, who painted the Lascaux cave paintings in France, which are estimated to be 18,500 years old?

A good question Tom.  It was, yes, some knowledgeable shamans of the time, which were instructed to do so by your friendly ET’s who were visiting them.  It became a part of their religious practices, as you can imagine it took quite a bit of time and effort to paint these.  They were told they would last for thousands of years and would be a gift to all those who would find them.  They were a fairly simple people Tom, except they were given knowledge of the planets and stars as part of their stories. 


The BuddhaI'll call this person Elaine writes:  Thank you so much for your wondrous work!
May I ask these few questions that have been bugging me for a long time?
1) Is the Buddhist teaching of karma correct? And if so, why is the Christian church so stubborn in refusing to acknowledge reincarnation and balancing of deeds?
2) Is the poor African nations, like Ethiopia, a "cesspool" (pardon me), where very wicked people (in their past lives) are reincarnated?
3) Should we abstain from meat? The Buddha taught that they are souls living in them too.
4) Is there a God? Or it is just "a Universe" that is operating?
5) Should we be following an institutional religion? I mean, be a Christian, Buddhist, Roman Catholic, etc?

Theo, is the Buddhist teaching of Karma correct?

Yes, up to a point shall we say Tom.  As you are not steeped in knowledge of the Buddha, we can say that the central teaching of balancing your lives is correct.  But Gaia and I have given you answers, which are perhaps more accurate shall we delicately say, than the teachings, which were passed from teacher to student over many years. 

Why do people choose lives in a third world country like Ethiopia, and I’ll add are they generally younger souls in terms of earth lives?

UniverseYes, Tom.  These are generally younger souls, which must have these hard experiences.  Certainly there are those who are balancing past lives, but there are many young souls – and I mean with very few lives, who must endure these conditions as part of their learning Tom.  You had lives in such conditions, as has anyone with a number of lives behind them. 

And this person asks is there a Creator or just a universe?

One cannot exist without the other Tom.  There had to be a creator to create this universe.  As I have said before, there are billions of creators, but this Creator is achieving great things with this universe, which has never been achieved before.  Your Creator of this universe is a beautiful being Tom, and loves variety.  We could go on all day, but I can assure this person and all who have this question that yes there is a Creator of this universe who loves each of your equally. 

Theo has already said that one day we will cease to eat meat.  This will allow many beings we consume to return home. 

And Theo has said that we sample as many religions as possible during our many lives—sometimes two or three in one life.  This is all part of our soul experience. 


Dr.Nancy (author of See What Your Body Says) writes:  This just came in.   It would be excellent to share the link to the fluoride video with the masses!
Fluoride Deception video:


Big Pharms CartoonLianne writes: First I want to thank you for your wonderful newsletters, I read them with pleasure.  I have a question. What is happening in the US makes me very upset and angry. I am speaking about the so called Food Safety bill S 510.  If  I am correct it’s about many alternatives are forbidden; vitamins, plants etc. The cows get hormones, the plants pesticides etc. and in a later stage also that people can’t even grow their own vegetables. I live in Europe and we are also involved in this. When the law is accepted by parliament it’s the end of natural food consumption. Can you please ask Theo what’s going to happen in the next future considering our food?
Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

Theo, is there a high probability that our ability or freedom to choose vitamins and other alternative foods will be curtailed in the future?

Yes, Tom.  There will be continual attacks on your ability to buy these elements, as the big Pharmaceuticals know that many of these vitamins will do for your bodies what their drugs will do, but at a much cheaper cost.  That said, there will be great resistance to this, so their inroads will be few, but this is something that everyone who reads your newsletters must be aware of and must fight through letters and organizing to keep the hounds at bay, shall we say. 

After you enter the 5th focus it will become easier, but these attacks will increase in the next year or so.  Therefore write letters and call your congressmen and women to tell them you want these freedoms.  You will find sympathetic ears, but you will also find some of these people are bought and paid for shall we say by the big Pharms.  They receive large donations to their campaigns for the right to tell them how to vote, so investigate the money trail to see who will be most influenced.  There are organizations such as AARP, which can fight for you, if you lean on them sufficiently. 


Macular Degeneration“Faith” writes:  There are some afflictions which science has not been able to heal, and one of them is Macular Degeneration of the eyes.  Once it is established, there is no way known to reverse it.  This is most frustrating and discouraging for those who are afflicted.  Therefore, it occurred to me that if someone with telepathic ability could contact the Galactic Federation and inquire whether they have any solutions not presently known on earth, for reversing Macular Degeneration, would they please relate them. 

How does one remove the big brown blotch, which prevents normal vision.  I learned it has something to do with the nervous system.  Good nutrition is important, however, it appears to be more of a genetic issue as there are people who do not eat healthfully yet do not develop Macular Degeneration.  Applying electrical stimulation to the sides of the eyes has been suggested but thus far there is no evidence that it truly wholly heals the eyes. 

The Galactics have advanced technology and I thought perhaps they have a remedy that would be helpful to us.  Thank you very much.

Theo, “Faith” is asking about an eye disease called Macular Degeneration.  Is there anything you can suggest, as she wishes me to contact either Antura or the Federation for a cure.

Tom, you cannot ask Antura or anyone else in the Federation for this cure, as these are things your scientists must discover for themselves.  There are certain vitamins and treatments, which will help alleviate and slow down the degeneration.  She should begin by visiting a health food store and begin reading and searching online to see what other people can suggest, or have been successful doing.  There is a great deal of information out there, should she be willing to take the time to discover it, and eventually she will be able to help other people with the same disease.  Naturally this is on her soul contract to have this challenge during this life.



