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I’m still way behind on responding to questions, as I’ve received a lot recently, so be patient please.  Last week I made a mistake on filling out the form for the link to the chapter of my ebook on what might possibly happen if the New Madrid fault erupts and the Great Lakes start emptying into the Gulf of Mexico.  Here is the link:   for those who could not read it.  This is the first day of fall today (Friday)!

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Prayer RequestHemali writes:  Hope you are well. I would really appreciate if you could help or send out a message to others to please assist my one year old daughter Syna. The doctors are going to be performing a heart surgery on her on Monday 26th September 2011. She has holes in her heart that need to be patched up.

How could we assist her by making the surgery and recovery pain free and quick as possible. I would want everything to go perfectly smoothly for her. Any assistance will be highly appreciated.

So let’s all say out loud:
  “I ask any and all beings to assist the doctors and nurses involved in the surgery on Hemali’s daughter Syna to perform the surgery absolutely perfectly, and for the fast recovery of Syna, thank you!”


Peter writes:  Thanks so much for the great spiritual work you do in conjunction with your GA and Gaia to help provide answers and insight from them to our many concerns!  I do have a question you can ask Gaia regarding a phenomenon that many people are reporting about in various parts of the world.  People are claiming to be hearing strange sounds which they say are coming from the sky which have been described as trumpets or something like a growling roar.  These reports are coming from Ontario and Ukraine...and maybe these reports are just scratching the surface.  Many witnesses say these sounds are heard even in the absence of any local storm systems or windy conditions that it could be blamed on.  Can you please ask Gaia what is the nature of these sounds people are hearing?

Here are some info links:

Thanks again and I surround you and your work with Light.

Gaia, people are reporting strange sounds in the skies above Ontario and Ukraine.  Can you comment on this?

Yes, Tom.  The sounds originate from more celestial events.  It is very rare for these events to create sound that can be heard, but in these cases the wave of let’s say a CME for your purposes at this time created sound too when it reached the earth.  This is not exactly how these sounds came about, but close enough for you purposes now.  Your scientists who study these phenomenons will figure this out in another year or two.  


PerthIvyJoy writes from Australia:  I have searched your records but would like to request a specific question to Gaia or whoever is appropriate.  The question is will there a large hurricane or earthquake in the region of Perth - the Capital city in Western Australia in the next few years.  Most of our city and suburbs are close to the water and we only have small hills.  There are hurricanes further north in the Darwin area but rarely come down the coast to our area.  Many people are getting nervous on the coast!!
Thank you for the wonderful work that you do.  I have had many MBOs work extremely fast and better than expected.  

Gaia, what is the probability of a hurricane striking Perth, Australia in the next Three years?

Actually quite low Tom.  Less than 10%.  It will continue to be a rather safe place to live, with the exception of the ocean level rising two feet over the next five years or less.  


Gaia, are there any major events that will be occurring in the last part October and November we have not discussed yet?

Quite a few Tom.  There will continue to be many movements in my crust, so there will be many more earthquakes.  There will be harsh weather in some parts of the world with high winds and copious amounts of
Autumn Calendar rain.  There will continue to be wars fought that are already in progress.  The USA will continue to be involved in these, although you are trying to extricate yourselves.  So I’m not giving you specifics today Tom, as that could take several hours.

Gaia, someone asked what is happening, if anything, in the Caribbean in late October and November near St. Lucia?

Absolutely nothing to worry about.  The hurricane season will be passing by that time and they will be entering their calm and sunny winter season.


Eastern PennsylvaniaEileen writes:  Tom, will you please ask Gaia if Eastern Pennsylvania will be quiet for awhile, or do we have more earth changes coming soon, and if so, what will they be, and when?  Our nerves are shattered already after losing our beloved dog through illness, having several expensive appliances break down and needed to be replaced, the earthquakes, hurricane with no electric and water, and now the flooding.  Will we be able to relax at all and not feel that something else is coming soon?  I am ready for some smooth sailing, lol!

Gaia, will Eastern Pennsylvania and actually that whole region quieten down now or are they in for more earthquakes and large storms?

Things will quieten down for a little while Tom, but as I said before they will have around the same winter they had this past year, so they will have some harsh conditions at times.  I can’t say they are used to this, not at the level they will experience, but having dealt with it last year it will not be so surprising to them when they have a repeat performance again.

