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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

January 14, 2017

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special  Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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My PREDICTIONS 2017 article that was published in slightly edited (for space) form in THE SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE is now posted on my website at Click here.
I recently updated my MEET TOM biography on my website. If you wish Tom Autographing Book at Expoto read a more detailed story about me up to this point Click Here.
As the Republican Congress says they will repeal Obamacare as one of the first orders of business, here is a Benevolent Prayer (BP) to say OUT LOUD:

“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist Congress in replacing Obamacare with an insurance plan that will be the most economical, yet be most benevolent for all those needing health insurance, thank you!”
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Another video recording of a talk I did just this last November for the Satori group in Ft. Worth, Texas has just been posted on YouTube by Daniel Alan Jones. The first 17 minutes of the talk (this section on Telepathy) can be found at Click here.
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A video recording of a talk a year ago (just after the release) about my book ATLANTIS & LEMURA: The Lost Continents Revealed! was also been posted on YouTube by Daniel Alan Jones. Here is the link for everyone who would like to learn more about these two societies that both existed for over 50,000 years. Click Here.
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Nancy writes:
I was wondering why we chose to have Trump as our Donald TrumpPresident. I am wondering first, if we really did choose him, or if the Russians orchestrated that choice. However, since he is there, and the electoral College doesn't have the guts to protect this country from an unfit President. what exactly are we hoping to gain from someone with an obviously inflated ego and no moral compass? You said that we have chosen the harder road with more to gain. Please explain in detail. I am at a complete loss.
Thanks so much for all that you do!

Gaia, how can a harder road result in more gain for the world? It would seem that there will be a back tracking or taking one or two steps back?

It would seem that way, but the challenge will cause those who sat on the sidelines to act. Humans will then come up with innovative ways to move forward. That is what the Creator wants—to find solutions to changes set before you. It will eventually result in even greater progress and greater growth for the people in general.
Rita writes:
Have you heard anything about Trump being the latest St. Germainereincarnation or “walk-in” of St. Germaine?
Gaia, someone asks if Donald Trump is the reincarnation of St. Germaine.

No, he is not, Tom. The person that originated that idea was trying to give him some “juice,” we will term it in the idioms of today. As you were previously told, he is a younger soul now trying to adjust to being the President of the most powerful country in the world and he will not admit it, but he’s a little lost. It will take him time and, yes, he will make mistakes.

On the other hand, as you well know, St. Germaine is an old soul—quite seasoned and has chosen not to incarnate at this time. As previously reported, he did live an extremely long life, and you did have a life where you knew him and studied under him.

This Benevolent Prayer (BP) is working, but we need to continue saying it OUT LOUD:
  “I ask any and all beings to help and assist Mr. Trump, his Administration, and Congress to make decisions in the best interests of the citizens of the USA and citizens of the world, thank you!”
Gaia, California is receiving huge amounts of rain. Won’t that be California Snowenough  to break the drought in Southern California?

No, Tom, much will be runoff as the amounts are too much for the ground to absorb. Even rains will come to melt the snow away and that will cause flooding as you saw and heard in the newscasts. Looking ahead, it will still be a large fire season for the west.
Paul writes:
An extraordinary number of well-known musical artists died in 2016. Are these souls departing Earth for some purpose? Is there Glenn Frey Eaglessome explanation your sources can offer?
Gaia, numerologically, 2016 was a “9” year of endings, but does this tie-in in any way with the number of well-known musicians and actors who transitioned last year?

Those that will study numerology in the future will see a correlation in the numerology charts of those who departed, along with their astrological charts. They are intertwined, you see. That’s a little hint, you see, to those who try and separate the two. So, yes, there is a tie-in.
Jerry writes:
Would you please ask Gaia about this recent article about rising radiation level thru out Pacific Ocean?
Fukushima Radiation Has Contaminated the Entire Pacific Ocean Click Fukushima Maphere.

Gaia, is there any change in the radiation leak at Fukushima, Japan, as you had said before it was small?

There is no change, Tom, as this is another instance of someone "cooking the books" to fit the story they wish to tell. Again, as I mentioned before, I have ways to nullify any radiation leaks if I wish, but in this case the leak is small enough that there is no need. In the future they will have another tsunami, but they are taking steps for this not to be a problem.
Gaia, how many people did it take chanting to move a block of stone at Stonehenge and at Giza, Egypt?

