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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


I have a major announcement in the section on my conversations with Antura.  Please make note and contribute! And I am continuing to try and put out the newsletter a day early in order to work on the book.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Rainbow BridgeGaia, so my understanding is we are now on the bridge for the crossover to the 5th focus, or were we on it already and will our cells be fully crystalline by December 21, or will it take longer?

Yes, Tom.  You are fully on the bridge to the fifth focus.  Your cells though will take a little longer to be fully crystalline, but will not interfere too much with your arrival in the fifth focus on the 21st.  It will be shortly after that when the process is fully completed.

So I would assume the bridge is metaphorical?

Quite so, Tom and a good observation.  This is the best way to describe it to your average reader.  Obviously it is much more complex than this.  It is like a large tube of energy surrounding you and allowing you as a whole planet full of beings to cross over to a higher focus at this time.  A bridge is better metaphorically to understand, you see.


HealersLori writes:  I am hoping you can respond to a few questions.  I currently reside in Kirkland, WA...across  the lake from Seattle, WA.  With all the healers in our area can we minimize the quake that may be coming? We have so many healers from Olympia, Seattle, Whidbey Island and Bellingham.  Maybe we as a collective can minimize or prevent earth changes to come?

I am 65 and wanting to move to a safe area.  How do you feel about San Diego, Anthem, Arizona, the west coast of Florida...  Sarasota, Naples, Fort Meyers, the Keyes for safety even from flooding?  I had sold my house a few years ago and not bought yet.  I can choose an area and would prefer areas that are safe with pretty awake and spiritual people. One has to consider grids going down, gas fires, and a lack of water.

I am sure there are many individuals that would like to make a move that would be beneficial for themselves and serve mother earth.

Seattle WashingtonGaia, can healers prevent or lessen the intensity of any earthquakes around Kirkland and Seattle, Washington?

Yes, to a certain extent, Tom, but really not significantly, shall we say.  I honor such requests as best I can, and certainly their combined energy does alleviate some of the intensity, but only in lessening the severity, not in the actual event.  Remind them they can also request MBO’s for their safety and their loved ones.  I will do my best to honor those depending upon soul contracts.

I would recommend saying, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for living in the PERFECT PLACE for me, thank you!”  Then listen to those whispers in your ears from your own GA.

San Diego, from what Gaia has said, would be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, and Florida will have its own problems in the next five years with rapidly rising ocean levels up to two feet higher.  Arizona should be pretty good, according to what I’ve been told.


Ed in the Philippines writes:  With the rising sea levels and coming earth changes will the inland areas also of  both New York and New Jersey become abandoned ghost towns or just the coastal areas?

How long will jet-powered propulsion systems continue to serve the aviation and airline New York City Floodingindustry; and would there be greener alternatives to kerosene and AV gas?

Gaia, I’m asked if New York City and its suburbs and outlying areas such as New Jersey will have to be abandoned in what would be our fairly near future?

Certainly there will be great resistance to this, Tom.  Great barriers will be constructed to hold out the water, but it will be a losing battle, especially as they see storm after storm flood the streets and subway tunnels.  But the abandonment of the city will come in stages, as people become tired of having to deal with flooding first in their homes and then businesses, as there are many businesses in New York City and the suburbs which need customers for their restaurants, dry cleaners, grocery stores and so on.  But certainly within 50 years it will be abandoned, along with the low-lying suburbs.  As I mentioned before, the rise of the ocean levels two feet is just the beginning.  Another foot will come within a few years after that.  So I’m trying to warn people through people such as yourself to move to higher ground, or you’ll wish you had.

La Guardia FloodingHow soon will the three airports serving that area be affected to the point they can no longer be used.

Certainly you and everyone saw that La Guardia airport is very vulnerable to storms, but the other two, which also are low lying—JFK and Newark—will, within the next five years, have serious problems as the ocean levels rise.  Again, steps will be taken to try and protect these airports, but again it will be a temporary bandaid.

Gaia, how long will jet-powered aircraft continue to serve the airline industry?

Just a few years, Tom.  Let’s say, for your purposes, less than 20 years, as after the free energy is discovered, then all sorts of motors will be recycled, or in some cases adapted for use with free power.  But 20 to 25 years would be the best estimate, and will depend upon how fast new motors can be manufactured.


Natural Gas StationCharles writes:  There is much talk about the natural gas discoveries that have been found in the USA.  Some of the talk is that this will be a great boom for the USA, and will be used to power our electrical generation and transportation in the near future.  Cars are running on propane in Costa Rica and it works great, and almost no pollution.  Fleets of trucks are now being converted to liquefied natural gas and refill stations are popping up everywhere.  I would like to ask Gaia if this will be a major source of energy for the near future?  I feel that this could be the bridge to sources that will be less harmful the earth.

