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Welcome everyone to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter and a special welcome to all of our new subscribers from around the world.  Wow! Do we have a lot of topics to cover—most of which YOU contributed!  For our new readers just remember that MBO’s is an abbreviation of Most Benevolent Outcomes, Theo is my Guardian Angel, and Gaia is the soul of the earth whom I communicate with in meditation (which anyone can do with a little practice). 


Lynn writes from Oregon:  I so enjoy your newsletters and reading about the MBO's.  Just wanted to let you know that MBOs fill my life now...even without asking.   Yesterday my friend Diane and I drove to Portland, and hour trip over the coast range.  I always ask for safe expedient smooth journey when I do this.  She says that she forgets, but feels like they happen anyway.  And as we talked, I realized I feel the same way... Now that I got my angels in action, I think they are just there.  I will still ask, but not worry as much if I forget? Just wondering if you think this happens, we are putting our angels into action?

Theo has told me that even as long as I have been requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (around 14 years now), if I were to stop requesting MBO’s tomorrow it wouldn’t be too long that I would be just like everyone else--reacting to events and not being protected and guided. 

Remember, one of the major benefits of requesting MBO’s is it keeps you on your soul contract or life path that YOU LAID OUT prior to your birth for the purpose of gaining the most knowledge and having the most experiences which this life can provide you. 


This week I received an email from one of our Diane’s (perhaps I should assign numbers as I don’t use last names for privacy) suggesting that I listen to a radio show where there was going to be a big announcement about the 9/11 event, which I did on my computer, along with over one million other people.  They almost crashed the servers on two websites for the Alex Jones Infowars show, which I honestly had never heard of, even though it’s in my “backyard” of Austin, Texas.  Diane thinks his show is more fear-based, which is nothing new in this period of time. 

Alex’s announcement was that Charlie Sheen was demanding a meeting with President Barack Obama to reopen the investigation of the 9/11 disaster, as 60% of the Commission members who were on the first investigation felt there was fraudulent information they had received.  Here is the link to the website and Charlie Sheen’s video, plus what he plans to tell the President. 

Video of Charlie Sheen:

So naturally I asked Theo about this.

Is Charlie Sheen the person to reveal the secrets of 9/11 or is he just the catalyst that will cause someone to come out of the closet?

Yes, exactly that Tom.  He will cause someone that listens or reads what he says to come out of the closet if you will and reveal the dark secrets that enabled this event to take place.

For my new readers, please see the July 25 and August 15 newsletters to read more about the Big Event prediction at .


For my new subscribers, and those of you on vacation last weekend who missed it, the September 5 newsletter ( )  had a whole section on Portals that was given to me in my past meditations communicating with Gaia, the soul of the earth.  Rereading these questions and answers I was “inspired” (whispers in my ear by Theo) to ask additional questions. 

Gaia, you said some time ago portals will allow us to travel from one place in a galaxy to another without traveling through the vacuum of space.  Yet don’t most scientists look at space as a vacuum?  Are you saying there is a difference between space in a galaxy and space outside it?

Let’s see if you can receive this Tom.  Space is not a vacuum.  Space in galaxies such as our Milky Way is made up of a substance that your scientists will discover in the not to far distant future.  Certainly space outside this universe is a vacuum—again they will discover this but much farther away in time you see.  So there is a substance, but your instruments can’t really measure it yet.  That’s one of the thrilling finds for your scientists to discover so I will not take too much away from their discovery by revealing it in advance—just small hints for you and your readers of your newsletter.

So when we portal hop we are traveling in that substance?

Yes in a way Tom. 

But is that substance present in between say galaxies?

Yes it is.  It is not a pure vacuum you see.

So If I wish to portal hop to say the Sombrero Galaxy as we call it, how many portal jumps would it take?

Quite a few Tom, as that particular galaxy is far away from you.  It would take—let’s see if you can receive this number—over 10 portal jumps to reach that far away galaxy. 

Since the earth is at the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy, do people portal hop through here often on their way to another galaxy or just to another part of the Milky Way Galaxy?