Nice question, Tom. This was certainly a group effort with well over 100 Giza Pyramid Stonepeople chanting to move each stone. If several people can make a table move as you once did the night before you and Dena married, can you imagine what 100 to 200 people raising their voices together could do to send a sound wave that would gently lift the stone off the ground? Then it would be steered towards Stonehenge, or towards a pyramid in Egypt.
We have explained to you how powerful saying the same Benevolent Prayer is when hundreds and eventually thousands of people say the same words together. Moving those stones operated under a similar concept. In their case, there was a certain tone that when said by all those people lifted the stones.

Wouldn't it be interesting for someone to set up an experiment with just an average stone--not too large--with a group of singers who would go up and down the scale to see if there would be movement of the stone?
For more detailed information on the history of Atlantis and Lemuria or “Mu,” read my book
ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: The Lost Continents Revealed!
Aravind in Australia writes: Was reading this site. The information Auld Lang Syneresonates strongly: Click here.
"Auld Lang Syne” was the last song ever heard on the land of Lemuria.
Many members of the priesthood placed themselves in small groups strategically in various areas and they prayed and sang as they went down beneath the water. The melody they sang was the same as is known today as “Auld Lang Syne.” The idea behind this action was that every horrifying experience leaves a very deep scar and trauma in the etheric body and cellular memory of the people, and it takes several embodiments to heal. Through the action and the sacrifice of those of the priesthood, choosing to stay together in groups and singing to the very end, much fear was mitigated, and a certain level of harmony was maintained. This way, the damage and trauma to the souls who perished was greatly diminished. It was said that those of the priesthood, along with the musicians, sang and prayed until the waves and the water had risen to the level of their mouths. It is then that they also perished. During the night, while the masses slept, under a starry blue sky, it was all over; the beloved Motherland was submerged beneath the waves of the Pacific Ocean. None of the priesthood had left their post, and none had evidenced any fear. Lemuria went down with dignity!"

Is this accurate? This should be a good question for your newsletter.
Theo, did the Lemurian priests and musicians sing the melody of Auld Lang Syne as Mu sank?

A nice story, but no they did not. Keep in mind that the continent broke Hydrogen Bomb Explosionapart from the weapons being used, so millions of people were killed in these hydrogen bomb type explosions. This was not a gentle sinking, but quite a turbulent one with great fear in those who were experiencing this. The song was “inspired” of course, but it did not originate on the continent of Mu.

Aravind also writes:
Did a limited reading of Edgar Cayce's book - "Egypt: Psychic revelations on the most fascinating civilization ever known."
From this I conclude, you may probably have been called either Egyptian PriestShu-lom, Vedus or Ex-en during the Egyptian migration (See page 155-156). Especially Vedus comes to Atlantis with a person called Zephus (which I reckon may be Antura).
But you can cross-check. Overall, it is difficult to pin-point.
The earlier reading you gave about Ajax or Axtell on Aug 4, 2016 was accurate about him being a "disruptive force" - you can confirm the same within Cayce's book.

Theo, was my name during the Egyptian migration life either Shu-lom, Vedus, or Ex-en, or another?

You are correct in thinking none of the three. Edgar Cayce did mention you in general terms, but not by your specific name in his channelings.
Theo, how wide an area did a laser weapon cover in the Atlantean War?War of the Worlds movie

Yes, they could focus the beam on a small area, let’s say, the size of a man or in the case of the attack on Poseidia the laser weapons beam was widened to well over 100 feet. Horrific deaths resulted due to this wide beam we’ll call it, not only killing the people caught in the beam, but destabilizing the land, as previously described.
Raymond writes:
Is there a chance that GAIA can give us an idea about how the crystals were charged that you recently mentioned in your blog? Was it something done electronically, or can it be done at home Quartz Crystalstoday, using commonly available resources?
Gaia, can crystals at home be charged using commonly available resources?

Yes, and no. Another one of those answers, Tom. The resources are commonly available, but how they would be utilized has to be rediscovered from ancient Atlantean times. In modern times people have resisted on a subconscious level, as we have spoken about before, due to fear of repeating their misuse. That will never happen again. Soon there will be those who rediscover this free energy and this will change the world, bringing energy to remote villages that have no electricity or running water.
Antura is my soul “cluster” brother. After 800 lives on Earth he’s having a life back on our home water world planet Nommo, and his work is part of a “first-contact” team that goes to emerging worlds to introduce themselves and offer assistance in the future. You can read more about First Contacthim and our universe in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. You will read information never before published in any ET book. Here are more questions this week.
Antura, I assume while you are gone on your mission everything remains the same in your family’s lives?