Gaia, will natural gas running vehicles be a major factor before the inception of free energy running cars and trucks?

Yes, but not as much as your questioner hopes Tom.  Certainly both electric and gas natural gas running vehicles will help to a certain extent, but free energy is just around the corner for you.  I certainly don’t mean this coming year shall we say but in a few years, so when this happens there will be conversions as fast as possible. 


Blood TypesLinda writes:  I have a question about O - blood type and being from aliens. I am O- also carry RH Neg. I do suffer all the traits of depression, low blood pressure, autoimmune, as well as others they talk about. I also have the psychic knowing and yellow/green eyes. I know there are others as well. Is there any truth, and if so how does that fit in with the other souls and contracts? If that blood type originates from aliens then, wouldn't there only be one soul? Sorry, but I am confused on this subject. I hope that you can shed some light on this. I love your blog and newsletter. Please keep up the great work.

Gaia, any truth about people with Type O blood and Negative RH being from aliens?

Certainly, originally, all of you were, but in this case there is a slight kernel of truth as there was some breeding in the early days when the Adam and Eve models were first introduced to have sex.  But this was millions of years ago in earth time, Tom.


Japan 7.3 EarthquakeGaia, was the 7.3 earthquake of the coast of Honshu, Japan the big one you had spoken about, or was that a precursor of the 8.0 you had said before?

Yes, Tom, it was not the largest earthquake they will experience in the near future.  Yes, that was a precursor, and, yes, you are receiving me correctly, Tom.  The earthquake that you are referring to simply put much more pressure on the fault line, which I’ll move soon, you see.  One part of the fault, or series of faults, had to move in order to put tremendous pressure on the rest of the fault line system there.  As you did notice, Tom, the quake took place farther out and deeper than the one, which will be moving soon.  I believe that should adequately answer your question today.


Theo, are genetically altered salmon all right to eat?

Yes, in this case, Tom; what they have done is not to treat the salmon so much with Genetically Altered Salmonchemicals, but to alter their DNA to grow their size.  These techniques will gain in popularity in the future to feed a large and growing population.  There should be no side effects for those who consume these fish.


Jean-Marie writes:  My question is: when a fellow like Moses is said to be taken in a chariot with wild winds, flames, etc, is he taken up in a space Moses & Chariot of Firevehicle of some type?

Theo, was Moses taken up by a spacecraft?

Yes, Tom.  This has been speculated for many years.  Naturally, being a simple man of his time, his memory had to be altered somewhat to explain how the craft he was taken in worked.  A chariot with fire coming out of it was the simple explanation.  Keep in mind an altering of a person’s memory was often done for thousands of years, as people could have had heart attacks and strokes from fear.  By inserting something quite plausible into their memory, which, yes, can easily be done if you have a few million years of research behind you, then whatever the reason for the contact can be accomplished.  Again, the Earth Directive forbids this at the present time—soon to change when the Pleiadians come calling.


WarsawJerry writes:  I have been a reader of your Newsletter for quite a while. Recently, I had my good friend, who is a  pilot, visiting me from Poland. When I introduced him to your newsletter he immediately asked if I could ask you about his home country. Short and long term. Overall outlook and economy for the next few years.

Gaia, what is the outlook for Poland?

Poland, Tom, is a very stable country for Eastern Europe, and they will continue to grow and prosper; although, certainly as all countries do, with political conflict at times.


Carita writes:  I have a question for Gaia about the safety of the Muskoka areaMuskoka Canada of Ontario, Canada (which Edgar Cayce spoke about), and for  Calgary, Alberta. How is 21 of December going to affect those areas?

Gaia, will tremors affect Muskoka and Calgary Canada?

Not in the least, Tom.  Certainly a few rumbles, but both cities and regions are safe places to live for the immediate future.


Joseph Smith's VisionCindy writes:  Always love Fridays and your newsletter. Since Jesus was brought up again, I went back and did some research in your archived newsletters. Back on 4/11/09 you had a lengthy piece on the untold story of Jesus. It was asked:

Did Jesus ever come back or will he ever?

Good question, Tom.  No, he has no plans at the moment to return and has not returned before.  He did his work to try and bring love to the earth and now he prefers to work from this side of the veil, in spirit, to encourage love through his many disciples on earth that understand the true meaning of love and not upon which religion thinks his teachings are based.

I am curious how this relates to the Book of Mormon (which I really don't know very much about). It is said:

“The pivotal event of the book is an appearance of Jesus Christ to the Americas shortly after his resurrection.”

