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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the First Contact Front Coverworld.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Colorado FloodingGaia, what are you accomplishing with the torrential rains in Colorado?

Yes, it might seem I have “gone off my rocker,” Tom, in dialing up these torrential rains as you call them, but let’s list what they do accomplish:

1.    They do satisfy thousands of soul contracts to be affected by a flood in one or more lives.
2.    It washes all the pollutants away.  You might think a place like Colorado would have few pollutants, but they have built up over time and my land needed to return to a more pristine existence.
3.    It will slow down development in this area, as people will be concerned about living in a flood prone area.  The Front Range of the Rockies was getting quite crowded.  The mountains in this area asked for assistance and I gave it to them.
4.    Besides the people directly affected by the floods, there were soul contracts to assist those in peril and in need, so many people were able to perform that duty as part of their soul contracts.

So it might seem a disaster, but there are benefits.


AmbulanceTheo, please explain the soul contracts involved in the shooting yesterday at the U.S. Naval Yard.

Certainly, Tom, all involved were per their soul contracts.  There were none killed or wounded who were not scheduled shall we say.  They had all done the same to the shooter in a past life.  Much balancing was done yesterday.  Besides the balancing, we again see the soul contracts of those not injured, but were first responders, medical personnel who were able to handle the shootings, and thousands of others who were touched and reminded about gun violence.


Brenda writes:  With this new, major arctic ice coverage, can you ask if the oceans will still continue to rise on the shorelines? Or will the flooding and ocean rising still continue in the Northeast?

Thank you, Tom.  Highest appreciation for all that you do.

Arctic Ice PackGaia, you grew the icepack in the Arctic by 60% this year.  Does this mean you are slowing down the raising of sea levels two feet in four years?

Yes, it may seem as if there is nothing happening, or even a reverse, Tom, but in actuality the ocean are warming, and even your scientists have noted the temperature in the Gulf is quite hot these days.  So the short answer is that I have not altered my plans to raise the ocean levels.  But I needed the increase in the ice pack to generate some weather systems I will use.  It also tends to suck, if we can use that term, warm air up from the south and that all will contribute to the rising water levels.  Trust me on this, Tom, as I know it would seem the opposite with a growing ice pack.  These are very intricate maneuvers or machinations shall we say.

Yes, but Master Kryon did predict a cooling.

Yes, but only in certain parts of the world.  Wait for more news on this subject from your scientists who study this continually.


Theo, please update me on Syria, as the U.S. was about to bomb Syria and now suddenly there seems to be a process to diplomatic solution.  Will this actually come about?  Again, asking in probabilities.

Chemical Weapons RocketCertainly, Tom.  The highest probability at this time is, yes, this will be at least partially successful.  Assad is very pragmatic and could see the writing on the wall.  He knew one way or another the American President was going to bomb him, with or without Congressional approval.  So from Assad’s point of view this is a good delaying tactic, but from the Russian view they will hold his toes to the fire, as now their prestige on the world stage is at stake.  Putin wants to be a major player and not a third-rate Eastern bloc nation.

Is the probability of Assad staying in power now for a longer period of time higher?

Not necessarily, Tom.  Gaia gave you a high probability of one year and that is still the case.

Why was there a sudden shift?  You could almost see the shift overnight.

Yes, there were many prayers for peace, Tom, and we go back to how much of a difference people can make who are all praying for peace at the same time.  There was a great shift in energy, as you say, literally overnight.  Prayer is powerful, and what Gaia gave you was correct regarding probabilities, but then several million people prayed for peace and voila, it made a difference.


When I first began communicating with the soul of the Sun, I asked what name shall I call him, and he replied, “Sun;” he went on to explain that the other names attributed to him were created by various religions, which would claim superiority if their name was used.  So to avoid that he just wished to be called “Sun.”

SunAntonia writes: So could you ask Sun what is happening?

Space Weather News for Sept. 14, 2013

“QUIET SUN: Right in the middle of Solar Max, the sun has entered one of its deepest quiet spells in years.  Flare activity has subsided and the sun’s x-ray output has flatlined.  This event highlights the unpredictability of the solar cycle.”

Sun, I’m asked why you suddenly went quiet for solar flares?

Certainly, Tom.  Let’s see if you can receive this.  I need these moments, as I call them, of quiet as if I were meditating.  And, to me, that’s exactly what it is.  I quieten my body, the sun as it were and take in a breath shall we call it in earth terms.  This will not last long, but the quietness allows me an inner view.  Again, this will not last long and you’ll find the flares will return with vigor as there is nothing wrong with me, to use your terms.  I simply wished a moment of silence shall we say.  All souls need this, Tom, but only a small number of people on earth realize this, although that number is increasing—especially as the whole population of earth raises its vibrational level.