What about earthquakes?

Only minor ones for sometime to come Tom.  

Will it be an early winter for them?

Yes, about the same as last year.  


DroughtFlo writes:  I understand how flooding and high winds and fires can relieve/transmute negativity. But I don't understand how a drought, such as that occurring presently in Texas and surrounding states, can transmute negativity. So will you please ask Gaia this and also what determines whether droughts, quakes, floods, and/or high winds are the most appropriate for particular areas?

Gaia, does drought transmute negativity, and what determines your need for extreme cycles?

Yes, Tom, drought conditions does tend to burn off shall we say negativity.  That was a good question from your reader.  This planet is alive and moving—more so than almost every other planet in this universe.  Extreme cycles have been determined millions of years ago, although this may be hard to believe.  These cycles must also be signed off on by your souls, and they do it for learning purposes so that they will understand how to run the universe one day.  This is, after all, earth school.  They can learn all the basics here.  


BabylonDiane writes:  I was reading one of those books about the end of times!  And a question came to mind.
Does Theo know if the soul called Jesus will return as written in the Bible?  And also I read that Babylon will be the wealthiest and most powerful city during the last days of this true?  I understand that they are re-building Babylon now and that our own government gave $700,000 to help it along.  I also keep hearing about the Rapture......what does Theo feel about this rapture and will it occur?  Thanks a lot as always Tom.

Theo has said before that Jesus will not return to earth as a physical person.  But he is available at any time, just as your own GA is.

Theo, will Babylon become wealthy again and will rapture occur.

No to both questions Tom.  These predictions are from a past probability and will not happen.  Babylon will become more prosperous, but not the weathiest city in the world.


Sunny writes:  Last night I watched a news program on bullying in our schools. It was terrible to see the level of cruelty in children. And the result of some of the bullying is
Bullyingsuicide. Could you ask Theo about this? Why is this behavior coming out of children who are suppose to have come in more connected to their true selves? I understand about soul contracts and balancing karma but still find this level of cruelty hard to accept. Any understanding of higher level play would be appreciated about this. Thank You so much.

Theo, why do children have bullying on their soul contracts?

Yes, an interesting question Tom.  Children must learn boundaries you see, and if they cross the boundary of another child, in the next life they will be the victim of bullying.  The soul fragment gradually learns what is acceptable or not in society.  


PoliticsSandy writes from India:  Thanks so much for this newsletter and the work you do.  I can't tell you how relieved I was to read Theo's comments about Obama and the next election.  I and many friends have been worried about the upcoming election and how Obama seems to be getting blamed for "all the problems" we have despite his trying to keep a cool head etc. And while one can certainly see from our vantage point that his administration has made some mistakes, it seems like he is being blamed for a lot of problems that were there when he came into office. And there can be legitimate criticism for the way he's handled things. The scariest part for me is that the candidates making headlines in the Republican camp are crazier than ever. If one of them got in I feel like the country would really go backwards just like it did when Bush came in after Clinton. Not that there aren't other Republicans out there with good ideas, its just they're not making headway now.

So my question is - the atmosphere in general feels so negative these days - do we really have to wait until the end of 2012 before things start to lighten up?

I have to tell you - I am doing some work in India right now - and oddly, things seem brighter and more hopeful here in Asia than they do in the US right now - even though everyone seems to be counting on the US to get us through this crisis.  Anyway - thanks again for yours and Theo's words of encouragement.

Theo, will the negative energy in politics and the economy continue through 2012?

Unfortunately yes, Tom.  “Politics is a contact sport” I believe is the quote and certainly each side will display an unfortunate ability to smear the other side, which will negatively affect the economy until the population learns to elect those who can compromise and progress.


PoliticianLynda writes:  Thank you for your work & dedication in bringing your information & teachings to the public.
My question:  World & US politicians/leaders are increasingly espousing political policies that hurt many people - always the poor, the disabled, the children and the elderly suffer first and most.  
How do the Guides/Angels of these politicians operate? Do they try to whisper words of moderation and compassion into the ears of these people?  Are they failing to influence their 'charges' as millions of people are facing poverty, illness, lack of education and shelter- not to mention war & atrocities - by policies favoring special interests over 'the people'?  What are the karmic implications?