Based on what was asked and answered regarding Jesus ever returning, is the Book of Mormon just a fabrication? Especially in light of the timing of Joseph Smith supposedly being told where to find these golden plates, not until 1827!

Thanks, Tom, and blessings to you and your family this holiday season!

Theo, did Jesus appear in the Americas, as I believe, or was told, it says in the Book of Mormons?

Yes Tom.  As you recall, he did have the ability to travel in time, and did instruct the Knights Templar, and did appear to Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church, albeit briefly in comparison to the Knights Templar.  But as we also noted before, he spent time in India, and then in France and that surrounding region too.


DreamingMike writes:  I just saw the movie Inception. One of those movies that leave me questioning everything. I wondered how you felt about it and if Theo could give us a little feedback on it. 1. Is there, or will there be, a technique or device to allow us to enter shared dream states? 2. Are dreams within dreams even possible? 3. Will shared dream states be used for therapy in the future?

Theo, is there a technique that can be used to enter a shared dream state, and are dreams within dreams possible?

Yes, there are certain techniques that can be used to accomplish this, but it takes great study on the part of the two people who wish to accomplish this.  Obviously I am speaking about certain indigenous people—Shamans, and certain Indian Yogis can do this too.  And yes, dreams within dreams are possible.  You have recorded dreams Tom when you have both imagined one or more scenarios plus sleeping and dreaming, but to accomplish this the person must be a very accomplished lucid dreamer.

Will shared dream states be used for therapy in the future?

Not to the extent by the person who asked.  It will remain, for many years, used only by the aforementioned people.


This MBO story and the next one appeared in last week's blog, which you can find by going to

Gas Station at NightPeggy writes:  Tom I have a MBO story for you. My husband and I traveled for 3 hours to go to son’s house for Thanksgiving.  I stayed overnight and my husband came home.. I wanted to go shopping with daughter on Black Friday. It was late when I started the three-hour trip back home. I started back home from my granddaughter’s house. I wanted to go north and all I saw was 270 S and 270 W. Finally figured out I had to go west before I could go North. Finally on my way.

By the way I had done Xmas shopping so I didn’t have very much money left, but put that money in tank and thought I had enough gas to get home. Keep in mind I had not traveled this way by myself before; it was dark but I was moving right along until I hit a detour that took me to dark country roads, I asked for a MBO to find me a gas station as soon as possible and bring me home safe. It was late, dark roads, no gas station and I was almost empty plus I had no money for gas, Bless those beautiful angels, they came through with a gas station, I found a credit card for gas and angels told me to call my angel of a husband for directions. He just happened to be at Walmart and went over to maps at Walmart and brought me home. Thank you angels. I was so glad to get home.


MBORebecca writes:  Our neighbor visited with us before leaving this morning for a 21-day vacation/sight-seeing tour of Thailand and will return to the USA on Dec. 21.  Towards the end of the conversation he said he hoped that all would go well, so told him I'd "request a most benevolent outcome" for him (and later, I did). He gave me a huge smile and said that would be most welcome!

I have consistently found that in conversation with people who are telling me of their fears/concerns/difficulties, responding with "will request a MBO" is ALWAYS welcome. Those words are very powerful on their own, even without any context. And due to their secular nature, they have much less baggage attached to them than saying something like, "I will pray for you," etc. It's not always possible or appropriate to go into an MBO/BP backgrounder in quick conversations, and in those instances it doesn't even matter -- people feel better just hearing that a request is in the offing. I am really so very grateful to have MBOs/BP in my life - thank you, Tom!


Abe SapienFor my new subscribers Antura is a member of my soul “cluster” having a life on a water planet (the “Aqua Man”) in the Sirius B Star System.  Theo introduced me to him about four years ago.  He’s coming to see us in 2017, two years after the Pleiadians make first contact, and I’m supposed to help you prepare for those visits, which will change the world.

After I decided to make my next book about my many conversations with him, I began running into problems recently; I have been flooded with questions coming from my Guides—probably to catch me up with the upper Time Lines that were already working on this book.  I was even considering a supplemental newsletter, as I already had 9 pages out of my normal 11-12 for this issue just with Antura questions and answers.  But I took my friend Frank’s advice and I will hold many of these questions I posed for the book, but will continue to publish answers to questions sent to me by you, my subscribers.  I hope that at least 20% to 30% of the book will be material that has never been published in the newsletter.  Below are questions sent to me by Jim, who did the compilation of the original material, plus two other subscribers.

Good morning, Antura.

Good morning, Tom, from our ocean city, I might add.

Yes, I have a number of questions sent in by Mr. Jim, plus ones that I was able to think of, Antura, so without further ado shall we begin?  And did you know I would make it this morning? (I wasn't sure if I could wake up as I was exhausted.)

