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Good day everyone, and welcome to THE GENTLE WAY NEWSLETTER, and a special welcome to the large number of people who signed up this past week!  Be sure to explore the website ( ), and print out the signs that will assist you in remembering to request Benevolent Outcomes, the EXPECTING GREAT THINGS mantra sign to say each day to open up your life to abundance, and the other signs as well, which I highly recommend.  You’ll find that requesting Benevolent Outcomes for all the things you do in life, from personal to work, will allow you to be calm in the eye of the hurricane of current events.  It works PERFECTLY!  You still have challenges in life, but you get through them easier—The Gentle Way!


Patricia from British Columbia writes:  I have been usin g the MBO’s for about 6 months now. I have been reading the Sedona Journal for years and find it most educational and helpful for my entire life. Things have changed so much since I first received the magazine.

I have osteoporosis in my knees and have a difficult time walking for more than five minutes, yesterday was a good day and I went out to the store to do some Xmas shopping, Coming home I decided to stop at Wendy’s for a snack. While sitting in the parking lot enjoying my lunch, a crow landed on my hood of the car.

It looked at me, we made eye contact and then came a little closer. I opened the window, stuck my hand out with a French fry and it came over grabbed it and went back to eat it, I again reached out the window with another and it came over and gently took it this time, then it came over and stood on my mirror again I put my hand out and again very gently took the food this time holding it in it’s mouth and not eating it. A second crow came and sat on the car next to me, looking at me but very timid. When I looked the first crow in the eye again it was as though it was telling me this was its mate, so I threw some out on the ground and they ate and then flew away.

I was sad that the small birds that I enjoy so much didn’t seem to be around this home {we have just moved here}. One morning while eating my breakfast by the window I noticed a little bird come and sit in the tree right outside my window, I said good morning and how happy I was to see it and blessed it. Since then twenty to thirty little birds come and sit in the tree. Yesterday they were ALL turned towards me and looking at me.  Today we had a big snow storm and very cold weather but no birds. I don’t know what they were trying to tell me.

I think Patricia made a great connection with not only the crows, but also now the birds near her hous e.  As we walk our dogs in the morning (or afternoon if it’s really cold), I try and say “Good life” to any birds we see along the way and whistle.  Yesterday one bird was on the ground and hopped away, then flew to the next yard to be even with us and I whistled.  He chirped back.  I also wish a Good Life to any rabbits or squirrels we see along the way.  If you read Robert Shapiro’s book Animal Souls Speak, which I recommend down below, I think you’ll start being more in tune with all those animals that are here to teach us feelings.  And below here is a poem that Jane Adams just sent me this week—I think she is “tuned in,” to the emails I’m receiving, don’t you?

  ~ by Jane Adams

It's cold, and it's dreary. We sit perched on this tree limb that
is frozen from the cold.

Food is scarce, and hard to find. It's been days.

There is a human lady inside the window of her apartment. She
sees us out in the cold. She comes to the window. She is reaching
outside through a small door to the side of the window that opens
to the outside.

She pours bird feed into a long feeder that stretches the whole
length of the large window. There is even a wooden pole for
us to sit on while we eat.

She fills the feeder and closes the small door on the window.
She sees us. She smiles and waits.

It's cold. We are hungry. We have to trust her. One by one we
go to the feeder and eat. We are so grateful to this human lady.

If birds could give blessings
I'd give one to her
for all of the things
she has done.

She must be a human
with love in her heart
A human that knows
we're all . . . ONE.


Dawn writes:  Hi Tom, first I would like to say how much I enjoy reading your weekly newsletter. I would like to share my MBO x3 I had today. So here it goes. I had an eye doctor appointment today at 4:30. The office called and asked if I could come in at 2:30 because they had a cancellation. At 2:00 I leave work and start driving to my appointment. After a few moments I hear and feel I have a flat tire. I request my first MBO.

I pulled over to see how bad it was. It was FLAT! I slowly move to a close by shopping center to park, because I could not leave my car where it was. Next, I call a lady at work and ask her for a favor, to either take me to my doctor appointment or may I please borrow her car for a few minutes. She said, “I will come and get you”. She drives me and how wonderful, I was there exactly at 2:30. The doctor said that was the fastest procedure she had ever done.