Can your Divine Messengers speak to these issues, please?

Theo, how do GA’s work with politicians that advocate policies that are detrimental to the citizens they represent.  Do they try to change them or do they encourage them as part of their soul contracts?

Good question again Tom.  Certainly we know that a person is supposed to be the bad guy in a particular life and we try to keep them just enough on that path to satisfy the balancing needed, but all too often the people enjoy their control and power and go farther than they were supposed to go.  Then we work very hard to try and get them back on their soul path, but in many cases they must have another one or more lives to balance the one where they went overboard in their desire for power and money.  


Angela writes:  I was interested to read your reply on  the romantic spark between people, but I’m curious to know what’s actually occurring when an individual takes an almost obsessive interest in celebrities etc.
Celebrity Stalker I don’t understand how someone can proclaim to be so into or even in love with someone, when they’ve never met them and are unlikely ever to. It goes beyond having a genuine appreciation and admiration for someone’s work.
Is this merely hi-lighting something lacking in the persons life which is being reflected outwards and onto a famous individual, or are they on some level recognizing a connection from a previous incarnation. Is this just a recent phenomena given the rise of celebrity culture in the 20th/21st centuries.

Theo, why are some people so obsessive with celebrities?  What is in their soul contract for this to occur?

Good question Tom from your reader.  They do have a compulsive personality trait—a gene if you will—that causes this behavior.  It will be corrected in the future you see, but for the present this obsessiveness can be simply transferring an ideality to a celebrity, or it can be much more sinister to where a celebrity’s life is put in danger from the actions of these people.  

Again, it is a problem causes by an abnormal gene and will eventually be able to be corrected, but not for a number of years, as there are much more urgent problems seen to search for, such as the genes that cause diseases.  But this gene will start being noticed in connection with other problems.


Co CreationI'll call her Cynthia writes:   What about the teaching that humans, as spirits having a physical experience, have the innate ability and power to create our own reality?     The teaching is that at higher levels of consciousness we can access our Spirit, or Higher Self, (soul?) to “co-create” according to our choice, intention, and our ability to envision the desired outcome or ideal experience with emotion. But people also do manifest their fears into reality, suggesting our power to manifest works in both high or low states of consciousness, as “law of attraction.”  

There are several technologies taught as “co-creative:” affirmative prayer, visualization, journaling the desired ideal, affirmations, and creating positive emotional states.  Is requesting MBO’s another “tool?” Is learning to consciously and intentionally use this creative faculty part of our evolutionary path as humans to rediscover--and ultimately consciously live from--our spiritual nature?  Is that the aim of the Earth “experiment”?  Or will most humans always be “veiled” on Earth—by design?

How are soul contracts affected by using “co-creative” technology?  I understand that requesting MBO’s acknowledges soul contracts.  Is this a difference between MBO’s and other “co-creative” technology?  

It appears that requesting MBO’s is less “work” than many other co-creative technologies require, thus, the Gentle Way.  In the partnership between us and our GA’s, once the request is made, how much of the “work” (in earthly terms) or responsibility of co-creation is our own, and how much is done by our GA’s?  
Thanks so much for all you do, and to Theo, and to all our Guardian Angels.

Co-CreatorsTheo, it seems that requesting MBO’s is one of several co-creation technologies or modalities, but the person asks is this the easiest and how much of the work are we supposed to do in comparison to the work you as GA’s do?

Yes, a little complex question Tom, but let’s sort it out.  Requesting MBO’s is but one of several paths you can take, this is true.  But as I have stated before, it is the easiest and most powerful of them all.  We have discussed the benefits many times before—the raising of your vibrational level, the awareness you begin to experience, the speed of which things are manifested as compared to the other modalities.  Plus how it keeps you on your soul contract, which the others do not necessarily do.  

So yes there are other modalities you can choose, but the results are normally either very slow, or are such that the normal person does not stick with them.  Requesting MBO’s results in delightful feelings of wonder and accomplishment, surprise and satisfaction and again the awareness that there are actually loving beings here to assist you while veiled.