Quite so, but just as your soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan are able to use Skype and similar services to speak to their families, we are able to stay in constant contact with ours. And yes, there is no delay. We use the energy that is associated with telepathy to create and transmit whole images and conversations.
Antura, are the Pleiadian and Zeta ships already on station above us?

Yes, both keep a continuous presence in orbit. Yes, they do rotate their ships and crews, just as we will be doing later this year Earth time.
Raymond writes:
Do ETs have a mission in their lives like we do? Is there an Akashic Record for Nordics, Reptilians and Greys?
Do ETs have a Heaven and a Spirit World where they originate or are they actually living in it and just visiting our physical world?
I think I have seen you say that ETs worship a “Source,” but do they celebrate Him with holidays and Rituals (church services, Baptisms) like we do?

Antura, do any ET races have Akashic records as we do?Alien by Kaan Demircelik

No, that is unique for Earth and the Earth Experiment.
What about soul contracts?

Not the same, Tom. We have access to our previous lives and know what our interests are and are guided as youngsters. You are veiled and must try and figure out what your interests are. From my experiences on Earth, I can assure you that it feels as if you are wandering in the forest, but that’s all part of volunteering for the Earth Experiment.

There is not a true heaven and hell, as has been covered before. As there are billions of societies, each may have their own rituals. Antura described one ancient ritual his people do in the book in the chapter on
Celebrations and Customs, page 48.
Antura, have the Russians disclosed on the upper time lines yet?

Not yet, but soon I can assure you, Tom. Ask again in a month.
Antura, any truth to “The Phoenix Incident” movie? What happened to UFOthe four men?

There is no truth whatsoever to that story, Tom. If you wish to read more about it we can discuss it in detail, but there was a creative combining of two incidents to link them together. We have spoken many times of the Earth Directive and that was not violated in any way.
Several of these additional questions are about the original Star Wars, covered in detail in my book:
How many universal years did the original Star Wars last?

More than the 10,000 you were thinking, Tom. You can double and triple Star Wars depictionthat number, as the number of planets involved were quite large. And may I remind you that neither side acts as fast as Earth humans do. That’s by design for you to solve problems. This war dragged on for many years. That’s why I previously told you that you had several lives during the length of the war, as you lived over 1,000 to 1,500 Universal years, as did many other races.
[30,000 Universal Years would equal 300,000 Earth years as I understand.]
You previously said that 500 planets were destroyed in the war. How close to us were the planets that were destroyed and were any in the Pleiades or Sirius A, B, or C destroyed?

The closest one, Tom, would have been over 100 light years away. And Sun Explodingno, none of our planets or those in the Pleiades were destroyed. The ones attacked would be considered quite remote planets and suns to you. Still, they were quite known to us as they were friendly neighbors we will call them.
[Probably it's a lot more than 100 light years; will have to explore further in the future.]

Why is there one group of planets that have their own Federation not interested in contact with you or any other group of planets?


They have all of what they need within their complex of planets and  Milky Way Galaxytherefore wish to remain to themselves.
Do you think that decision was prompted by the war your group of planets were involved in?

Partly, yes. They saw what was happening, just as the other Federations did. They did not think we would prevail.
So, could I describe it as putting their heads in the sand?

Perhaps more complicated than that, but deniability we’re sure entered their minds.
Do the other Federations have First Contact teams as you?

Yes, but we rarely cross paths.
Do you concentrate more on this galaxy, or have you spread out to Universeother galaxies?

Nowadays, mostly to other galaxies as we and others covered much if not all of this galaxy.
Antura, are all the planets of Sirius A, B, and C represented on your ship?

Not quite all, but almost. Some forms of life may I remind you do not perform well out of their environment.
Will the reptilians on board your ship be from this galaxy or the Reptilian galaxy?

Good question, Tom. No, they are from this galaxy.Reptilian
Your first contact team you previously said was made up of grass roots, government specialists along with scientific specialists. What governments will you be contacting? Are you already in contact with several?

Yes, my colleagues already have their assignments regarding groups such as governments. We are willing to speak to any group, but to answer your question we will be in contact with all the major ones. And yes, that includes the USA along with most in Europe and Asia.
Have you been in contact with them already?Alien on US Air Force Base

Yes, some of them. I am not allowed to say which ones yet.
Is the Pleiadian ship the same size as yours?

Not quite as large, but somewhat similar.
Antura had previously stated that the Sirian ship was over three miles wide.

