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·    PLANET X?

Expect Great ThingsWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  Please PAY IT FORWARD by sending this newsletter to a friend.  And approach them on requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes.  It will change their life.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Energy FieldKate writes:  Gregg Braden teaches some things about how the magnetic changes on Gaia are linked to memory! Might be an interesting topic.

Gaia, do your magnetic changes affect our memories?

No, not in the way it was asked, you see, Tom.  Certainly there are energies being sent to you, and sometimes these energies, which are designed to prepare you to cross over to the 5th focus, are so powerful they can leave you a little dazed and confused, shall we say.  But this is temporary.

Your memories were designed, Tom, to leave the bad conditions and experiences behind, shall we say, and always looking ahead.  Difficult experiences quickly fade away, allowing you to continue to function.  Otherwise we would have millions of people curled up in fetal positions.  It’s as if, to use an analogy, you’re a boxer in the ring and you take a hard blow.  You “shake it off” and continue to fight.  So these magnetic changes may affect you a little, or a lot depending upon your location on the earth, but more so in other ways.


Someone asked about a reported void in space near Pluto.

Planet XGaia, what is the blank space in the sky near Pluto (if there is one as it appears in photos)—a planet or blank space?

Yes, Tom.  There is a void there, shall we call it.  This is quite perplexing to your scientists, and they don’t want the public to become frightened until they can study it more.

So is it a planet?

No, but they will find some extremely interesting discoveries by studying this part of the sky.

So I would assume any planet would have to emit light radiated by our sun?

Yes, quite so.  Again I mention to you, Tom, that you will find another planet attached to this solar system in the not too distant future, but not on the same plane as the other planets—a maverick—but not Nibiru.  This would, on the surface, appear to be a lifeless planet.


Lee writes:  I just saw your post about Venice being flooded and a reminder of the waters rising in the next five years. My concern is about what happens to the oceans, rivers, seas with this rise in water?  I think about all the gas stations, homes, buildings, etc with all their chemicals and just the debris that would be floating around. How will Gaia and humanity as a whole be able to prevent what I would think would be a major environmental disaster far greater than anything that we have ever seen? I say a BP for the earth to be spared the worst of it.

Arctic MeltingGaia, how will environmental disasters be prevented as you raise the ocean levels two feet in the next four or five years, assuming this is still on your time table?

Yes, most definitely it still is, Tom.  Certainly there will be a number of what can be considered disasters, Tom, but for the most part, as levels rise so will men and women remove what would contribute to the problem.

So are we down to four years yet, as I’ve been told this will happen I think for over a year?

Yes you have, Tom, and the timing is such that the mechanics are almost in place for this rapid rising of the water levels all over the world for those of your readers unsure of how it might affect them.  You can already see, and your scientists have pointed out, how the northern icecap is rapidly melting.  This will occur even faster than they are predicting at this time.  The same with Greenland, and yes, the Antarctic will also see rapid changes in weather patterns, which will contribute to it calving great icebergs as you term them.

Are there markers we can be on the lookout for?

Yes.  A rapid acceleration of the arctic melting, Tom.  The same with Greenland.  and you will notice weather patterns are changing.  There will be more severe storms in both the winter and summer.  All of these have been noted by your meteorologists and geologists, but the speed in which they occur will be a surprise to them.


Animal Spirit GuidesJan in the UK writes:  Please could you ask THEO about Power Animals.  Do we have one, or more, animal spirits walking with us in our lives - along side our Guardian Angels?  If so, in what way do they guide us?

Also is it possible that there are mythical beasts - unicorns, dragons etc - in our different timelines that we encounter and live with?

Thank you so much Tom.  Your recent global teleclass was so interesting - hope you do another soon.

Gaia, do we have one or more Power Animal spirits as our guides?

An interesting question, Tom.  This is where your beliefs enter the picture.  If, as an example, you are an indigenous person that believes in animal sprits, then one can be attracted to that person, or to a whole tribe.  Generally most societies of the world do not have this belief so they do not have an animal spirit protector.  The only exception to this would be their beloved dogs who remain with them for a time after their transition, before moving on.

Are unicorns and dragons all in the ancient past?

Quite so, Tom.  They were part and parcel of life thousands of years ago, so naturally there were many stories about them.

I will be doing another Global Teleclass on the evening of November 7 at 8pm ET, 7pm CT, 6pm MT, and 5pm PT.  You can sign up at  and click on Personal Development.  It will be all about requesting MBO’s.


HospitalEllen writes:  Hi Tom, so happy every Friday to get your newsletter!  Always fascinating.  Could you please ask Theo about his prediction that the Supreme Court would strike down the Health Care Act, which in fact the court upheld?

Theo, what happened on the health care act.  Why was it not struck down as you had previously said it would be by the Supreme Court.