We came back to change my tire and put the donut one on. I have never had to change a tire on this Jeep. I found my jack and tools rusted and hard to manage, another MBO in place. Two men came by immediately and changed my tire. One of the men told me my spare was very low and I would need to air as soon as possible. I did not make it out of the parking lot. I decided to walk back to work since my car had not gotten very far from work earlier.

A second lady I work with saw me walking. She pulls over, I explain, she says, “I have Fix a Flat”. We go to my car. Clearly the donut is off the rim and we will need to remove the spare and try the can on the original tire. MBO #3, immediately another two men take over the tire job adventure. They find a large chunk of ceramic deep in the tire, remove it, plug the hole and fill it with fix a flat. One of the last two men that helped me used to work on tires and always carries PLUGGING TOOLS WITH HIM. They followed me to the gas station for air. This all took place within 2 hours. WOW!  

Notice everyone that Dawn requested a Benevolent Outcome when the problem first occurred.  Actually that set up all the other Benevolent Outcomes, resulting in the final MBO!


When was the last earth life we had together?

Long ago, Tom.  Yes all the way back to Atlantis.  I have had other earth lives since, but just not together with yo u.  

Antu, are you male or female or something else?

Ah a good question Tom.  Yes I am male.  You did guess that already.  

Is your planet a water planet, just land surface, or a combination of both?

A combination Tom.  We are a vast water planet with some surface.  That might surprise you with that answer, but yes, that is the makeup of our planet.

So do you live on the land mass or do you live underwater?

Ah, an excellent question as Theo says.  We do live underwater in large cities.

So are you a water being per say or you can live on both?

Yes, both quite so.    

So do you have gills?

Of a sort yes, although as you guessed they are not noticeable.

I was going to ask this later, but describe your body.  Are you slender as we would say?

Yes, I’m of a slender body, so that we can swim with ease.

OK, do you have fingers and toes?

Yes, not exactly like you, but we do.

Are they webbed?

Yes quite so.  It allows us full movement in the water.

Could you pass for an earth human?

Not really Tom.  The differences are just too great.  That’s why you’ll see people from the Pleiades first, as they are most like earth humans and will not scare the general public.  If we came first there would be panic in the streets I believe you say.

Are your eyes elongated or are they more round like the Zetas?

They are more round but not to the extent of the Zeta’s.  More fashionable you would say.

So there’s quite a bit of differences between us.  That will be interesting to overcome our reticence when we see you–and I mean not only myself--but also others in the population.

Yes, it will be a more major difference that people will learn to accept over time.

You said I was first on your list, so when will you contact any others?

Soon after my contact with you Tom.  They will be prepared more as I’m preparing you so that you would not be frightened either.  That’s another reason for what I hope will be many communications between us in the coming years.

Yes, I’m sure we will.  Let’s see about other questions.  Do you have what we would consider some type of family unit?

Absolutely Tom.  I have my mate and children, although I am still considered young by our standards.

Yes, you want to try the age again with me?

More on the 450 to 500 range Tom.

What work do you do?

I am part of the group that opens up or visits new worlds and assimilates them into this Federation of planets.  

Are there 20 planets inhabited in the Sirius B system, more, or less?

Yes a little more Tom—21 let’s say for now—very close.

Is your planet on the surface colder, or warmer, or the same as earth?

It depends upon the placement of our planet Tom.  You can imagine that it can vary quite a bit with two sun sources.  So it can be warmer and colder.  There is a greater fluctuation.

Are you part of my soul group?

Yes I am Tom.  That is a very good observation or conclusion shall we say.  I was sort of sent on ahead to assist you not only in your present life but the next.  We’ll take good care of you I assure you.

Gee thanks bro.  Not sure how that translated back to your language but here it means a close friend—like a brother.

Yes, it did translate that way Tom.  

Do you have hair?

Not too much Tom.  Bald is beautiful yes is a good old saying.

I guess that’s all the questions I have for today Antura.  You certainly opened my eyes to a great difference there is already between us.  I trust we can work on that so that it will not seem so strange to me.

Of course Tom.  That’s the purpose of these exchanges if you will.  To let people know about the vast differences between just humanoids—not to mention all the other forms of life in the universe.  You will be amazed.