Yes, Tom.  This time Theo was pretty sure you would wake up in time, so I was available, assuming you would wish to channel this morning.

Are the other two contactees on your list writing books, or how will they spread the word?

Yes, both will write and speak about their experiences.

Are both doing a book right now?

No, they have not started a book yet.  That will come in the future.

OK here are the questions:

SeaweedAntura, what is the work young ones do on your planet in the water?

Yes, cultivating the large amount of plants (what you term seaweed) is very enjoyable.  Yes, it grows wild, but for a large population like ours we need the earth equivalent of farms, just underwater varieties, you see.  Yes, and then there is a form of processing.  We don’t just all go outside the dome and nibble on wild seaweed.  That would last less than one day before it would be depleted.

How does the mothership, and let’s add in the scout craft, avoid all the space rocks, meteors, space garbage and even satellites?

An easy answer, Tom.  Certainly we have equipment on board to avoid these objects—an advanced form of radar that automatically guides the ship to and from its destination.  Keep in mind we can also move up or down on the frequency quite easily to avoid objects and even to avoid those who desire to chase us and shoot us out of the sky.  So we have a variety of ways on board the spacecraft to accomplish this, and certainly if the ship is in mortal danger we can even use a portal to escape.

You have stated that you have four fingers.  Would one or more of them face the others in order to grasp or hold an object?

Yes, Tom.  One of the fingers does oppose the others, yet not the same as the human thumb.  It is offset just enough to assist in grabbing things.

When you eat, do you sit around or at some sort of table?

Yes and no, Tom.  We have a variety of ways in which we typically intake our food.  We may sit around on mats, or pillows we shall call them for your purposes, similar to how the Japanese people eat.  There are counters and yes, small tables, so it is a variety, with sitting on the mats the most popular.  Good question.

Underwater CityWhen you switch from the sea to a dry area such as your underground city, how do you switch from taking in air through your gills to taking in air through your mouths?

Yes, it is automatic with us, Tom.  We don’t even really think about it.  The water is expunged from our gills and then we open our mouths to breath.  All in one motion, shall I call it.

I’m told that on earth we breathe in 79% nitrogen and 20% oxygen.  Is the percentage of nitrogen higher on your planet?

Yes it is, Tom, and oxygen in much lower—less than 5%.  We also have other elements, which are higher.

Would that include hydrogen?

Yes, Tom, it would.

So does nitrogen act as a diluent on earth?

Yes to a certain extent, Tom, but that is not the only reason for this element to be in such a large amount.  You need more of a scientific background for me to go farther in this discussion.

Farside MapWhat is the color of your blood?

Yes, not the same color of red your human blood is, but certainly a lighter shade.

So it is not blue or green is it?

No, a much lighter shade of red, Tom, yes similar to fish.

Are you a crystalline-based being as we are about to become?

Quite so, Tom, but still different than you will become.

Antonia writes:  GRAIL Satellite’s First Video of the Far Side of the Moon. I don't see anything that looks like a spaceship...did they photoshop it?

Is there a downed space ship, or space ships, on the moon?

Quite so, Tom.  Certainly it cannot be seen by the naked eye from a satellite Spaceship on Moonphoto.  The spaceship you previously discussed with Theo does exist, and it was a casualty of the Star Wars when both ships emerged from portals quite close to each other.  The reptilians immediately attacked and the ship had no chance, as its defenses were not activated in time.  All hands on board were lost.  I might add, you will discover this ship one day, but as Theo mentioned before, it would be dangerous to explore this back side of your moon until satellites are installed which can keep track of work there too.  This will take many years, as you might imagine.

Mantej writes:  Can you ask Theo if it’s Russia that reveals the ETs in Summer/Autumn 2013?

Will the first contact by the Pleiadians be with a Western or Eastern European country?

Eastern as you might have guessed, Tom.  I know until recently you thought it would be Western, and I could not tell you differently until you asked.

So my guess would be Russia?

There you have it.  They are open – much more so than other countries – so the contact will be there.

Am I receiving this correctly?

Quite so, Tom.  Feel free to re-ask at a future time to verify.


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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JESUS--SEPTEMBER 29, 2012, OCTOBER 6, 2012, OCTOBER 13, 2012, OCTOBER 20, 2012, OCTOBER 27, 2012, NOVEMBER 3, 2012, NOVEMBER 10, 2012, NOVEMBER 17, 2012, DECEMBER 1, 2012, DECEMBER 8, 2012, DECEMBER 15, 2012     


TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011, JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 4, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, AUGUST 18, 2012, SEPTEMBER 1, 2012,

THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012,


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