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Welcome everyone to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special “howdy” to all of our new subscribers.  Please email your stories and pass this newsletter along to your friends.


 Julie Writes:  Keep requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes in your life and remember to be specific!  Ask for exactly what you want!!  I have been having such great results!

I got a gas station job 3 weeks ago because I asked the angels for a MBO to help me get a job right away, as we really needed the money. Then I asked for a better job making the same or more money that would be flexible and allow me more time with the kids AND allow us to go to the lake with my parents this weekend for their anniversary. There was only 2 weeks, I admit to really not thinking there was enough time, but I kept believing the angels would come thru!!

Last week I saw an ad, after not looking in the Paper for a couple weeks because I had the gas station job, for an overnight position at Crisis Nursery, a place where parents can bring their kids for a few hours or days if they have a crisis. A social service position, the direction I want to go. I sent an email in and they called Friday and set me up for an interview yesterday. I asked the angels for a MBO to get the job and then right before I left I asked for a MBO to get the job on the spot so I wouldn't have to go back to the gas station.

I went to the interview and it went well but she told me there were 2 more interviews and the paperwork could take a week or so. By the time I drove home she called and set up the 2 more interviews for yesterday afternoon and by last night they hired me and I start training this week!!! More money, a job I really want, more flexibility, and the same day!! And we get to go to the lake this weekend!!! I am totally amazed!!  Please if you haven't been...ask for MBO's and be specific!! for everything in your life. I have been communicating with the angels for a long time but asking in this way really works and so fast!

I do intend to get books for people for Christmas!! How can we not share this!
Oh and last Friday, I asked for a MBO for Ben's eye doctor appointment, he's been wearing glasses for 2 years for reading and he lost his last year. Something else I'd been putting off. I also was told he had an astigmatism also. We went to the appointment and he has 20/20 vision without glasses!! No evidence of an astigmatism either! I asked how that was possible, it was a new doctor and he said "I don't know but I checked him 2 different ways." Then he joked and said I healed him just by having him come to the office and laughed. I laughed too, if he only knew!
Thank you and your angels so much Tom!!!   For bringing this to us.


Arlena writes: Hi Mr. Moore. I want to thank you for this wonderful book and web site.  On Wednesday night I requested the benevolent outcome for my son.  On Thursday he went to a job interview and by the time he got home they hired him for the job. Thank you again and again.

Thanks Arlena.  Normally you say a Living Prayer for someone else, but a Benevolent Outcome request works if you have a connection with that person (especially if they live with you until they find employment).  And please everyone, call me Tom, and keep those emails coming with your experiences.  You’ll show the world how really the same all of us are and not so different.  


Blake in Hawaii writes:  My friend Brad and I had a long meditation to day (over the phone) discussing many if not all of these issues, we both felt very clear regarding the issue of time line (changes) such that neither he or I expect Hawaii to be affected.

He and I both asked/and heard this independently; then compared notes. We both feel that by publishing this and other insights it gives a large number of folks the opportunity to pray for MBO"s... and we believe this is making a tremendous effect on the potential severity of the events. This after I spent the last two days trying to convince myself to get moving.... I like the last minute flight option... I appreciate your prayers. I will be buying books for my holiday gifts this year.

I had previously suggested to Blake that he will have time to jump on an airplane should any earthquake events begin in the Mississippi Valley.  So here we are entering the last week of the month, and I don’t “feel” or “sense” anything about to happen, so I’ll be surprised as anyone if the earthquake events occur.  Normally before a major event I’ll have precognitive dreams during the two weeks leading up to the event (as I’ve gone back and studied), and so far I’ve had none—just dreams about business and other symbolic dreams.  I believe I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been recording my dreams every morning since 1979 when I dreamed about a terrorist bomb in advance prior to a trip my wife and I were taking to a world congress of travel agents in Manila.  We dropped Manila off our schedule and a bomb did explode.  Before 911 I had three precognitive dreams during the preceding two weeks.  

