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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.



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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others). This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Pineal GlandTheo, is the pineal gland where we receive telepathic communications?

Yes, Tom. This is the main receptor for information—both what you would call “telepathic” and also for “inspiration.” It acts, we could simply say, as an antenna for reception. Great studies will be made in the future of this gland, which on the surface would seem to serve no purpose, but was designed by your ET fathers and mothers.


Paul writes: I love your newsletter. It is always full of new and amazing information.

I use MBOs frequently. They have really saved my bacon in work situations, especially when I may have forgotten to do something important, or perhaps when expecting a difficult conversation. The dire consequences I feared never come about due to my MBOs.

SantoriniMy wife is interested in the community that used to live at Thera and has some questions:

Were the Therans descendants from an Atlantean colony?
Did this predate the Minoan civilisation?
Did the females on Thera have equality with the males?
Did the Therans influence the development of other civilisations?
Did Plato learn about Atlantis via Thera?

I hope you get the opportunity to ask these questions. Keep up the good work, Tom. You are the prophet of these difficult times.

1. Were the Therans descendants from the Atlantean colony or continent?

Yes, some of them were, Tom. Certainly, at one point, the Atlanteans had a colony in the area, not necessarily Thera. But when Atlantis was going through the throes of war and destruction, there were those who said, “enough is enough,” and left Atlantis, and some of them migrated to what is now known as Santorini, just as your group migrated to Egypt. But the Therans were already there, Tom, and reluctantly accepted the Atlanteans who professed they were in no way interested in taking over the island.

Santorini2.    Did they predate the Minoan civilization?

Yes, somewhat, Tom. This was another group, which added the Atlanteans.

3.    Were the Theran females on an equal basis with the males?

Yes, at that time they were. Later, over a long period of time, this Platoequality was eroded.

4.    Did the Therans influence other civilizations?

Yes, to a certain extent, Tom, but they were also influenced by other civilizations too you see, as there was great trading back and forth around the Mediterranean area so there was certainly a little mixing going on over the years. So you could say it was a little influence—not a great one.

5.    Did Plato learn about Atlantis from the Therans?

No, but a good question from your reader, Tom. These records he viewed had been kept elsewhere when he discovered them. Again, one day, as you were previously told Tom, these records will be discovered.


Helen in Hawaii writes: Right now, the world’s population is extremely high compared to the past as we know it and it is growing each day. Is this population growth happening in each time line? Does that mean it gives more souls an opportunity to have the Earth Experience?

Growing PopulationIn the last newsletter about the question, “Theo, can you explain more about Time Line 12 for my readers?” when you say “as the frequencies became denser and denser,” does that mean Timeline 1 is denser than Timeline 2 and Timeline 2 is denser than Timeline 3 and so on and so forth? I am not sure if you can answer this, but how can frequency denseness be defined? If I was to suddenly go to Timeline 1, would it be difficult to “breathe” due to the denseness of the frequency? If a human from Timeline 1 would suddenly go to Timeline 8, would that person feel “light-headed” due to the higher frequency/less denseness?

Also, the answer “having lives on earth you were varying from barely physical to non physical” reminds me of a section in the book called, “Edgar Cayce on Atlantis” by Edgar Evans Cayce (under the editorship of Hugh Lynn Cayce). In Chapter 3, Atlantis Before 50,000 B.C., it describes how souls started as thought forms first and “hardened” into physical bodies. How does this piece of information work with the Q & As we had about the scientists who made the Adam model bodies for the Earth Experiment in the 27 April 2013 newsletter?

Non-PhysicalIn the book, it says when human life started, our souls were first thought forms and hardened into whatever bodies our thoughts had. In a physical state, we could experience all the pleasure/pain. The question is: Did Edgar Cayce get this correct because I was under the impression that the scientist made the bodies for the souls to inhabit. Or was all of this ongoing at the same time before the Creator set the rules down? If this is correct, then these thought forms must have started extremely early in the 50,000 BC era. I don’t see how that can still be part of the time loop. Is it?

Another question – since Timeline 12 is a non-physical life, then can the souls experience pleasure/pain without bodies?

Gaia, is the world population growing on all time lines?

Of course it is, Tom. That’s why there are 12 time lines in order for your soul fragments to experience, or to have, 12 different experiences on this time lines. Such an easy question to start the day.