So tell your subscribers I’m not going to explode like one of your volcanoes.  I just needed a moment of quiet.

Thank you, Sun.


First Contact Full CoverFor my new readers Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster.”  He’s already had 800 lives on earth, so he’s very “seasoned.”  Those experiences contributed to the work he does now, which is being a part of a “first contact” team from the Sirius B Star System.  My book, FIRST CONTACT: Conversations With An ET, details hundreds of questions I asked him since Theo introduced us in 2008.  You can view a PowerPoint presentation I made about the book by going to .  If you’ve been undecided about buying the book, this is a good overview of it.  The questions below will eventually find their way into the FIRST CONTACT II book.

Antura, I would like to nail down your age, as you keep saying “in the area” meaning I don’t have it correct.

Yes, I understand, Tom.

So are you older, in universal years, than 400?

Yes, Tom, but not so much.  You were saying 450 and I’m not that old.

So are you over 425 years?

No, just under.


Just a little over.  More on the order of 422—yes, that is correct.

Explorer Race bookYou had said previously that in my next incarnation on your water world I would be alive for 1400 to 1500 years.  Those were not earth years were they?

Not at all, Tom.  They are universal years.

So that would be the equivalent of 14000 to 15000 earth years?

Quite correct, Tom.

Then during the life I will have on the water planet I will also be having several more lives on earth?

Yes, it will seem that way, although you will actually finish the life here and then go back and have the lives on earth.  Confusing, but that’s the way it will happen, Tom.

Then  I will actually view the end of the Explorer Race on earth, from what I was told by Theo.

You’re correct, Tom.  You will get to see the great strides the Explorer Race will make in the coming years.

Antura, do your spaceships stay away from black holes, or are they utilized in some way?

For the present, Tom, let’s say we stay away from them.  We do not use them as we do a portal.  A black hole does have its uses, Tom, but no we don’t travel through them, as you were thinking.  Again, your scientists will have to figure that out as I’m not allowed to give you too much information on this subject.

Philip writes:  What is the definition of intelligence?  Ability to see patterns?  Ability to learn / remember?  Degree of expanded awareness on a subject?  Ability to discriminate?  Ability to solve problems as quickly and accurately as possible?  Ability to concentrate?  Ability to communicate effectively?  Multitasking?  Ability to accurately judge a person or situation?

IntelligenceAntura, does the Federation have a specific definition of intelligence?

The easy answer is yes, Tom.  This definition as you term it has been known for literally billions of universal years.  It includes all of what your reader said in the question and perhaps even more, as your definition is somewhat limited by your experience so far.

As an example, we look at such things as trees and other objects as having a form of intelligence, but your society is not up to that point in your understanding of nature.  It’s the same for mountains and, yes, lakes and streams.  There is an intelligence there—just not on a human level.  So the definition of intelligence for us is much broader than humans can imagine at this time.  Even your precious dogs and cats are intelligent, but in a different way.  So expand your definition, earth people.

Mantej in the UK writes: 

(1) Theo mentioned the Eastern European and Western European countries will release their files, but will any Asian or Middle Eastern, African, South American or any country in Australasia release theirs?

(2) Theo said (in terms of revealing their files) that no decision will be made by the USA until they are forced to by the appearance of the Pleiadians.  So what will President Obama or the U.S. Government's  official comments on the ETs  be to the journalists/reporters and the media after Russia and other countries reveals theirs?

(3) In 2014 can we expect a continuous fast flow of disclosure from country to country, or will it be slow, one country revealing one at a time?

(4) Will there be great anger from people all over the world that the ET information was kept hidden for so long?

(5) Will the United Kingdom reveal their files and will the UK be one of the countries visited by the Pleiadians?

Zeta Antura, besides Eastern Europe, will any nations in Asia, the Middle East, South America, or Africa disclose after the Russians?

Perhaps one or two, Tom, but most will see what happens after the cat is out of the bag shall we say.  They will more than likely sit on the sidelines, but with a couple of possible exceptions.  Those are human decisions and, as you well know, we can only work on probabilities and not concrete “yes” or “no” answers.

Do you see there being a continuous flow of information or disclosures in 2014?

No, at this time we do not, Tom.  Again, many will sit on the sidelines waiting to see how the United States and other large countries will respond.

Will the UK release their files?

Not at first, Tom, but we anticipate pressure will be brought to bear on them by their citizens to provide the same sort of information the Russians release.

I did not ask question number four, as at this time it would only be conjecture.

Unsolvable ProblemAndja writes:  I read your book First Contact: Conversations with an ET.  It was truly fascinating and informative.  It made me realize how we as humans fit into the universe and our significance.  It stirred my desire to know more and I recommend it to everyone. I am grateful you will be writing more books, as people will want to know more.