Yes, Tom.  As you and everyone saw, there was a great change of heart by one of the Supreme Court Members.  There were many prayers –benevolent prayers and this did affect the outcome.  The probability of this happening was quite low, until the power of prayer entered the picture.  You could say Mass Consciousness shifted.  I can only give you the highest probability when you ask a question, but this can change, as it did here, if enough people use the power of prayer.

Here, everyone, is a perfect example of the power of prayer.  We create great benevolent energy when we pray!


VetRose writes:  Thank you for everything you do. I look forward to getting your newsletter every Friday AND I am learning to say MBO's. My question comes from my just learning that earth animals may be taking on our 'stuff'. My dog was diagnosed with Addison's Disease.  And I am wondering if she took that on for me. I was told Universal Law now forbids our animals from doing this. Could you please ask your GA to comment on this?

Gaia, do our pets (dogs and cats) contract diseases from us?

No, not in the same way, as their bodies are designed to repel normal human diseases, Tom.  They have their own diseases due to the short spans of their lives.  Certainly they can feel it when their human family members are ill, but they do not actually contract the disease.

So no exceptions to the rule?

Only in a couple of instances, Tom, but not overall as was asked.  Even with the two exceptions the disease is not quite the same.


Jaffra writes:  I question the accuracy of the following, and wonder if Theo can explain if the wording was ever meddled with by the Church?  Did Jesus actually whip anyone at any time?  From my perspective, it would seem so unlikely.


Jesus and the Money Changers... Below is the quoted verse, and below that [omitted here] are definitions from the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. It should be clear that Jesus made a whip. Why would Jesus make a whip? To whip them! You also will observe that Jesus "drove" them out of the temple. Drove is a violent movement. The "scourge" is the means used (weapon) to drive them out, not the disarray of the driving out. Observe:

John 2:15 15 And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers' money, and overthrew the tables (KJV)...

Thank you, always, for all you do for us!

Theo, is the story about Jesus driving the money lenders out of the temple true, and did he do it with a whip?

Yes, Tom.  Most of that is true, although obviously embellished to a certain extent.  He had assistance in his efforts to bring the temple back to what it was supposed to be used for.  He did threaten them with a whip, but it was theatrics.  He was able to zero in on their minds, you see, too.  He “put fear in their hearts” would be a phrase to describe it.


Jesus and DisciplesRenee writes:  On the recap of Jesus and that lifetime in the last newsletter, Theo said that there were 12 male and 12 female disciples.  I wanted to know who the 12 females were and I came up with only 6 per Wikipedia:  Mary Magdalene; Mary Mother of Jesus; Mary Salome (you), Martha, sister of Lazarus (Ruth Montgomery); Miriamne, sister of Phillip and Arsinoe (I'm not sure who she is).

I'm pretty sure that Paul's wife was one too--but history tells us that he never married.  What was her name?  And I assume the rest of the female disciples were the wives of the disciples and their names?  Again, thank you for your time and effort into this matter.

Theo, were there 12 female disciples, and if so, who were the ones we have not considered?

Yes, Tom.  There were additional female disciples—and as your reader guessed, they were wives of the other male disciples who were considered so insignificant by the writers of that time period they were never mentioned.  So their names would not be recognizable today.  Even the Vatican, which does have extensive files and writings, has little information.


This MBO story and the next one were in last week’s Blog.  Please send me your Car MechanicMBO stories to inspire others!  You can read all the archived blogs (over 150!) at

Diana writes: This past summer, our car had electrical problem around 11pm at night in the highway. We pulled over to a rest area with gas station. I asked for a MBO on the situation and to find a perfect mechanic. Can you believe? The gas station helped and knew a mechanic who can come over around midnight to fix the blown fuse in the electric system of the car. And we can continue our journey for the next 5 hours. That's one God-sent mechanic.


House SoldKaren writes: I shared my new found knowledge of MBO's with my daughter. She and her husband were trying to sell their house themselves. I wrote up the MBO and sent them each a copy. We all agreed and spoke the MBO. We asked for a sales transaction that would go with ease and that the price of the house would be beneficial for both buyer and seller. We got just exactly what we asked for - - an incredible smooth sales transaction and a perfect price. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


Someone asked about Avatars but not sure who.

10/20/12 Theo, explain Avatars.

Yes, these are highly developed souls, Tom, that have the option of returning to earth to assist people in a way like you do, but completely different.  They are what we would call “game changers.”  But a simple explanation for today, since you have not read up on them yet, would be an advanced soul returning to earth.

St. Germain10/22/12  Theo, are Avatars (now that I’ve read about them) born, or do they manifest?

They are born Tom—yes, you have that correct.  They are not, let’s say, at the level of a GA or golden light being.  They are fragments of souls who have completed all their lives on earth, yet return to be the “game changers” I spoke about before.

So, as an example, was St. Germain an Avatar?