Good question Tom.  Your portals are used to go to a variety of places both in the galaxy and outside of it.  You are a jumping off place you will discover in the coming years for those traveling to other galaxies.  This was designed this way so that after you discover how to hop from portal to portal you can say as a comparison that you are in a terminal with portals going to many other locations. 

An astronaut reported that space smells to him and he can smell it when people come in from a space walk.  Is that the substance you speak of and why does it smell?

Again a good question Tom.  Yes that is the substance and again your scientists will discover in the coming years what that substance is—again not to give anything away, but it does have a makeup that can be analyzed in laboratories, which naturally will have to be located in space. 

(September 10)  Gaia—are the portals here on earth used for specific destinations, or are they used for multiple destinations?

An excellent question to begin the day Tom.  They go to multiple destinations with some limits.  They are not programmed shall we say to go to every destination, but once a spacecraft we will use as an example arrives at one of these portals, he has a list of destinations which are possible to travel or hop to that he can enter in the ship’s computers and they will go to that destination. 

So is the list for each portal long and does it vary—will some portals have more destinations than another?

Good question again.  Yes it does vary from portal to portal the number of destinations it serves. 

How many times on average are our portals used each day?

Dozens of times Tom.  Dozens.  As I said before you are a jumping off place so there is much traffic through here just as there would be from a train station, with a large number of tracks coming in and an even larger number going out with beings coming and going all the time. 

So I’m not sure if I can receive this, but what about the portals associated with say Sedona.  Where do they go?

Quite far you see Tom—even to another universe, but certainly to another galaxy and certainly to several places or worlds in this galaxy. 

How close is the next universe to us Gaia?

Fairly close Tom.  A few billion miles you’ll sometime in the future be able to discern--with a little help from your friendly ET-s.  Your scientist’s as you’ve just read are peering into the far reaches of this universe and are calling it the web, which holds everything together.  They are already seeing that there is a gaseous substance that makes up this web.  They have many more revelations of this nature ahead of them thanks to the work of the Hubble telescope. 

Paula writes:  “Is there still a portal in the Sedona area?”

Gaia:  Yes, there is, in Boynton Canyon and another location in one of the other canyons nearby.
 AHAAAA!!!!!   I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!!!
That is where I went with a cousin and I had her take my picture along the trail because I felt I as in a vortex... every single hair on my arms were standing up and I felt like a surge of energy was going through me.  It was also where I saw the "men" coming out of the cliff and walking down an invisible stairway.   So when Gaia made this statement it was validation to me of what I experienced!!!   Thank you Tom and angels above you.


See the September 5 newsletter for the Update #1 ( ).

Gaia, Was the earthquake that struck Indonesia the one you spoke to me about before or will there be another closer to a population center?

No Tom, that was the earthquake I mentioned in our last conversation.  As you read it even was greatly felt in the main two cities—Jakarta and the other Bandung.  But there is still the one that will strike China and I regret that it will be much closer to a major population center than the one in Indonesia. 


Jafra writes:  I'm enclosing a link ( made from an email I received of a Message From Matthew dated 8/21/09. I'm THRILLED to read the excerpt near the end, regarding the channeled "LAZARUS", wherein you'll find a great deal of encouraging news of the extraterrestrial hard-working "full-time modifiers" of the oh-so-calmly-destructive "notions" of your "Gaia" (who herself -- to me -- sounds blithely egotistical in her purpose (moving people away from the coasts), petulant and more "human" than I would ever expect Gaia to be in her personality). Of course, I recognize she is nothing more than a mirrored reflection of an aspect of our human consciousness waiting to be looked at by us, and healed. But why does she need to be given a voice on such a lovely, peaceful site as yours?

In fact, I've felt for a long time that Gaia and "her" prognostications seem to me to be totally inappropriate to any concept of any Gentle Way of life.  Her publicized fear-inducing, but always cleverly teasing and sometimes vague, plans tend to fall through with a thud, such as leaving you flat with your unpublished book. Or they are "postponed" (perhaps so that we can continue to live "in fear" of her "edicts"?) -- but oh, yes, always for good "reasons", such as "being the result of our continued raising of the planet's vibration". Is she trying to scare us into raising our vibrations?  An unworthy concept, I believe. Her cheerful indifference to human life and the natural beauty she has created is amazing to me, as is her plan to create massive amounts of human and material "flotsam" upon her waters by her plan to eventually dump into the ocean much of our beautiful West Coast.

