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In this newsletter I will continue with my Conversations with my Guardian Angel Theo as promised. This time the subject will be our Guides. If you're new to this newsletter (and a number of you are) you may wish to first go to my website and click on Articles & News. You'll find a sample newsletter and two others. One of the newsletters has the same stories as the sample, but the Conversations are different. If you don't read these you may feel like you've gotten in on the middle of a TV series. Several of the questions below are personal, but I think are educational and will apply the same to many of you reading this, so I left them in.

How many guides do I have at the present time?

You have more than the normal contingent, as you have much to accomplish. The number fluctuates between 10 and 12.

Have I known any of them before?

Of course. They are your friends from mostly previous lives and even a couple from future lives who wish to get to know you better.

Will my two guides from the future be work associates, family, or mates?

Good question again Tom. They will be work associates. You will need to be in good communication with them during the lives to come and they wanted to get to know you and your vibration, work and so on so that they would be more fully prepared to assist you in some upcoming lives. It is quite normal, and you have done this very thing many times yourself in order to prepare to know someone better in an upcoming life.

Tell me more about my guides and tell them I appreciate their assistance.

That is very nice of you to recognize their assistance Tom and they greatly appreciate it. When a soul fragment volunteers for this work, they understand that there will be no recognition; but they are able to learn much from their side too as they watch your life unfold. This learning or education will also assist them in a future life.

When do they volunteer—before my earth life, or in the middle of one when a call goes out from you?

No, no, they absolutely know what your contract is for the life in advance and you actually sit down so to speak and discuss it with them. We are a big happy family and these discussions, if on earth would seem to go on for hours or days, but actually this process is quite fast. It is much easier to exchange ideas and opinions on this side, as there are no egos in play yet.

Theo, Have I been someone’s guide in the past or future, and if so how many times?

A good question as Gaia would say. You have been someone’s guide many, many times in the past and even in the future. Being a guide helped you grow at a faster rate as I have explained about the benefits for your guides this time around.

So what kind of number can you give me regarding the number of times I’ve been someone’s guide?

You would not believe the answer I would give you Tom, as it goes up into the thousands. You have been a busy guy and have not let the moss grow under your feet so to speak. You have enjoyed the work immensely, as you have such a varied background that can benefit many people.

How are they chosen?

The same as I. They volunteered and were chosen for their skills depending upon what you needed at that moment in time. There were naturally the ones who specialized in travel during your tour company days, and then recently in movies and entertainment, and those who assist you in writing.

Would either of the two writer guides be recognizable as far as a past famous life?

No, these writers are just very competent at their craft with many lives spent writing. Your type of writing—articles and even your book—is much more factual as compared to a novel, so your needs are for people that can write well and convey points most succinctly and understandably.

I understand Theo. I wish to thank them for their assistance and what they will assist me in doing in the future.

They express their thanks and love to you Tom. You made their day.

Also say thanks to all my guides. They work with no recognition I know.

Yes but they are all excited to work with you in this life, I assure you.

Do my guides communicate with me directly or through you Theo?

They actually communicate through me, sort of like uploading information into a computer and then it is downloaded as whispers in your ear and thoughts. You are noticing it now much more than you did before. Most people never recognize when they are being given some information out of nowhere.

I can’t be a guide for more than one person at a time can I?

Yes, of course you can. Even though you are a fragment or piece of a soul, you are not limited to just one person, as you can have multiple activities going on. You offer your services wherever they are needed as the calls go out for souls with certain experiences that can assist someone. It does not have to be someone you have known in any life. It’s just being generous with your offer of knowledge.

So the whole idea of us lying around relaxing doesn’t seem to fit does it?

Not at all. Certainly there are those that need to rest and recuperate before they move on, but after that there are many activities that you can participate in. This is one of the major ones.

What other activities?

Oh, discussions and friendly debates would probably head the list, but it is all done nicely shall we say. Everyone presents their ideas and opinions. There are no egos involved to get in the way.

Do you or my oversoul send me messages or inspirations?

Mostly me although your oversoul will at times, especially during your sleep time when you return back to the stars so to speak. We can discuss that more fully at a later time if you wish.

So how about making your Guides' and your Guardian Angel's day by just saying outloud, "Thank you and I appreciate what you are doing for me!"

In my next newsletter I'll give you some Benevolent Outcomes to request to get past those holiday family reunions and office parties. If you like these newsletters, please forward to a friend. And when you read these Conversations, read them more than once, as it reinforces the information you're being given, and it will give you questions you'll want to ask. Just email me, or better still give "active meditations" a try.
Have a Most Benevolent Week!



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