Yes, but time lines are confusing to people.

Parallel WorldsTrue. When one has not understood the concept before it can be difficult.

I think Gaia, or Theo, has explained before that people can have lives spread over a couple of million years (as our records don’t reflect this). As an example you have Atlantis with over 60,000,000 people at one time and their society lasted 50,000 years.

The people on the lower time lines have the same oxygen to breathe that we do, they just live in a denser energy. Things are more violent, from what I understand, the lower you go.

Theo, if ETs created the Adam man and woman, was this well after we first appeared on earth and were at times not quite physical?

Yes, Tom. This was well after you first appeared as, if you and your readers recall, we have previously covered how Parallel Worldsthese bodies did not have the same brain capability Adam man and woman now have. These were the bodies the archeologists are discovering in remote regions such as Africa. These tests of bodies went on for a couple of million years before the Adam man and woman were finally introduced as the final model shall we call them. We go back to previous statements how various ETs tested out all sorts of bodies, many which have never been discovered, but you can include Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal in that group, plus the “things” which existed for thousands of years on the continent of Atlantis.

Theo, do our non-physical selves on Time Line 12 experience pain?

Obviously not in the same way, Tom. They do not sustain injuries, which cripple them or result in their deaths. Always keep in mind these are the idyllic lives where everything goes perfectly with relationships and the like in general. Even on Time Line 11 there are times when people do experience pain and injury, just much less than the lower time lines. You could describe Time Line 12 as Utopia.


Quantum JumpingAndja in Arizona writes: Thank you for your newsletter and the Gentle Way, it has made my life easier in all ways.

Could you ask if Quantum Jumping taught by Burt Goldman accesses ourselves in other timelines? If not, what part are we contacting or sensing, higher self, soul clusters, angels or what? Burt Goldman has had an interesting life; what is his soul contract? Thank you and blessings to all you do for the rest of us.

Theo, is quantum jumping a viable modality? Does it access both past and parallel lives?

Yes, a heady set of questions, Tom. Yes, it is a viable modality for those who wish to take the time to learn how to use it. It’s as if you are cracking the door on past lives so that you can view what you accomplished in those lives. It can also open the door on a parallel life, if that one finds you doing something completely different.

I forgot to ask about Burt’s soul contract, but I do think he is right on it. I checked out his website and he talks about the “Alpha” state just as I’ve explained to you in these many newsletters. So, for those of you who wish to check out some past lives, here is the link to his website:


First Contact Front CoverFor my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul “cluster,” which consists of eight fragments of my soul, also known as our “higher self” or “oversoul.” Different words, but they mean the same thing. He lives on a water world in the Sirius B Star system and his work is part of a “first contact” team that goes to developing worlds and they introduce themselves. He’ll be coming to see us in 2017 on one of those mile-long “motherships” with a crew of 850. My book, FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET details all this, and I can guarantee all you Star Trek and Star Wars fans that you have NEVER read anything like this book. You can buy it on at It’s listed at $13.05 this week. PUT IT ON YOUR CHRISTMAS LIST!

This question came from Mantej in the UK as a follow-up to last week’s newsletter:

Antura, was the video that Stan Romanek shot of the Zeta face real or perhaps Photoshopped?

No, not Photoshopped, Tom. It was one of his visitors.

MJ writes: A question for Antura popped into my mind as I sat in traffic this Alien in Windowevening. I did a search on your web site so I don’t think these questions have already been asked. I know you asked Antura about birthdays and anniversaries in the past and he replied that the birthdays are low key and mainly for the children; anniversaries are low key.

However, how about holidays like our religious and national holidays where we sometimes have parades with marching bands and floats, attend religious services commemorating the holiday and decorate our homes (elaborately). Since he lives on a water planet, I wondered if they ever have boat parades, where they decorate their boats with lights and ornaments for holidays? Also, do they go with their families or friends on vacations to other parts of their planet or another planet for sightseeing, recreation or exploring other cultures like we do? If so, how long do their vacations usually last?

Antura, what celebrations do you have on your planet?

Yes, there is the small celebration I previously mentioned about observing the day we joined the Federation. We also celebrate the end of the war with the Reptilians. There are virtually no celebrations for age progressions, as there would be literally hundreds of those. There are also celebrations of births, deaths, and when we mate.