Dreams 1Theo, do we as soul fragments of the same soul dream the same dreams together each night, or in each of our lives do we dream individual dreams unique for that soul fragment in that particular life?

A good question Tom.  There are times when you all have basically the same dream as you are able to join together during a night.  You may actually play a part in a dream with the other soul fragments in the same soul group.  But as you guessed, during each life you must also have individual dreams that pertain to the events going on for you in that particular life, so the answer to your question would be that at times you do dream the same dreams, but most of the time you are directed by those dream angels or whole souls to have dreams that are unique for you.

Another day I asked--do we also dream about our parallel lives on the other 11 time lines?

Yes, quite so.  You peek in shall we say on what your other fragments are doing as there is much sharing of experiences between all the 12 fragments.  What one learns on one time line can be applied in a different way on another time line. 

Do the 12 time lines have different dreams each night or virtually the same?

Ah, good question.  Yes they are for the most part completely different because the experiences on one time line can be entirely different on the others.  But the knowledge you are acquiring can be shared immediately in the dream state with the other time lines.  Still, each goes its own way—makes its own way in these lives.

Do my guides work on me too during dreamtime?

Yes they come and input their energies so that you will learn, as you receive much instruction during dreamtime.  It is not just feeling, but actual knowledge that they try and filter down through the layers to you. 

Am I acting as a guide to anyone during my dreamtime Theo?

No not exactly the way you think you may be.  You do during dreamtime go out and help people solve problems as you are, as a race of people, known as the problem solvers of the universe.  The problems you solve are then translated into dreams that you can understand, as the problems you solve are not really the same as on earth.  So in one way you act as a guide, but on a short- term basis as compared to assisting someone continuously over his or her life span here on earth.  The problems you solve are normally on other worlds, but certainly can be on earth and are on earth frequently.

Why do the dream angels always use the symbology of getting on a plane to fly back?

Because that is what is acceptable to everyone—taking a trip in an airplane. 

Dreams 2Do our dreams adapt to the dream Dictionaries we use or do the dream dictionaries just have to be as close as possible in its interpretations?

Good question Tom.  A dream dictionary is an aid, especially for those that have a hard time interpreting their own dreams.  So yes your dreams adapt somewhat –at least the ones you are supposed to remember—to the interpretations of the dream dictionary you’re using.  Obviously it is best to try and interpret the dream yourself before consulting the dictionary, as there is a subliminal process or meaning that you might glean before looking up the dream symbols.   So for those that wish to record their dreams, encourage them to think about what the dream might be telling them and then step two look up the symbols for additional interpretation, as there will be other messages that are given.

Theo in my dreamtime why do I have a penis erection sometimes and at other times not, even though it’s not a sexual dream?

As you guessed Tom, a penis erection has to do with where you go Tom.  It’s hard to explain at this time to you but yes, you go to certain places in dreamtime where you experience the penis erection here because various forces are at play as you are taken there and back again. 

Is it because I visit somewhere on earth or is it because I visit a certain planet or what?

No it has to do more with earth experiences and not another planet.  Time enters into the equation too.  When you shift in your dream to a completely different time, your body reacts to that internally while you have gone into another completely different time period.  It is very complicated to explain, since you do not have a science background, but your body does change while you are in this particular type dream. 

Dreams 3It would seem that we shift to another time period in each dream.

No, when you go to study or to do other things, the cord is attached with no outside influences.  But when you dream into another time then the cord is affected in a way that affects your physical body.

When we have time travel dreams are they more or less parallel hopping so to speak between time lines or are they more of going backwards or perhaps forwards in time?

There you have it Tom.  You do move backwards and forwards in time.  This is what causes physical reactions. 

Is there some sort of physical reaction in women when they dream into another time period?

Quite so. They do have a physical reaction, although it is difficult to describe to you.  

Does it produce a noticeable physical reaction?

Yes, but very few women will notice the difference. 

In time travel dreams for women, are either the vagina, clitoris, uterus or ovaries affected?

Yes the clitoris is.  There is an expansion, but it is normally not noticed.

Do animals have time travel dreams as humans do?

Yes of course.   You noticed it –the physical effects in your dog, so yes they have similar dreams when they are asleep. 

What other types of activities do we do in dreamtime including exploring our problem solving for others?  Why don’t our souls do this?

Your soul is much too busy with its own affairs and so it sends you which is a piece of itself during your sleep hours out across the universe to learn, to experience, to assist, and all this brings back knowledge to your soul which eventually—actually instantaneously--gives more knowledge to the Creator.  This is a very complex process, which is something that people will slowly understand more, as more experiments are done and more work is done to learn dream symbols.

Dreams 3Theo—is the “guide” mentioned in the article (by Robert Shapiro) about the dream keeper one of my normal guides or another soul.

Tom, your guides do speak with and meet with you during your dream state to impart information that cannot be interpreted upon awaking.  They join in on the dream process.  Everyone does have an angelic guide that assists them in dreamtime.  The dream keeper, as was explained in the article, keeps a record of all dreams and so they are accessed at times to interject not only feelings but also information.  That was not made clear in the article.  This is a difficult concept for you to understand on a 3d basis.  Again we return to how much more complicated life is than the average person understands.  When we say that you have much assistance and help on this side, it is not just me and your guides, but a whole cadre of wonderful angelic souls that have volunteered to assist everyone, as your lives are so much more difficult than anywhere else in this universe.   


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