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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others). This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Australia Bush FireGaia, are the bushfires in Australia simply a cycle for you or something else?

Yes, Tom, this is a cycle of mine, just as I have the same cycles in North America when I have forest fires to clear the land of old growth to prepare for a new cycle of new growth.

These bushfires are particularly strong it seems and they are concerned that these will join together in a mega fire. Will that happen?

No, Tom. It will be close, but the brave firefighters will avert disaster by the hair of their chinney-chin-chin, as the saying goes.


Mary Ann in the Philippines writes: We recently had a major Philippines Earthquakeearthquake somewhere in Central Philippines. Please ask Gaia if there is another one coming up in the near future. Thanks!

Gaia, have you scheduled any more large earthquakes for the Philippines in the next six months?

Yes, Tom. There will be at least two more in that time period in excess of 6.0 to 7.0. Not quite as intense as the 7.1 earthquake, but almost.


U.S. Federal SpendingLenny writes: Thank for all you do and the information you share with such a large following. It’s greatly appreciated. Question about Lincoln and Obama? I don't understand why there has been more spending by the U.S. in the past six years on military and defense than the 20 largest nations GDPs combined? And, the debt had increased 50% as well. Do you or your GA see the danger? Or, is there really no danger, just hype? I'm very confused and scared about America's future. Thank you and a blessed day!

Gaia, is our huge military spending going to get the USA into monetary trouble?

No, Tom. This will be curbed along with many other pork barrel programs in the near future. The United States will have cutbacks across the board, and that includes military spending.


Eleanore writes: One of my closest relatives has just recently been diagnosed as having HIV so naturally, I went to all your newsletters for research purposes.

HIV LogoWhat is the current status on finding a cure, if any, and where is research on this issue as of this time? As you can imagine, there are those of us who would like to know of any progress. When I transpose my thoughts on this issue to third world countries, it is absolutely heartbreaking.

MBOs for EVERYONE on this one.

Gaia, how close are we to a cure for HIV?

Fairly close, Tom. There has been much progress in the research being done on this debilitating disease, so a cure is just around the corner, shall we say, for it. Naturally, researchers will discover the strand of DNA that causes the disease much earlier than, say, other diseases, or differences in DNA strands before other diseases are discovered.

Then are we talking about within five years, 10 years or farther out?

No, Tom. Closer to the first number—five years. That’s pretty soon in my book. Great strides will be made in that time period, so it will be close to finding the cure.


Theo, I would like to revisit the question of how receiving something through inspiration differs from these communications.

Certainly, Tom.

InspirationAre inspirations funneled through you, Theo?

Not necessarily, Tom. I realize that this response may not answer all your questions, but inspiration may come directly from the Creator, or even one of your guides who is quite knowledgeable in some area and has been asked to be one of your guides for that expertise. Therefore they send the information directly on a second’s notice to you, as compared to you asking a question and I respond, in many cases with assistance from far and wide. Even the Creator I have mentioned before can send an inspirational thought to you if IT feels you need to have some information and you’re not receiving it due to outside influences.

Does inspiration occur more times than we realize?

Plan BAbsolutely, Tom. It might occur even several times a day for a person involved in some creative work. Or it might not occur at all for someone who performs some repetitive work, unless they begin to wonder how that work could be done more efficiently or in some way better. Then they open the door for inspiration!

Does the same part of our brain receive inspirational messages as it does these thought packets?

Yes, Tom. It will be many years before scientists discover which part of the brain acts as a receptor.

Why are you veiled? I thought that you would be able to see at least what the Creator is able to see. Is that not the case?

No, Tom. The Creator of this universe has the ability to see farther than our souls are able to see. You can say more focuses as that would be the best way to describe it. Even though we are known as golden light beings because of our experience and higher vibrational levels, we are still limited to see about the same as your souls are able to see.


Penny writes: Have a question about President Obama. Will the next President elected follow in Obama's footsteps and be as straightforward and trustworthy as he is?