Water WorldWhere have you taken your family on vacation?

Yes, we do like to go to other water worlds not only in the Sirius B system, Tom, but there are a few other Federation planets with a lot of water. A couple of times we’ve gone to planets with almost no water to see the difference.

Do you ever go with friends?

Yes, sometimes, Tom.

They would not use boats—that’s for land people.

Please update me on Russia, Antura.

I understand Tom; please be patient. We are continuing—we, meaning the Federation—to talk with them and, as I mentioned before, they are reluctant to be the first, but they will soon we think.

Star Wars BattleAntura, when the future planets of the Federation attacked the Reptilian galaxy, was it sort of hit and run, or were there massive fleets?

Both, Tom. A ship would be sent to a fairly uninhabited section of their galaxy and would target a planet. At the same time perhaps a larger contingent of ships would attack a more strongly defended sector.

Were any planets lost in the Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian, or Orion systems?

No, we all remained whole, Tom. The planets and suns lost were in less defended areas of the galaxy, but still associated with us.

How many planets orbit Sirius A, Antura?

Yes, as you can imagine with such a large sun, it would capture a number of planets.

Sirius AAre there over 20?

Yes, Tom. Closer to 30.

What about Sirius C?

No, just a couple of planets.

 What would be the largest society on a planet in the Sirius B star system?

Several million beings, Tom.

Water planet?

Not like ours. There would be water, but not 90 percent.

Folks, how about a Benevolent Prayer: “I ask any and all beings to help the Russians overcome their fear and reticence of releasing their secret files on ET contacts, and may the results be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”


This MBO story and the next one appeared on November 30 in my weekly blog, where you can read the rest of the stories at

Movie Theatre[This is one I wrote.]  When I attend a movie, I like to sit in the very middle seat on the row that is even with the middle of the screen. So each time we attend the movie, before I get in the car for the drive, I request a Most Benevolent Outcome (MBO) for the drive to the theatre and for PERFECT seats for us.

I was reminded of this yesterday when we went to a movie. Of course, this was part of the Thanksgiving Holidays, and most of the theatres were jam-packed, but this movie had been on for a while and I thought it would not be crowded at all, so we left a little later than we would have for a first-run film. I did not take into account that this was the first showing of the day (at 2 pm), and would be the lowest price of the day for the film. When we walked into the theatre, two people were in my middle seats, so we had to sit three seats over, leaving one seat between the lady and me.

The MBO was that the theatre filled completely to the point people were sitting on the first row, and I personally saw five people leave the theatre to ask for a refund or to see another movie. The lady even had to move over one seat next to me to make room for a family on the other side. So it was a really nice result considering my mistake.


Lost KeysDan in Calgary writes: I've been having some home renovations done. Today I had the painter come in and finish up the staining of the baseboards. He went right to work in the unfinished basement to do the staining, then after about an hour he was finished and had to leave for another job. Unfortunately, he had misplaced his keys and spent about 15 minutes looking for them. He was starting to get stressed, as he was late for his next job.

I went downstairs and looked in the one place he laid down his coat, but nothing there. Then I asked for an MBO to find his keys quickly and easily. Amidst all of the mess and stacks of stuff everywhere, I literally then glanced down to a pile of books and they were sitting right there. He was stunned I found them, I on the other hand, was thankful.


Nina writes: I have tons of MBOs on an almost daily basis. Just the other Paparazziday, I was running late from a premiere in Hollywood to a Jaguar car-unveiling event in Playa Vista at 6 pm full rush hour. The PR people were nice to me and gave me a prime spot in the front row on the carpet, third spot in; all other photographers were in place and they would not move a couple inches to the side to let me fit into my position - no worries I thought, I am meant to get lucky when they are nasty to me, so I stood in a second row, where I could see who is coming in and then photograph them as they approach.

Hard to get pictures over tall guys on the carpet however. It took very little time for Simon Cowell to arrive; as I saw him walking up, I noticed he had a lady with him. Great, started shooting and noticed that the lady was not pregnant (but his new girlfriend is pregnant). He came with his ex girlfriend (naughty man) to this party and another ex of his was already there (she works for EXTRA TV and interviews him often) - so thanks to the mean guys I got a lucky break. And not worrying about it helped as after many good MBOs I learned that when there is a so-called roadblock, there is a good reason for the better!