Everything else on your site coheres with the concept of the Gentle Way. Perhaps this mirrored part of our human consciousness represented by your Gaia would like her own fear-based website, where people who want to continue to live in fear of her wrath and a violent future can go to drink in the poisoned nectar she seems to want to dispense so freely.  She is definitely still living the Old Testament life, where wrath rightfully belonged not to her but to a wrathful God. She probably hasn't been introduced to the teachings of Jesus and a Loving God, or prefers to ignore them. However, your Gentle Way of life seems to be centered in, or heavily influenced by, New Testament teachings. I find it difficult to understand just WHY you entertain her channels; they leave me cold, ever since she pulled those threatening "stunts" last year. Her "word" is now worthless, and I read what she says only for the opportunity to laugh at the incongruity I find from her seemingly being promoted on your benevolent and gently-founded website. Have you noticed this?

Thank you for listening to my POV, which I've been stifling ever since I signed up for your otherwise-inspiring newsletter (which I DO LOVE to receive).  Thanks for all your hard work to help make this world a far more benevolent place for us all to live in joy and peace.

Thanks Jafra for a different point of view on Gaia.  I don’t have the same view as I’ll explain.

As you noticed on the explanations above about Portals and Earthquakes, Gaia simply was answering my questions.  Please keep in mind that any of these “thought packets,” as Theo describes them, are filtered according to your knowledge, understanding, belief system and so on.  Each of you could ask the same questions in meditation and receive different answers.  So perhaps a portion of what I receive is my personality. 

Regarding the major earthquakes that were supposed to occur in October of 2008, I had really mixed emotions when it didn’t happen.  On one hand I was happy that 25 million people didn’t die, but quite unhappy that I had spent a year researching and writing a book on how to survive the worst earthquakes ever to happen in our recorded time for seemingly nothing. 

Gaia wasn’t the first to predict this.  It all started within two months after I began my initial communication with the Indian Shaman living in the 1600’s in the Western section of North America (can’t say the location out of respect to the present day Shamen of the same tribe) by the English translated name of Reveals the MysteriesHe was also the one who told me I was supposed to write a book on Benevolent Outcomes and gave me the title—The Gentle Way.  So I started asking questions directly to Gaia to receive the best information without it being filtered. 

Gaia still says she will drop the mountains on the west coast in order to make the deserts of the world verdant again, but it will not be in our near future, as our vibrational level took a big jump when we decided to elect the first black President.  I now wonder if the research I did on that book will come into play sometime in the future, perhaps at a time when I won’t have the time to research and I’ll simply change the dates to reflect new information.  I don’t know.  I really need to put on the website what she told me when it did not happen and why.  In the meantime, if you wish to read more about the earthquakes that didn’t happen, go to . I did discover some really weak points in the earthquake response system of the United States and offered what I thought were some innovative solutions.  Perhaps one day in the future they’ll be implemented, but don’t hold your breath on that one.  Their preparations are only for localized earthquakes occurring in just one city or area—not for the whole coast or the whole Mississippi Valley. 

But I do appreciate other points of view, as it causes all of us to think and learn and discuss. 


Bruce writes:  I have been receiving your newsletter and using MBOs successfully for over a year now and so grateful for your teachings.  I have used MBOs for parking, etc but also for more serious issues such as with the IRS and other urgent matters--and they have all worked in a most benevolent way.

Now what I am about to tell you is what I experienced--whether it has foundation or not--I am not sure.  The reason that I am writing this is because you and Theo were mentioned by name to me during the process.  Maybe my imagination--but I don’t feel that it is as I have been prompted by my guides to write you about this for weeks.  I have not read of anything like this before to my knowledge nor had I been thinking about Egypt or Atlantis anytime recently before this vision.

I meditate and have my spirit guides that I converse with on a regular basis and have for years.