This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Diane writes from the UK:
I really had to let you know this wonderful MBO story!
I have a very nice Accountant whom, may I say, is a typical accountant, English Cottagenumbers and figures are his game.
A few years ago I introduced Alan to MBOs. He was astounded to hear me say that MBOs truly work and Bless His Heart he began to say a few a day. Not too many of course! Ha! Ha!
Anyway, last week Alan emailed me to say that a lady in his office was having great difficulty selling her Mother's house.
Hesitatingly, he told her about MBOs and said that if she would try them, he would also ask for an MBO for the house to sell.
On the morning that the house sold,
Alan said that he awoke knowing he wouldn't have to say that particular MBO again. He went to his office and sure enough, his colleague told him that the house had sold! That was when he emailed me to tell me this wonderful story.
Laurie writes:
This is the Tale of the Missing Meat Thermometer! On Thanksgiving I was cooking my dear little turkey bird and knew I would need my meat thermometer to check the temperature of the meat. So I went to pull it out of the kitchen drawer, where it has always been kept, in order to take it out ahead of time. I could not find that thermometer Thermometeranywhere. It wasn’t in any of the kitchen drawers, it wasn’t in a kitchen cabinet, it wasn’t in the last place I looked. I pulled out every utensil organizer I had and spread the contents out on the counter. Nada. The thermometer had disappeared.
Then I remembered you telling us about your Case of the Missing Pie. Rifts open up and objects get displaced. Sometimes they come back. Sometimes they don’t. With that in mind,
I requested an MBO for my meat thermometer to come back from wherever it had gone. I also allowed for the possibility that I had simply missed seeing the thermometer despite my exhaustive search, and requested an MBO to please help me find the thermometer.
A short time later I found the thermometer. It was in the kitchen drawer it was supposed to be in. It was in the same utensil organizer it was supposed to be in. I don’t know which MBO was answered, but one of them saved me from overcooking my Thanksgiving turkey.

Who needs Sherlock Holmes to solve this sort of mystery when we have MBOs!
Adrienne writes:
Said an MBO for successful surgery last week; my doctor says it went "100% perfect" and I'm having a great recovery.

Peter writes: Is this all true about William Tomkins? Click here.
Theo, how much truth is there to the stories 94-year-old Bill Tomkins Bill Tompkins & Admiral Marshhas related in regards to the secret space program?

Certainly there is some truth mixed in with quite a bit of embellishment. He tried to guess at the parts he was not privy to. Therefore, less than half of what he claimed is accurate. Once he began there was no turning back. He will have time to reflect back on these claims soon. Humans are humans, Tom, and you all wish to present yourselves in the best light. That goes for those whose soul contracts are to be a very bad person.
Anna writes:
Did Charles Lindbergh successfully fly from Roosevelt Island, Long Island to Paris, France --or-- was it a very expensive publicity stunt by investors to influence other investors in commercial travel?
Did the ship USS Memphis secretly ship Lindbergh and his plane to Spirit of St. Louis Lindbergh PlaneCherbourg, France (naval base -northwestern France) unload to a small airfield and fly to Paris, France to claim the first to fly non-stop over the Atlantic?
Was the child labeled as Charles Lindbergh Jr. in l932 (found dead in May l932) actually the child of Elizabeth Morrow (sister of Anne Morrow Lindbergh and Charles Lindbergh before he married Anne Lindbergh? It was recorded that Elizabeth had a nervous breakdown when Charles married her sister Anne. Thank you for any information regarding this perplexing part of history.

Theo, did Lindbergh actually fly to France?

Quite so. The stories about the plane being shipped were created by those jealous of his accomplishments, just as there are people that do not believe that men set foot on the moon.
Theo, was Charles Lindbergh Jr. actually the child of Elizabeth morrow?

No, Tom that was a misinterpretation of the details.
Aravind writes:
Question for Theo or Gaia:
Often I wake up after a bit of sleep and feel a part of my bed sinking lower - as though somebody is sitting beside me. This happened not once but several times this year.
One of my dreams few days ago, I think coincided with this sinking and BedI saw the face of a person dressed in white telling me something important that I can't recall - is this my Guardian Angel?
Also, once I woke up from a seemingly hilarious conversation, but I noticed the bed was sunk. Just after I woke the bed returned back to normal.
Now, after these events I am confused as to what is happening - these aren't people I recognize. Why do I feel some parts of my bed sinking when I am in the dream state? Not sure if you have had similar experiences.

Theo, why does Aravind’s bed sink as if someone is sitting upon it?

Yes, Aravind is being visited, not by malevolent entities but benevolent ones. He can request an MBO for them to not bother him in that way. He will learn much in the coming years. You could say he is in training. He should just keep an open mind.

And no I have not had a similar experience that I can recall.


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