In your meditations, could you ask for examples of some of the unsolvable problems that have stumped societies across the universe that have stagnated their development?  If the Explorer Race (human race) was created for learning to deal with negativity, what are some of these other problems? Also, was earth created for the Explorer Race experiment or was it chosen for us to inhabit?

Now that we have learned to live with negativity, which no one has been able to before and the negativity is starting to reduce, will this make it easier for other societies in the universe to keep on their soul path as I would think this experiment not only benefits us humans? Thank you for the most benevolent way.

Antura, were there any specific problems other societies experienced in the universe that caused them to stagnate vibrationally?

No, not so much a specific problem, other than, you might say, laziness or content with their lives.  They do not want negativity.  On earth they would be described as “let’s don’t rock the boat” type people.  No adventure in them.  That would be the greatest malaise—lack of motivation.

As was pointed out in the FIRST CONTACT book, the earth was moved here from the Sirius B Star System for the Earth Experiment.  And I think it was also noted that when we finally start traveling to other star systems in 3250, we will introduce small amounts of negativity, so that they can start increasing their vibrational levels again.

Preston writes:  I have a question about the translators; I don’t recall seeing anything about if they translate the written word as well, or will written documents have to be read aloud, Treaties, history books, etc?

Again, thanks for all you do, looking forward to 2015.

Do the translators translate written documents visually or how?

In any form or fashion the person wanting to gain or garner the information desires, Tom.  It can be written, verbal, thought waves—you name it.  You can press the proverbial button to receive the translation in any form you desire—although, as you can imagine, there are no buttons to push.  The translator automatically translates according to your desires.


Laurie writes:  I don’t recall having a question about music in Atlantis. I asked about forms of entertainment that they had that our cultures today don’t have. Maybe you can revisit that question?

Did you, Tom, ever witness these dinosaurs during any of your lives on Atlantis? If so, when, and in what situation(s)?

Another question I had that wasn’t addressed was this:

Theo has said that the patriarchal dominion of today’s women is a karmic balancing of a period of similar matriarchal dominion of men in the distant past. Was that matriarchy an Atlantean culture? If so, would Theo describe some of it for us? Were the men physically weaker than the females, or was it purely a cultural/societal conditioning?

I have covered music before.  Do a search on the Articles page.

Film CrewTheo, what other forms of entertainment, besides music, was there in Atlantis?

Certainly they did have a form of movies, Tom, which you were involved in as a producer and director and actor.  There were sports—typical ball games which, as you have noticed, males especially love.  They were not the violent games like American football you have today—just spirited contests between teams.

There was a form of television, although not the number of channels you have today.  And they were more political.  Many of the forms of entertainment you have today were first realized on the Atlantean continent, with different variations.  They did not sit around all day, as depicted in some of your paintings, in togas listening to a harp.

Gaia, did I ever run across any dinosaurs during any of my lives on Atlantis?

Certainly, Tom, you did in the early days in your first lives on the continent; they still existed.  You even died a couple times from your run-ins with these creatures, so you had a very healthy respect for them in the lives in which you and they existed at the same time.  Of course these early lives there served as your basic boot camp, to use a military saying.  You were one of the first souls to have lives there, so it was a pretty rugged, basic existence.

Men Fighting DinosaurSo did we ever hunt them?

Yes, you and others were very quick to catch on how to trap them and kill them.  Even then people were lost.  The plant eaters were no match for you, but the carnivores, as has been depicted in your movies, were a handful.  Of course those movies were written by people who had experienced this first-hand and drew subconsciously on their experiences.

How many people, or what percentage of the population living today, are having lives on Atlantis?

Certainly a good 35 to 40% of the population living now had, or are having, lives on the Atlantean continent.

Was there a Matriarchal society at any time on the Atlantean continuant?

No, had there been, Tom, they would not have destroyed themselves.  All the leaders during that time period were male.  In your day and time there will be more and more women leaders, and you will find wars will become a thing of the past.


Jim in Florida writes:  You raised a lot of questions with your last newsletter.

Are there 12 different physical earths or 12 overlapping vibrational earths on one Gaia?

Is Gaia in 12 locations and, if so, are the land masses the same or different?

Does Gaia ensoul all 12?

Parallel WorldsDo we exist on all 12 locations simultaneously, and are we the same soul or part of the same soul?  Or are we different, but in a soul group?  Thanks, Tom.