I have had visions off and on for 30 yrs usually while in bed prior to sleep when I am in my most relaxed state--especially if my third eye has been pulsating a lot during the day--which it does sometimes.  My visions are like a movie and usually surrounded or framed by a electric field--had to explain.  I rarely am able interact with them at all--except during this one I was able to interact with the person in the vision.

Well about a month + ago I was meditating and had a vision--like a movie--and it was of an ancient Egyptian Priest ( I’ll call Ra for simplicity's sake)  who was in a small chamber room and he pointed to one corner that had a small nook in it---on a shelf in the nook was a ball (about the size of a softball) and it was slowing turning in midair just above a shallow bowl--the colors of the bowl and ball were a brownish rust color with tinges of yellow/gold---(hard to describe color) and he raised his hand over the ball and it started spinning faster and the faster it spun the clearer it and the bowl became--until they were clear crystal. He told me that the bowl/ball came from Atlantis and that it was used to cleanse energy and for healing as well as for meditation and numerous other purposes depending on the user.  It was smuggled to the Egyptian area and kept hidden during Atlantis's end days.  I asked where it was now and he said that it was hidden along many other Atlantian and Egyptian artifacts to one day be re-discovered.  I am gathering that they were hidden when one of the new Pharaoh's/Leader was about to get rid of the Priests and their temple.

He went on to say that even using it just in the imagination during meditation could have wonderful effects, once you knew about it.  I have tired it using the imagination of what I experienced in the vision and it does enhance my meditations.

Now the interesting aspect of this is that as the vision was fading, I was told that you, Tom, and Theo might know of this through your past lives in Atlantis.  Again just going by feeling and my vision experience.

I rarely tell anyone of my experiences and have told no one of this particular vision.

Theo, what can you tell me about a spinning ball that one of my readers saw in meditation that was above a shallow bowl and operated by an Egyptian priest?  He said that it came from Atlantis.  Why would I have been familiar with it?

Yes, you were quite familiar with it Tom, as you were the one that brought it out of Atlantis to Egypt.  That was not supposed to have left Atlantis, but you brought it with you when you and your flock immigrated to Egypt before Atlantis sunk below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.  You used it for healing purposes and it was passed down through your sons shall we say who were looked upon as priests as they had powers left over from the Atlantis days.  You helped create the priest class of Egypt Tom. 

Am I receiving this correctly?

Yes.  It had to start somewhere Tom and they really did not have a priest class until you arrived and proceeded to use it for not only the benefit of your people, but for the local Egyptians too, which made you and your kin popular fellows shall we say. 

If you wish to read more about Atlantis, go to the archived newsletters and begin with the May 17, 2008 issue which starts a whole series on questions I asked and the answers I received from Theo.  The link is:


Deb writes:  I am new to your website and have ordered your book which should be arriving this week.  Looking forward to reading it on the beach!
I have a question about orbs.  The theory is they are not spirits but merely dust particles.  Recently, I took some pictures on my digital camera on a clear night to capture the full moon illuminating the night sky and have orbs in the photos.  Can you ask Theo if these are a form of spirits or angels or ET's and if so what the different colored hues mean?  I have some that are very bright, some opaque, and one with a defined reddish tint. 
Thank you for sharing the information about MBO's.  My son is entering his senior year of high school so we are starting our research on colleges.  I'm sure the MBO's will come in handy...BIGTIME!  I am grateful and will use them daily!

Sue writes:  Hi Tom, I was wondering if you could ask Theo about all of the orbs I have been seeing in my photos? Especially in my house! I have been reading on the internet about them...opinions range from some thinking they represent "Angels" or other "beings" to others thinking they are simply the capture of the camera light reflecting off of dust particles. I know that the digital cameras really show them well.

I personally don't believe the dust particles idea. Soon after my oldest brother Richard died I was taking random photos in my living room and in one of them you can clearly see a large orb (they are just so beautiful!!) in front of my fireplace and within it there is very clearly a design of XOXO which is exactly how he always signed his letters!! We truly believe that he somehow sent it to us as a gesture of love to let us know he is ok as he had committed suicide. I've taken hundreds of photos since showing tons of orbs and have never seen that again. Any thoughts Theo has on this would be very interesting!  Thanks Tom!!