President Obama & Mrs. ClintonTheo, will the next President of the United States work in the best interests of the citizens and be trustworthy?

Yes, Tom. The highest probability for now is that the next President will carry on and improve on President Obama’s agenda. That should tell you something, Tom.

Yes, a little hint there I would assume?

That’s correct.

I’ll leave that for now.

I’m also asked if I am prejudiced for President Obama?

Certainly you are encouraged by his strong actions, but like any President you know he has his flaws. You have also been told he will not achieve all his goals during his Presidency, but I still repeat for your readers, Tom, that he will go down in history as one of your best. Could he do even more? Of course, and he is on the upper time lines, as they are not so cantankerous as they are on this time line. They work together in a more gentle atmosphere.

Folks, after being told he would be one of our best Presidents, I sat back to see how it would happen. Imagine yourself at a football game. I was not sitting in the home section or visitors section—just with people who wanted to watch the game—and not with the coaches on the field (there are a LOT of those). It started off at the one-yard line and is now past the 50-yard line (2nd term). There have been many good plays and ones that resulted in losses, but overall the ball continues to move down the field.


First Contact Front CoverFor my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul “cluster” who has had 800 lives on earth. He’s part of a “first contact” team headed to earth in 2017 from the Sirius B Star System.

My FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book just received a great review in THE STAR BEACON. If you have not bought the book yet, read this review at Perhaps this will convince you, or you can read sample chapters on my website.

My PowerPoint presentation on Youtube about my new book “FIRST CONTACT,” has now been viewed over 1,300 times. I am listing the links to each 15-minute segment of the show in case you have not seen it yet. Here they are:


I keep listing these links each week as I see at least 40 to 50 people link each week.

Antura, is the Federation symbol in a triangle shape?

No, Tom.


OvalMore an oval shape, Tom.

Does it have anything else in the oval?

Yes, sort of a star cluster. That’s about as close as we can get at this time. Feel free to ask me as you might receive some inspiration.

Robin in Oregon writes: I've recently found your books and newsletter, haven't read them all but see that you deal with UFO subjects. I had a UFO experience as a Jr. High age girl that I have never found an explanation for, and told very few people about. I am 59 now. Maybe in relating my story you will have already heard of this or explained a similar one and I hope can share that with me.

UFOWhen I was alone outside in a small town in eastern Oregon on the school grounds in the summertime in broad daylight I saw a silver, almond-shaped hovering craft at least 20 feet long come up from a culvert over a rolling hill in farmed fields next to the school yard and hovered there, then it moved slowly towards me. I was probably 100 yards away when I first saw it and out of curiosity was drawn to start walking uphill towards it.

A second craft like it came from the same culvert and appeared behind it by maybe 25 feet and stopped. I got within 20 yards of the first craft hovering, gleaming in the sun, unlike anything I had ever seen before and began to feel afraid. I turned on my heel and ran, but after a few steps glanced back over my shoulder to see that both craft had vanished in a matter of seconds. I stopped and turned back to look for them heading away over the hills, but it was more like they suddenly became invisible or left at the speed of light, in the blink of an eye. At the time, I told no one about this as they would have thought I was insane or something. Maybe only in the last 10 years have I talked about this. What was this? I would appreciate an answer, if you can possibly provide one.

Robotic UFOsWhat were the silver, almond- shaped craft that Robin saw?

Yes, small scout craft, Tom. More robotic in nature. They were sent to take readings and she discovered them. The Federation ship controlling them quickly tried to hide them away.

Penny writes: When the ETs, and Grays come to Earth will they or could they, when they apologize to people they have implanted, remove or disconnect the implants without surgery or discomfort to these people. Thanks for the newsletters, always a joy to read.

Antura, will the Grays offer to remove the tracking devices?

