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For those of you who might not be aware, Iím a self-trained telepath. We all are telepaths, as we all have the Pineal Gland in the back of our heads. Itís been known in metaphysical circles as the "third eye" and "seat of the soul," but so far scientists have only discovered that it produces melatonin. Any time you think about calling someone and they say, "I was just thinking about you," those are telepathic messages, along with twins completing each others sentences and people who have been married a long time each claiming to have thought to say something first.

People from all over the world submit questions for me to ask Gaia and my own Guardian Angel whom I named Theo. He says that humans cannot pronounce angelic names, so humorously he said I could call him "Tom, Dick, or Harry, but Tom might be a little difficult in your meditations." Below is what Iíve been told will occur in 2017, to the best of my reception.

Here is the weather for 2017. The highest probability is that we will have a more severe winter. Below is the breakdown for North America from Gaia:

1.    The Pacific Northwest?

Yes, Tom, lots of rain as you might suppose, and is normal for them. But the interior will see higher snow totals than normal, and it will be colder not only in the interior but on the coastal cities all the way up into Canada and down to Northern California. You might say it is too much of a good thing.

2.    Southern California?

As I stated before, their drought will continue well into next yearóin fact the whole year , Tom, and their fire season will easily be the same intensity as 2016 as I continue to burn off the old growth to prepare for new growth. So warm to hot and dry.

3.    The Desert Southwest?

Yes, another fairly dry year, but not quite the same as Southern California. They will have an almost normal monsoonal season, but I am also renewing their forests, so expect their fire season to be almost equal that of Californiaís. There will be fires in areas that have not seen fires in some time.

4.    The Northern Plains?

Quite cold at times, but the people who live there expect that and are able to cope with the cold, but there will be more precipitation.

5.    Southern Plains?

The Southern Plains will see colder weather than normal as storms barrel down from the north. Expect times where there will be accumulations of snow much higher and more voluminous than normal.

6.    Southeast and Florida?

Colder than normal again, Tom, as the cold fronts dip as far as Miami. They need to prepare to save their winter crops as this will be an unusual winter for them and by that I mean colder than normal. That includes the Gulf Coast.

7.    North Central Great Lakes?

Their winter will be especially brutal at times Tom as this winter will have wild swings in conditions with more Arctic fronts coming down while the ones from the Pacific come across almost at the same time. They will have an especially long winter as I will introduce them to times to come.

8.    Eastern Great Lakes?

Almost the same as the central part of the country as the storms this winter proceed to cover them up with a blanket of white.

9.    Atlantic Coast?

Stormy and cold, but with more rain. This will be an active winter for them too.

10.    New York and New England?

More of the same. The storms will sweep across the East and yes up from the South.

I can assure you Tom, that this winter will be a memorable one for residents as the storms will be larger due to the change in climate, allowing me and I should say the souls that assist me in creating larger storms with storm surges.

What is the probability of that happening?

At over 90% at the present time. Take that to the bank you can say, Tom.

I should add in here that Gaia says she raised the ocean levels of the world two inches in 2015, here in 2016 she says sheís raising the levels eight inches, and in 2017 twelve-point-five inches. She says she wants people to move away from the coasts and is giving fair warning.


Gaia, what is the highest probability for Canadaís weather west to east this winter?

We partially covered this under the heading of the Pacific Northwest, so from Vancouver up the coast yes they will receive copious amounts of rain, but they will also have periods of extreme cold as I drop more weather systems out of the Arctic, so even Vancouver will see snow again this winter.

As you go east, snow will pile up more than normal in the mountains and then across Canada. Yes, this country sees a lot of snow in the winter, which is why their populations are more to the south, but just as the United States will have more weather systems this winter, those weather systems will form in the Arctic and race down to the south. And again this will stretch all the way to their East Coast, where they will have systems also coming from the south as well as from the west and north. The residents are advised to stock up on food and extra wood and other forms of heat for this winter.


Going further out, Gaia says we will have a mini-ice-age in the next 10 years for the western Great Lakes including Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, and as far east as Chicago. It will be a combination of cold storms and the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano whose ash clouds will prevent the sun from shinning and therefore will prevent the melting of snow in the spring and summer.


What is the highest probability for the number of tornadoes North America will experience in 2017, below average, average, or above average?