And if nothing happens, was it because we moved to a more benevolent time line or something else?  I don’t know, but I will surely be asking a lot of questions, so “stay tuned.” 


Gaia.  Do the mountains have separate spirits, or are they all fragments of your soul?

They are separate fragments of other souls that I welcome to inhabit my mountains.  They learn from their lives as a mountain certain things, so they are separate souls.

What do they learn?

How to be a mountain and all the things that mountains must do to exist on my world.  They in turn may have trees, animals, birds and so on that inhabit either on the mountain or inside it, and sometimes people that may live in caves or in structures on the mountain, so they have busy lives for them, although you don’t see that in your 3rd dimensional reality.  They are more 2nd dimensional.

Will a soul take care of one type of tree or all the trees in a forest, including all species, or does a soul handle one species worldwide or all trees worldwide?

Ah, a very good question Tom.  These souls take care of one species of tree on a worldwide basis, so there are yes, a number of souls involved with the many different types of trees.  So it is simple, but complicated in a way, as they must respect each other’s territory or space, which is not always the case as you know, as some trees overpower lesser ones as they fight for sun and water and nutrients. 


How many years will it be before there is a manned flight to Mars and will it be a USA mission, a mixture of countries including the USA, or another country or countries?

Another good question Tom.  Yes it will be a number of years before that flight take place—some 25 years or perhaps a little more.  The United States will take part in the mission, but there will be other countries that help finance such an ambitious journey and the crew will be a mixture of different countries’ citizens.  It will be the start of earth’s exploration of the planets, although there will be moon missions again before the big launch to Mars.  There will be dramatic improvements in equipment and vehicles prior to that launch that will enable the astronauts to travel faster and more securely to the red planet.  The soul of Mars tells me that it is excited and awaiting its visitors from earth.  They will be well cared for during their stay, as you would take care and welcome visitors to your house.

Gaia—Is there any mining or other activity by ET’s on Mars?

Good question.  There are some activities, but not a lot.  Mars was very active and alive at one time and it is in a rejuvenation stage at the present time, so it is sort of off limits for most mining activities until it is able to rejuvenate itself, and it must be available for earthlings that will be there very soon even in your years.  It must have all the ancient dwellings and ruins to excite your earth explorers to want to colonize and study the past civilization, as there will be much for them to study and learn and yes even discover new ways of doing things that will be of use back on earth.  This will cause much excitement and activity among your scientists and historians alike as they finally are able to prove that there are or have been ancient civilizations before your current one and this will affect many of your religions.

I thought that we would have some ET visitors before the Mars trips or explorations?

Yes you will, but it will be very limited in scope, as the ET’s do not wish to give you the whole ball of wax so to speak at one time.  They wish to start moving you along to realize that there are other peoples, but will try not to interfere with your religious institutions too much.  Their very presence will be upsetting enough to some people that have denied any life elsewhere except on earth.    So the ET’s have decided to make these revelations in stages, as they would explain the facts of life to a child.    They have much experience in this area, as they have contacted numerous if not countless worlds before yours and know how to delicately introduce themselves so that everyone does not think an alien invasion is coming, as the ET’s you will meet will be very delicate, and for a reason so that they do not have any appearance of warlike tendencies or warrior type bodies that would frighten you.

The ambassadors for the ET’s will come from probably the Pleiades, as you might guess, as they look very similar to you.  The grays will not be allowed to say hello at the present time when all this happens.

(Asked just this morning 10/25/08) Gaia, you once told me it would be 50 years until we see ET’s on earth publicly.  Has that changed?

Yes the time has significantly changed Tom.  Yes, as you have been hearing from Arturo
(more on him in a future newsletter) and others, your vibrational level is rising at an almost astonishing rate, and therefore the visit that will be made public will be much sooner than it was thought when I gave you that message.  Now it will be in the next 5 or 6 years Tom—yes, that is correct.  It will happen just as I said before, with very delicate people—humanoids that will not look threatening.  They will naturally say that they only wish peaceful contact, and they will not stay too long.  But they will give messages and such and say that they welcome you to a large Federation of planets.  Naturally it will cause a sensation.

