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Welcome everyone to the Gentle Way newsletter, and a special welcome to all those of you who subscribed in the past week.  All of my past newsletters are on my website under Articles and News.  I highly recommend that you start with the first one and work forward, as you’ll find lots of great information about my Guardian Angel Theo, the soul of the earth Gaia, and many other gentle beings.  I’m going to introduce everyone to another member of my soul group or “cluster” today who’s living a life on a planet in the Sirius B star system. 

I would also like to thank all of you who’ve been ordering books (at 40% off) from my publisher.  She told me this week that my book is selling more than any other of their 160 + books they publish—and a special thanks to the person in Michigan who bought 20 for your friends and family, and to those who bought 10 or more for gifts.  For those who have not bought books for your friends yet, there is a problem—there are only a little over 300 left in stock before Light Technology has to reprint, so when those are gone there will be no more until the printing, binding, and so forth are finished.  Now let’s begin!


Renee from Lake Tahoe writes:  My heartfelt prayers go out to your passing friend Joy and her family.  At the end of your story you wrote:  "You must all remember that sometimes Benevolent Outcomes are not always what you expect or wish they could be. "
I want to share with you about what happened to me a couple of months ago.  We had our first snow day about the second week of October and I had a doctor appointment in Reno that day.  In order to travel from Lake Tahoe to Reno you must go over a very winding, mountain pass (elevation approx. 8900 ft).  Before I left I asked an MBO for a safe round trip. 
On the way back over the mountain pass from Reno, it started snowing a little bit harder and about right when I thought I should put it in 4 wheel going around this turn, I lost control of my vehicle and spun around into the oncoming lane into the embankment on the other side of the road facing down the mountain.  (Fortunately, there was no oncoming traffic so I did not hit anyone else).   Needless to say, I was quite shakened but not hurt, and I quickly headed down the mountain until I could pull over to investigate the damage.  As I got out of my car, this man and his son pull over and asked me if I was ok because he was driving by just when it happened.  My car was banged up on the bumper and missing the grill.  He said to wait for him here that he was going back up to see if he could recover the missing part(s).
As I waited for him, which was only a few minutes after the accident, a big semi truck pulled over beside me and let at least a dozen or more cars go by.  Shortly after that he came back with my grill and said to me how "lucky" I was not to be involved in that mess of cars and semi truck.  I knew then that my MBO for a safe trip could of been much worse off than it was.  I felt very blessed. 
So it goes to show you, that if I didn't ask for an MBO, things could of been much worse than they were.


Lorice in Ft. Worth, Texas writes:  I have an MBO to share. I took the Amtrak train from Fort Worth to Joliet, Il. (the stop right before the end of the line, Chicago) and I asked for an MBO for a timely arrival of the train in the FtW station and at my destination. Those trains can really be late, like 3 or 4 hours sometimes which is why I requested the MBO. Well, on the trip up there the train was only about 1 hr. late in arriving in Joliet, and on the trip back down here we arrived early!  This is the best time we've ever made on any of my train trips to Joliet.


As we are in a heavy down cycle, a number of subscribers have told me in personal emails they are either out of work, or in danger of losing their jobs.  So as I find ways that you might be able to make money, I’ll pass them along for your consideration.

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I have updated the SIGNS page on my website this past week.  Each sign has an explanation of why and how it is to be used.  If you haven’t printed out any of these very helpful signs, please go to the website .


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Richard uses a little different terminology, but I can guarantee you’ll see results if you play it a few times to become used to his voice and to the process of what he will say next.  Repetition is how this works.  PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE as Theo says


Gaia-how were you beseeched by our souls (I assume only having lives in the USA) to delay your earth changes?  Was it all of them, a committee, a chosen spokesman?  How does this work in what we call the Angelic world?

Yes Tom.  Actually it is a simple process where they can instantly communicate with me.  There are no committees, elected souls etc.  I instantly receive feedback numerous times a day on thousands of matters and I keep them informed as to what I’m doing and plan to do with the earth and its many billions of inhabitants—and I don’t just mean humans.  They are a small, but important part, of this whole world and all the souls that have fragments of themselves ensouled here.  Your souls strongly asked me to delay, if at all possible, and I agreed.  This happened in a millisecond to use earth time, but the communication was extensive with the reasons given to me. 

OK.  I think I understand and thought it might be that way but wasn’t sure.


Starting this week I’m going to give you my conversations (“thought packets” as Theo calls them) with a member of my soul “cluster” or group that’s having a life on a water world in the Sirius B star system.  That’s where I’ve been told that my next incarnation will be as some sort of priest or whatever.  It started with Theo:
Theo, will I have previously known the Sirian I will meet in this life?

Yes you will have known him quite well and no he is not a future incarnation of you.  He is a friend and yes he will still be alive when you are born into that life.

So will he be on the planet I will incarnate on, or will he be on another planet?