Only to those who actually come forward for more information, Tom. This is a very elaborate device, which does no real harm to the body. In the “off” position as they are now, they only exist. What they did to these people’s minds is what really needs to be addressed, and as I recommended to the people who have written in to you is hypnosis to open up the subconscious memories of these abductions.

Sedona UFOsChristi writes: A friend of mine just got back from Sedona where she said she saw a huge UFO and little UFOs coming out of it. (When I lived there I saw the Phoenix Lights craft with satellite crafts near it). The friend she was visiting said that the craft was not alien, but a government craft. He told her that evidently the government was taking some congressmen up in it to show them the government's advances and were spitting them out in the little crafts.

Is this anywhere near accurate? My friend is quite vulnerable to believing everything she is told that is "conspiracy-related" and is still determined that the jet trails above Sedona are chemtrails. I keep telling her that the government does not have the ability yet to develop these crafts because they don't understand the propulsion system and she doesn't believe me. A little clarification, please. Thank you.

Someone mentioned a spacecraft coming out of Sedona, with smaller craft coming out of it, but being operated by our government. Your comments?

Another conspiracy theory, Tom. Again it is much better to imagine the spacecraft being of human origin rather than accept the idea that there truly are ET species out there in the world. That would be too fearful for people who are not sure or do not believe in ETs.

Silver UFOPeggy writes: My most vivid dream from childhood is looking out my bedroom window late at night, and watching gleaming silvery saucer-type ships descending into the woods and fields around our country home, in utter silence. Recently I've been remembering more and more dreams that could be interpreted as encounters with Grays, fighting them off, and being watched by unknown "others."

Would you please ask Theo to confirm whether my family members are all abductees? If so, it would help me to understand why we tend to be so self-destructive and dysfunctional. Thank you so much!

Antura, was Peggy’s family in Ann Arbor, Michigan abducted and did this experience cause the family to be self-destructive and dysfunctional?

Yes, and the experiences can cause deep-seated psychological problems, Tom—again another reason for hypnosis to bring these experiences to the surface so that they can be worked on and understood by the abductees.

Dennis writes: Can you ask Antura about Dr. John Dee (1527-1608). What alien race was he in contact with during his lifetime? He was quite an amazing man for the time period he was alive.

Dr. John DeeWas Dr. John Dee in touch with an ET race during his lifetime?

Certainly he was able to channel both spirit and ETs, Tom.

Did I have a life where I knew him?

Yes, you did. A good guess, Tom. You were a close friend and advisor.

So that was not one of my past lives?

No, but again you were a close friend.

I thought I should ask more about Dr. Dee, so this question was posed to Theo:

Theo, what advice did I give Dr. John Dee?

Quite a lot actually, Tom. You were a close friend and he would bounce his ideas off of you.

Did I channel back in that life?

Not at that time, but you led him in the right direction. Later you would channel, you might say, inspired by his successes. That was a good progressive life for you then.


This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Saturday blog, which you can read in its entirety at

Legacy ExitSeveral months ago I wrote about almost being in a wreck on my way home off the North Dallas Tollway, after I exited onto Legacy Drive in Plano. I came within six feet of slamming into an SUV that had just been lifted off the ground and spun 180 degrees in an intersection I was approaching, after a black pickup truck had broadsided it. Naturally I had requested an MBO for my drive, so I was safely able to slam on the brakes and stop before I hit the driver’s side of the SUV.

Well, naturally, I had requested another MBO for my drive home on the Tollway after having my hair cut. As I approached the Legacy exit, another pickup truck driving next to me did not see my car (I suppose) in his side-view mirror and pulled into my lane as we were doing 70 mph (posted speed limit there). Again I had to slam on my brakes and even had to pull partially over onto the shoulder in order to avoid the collision. I honked, but there was nothing more to do. We both went on our way.