Quite so, Tom.  He had a great influence during the long period of time he lived on earth.  He had learned how to extend his life in other or previous incarnations and was quickly able to tap into those memories to do so in his life as St. Germain, and the other names or identities he took.

As Avatar relates to Hinduism, were the majority of Avatars connected with the Hindu religion?

They were, in ancient times, the first to notice these individuals, as certainly they stood out like a beacon.  But, again, there have been Avatars all the way up to modern times.

Are there any Avatars incarnated today?

Yes, but only a couple.  I shall not name them to bring undue attention to them and their work, but I can assure you they make a significant contribution and difference in the world.

So, just to understand correctly, there has never been an ET that took on the disguise as an Avatar?

Not at all, Tom.  Again these are soul fragments with great experience who incarnate to move whole societies in a benevolent direction.


Theo, I seemed to have most of the answers almost before I was speaking with Gaia.  Is that simply because I’m downloading in advance, or is my ego entering or shall we say trying to assist?

Only just a little, Tom.  We do try to begin feeding you these answers as soon as you write them on the page, so that you will not have blocks as you used to have when communicating with us.  As you notice you have been more calm when receiving these messages.

Yes, I feel more calm, other than when I’m really short of time.

Spirit GuideWhy is it I would have more than one guide for say my film distribution business and for my writing as you have previously told me?  It would seem to indicate a limitation, which seems surprising from this side.

Yes, Tom, they do have limits, as keep in mind they are fragments like yourself and not whole complete souls, such as are the Guardian Angels you call us.  So they do have their limitations and can generally team up with another soul, which complements each other to give you the best advice.

I thought that might be the case as I’ve pondered asking that for some time.

And again this is another example of how we reach you.  You were already receiving the answer, and it was not your ego.


For my new subscribers Antura is a member of my soul “cluster” who’s having a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System.  Theo introduced me to him in 2008 and have been asking questions ever since.

Pam writes:  I just attended a group study of a movie on Crop Circles.  I was wondering what Gaia may say and your Anturian brother.  We've trying to determine who and  why they occur.  Why a majority occur in one area in southern England very close to Stonehenge.  And of course what do the pictograms represent?

Pictures from

Crop CircleAntura, can you comment about the crop circles and why most of them are in Southern England and more about who does or creates them?

Yes, as everyone has noted these crop circles can be considered massive works of art, Tom, but with geometric and mathematical themes.  Southern England was chosen due to its lack of population, yet, just enough so that they would be quickly found and photographed.  The beings, who do this, are your friendly Arcturans and do so to create mysteries, and yet point out how they are crafted by intelligent species, which have no sinister motives, other than to make mathematicians ponder their meaning, along with the population.

They are created by small robotic craft, as has been determined and photographed, as they create these crop circles.  These symbols are used all over the universe, so they should be studied in more detail, as they are not just works of art.  There are messages behind these, which will slowly be discovered over time. The Pleiades

How many planets are there in the Pleiades, Antura, which are members of the Federation—over 20 let’s say?

Yes, Tom.  Again their numbers would be similar to our Sirius B system—in the mid-20’s.  It might seem that they should have many more, but these are the planets that have intelligent life on them.  Please keep in mind that there are various stages of development even in our Star systems, which have been around for billions of years.  I will refer to our own example, Tom, where we settled on our water planet some 18 million years ago, yet there were already societies much older than that in existence in the system—well over one billion years.  It is like that all over the universe.


CatharsDiane writes:  I was told my past lives as a Cathar and I am wondering, if you could ask Theo where do they originate as he just said the Cathars were from somewhere else, just wondering where that "somewhere " else was.  Thanks and so grateful for all of your wonderful work.

Theo, where did the Cathars originate—Southern France, Bulgaria, Armenia, as is supposed, or speculated, by anthropologists?

Yes, all of the above, Tom, and, yes, the 1100’s would be an approximate beginning of this particular group of people.  Naturally their roots extended even farther back, but their belief systems took hold during that time period.

Here is a link for more information about this group that posed the biggest challenge to the Catholic Church during that time period.


Philip writes:  What has happened or will happen to Kim Peek? Has he or will he Kim Peekreincarnate in the near future, Theo?

Theo, what was the soul contract and karma of the savant Kim Peek, who was the inspiration for the movie Rainman?

Yes, his soul contract was to bring to light what these people can contribute to society, and to teach compassion to people.  He also gave scientists much to study.  His Karma had to do with having treated simple people badly in a past life, so he had a balancing life where he was considered quite different too.


John Wilkes BoothDiane writes:  A quick question about how John Booth died?  Did he die in the barn where they think they found him?  I always heard that it was a stand in who looked like him and others say that he got away and lived a long healthy life.

So which is it?

Theo, did John Wilkes Booth die in the barn?

Yes, he did, Tom.  Simple answer for a simple question.  Conspiracists certainly have speculated otherwise.


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012,


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