So to answer the second part of the question.  Certainly this requires your participation.  You don’t just sit back and request a MBO each morning and expect the day to go smoothly in all your pursuits.  Again you must request MBO’s for specific events in your life, which can be quite a few on any given day.  But as one of your readers said, you can compare the Law of Attraction to driving a pinto car and requesting MBO’s to driving a Ferrari.  Both may get you there, but requesting MBO’s will get you there much sooner than any other practice you may try.  


McCannSue in the UK writes:  I love reading your newsletters - they've become the highlight of my week!
Is there any more of an update on Madeleine McCann's situation? Is there anything we can do to hurry up her being found and reunited with her parents? I feel such pain on their behalf? Do you know who, what, why anyone has got her? Are there any clues?

Theo, I asked in January of 2010 about Madeleine McCann who was abducted while on vacation with her parents in Portugal.  You said it would be “some time” before they are reunited.  How long will that be?

Actually several years Tom.  She will, at some point as she reaches puberty and the natural rebelliousness of that age break away from those who abducted her and at that time will be reunited with her birth parents.  Naturally it will be quite surprising who her abductors will be revealed to be.    That’s all I can say at this time.


This person asked me to change the name so Ronny writes:  Thank you, and thank you even more, for your dedication to keeping us informed, Tom. Your abilities astonish me, but then I remember all your historical achievements "elsewhere", and I realize we ALL have astonishing abilities we are too veiled to be aware of.

Brown DwarfAfter viewing the video about Elenin in this week's issue, it brought up two questions I'm curious about. Please call me by any other name for this one (thanks).

1. Why did S4 Linear disintegrate?
2. How will Elenin behave electromagnetically as it passes by Earth on or around 9/26-27 and around November 3 through the 7th? Will there be a solar storm during those periods as a result?  Also, the producer of this video,  implies that Elenin, by its behavior, must be a brown dwarf star, and NOT a "comet or asteroid" as Gaia mentioned.
3. Could you have her clarify that specifically even further?  Thank you Tom, for being so accessible and open with us all. You are a breath of fresh air!

Gaia, why did the S4 Linear Comet disintegrate.  Did it have something to do with the elliptic?  

Good question Tom.  No it had nothing to do with the elliptic.  Gravitational forces caused this comet to disintegrate Tom.  The mass of ice and rock was too unstable for it to pass through the solar system and it broke apart.  You do understand this was seen well in advance of the occurrence, so from our side it was quite understood that this would happen.  And to answer a question you would pose, the soul that inhabited that asteroid has gone on to ensoul a planet you see—a new one—as it now has enough experience to handle one.

Will Comet Elenin have anymore effect on you besides around September 26-27, such as November 3-7?

Yes, Tom.  It will continue to assist me with the movements of the earth’s crust I need to make Tom.  We could compare it to the blasting cap of explosives, but that is a little strong.  It’s more a nudge that along with the moon and other planets in the solar system combine to help, along with the Sun’s CME’s.  It takes a combined effort to unlock certain pressure points I need to move you see.  So Elenin, as I have said before does assist me, but in a slight way, adding to the total, and yes there will continue to be some assistance around the first part of November as you asked.

Gaia, you said comet Elenin is not a brown dwarf star, but is there one near our solar system?

Yes Tom, there is.  There you have it.  It is not on the same plane as the solar system and poses no threat to the earth or for that matter any other planet.  It is a fairly small brown dwarf, not as they claim.  


Heavy OilAnnette on Facebook writes:  I have been hearing a lot of Canadian Oil Sands. What can Gaia and Theo tell us about the use of these Oil Sands; the impact on Gaia's environment?

Gaia, what is the impact of recovering heavy oil out of Canada and will this continue and for how long?

Yes, Tom.  I do allow this, although I do not particularly like it.  I understand your need for petroleum and these reserves or deposits we’ll call them will satisfy your needs for sometime to come.  

That said, as I have spoken before, there are other types of energy systems on the way, the best of them will involve magnetics.  All the others will be interim solutions, including that air car you read about for India this morning.  Certainly it cuts down on your need for oil, and that is good, but it still requires motors to run the air pumps and where do you get the power to do that?  Electricity.  And where do you get electricity?  And so it goes.  So to answer the second part of your question, it will last for several more years, until other energy systems can be developed which will reduce and then eliminate the need for crude oil in the future.  