No, he will be on the same planet.  He wishes to greet you in this life to give you a glimpse of your next life.  You will have a very nice chat Tom.  He will have answers to all your questions.

I hope he’ll bring pictures of the world so that I can see them, since I’m veiled and can’t recall what it looks like.

Yes, I’ll mention that to him.  He says that he’ll be happy to.

So he’s tuning in on our conversation?

Yes.  You can speak to him if you wish.

What is his name?

That will be a little difficult for you today. 

When an extraterrestrial visits earth, how do they keep from being veiled too?

An interesting question Tom, and a complicated answer could result that is beyond your knowledge and comprehension at this time.  Let’s say that they have devices, which act as a barrier to both the negativity of this planet and which you’re able to live with and any veiling that would try and cloud their memories.

July 5, 2008 was the first time I communicated with Antura.  At first I had trouble with his name, as you’ll see.
My Sirian friend Antu—can you get me any closer to correctly pronounce your name?

Hello, Tom.  I am sending these thought packets to you and receiving you clearly.   Antu is fine for the time being Tom.  We will get closer in the future and I believe your computer will be able to adjust my name all at once, yes?

Yes of course.  I have not written down any questions, so I’ll just ask them as I think of them and please feel free to add if you think I can receive more at this stage in my development in this life.

Yes, Tom, Proceed.

Have you had any earth lives before?

Yes, quite a few.  We have known each other in both earth and Sirian lives.

So you are on the planet I will incarnate on next, is that my understanding?

Yes, quite so.  I will be waiting for your birth with great anticipation.

So tell me a little about your planet.  Does it have one or two suns?

Two Tom.  It’s a binary sun system.

How many planets are inhabited there?

Quite a few again.  There are more than 14 which was the number you were thinking.  Of course, there are many types of beings on those planets—certainly not all humanoid, but over the centuries we’ll say, that gave us much to work on to coexist with all the many different forms of life so very close at hand, compared to your situation where by design it appears there is no other life in your solar system.    It’s all part of the experiment.

Does your planet have a day and night as we do, or is there no actual darkness since you have two suns?

There you have it Tom.  There is a time where the suns are not completely visible, so that creates the darkness.

Is this everyday or during what we would call seasons?

Good question Tom.  Yes this is more during seasons as compared to a daily occurrence.  My planet revolves at a slower rate than does earth, so it takes more time and seems to move at a slower rate. 

So from what I’ve heard of the Sirians, you have advanced over millions of years without backtracking as has happened on earth, is that true?

Yes, mostly Tom.  We have had our wars and have backtracked as you call it or reversed our progress for a while, but overall we have consistently progressed in our scientific knowledge to a very advance state compared to earth.  That said, since this will be read one day, your advancement in working with negative energy is far beyond what any other society we’ve found in the universe has been able to do.  Now as you progress, your scientific achievements will come rapidly as you emerge from the 3rd dimension to the 4th and 5th.  We will of course be there to assist you as much as we’re allowed, but the barrier that has been present will one day soon be taken down so that you can get on with the next major phase of your development and bring small amounts of negativity to other planets in the universe.  It is an exciting time for everyone, although there is consternation everywhere that we are about to have growing pains as you term them.

I understand that people on your planet live to be much older in our terms.  Is an average life there around 1,500 years and I’m not sure if the calculation would have any relevance.

Yes I understand Tom.  You have a saying “apples and oranges” and this would probably apply.  But in earth terms yes our lives would be around 1200 to 1500 years on average.  We do not have the great challenges one has on earth, so we can live longer and of course our scientific progress allows us to live longer than we would want to live on earth. 

So how old will you be in my terms when I am born there?

More on the order of 400 years Tom.  Yes that’s close enough for today.  I know you are still having a little problem with numbers, but that’s fairly close.

I’ve been told that I will actually meet you in this life.  Is that correct?

Yes, absolutely Tom.  It will be fairly soon even in your terms—in the next few years we will be allowed contact and you’re first on my list. 

I hope I’m not too old in earth terms to enjoy the meeting Antu.

No, not too old.

Will you be an ambassador to our world, or will this be a private meeting that is not publicized?

Good question Tom as Theo likes to say.  Yes this will be more private.  You will be told where to go to meet me and we’ll have a nice discussion—several actually—both aboard my spacecraft and in a suitable setting. 

You don’t speak my language do you Antu?

No I don’t.  Right now of course we are using these “thought packets” as they’re called to communicate, but when we meet I’ll use a simple device we developed long, long ago for communicating with beings across the universe to translate what both of us say in an easy manner that will not be distracting to you.  It is instantaneous in its operation.

Part 2 will be next week. 


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This Wednesday, December 17The Phoenix Hour, hosted by Elizabeth J. Foley. .  1:00 pm PST, 2:00 pm MST, 3:00 pm CST, 4:00 pm EST. 

So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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Tom T. Moore


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