Will their first stop be the United States?

Not necessarily. It might very well be Europe first, as they would be less inclined to show hostility out of fear than the United States.  It has not been decided if the craft will then move to the United States after greeting your Ambassador to the country they first land in, or that they simply leave and promise to return in a few months.  That will give your governments time to confer and study the communications.


Gaia, would the soul of an asteroid be a fragmented soul or a complete one?

They can be fragmented, especially if the asteroid was created by an explosion of a planet.  

(July 2006) Gaia, Will the asteroid that recently passed by earth ever be a threat to hitting the earth or moon?  Does it have a purpose?  Where did it originate?

Yes it will someday but far in the future, well past your time here.  By then there will be a means to move its orbit away from the earth and send it out on a journey to the cosmos.  

Is that its purpose—to pose a threat and have earth people work to send it away?

Yes.  That’s its purpose.  But it does have a life of its own as it travels around the solar system.  It touches energies and absorbs them but also radiates them too.  

Where was its origin?

It was one of the larger pieces of the planet that blew up—exploded many eons ago before the Explorer race ever started.  So it does have a memory of that event as do all the pieces of the planet and wishes it could still be a planet, but this life as a wanderer is also to help people remember even if on a higher subconscious or soul level that this did happen before.  A very noticeable reminder you would say. 


Gaia, when will we travel to another solar system?

This will be easily 100 or more years in your future.  You must make great strides before you do this.

So it will be that soon?  I thought it would have to be much longer?

Yes, it will with a little help from your ET’s as you call them.  They will take a few people at a time to visit their worlds so that there will be a dissemination of knowledge about their worlds.  That will act as bridge for quite a long time until you develop your own spacecraft capable of traveling these long distances that you perceive.

What will be the next development after rocket propulsion and what time period will that be?

The next development will be using a form of magnetic transportation that will be close to what is used throughout the universe but in much more sophisticated ways.  The time period will be over 50 years in the future—much closer to over 100 years, depending upon how fast the population improves or raises their vibration.  Otherwise it might be kept from them for a while longer.    Remember, you think you are thinking or creating things yourself, but in actuality you are receiving messages from your higher self and other entities, so the messages will only come when you are ready for it.

I actually thought it would be longer—even 300 years in the future.

And it could be, but what do you need to worry about that.  The next time you’re on earth will be far into the future as you have been told.  The spaceships will be on par by then with anything in the universe.  You will have complete knowledge by then of traveling through space portals so that the travel does not take years but seconds.  The development from your time period will seem to be very slow, but it is designed that way to allow your society to grow and mature itself so as to be able to handle first the common knowledge that there are millions and billions of other entities in the universe and that your little world is not the only one with life.  You have a lot of growing to do to reach that plateau of knowledge.  

Gaia—you said to Pepper Lewis that the space missions or trips will result in fear and instability.  What will they discover that will have this effect?

They will discover other life forms.  Yes they will discover other space ships whizzing around, as some of them will uncloak for them.  It will cause instability and fear as suddenly you start realizing that you are not alone.

Gaia—What’s the story about James Gilliland who seems to be able to contact ET’s?

James lives in a very unique place—a portal.  People and beings come through this portal all the time on their way to other locations.

From other locations you mean in the universe or on earth?

Both.  It is a highly used portal.

Is this portal small for just beings to use or do spaceships use this portal too?

It is large enough to accommodate space ships.  

Why was it placed there?

It has to do with the energies of the area.  It was able to resonate at the right wavelength that was needed for the portal.  

Are we able to traverse this portal ourselves?

No.  You cannot accomplish this yet, as your vibrations as a whole are not ready for teleportation.  You will in a future time, but not now.

Again, why was he chosen to see these things?

It is one of his soul expressions to communicate with other beings.  He will be much better at it in future lives, and will be a very good communicator as he learns how to telepathically communicate.

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Have a Most Benevolent Week! 

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