Susse on Facebook writes:  Hi Tom, quick question for theo if possible. I read today that a new planet, called HD85512b in the constellation Vela, is thought possible to support human life.
VelaIt closely circles a star about 35 light years from Earth . Can you tell us anything about the life forms already on this planet?

Gaia, the new planet in the Vela constellation—what life forms does it have if any?

Yes, there are beings living on that planet Tom, so naturally this will be of interest to you, but before you decide to go running off to find them I’ll say that they are not too advanced yet.  They are well behind you, so if you were to go there you would have a difficult time in comparison to those first contact people in the Federation who have already contacted them and will continue to check in on them over the next thousand years or so.  


Carmichael CaMass UFO sigtings:

Theo, what were the mass sightings of UFO’s over Carmichael, California and Mexico?

Yes, these were not spacecraft piloted by beings Tom, but we will call them android or robotic craft for your purposes.  As Antura has stated, there will be more and more sightings in the next couple of years that the government cannot just claim they are weather balloons.  Can you imagine how many weather balloons it would take to fill the sky over those two places?  It would be impossible, not to mention their movements.  So this was another demonstration by your friendly ET’s of their presence.  


Anne-Marie writes:  Hi Tom, do you have any insight into Newgrange, Ireland. Was there this summer and there was an incredible feeling of power, but no one seems to know
Newgrange Megalithwhat the purpose of the site was. Does Gaia have any suggestions to offer?

Gaia, what was the Newgrange Ireland megalithic tower used for?

Yes, Tom.  It was and is a mystery.  There will be more information discovered by archeologists about this time period in the future, so I will not give too much away, but certainly it’s use had to do with the religions of the day.  That can be guessed by most people, as these large structures had to have hundreds, if not thousands of people working on them.  That’s all I will say at this time.  Again, it will not be too long in the future when these discoveries will be made.  


Kennedy & LBJEllen writes:  You didn't really make it clear, who ordered the assassination of Robert Kennedy. I guess from reading this that LBJ was a part of it.

Theo, was LBJ also involved in Robert Kennedy’s assassination?

No, Tom.  This was another group that wanted him gone and found a patsy shall we call him to do the dirty work.  It was manipulation pure and simple.  

Will these people ever be revealed?

Yes, but not for some time yet.  Their secret will not remain buried.


This commentary should have been in last week’s newsletter, but as I said, I’m way behind on emails right now.

Chrissy in Australia writes:  Call me slightly slow in reading your newsletters as I have just caught up with the last two and feel the need to comment on Caroline's comments.

Religious DifferencesI agree with Eleanore's comments back to Caroline. If her religion works for her, then that is terrific. There are a lot of people [myself included] who do not wish to follow that path. That does not mean that we have been 'mislead by dark entities'. On the contrary, we have made fully conscious decisions that that particular path is just not for us this time around. I, myself, was brought up Catholic. My family are Catholic as far back as the 1700's. For me, the Catholic religion does not have enough for me and is too restricting - for me, at this time. I have a large family who are still practicing Catholics and that is fine. I wish to pursue a more spiritual path and am happier and more fulfilled doing that.

You have taught, many times, in your newsletters, in your books and on your website to protect ourselves with white light each time. I also protect my home and property and my car with white light. We all have been given the gift of a mind where we CHOOSE every single day what we do, how we do it and how we interact with people. I like to look at it like watching TV. If something comes on the TV channel that I do not like, I TURN THE TV TO ANOTHER STATION. I choose to do that. Caroline can choose to read your newsletter or choose not to. What I do not agree with are her comments that 'you're being misguided by fallen angels'. That is just her opinion, to which she is entitled, just as WE have the right to our opinion as to what we wish to read and believe - or not believe. We are each blessed with a conscious that we can use to make daily decisions. I do not want Caroline to make a decision for me based on her beliefs as she does not know me nor my background. Only I know me and will make the best decisions for me. If she does not agree with that, that is fine by me, but please do not force your opinion on me or others. She should not assume that none of us are not protecting ourselves, as I am quite sure we do that on a daily basis.

Perhaps Caroline was meant to pose the comments so we can all readjust our thinking and ensure that we believe each of us are on the right track. She may be a catalyst in this life to ensure we are on the right track for us.

Sorry to rave on, I just needed to share my thoughts with you and if you wish to share my comments with others, please feel free.  God bless you and your good works Tom.



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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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