Somewhat above, due to the active weather systems which will be spawned. Just as in 2016 there will be places that will experience tornadoes that have rarely, if ever, experienced them before. Of course, your readers can request "Gentle Rains" as you do for their own individual areas. And this applies to all weather systems. It is part of your learning curve shall we call it that you can control the weather, but the majority of people do not or cannot imagine having any control over the weather just by requesting MBOs or BPs.


Colder and more snow than has been the case, along with flooding in the southern sections, but Europe along with North America will experience more extreme times of weather, as you know I move the systems Eastward across the Atlantic where the warmer-than-normal ocean temperature will allow the storms to regain strength as they approach first Ireland, then the UK and finally pushing across Europe.

This will be the case for both Western Europe and Eastern Europe, along with cold weather extending to the south. The change in climate allows me to grow these storms or intensify them. Eventually humans — your scientists — will learn how to control storms, just as the Atlanteans did thousands of years ago.


More or less normal. There will be more rain than normal, causing flooding in some sections of the country prone to flood. It will be hot again in their summertime — hotter than normal.


Gaia, what is the highest probability for one or more hurricanes to strike North America during 2017?

The highest probability at this time would be over 90% as it will be a more active hurricane season than you will experience in 2016, keeping in mind at this time you still have more than a month of the potential for more hurricanes.

What is the highest probability for a hurricane striking the Gulf Coast again?

Quite high Tom — more than 75% — and as you saw this year in Louisiana I donít always need the winds to cause flooding.

Highest probability for a hurricane striking the East Coast?

You can be assured that will occur in 2017 and I might add more than one. There will be more flooding for lower coastal areas as I continue to raise the ocean levels.

Why havenít the scientists or oceanographers mentioned the raising of ocean levels yet?

They donít wish to cause panic as they check and recheck their figures. There is pressure from above not to alarm people, but there will come a time soon when these reports will come to light.


Gaia, what is the highest probability during 2017 for 7.0 or larger quakes in:

1.    North America?

Quite low at this time Tom — less than 10%.

2.    Japan?

They will have a number of quakes, but none in the 7.0 or higher category, but certainly a number below that intensity.

Gaia has previously said that when Japan has an 8.0 magnitude earthquake near where they experienced the 9.0 quake, followed closely by a smaller, but still destructive tsunami, the North American west coast will shortly thereafter experience a number of highly destructive earthquakes. Therefore it appears that North America is safe for another year.

3.    Asia?

Yes, they will have several shall we say with a couple quite devastating to the local population.

4.    Europe?

Yes, a couple is the highest probability.

Would that include Italy?

No, although they will experience one above 6.0.

5.    New Zealand?

What is the probability for New Zealand to experience an earthquake higher than 7.5 in 2017?

Actually very high, Tom. You might say things are heating up there again and the 7.1 they [recently] experienced is the start of several of that intensity or higher for 2017. Pressure has been building and they can expect a year of more than one above 7.1 and yes even above the 7.5 you mentioned.

Will these be shallower than the 7.1?

No, about the same depth, but they will still be quite strong and somewhat destructive.

Any tsunamis created?

Yes, one. A smaller version shall we call it of the one that struck Japan. So a word of warning to those who read this in New Zealand. Do not tarry on the coast should you experience a large earthquake this year. "Head for the hills" is quite appropriate advice.

Will the large earthquake affect the North or South Island?

Yes, the South island will again experience the greatest movement, Tom.

Is the highest probability of the largest quake again occurring near Christchurch or farther to the south or north?

That area is in the bulls-eye you could say. As there will be a tsunami created it will be a little off shore.

How large a tsunami?

Letís say over ten feet, Tom, but less than fifteen feet. It will not be in the class of the one that struck Japan, but will be destructive.

6.    Australia?

No major earthquakes this year, just your typical rumbles shall we call them.

Theo, how long will it be before fire and quake resistant homes are consistently built?

That is many years away Tom. They will slowly be introduced in those parts of the country with those dangers. Some people have to learn the hard way.


Theo, what is the highest probability for multi-victim terrorist attacks in the USA?

Very small at this time, Tom. Not to say a lone wolf type attack might take place, but your authorities are getting better at ferreting out any planned attacks. Those type attacks are done by those who are mentally unstable, and you will have those as long as you make it easy to obtain these attack rifles.

Speaking of that how long will it be before we see the laws tightened even just a little bit on gun ownership?

The highest probability I know you will ask will be late in 2017 to the first quarter of 2018. It will not be what is needed but is a step in the right direction.

What about terrorist attacks in Europe?