If you missed Part 1, it’s in last week’s newsletter, posted on the website.  I think I’m supposed to write a book about my conversations with my soul buddy living a life in the Sirius B system, but I’m going to need YOUR help to do it.  If you think of any questions to ask, send them to me, or keep them on hand as you read the other parts in the coming weeks.  We’re through about 6 pages out of 32 that I have recorded so far.  My dream would be for all of you that wish to meet him would be able to.  That might not be practical.  I’m sure it depends upon how our vibrational rate increases in the next few years.  Remember, we are creating our future!


My old friend Brad Steiger (author of over 150 books) recently sent me this Harris Poll.  I think you’ll find it interesting.  

Nearly 25% of Americans Believe They Were Once another Person

Last update: 5:00 a.m. EST Dec. 10, 2008
ROCHESTER, N.Y., Dec 10, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- That very large majorities of the American public believe in God, miracles, the survival of the soul after death, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the Virgin birth will come as no great surprise. What may be more surprising is that substantial minorities believe in ghosts, UFOs, witches, astrology, and the belief that they themselves were once other people. Overall, more people believe in the devil, hell and angels than believe in Darwin's theory of evolution.  These are some of the results of The Harris Poll(R), a new nationwide survey of 2,126 U.S. adults surveyed online between November 10 and 17, 2008 by Harris Interactive(R).

Some of the interesting findings in this new Harris Poll include:
-- 80% of adult Americans believe in God - unchanged since the last time we asked the question in 2005. Large majorities of the public believe in miracles (75%), heaven (73%), angels (71%), that Jesus is God or the Son of God (71%), the resurrection of Jesus (70%), the survival of the soul after death (68%), hell (62%), the Virgin birth (Jesus born of Mary (61%) and the devil (59%).

-- Slightly more people - but both are minorities - believe in Darwin's theory of evolution (47%) than in creationism (40%).
-- Sizeable minorities believe in ghosts (44%), UFOs (36%), witches (31%), astrology (31%), and reincarnation (24%).

Differences between Catholics and Pro testants

There are no significant differences between the large percentages of Catholics and Protestants who believe in God, miracles, heaven and hell, that Jesus is the Son of God, angels, the resurrection of Jesus, the survival of the soul after death, the Virgin birth and the devil.

However, Catholics are more likely than Protestants to believe in Darwin's theory of evolution (by 52% to 32%), ghosts (by 57% to 41%), UFOs (by 43% to 31%), and astrology (by 40% to 28%). Protestants are slightly more likely than Catholics to believe in creationism (by 54% to 46%).

Which Religious Texts Are the "Word of God"

Slender majorities of all adults believe that all or most of the Old Testament (55%) and the New Testament (54%) are the "Word of God." However, only about a third of all adults (37% and 36%) believe that all of these texts are the word of God.
Interestingly, only 26% of all adults believe that the Torah is the word of God, even though it is the same as the first five books of the Old Testament. Presumably many people do not know this.

Religiosity and Religious Practice

Less than a quarter of Americans describe themselves are "very religious." However, a large majority (68%) describe themselves as either very (23%) or somewhat (45%) religious.

A quarter (27%) of adult Americans claim that they attend church once a week or more often, compared with 36% who say they attend less than once a year or never (18% each).

A Note on the Methodology Used and How It Affects the Results.  Other research has shown that when replying to a question administered impersonally by a computer, people are less likely to say they believe in God, or attend Church services when they really don 9;t. It is generally believed that surveys conducted by live interviewers tend to exaggerate the numbers of people who report the socially desirable, or less embarrassing, behavior, and that the replies given to an online survey such as this, are more honest and therefore more accurate.


This Harris Poll(R) was conducted online within the United States between November 10 and 17, 2008 among 2,126 adults (aged 18 and over). Figures for age, sex, race/ethnicity, education, region and household income were weighted where necessary to bring them into line with their actual proportions in the population. Propensity score weighting was also used to adjust for respondents' propensity to be online. Full data tables and methodology are available at
These statements conform to the principles of disclosure of the National Council on Public Polls.


One of our newsletter subscribers, Darlene Siddons, has a new holiday video.  If you would like to see “Joy and Abundance,” the link is:


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So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Cheery Solstice, Joyful Yule, Blessed Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Merry Christmas, and Have a MOST BENEVOLENT WEEK!

Tom T. MooreTom

Tom T. Moore


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