I ALWAYS request MBOs for my drives. If you know you are going to make multiple stops, request MBOs for each drive before you get into the car for the first leg of your journey. That way you’re giving your Guardian Angel (GA) as much time as possible to set up the perfect time for you to get in your car each time so that your drive is safe and pleasant for all concerned. So as an example, you would say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my drive to the Post Office; then I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my drive from the Post Office to the grocery store; and finally I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my drive from the grocery store back home, thank you!”

That doesn’t mean that it precludes you from saying an MBO for each drive as you get into the car, but what you’ve done is really set up your drives so that the timing is perfect for your safety and a “Radiant Effect” for all those who happen to be in your car, or driving beside, in front, or behind you.


JuryAlice writes: I was on jury duty. On the second day of our deliberations we could not come to agreement. So we took a break. I was walking with another juror and we were saying that we did not want to come back tomorrow. So I said I am going to ask the angels for help. "I am asking for an MBO of our discussions that we as jurors may come to agreement soon and may the results be better than I expect or hope for. Thank you." We went back in to continue our discussion and with in 15 minutes we had consensus. WOW! The angels are powerful! Thank you, Tom for bringing MBOs to our awareness.


These were a series of comments on Facebook last week:

Letting GoDenell writes: I have been in the process of eliminating all negative influences and people in my life lately and so I started saying daily, "I request a most benevolent outcome that any and all negative and toxic beings both in spirit and physically be led away from me and into the light so that they may do no more harm with results even better than I could expect or hope for. Thank you.”

I have been saying this for two weeks and this week I lost a best friend who was like a sister to me. I was extremely upset by this, but then realized it was something I had asked for. She is also someone from my past and I feel like my guides are leading me away from all things reminding me of my past so I may begin a wonderful new life soon.

I responded: You can also say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to sever all energy cords not in my best interests, thank you!" Gets rid of those toxic people in a benevolent way--the "ties that bind."

Philip chimed in: Have you said the opposite, "I request a most benevolent outcome that any and all positive and healthy beings in both spirit and body be invited to surround me and may the results be even better than I could expect or hope for. Thank you!” Let me know how well this works.


M.J. writes: I hope you are having a fine Columbus Day today!

I have a Columbus Day question for Theo. Did Christopher Columbus ever reincarnate as one of the great astronaut explorers on earth? Have Neil Armstrong and John Glenn ever lived past lives as explorers on our planet or any other planet?

John Glenn, Quincy Jones, & Neil ArmstrongThank you very much. Infinite love and gratitude to you!

Theo, did Christopher Columbus incarnate as an astronaut?

No, although that was a good guess by your reader. Mr. Columbus has returned several times since that life and certainly has continued his passion for discovery, but not always the explorer of new lands. That was a significant life for him and your readers should understand that you don’t always have significant lives. Many lives are to balance your relationships with others. He will have another significant life coming up in the near future.

Did Neil Armstrong and John Glenn have past lives as explorers?

Yes, these were significant lives for both gentlemen and both had developed into fearless explorers over many lifetimes dating back thousands of years. Both had been scientists too as preparation for this life.

To read why Columbus is having a number of lives to balance, read this:


Diane writes: Can you please ask Theo why there is HATRED towards Blacks around the world? Even among themselves? Africans come here to the USA and don't want to be associated with American Blacks and we still are struggling with discrimination here! Why?

Colored Only SignIs it Karma from the past when Africa was a ruling country....way back when? Or is there another reason why there is such hatred?

Will it ever change in the future? Or is it just a HUMAN thing to dislike something that is different?

As always Tom, thanks for your help.

Theo, why are blacks still disliked by many people it seems in more countries than just the USA? I’m asked if this is Karma-related, and how long will it be before this changes?

Yes, part of it is Karma, as there are those who are black who mistreated them in past lives. Then you have people who were black and get to mistreat the same ones who focused on them in past lives.

As I said before, you will slowly integrate all of society over the next several hundred years, which will make the point moot. The United States, and to a slightly lesser extent the UK, will lead the way. This will eventually lead to just one earth human as all the races will combine in the next thousand years or so.


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