There will be several, although those will be somewhat limited in scope. Again governments are now spending money to locate these terrorists and stop them, but there are soul contracts here at play; therefore yes these will make the worldwide news again this year.

That is the highest probability at this time. Again your readers can say a benevolent prayer that is more powerful than they realize, Tom.

What about the United Kingdom?

Yes, one or two there but again I emphasize there are resources being directed at stopping these before they occur.

Here is a BP (Benevolent Prayer) that I encourage you to say out loud: "I ask any and all beings to assist law enforcement agencies in stopping terrorist attacks before they occur, and to bring peace to the world faster than we can hope for or expect, thank you!"


Theo, what is the highest probability for the world economy in 2017?

It will be a typical year of highs and lows Tom. The conspiracy theorists keep attaching themselves to the lowest probability of a world war and a collapse of the world economy, but that is not going to happen. We have told you several times in the past that you will never destroy yourselves in another world war. You are past that possible scenario.

Theo, what is the highest probability of Bashar-al-Assad remaining in power by the end of 2017?

Actually low at this time, Tom. It would be less than 25%. Events will force him to make the decision to step down. This is not a sure thing, and we would tell you to check back with us every few months, as soul contracts are at play here to see if the probabilities continue to increase for him to be forced out.

What is the highest probability of Turkeyís government remaining in power?

Quite high at this time Tom — over 80 to 90 percent.

What is the highest probability of ISIS expanding or contracting?

Their control of territory in Syria and Iraq will continue to decrease in 2017. They will not be completely removed — that is wishful thinking. But their organization will continue to be weakened as more of their leaders are targeted by drones and aircraft. True, people will step in to replace them, but not with the same skill set shall we call it to lead.

Gaia, what is the highest probability for North Korea in 2017?

Yes Tom, I regret to inform you all that North Korea will continue on its present path for this next year. The leader is like a spoiled child that loves taunting other children in the play yard. But do not be concerned regarding their nuclear devices. There are those that are watching over North Korea and they will never be allowed to use these devices on anyone else. He is simply doing this to prove his manhood or leadership and all those having lives there are all on soul contracts to live in a country under a dictator. His time to be removed will come sooner than later, and the highest probability is that North and South Korea will finally be combined again. That is several years away, but not too far I wish to emphasize.

Theo, what is the highest probability of the most interesting actions taken by Russia and China in 2017?

Their desire for increasing control in Ukraine has not abated. The Russian speaking part of the country still wants to join Russia, so that will remain in the news in 2017, along with the "Disclosure" previously covered. [More on that below]

And China still has plans for having more control over the South China Sea.

What about Russia hacking into the U.S. systems?

That will continue unstopped until adequate resources are brought to bear to stop and turn these attacks back on Russia, and we can include China as they are quite active too. China also still wants to take over Hong Kong, and they will make some inroads there, but at the same time their control over China itself is lessening with the increase in the middle class and upper class in their country demanding more rights.


I mentioned earlier that I learned the hard way about probabilities. In 2008 I started communicating with my "brother on another planet" named Antura that Theo introduced me to. Heís part of my soul "cluster," and is having a life back on his water planet in the Sirius B Star System after 800 lives on Earth mostly as an explorer. I asked him hundreds of questions, which became the basis of my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. I was told that the Russians would be the first to disclose their government meetings with ETs in 2013.

Of course that did not happen. I did not understand probabilities enough to ask. I kept asking Antura when the Russians would disclose, and being an "up" personality he kept saying it was going to be soon. Finally I started asking Theo what the highest probability would be for the Russian disclosure in the next six months. Each time I would ask it would be "less than 10%."

Finally in July of this year Theo said,"Low for the next six months Tom, but as you were told before the probabilities do rise during 2017 for this to occur, and it could be earlier as compared to later. In the next 12 months the probability will rise to well over 50%. Letís say for your purposes a conservative number would be 60%. Ask again in a few months and we shall see if events will conspire to push the recalcitrant Russians to open their records for the world to see. When they do you understand it will be piecemeal, but enough to open the flood gates shall we say."

Whatever 2017 holds for us, you can make it better by requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBOs) and asking Benevolent Prayers (BPs) for others.





Tom T. Moore is an author and speaker. His books include THE GENTLE WAY series, plus FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET and ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: The Lost Continents Revealed. He was voted "Best Self-Help Author" for the past three years by the readers of a health magazine. He is a telepath and answers questions sent to him from all over the world in his weekly newsletter, which can be subscribed to at

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