Mike writes: Can you ask Theo about the true circumstances of actress Brittany Murphy's death? At the time, it was stated that she overdosed on drugs.

Now, reports are coming out that indicate she may have been poisoned by something with large doses of heavy metals, like rat poison. Murphy's husband died in the same fashion and same location some months later.

Brittany MurphyTheo, did Brittany Murphy die accidentally or was she poisoned?

It will be proved that she was poisoned, Tom. She had used that method of killing in a previous life, so now it was time to balance.

Will someone be arrested?


Shortly after I asked the above questions, Brittany’s mother was quoted as being adamant that it was an accidental death. Therefore I decided to ask again to see if my reception was off.

Theo, I would like to revisit Brittany Murphy. Here mother is quite strong in the opinion that this was a tragic accident and not a poisoning. Was I influenced in the reception of the answer?

No, Tom, she was murdered, but her mother does not wish to accept this. I did give you the correct information previously.


Mary and JesusAare in Estonia writes: In many previous newsletters everybody has asked about Jeshua ben Joseph, aka Jesus. But my question concerns his beloved wife Mary Magdalene, because I know a few people who claim to be the incarnated Mary.

Is Mary incarnated at the present time? Incarnated soul cluster of Marias?  Just wondering.

Theo, is Mary Magdalene incarnated at the present time?

Yes, Tom, but she is not one of those who claims to be her. She is living a life of quiet devotion.


As most of my longtime readers know, almost every conspiracy theory Theo debunks. Quite sometime back I was quite surprised when I asked if Lyndon B. Johnson was involved in Kennedy’s assassination and was told yes.

President & Mrs. KennedyChuck writes: I appreciate your generosity and contributions to humanity!

Haven't been following your work long enough to know if there's been discussion about a "conspiracy" in the JFK murder.

Also, I was part of a naval farce called Tonkin Gulf, which was a prelude to the Vietnam War. The reality is Tonkin Gulf didn't happen and I believe the "militaristic" element is responsible. Although Eisenhower warned us about the dangers of the military industrial complex, I feel they were responsible for "Tonkin Gulf" and the Vietnam War.

So the questions are:

Was there a conspiracy in the JFK assassination?

Was there a conspiracy in starting the Vietnam war?

Have a good holiday season!

Theo, I would like to revisit the JFK conspiracy theory that he was killed Lyndon B. Johnsonthrough the orders of Lyndon Johnson?

Yes, strange as it may seem, Tom. LBJ went beyond being jealous as he was of the opinion that JFK was a weak president. So he conspired with others of the same belief, and there were extra people there who knew Oswald would be the main attacker, and would step in if needed. I can assure you, Tom, they were well aware of Oswald, but claimed that all the reports on him never reached them.

I believe you said Vietnam never happened on the upper time lines?

Correct. There was a smaller conflict, which took place and several countries stepped in to mediate and were successful.

I’ll return to the conspiracy theory on Vietnam soon.


Mantej in the UK writes: Two questions for the newsletter.

(1) The first is about the greatest guitarist of all time - Jim Hendrix.

A) What was his soul contract?
B) Was he anyone we would recognize in past lives?
C) Is he incarnated now?

Jimi Hendrix(2) What is the most complex soul contract that a individual has had that Theo knows of, and;

A) Who was this person?
B) What was their soul contract?

Theo, was Jimi Hendrix a musician in all his lives?

Yes, almost all, Tom. As has been noted, he was a virtuoso on the guitar. This knowledge of that instrument was not just overnight. He had played the guitar in many other lives as well.

Jimi HendrixSo he was continuing on with his learning and knowledge, but of course his soul contract was quite similar to many other musicians who had to cope with drugs or alcohol. He succumbed, so he will have to have that again before he will consider himself done with this aspect.

Was he famous in a past life?

No, just known as a well-thought-about professional musician.

Has he incarnated again?

Yes, but not in your present time.

Theo, what would be the most complex soul contract an individual had on earth?

There are thousands of very complex soul contracts, Tom. They would involve people who are world leaders, but also with families as well.


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THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, FEBRUARY 23, 2013,  MARCH 2, 2013, MARCH 9, 2013, MARCH 23, 2013,   


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