I think I’ve covered most of this in past newsletters.  As Gaia says, there are 12 different physical earths—each one on a different frequency.  ‘She’ ensouls all 12.  We exist on all 12 Time Line earths simultaneously, unless we die on one or more, as I related that I already transitioned on Time Lines one and two.  AND we exist on all 12 time lines in all 600 to 800 lives we live, on average, all taking place at the same time as time is an illusion for us as we’ve been told over and over.

Theo has pointed out in the past that our soul fragments are much more powerful that even I have imagined.  And yes, all my soul fragments are all part of the same soul.  Isn’t that amazing!  Why would anyone want to just accept the simple ideas put forth thousands of years ago for illiterate people, when creation is so much more immense and beautifully intricate?

Gaia, are all the land masses the same on all 12 time lines?

Yes, Tom.  They are exactly the same.  Certainly the villages and towns are different the lower frequency you go or the higher you go, but the continents and islands are the same.

And I must ask, are you raising the ocean levels on all time lines?

Certainly Tom, but that was a good question.  The playing field shall we call it must be equal for all time lines.  It would not be fair shall I term it to have an island in one time line and for it not to exist in another.

I have a whole chapter on Time Lines in my FIRST CONTACT book, as Antura will be visiting all time lines when he comes to earth in 2017.


Bald PersonNancy writes:  Just a follow up question on this past week’s newsletter concerning hair acting as sensors.  Are the many bald people in the world at a disadvantage by not having “sensors,” or not being able to release toxins in that manner?

Thanks again for all you do!

Theo, are bald people at a disadvantage regarding having hair to help sense things or release toxins?

No, Tom, as the top of your head is not so much involved in sensing.  Remember the saying “Hairs stood up on the back of my head” and, I’ll add in, neck.  As those hairs can feel the auric body of another person coming towards them, especially if they have malicious intent.  That’s a known, so I’m not giving away anything there.  But the answer to your question is no, there is the reduced ability to release toxins, but other parts of your body then take on a little increased workload shall we say.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last Saturday in my weekly Blog, which has nothing but Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBOs) and Benevolent Prayers (BPs) stories.  You can read the whole Blog and past blogs at

I’ll start with a short one of my own.  My son and I were driving back home from Dallas HOV Lanea visit to our doctor for some acupuncture.  I never get in a car without requesting an MBO for the drive, which I did this time.  We were taking a freeway back on an  HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle for our international readers) lane divided from the other lanes by pylons.  There was a car in front of us so I reminded my son just to stay back several lengths from him as there was no way to pass.

The traffic was really backed up on the other lanes, and suddenly a white SUV jumped through the pylons in front of the car in front.  He and my son hit the brakes.  The other car slid slightly sideways and appeared to clip the SUV, as a piece fell off the fender, which we ran over, but no damage done.  Had we been only one or two car lengths behind we might not have been able to stop in time.  The SUV sped off and we and other car continued on our way.


Texas RainShannon writes:  As you know in Texas we have been short on rain. Yesterday morning I was watering my animals, and went by one of my big flowering bushes and it was drooping badly. I told it, "I have asked for rain, you are just as powerful as I am, you need to ask too." So then, I said, "I request a most benevolent outcome that it rains within the next two days to help refresh my plants." Within 45 minutes it was raining, and rained for about 30 minutes. My husband remarked, "Wow, it’s raining", and I replied, "Well of course, I asked for it." He still doesn't believe, but I know this works!


Gabby writes:  What will happen with the Monarchy in Spain? Will Prince Princess Letizia and Prince FelipeFelipe and Princess Letizia reign?

Theo, will Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia reign in Spain?

Yes, this tradition will continue for some time, Tom, just as in England and Sweden.


Carolina HallDavid writes:  In your newsletter that is dated 4/13/2013 you were kind enough to offer an MBO for the continued success of a recently formed band of which I am a member.  This is my chance to say thank you!  Thank you very much!  I'd like to report that, no doubt, as a result of your kindness one of the songs that I previously referred to seems to have peaked last week at #5 on the Cash Box Beach Music chart (this week it's #6 and apparently headed back down...).  As you may know, Cash Box is a national charting service that separates various genres of music as it ranks the songs individually.

The Carolina Beach Music Association has its awards ceremony in Myrtle Beach, SC, the weekend of November 8, and though the voting is just now going on, we are fully expected to receive one or more nominations for something.  LOL. We have just released another song that we hope will get some charting action as well.  So here's a boatload of 'thank yous' aimed directly at you, my friend!

If there's anyone out there who doesn't think this stuff works just have 'em CALL ME!


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THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, FEBRUARY 23, 2013,  MARCH 2, 2013, MARCH 9, 2013, MARCH 23, 2013, MAY 11, 2013, JUNE 22, 2013, JULY 27, 2013, AUGUST 17, 2013, AUGUST 31, 2013, 


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