 I thought this answer was in my newsletter from Deb’s query, but I can't find it, so here is the answer: 

Theo, are orbs dust particles or what?  And why the different colors?

A nice question Tom.  Certainly, as you’ve seen in the footage of the space shuttle what some people were trying to claim as orbs were really dust particles that reflected light.  But true orbs are those fragments of souls that are nearby for thousands of reasons beyond just those that accompany a person.  There are many fragments as have been seen in photos. 

Their color represents their level of spiritual attainment we will call it for your purposes Tom.  The more experience and knowledge you gain, the more beautiful shall we say are the colors that you emanate when not incarnated.  Again, there are thousands of reasons why these orbs will be in a particular place at a given moment in time.  Suffice to say that these are your friendly spirits and just enjoy them when you are able to see them on or in a photograph.


Penny originally asked me this question about Criss Angel in early August but I didn’t have room for it at the time. 

Now Lynn writes:  Recently my husband and I were watching Criss Angel, for lack of anything much on TV right now, on TV.   We were amazed.  Neither of us are much into magicians but have a good respect for good ones.  I checked out on line what people were saying about him... Varied thoughts and a lot of fake.. He uses technology... And big one "he is of the devil"...     He does choose a dark look.....but I am far from believing in devils....    Evil exists.. Yes...but .....  Anyway that is another huge discussion.....    My husband and I watched and were pretty amazed.  Is he just VERY, VERY good...

Does he use fancy technology--all the people are brought in... Etc.. Neither of us have that sense... We feel like he just does it....  Think, does he  time travel, what does he do?  We get no feelings of darkness or evil from him, though he chooses that image...  I wonder if he could be an angel and my husband thinks he must be extraterrestrial...  LOL I guess... But if he is for real, what else could it be?  I have read nowhere that people have proved him a fake???  THINK he must be, but no one gives theories except that he must use technology.   Then again, I wonder what his purpose would be if he is an angel?? Why would he reveal himself or put on the stage shows?   Have you seen hin Tom, and if so, what do you think???  Curious.  Thank you! 

Theo, readers want to know if Criss Angel is truly an illusionist or what?

Yes, Mr. Angel, as he calls himself Tom, is an illusionist who has studied illusion from an early age, and of course has been one in other rounds—other lives.  He has also trained his body to be able to perform these illusions too you see.  There is great work and preparation behind his illusions, in order for them to work, just as the preparation for all illusionists can be quite extensive.

For more "down to earth" information on Criss Angel, check out his Wikipedia page at:


Pam in Arizona writes:  I have your book and really enjoy it. I ask for MBO's everyday. I know that when I ask for a MBO while driving it also helps the other people on the road.
Will you please ask Gaia about the Skinwalker Ranch in NE Utah. It has to be a portal and the animals or beings coming through are cloaked but why are the animals at the ranch being killed and mutilated. What is really going on at the ranch and what is the reason for it? The list of things happening for over 50 years is to long to list.

I asked Theo-- Why are there strange goings on at the Skinwalker ranch in NE Utah such as cattle mutilations and is there a portal there?

There is no portal there Tom I can assure you, but because of its remote location it is visited regularly by the black ops people we have discussed previously. 

To read more about Cattle Mutilations, go to the June 27, 2009 newsletter.  The link is: .


Theo, will we at some point in the future have some sort of electronic devices implanted in our brains and will this be permanent or will this just be something for the interim until a better solution is found?

No, there certainly will be electronic devices implanted in the future Tom, but more for medical purposes.  Science will find ways to stimulate and download massive amounts of information directly to your brain without having to implant devices, which many would reject.  Yes it will be sort of a skull cap you will put on and the information will be downloaded to your memory and you will instantly know about how to accomplish things such as flying a helicopter or a flying device and many other applications—music would be one certainly.  Teaching will be done quickly and schools will not be necessary as they are today. 

Robotics for households –will they be used in the next 100 years or when?

Yes, sooner than later Tom.   Scientists are making great strides in this area and certain robotic devices will be used extensively in the home and then there will be developed full robots if you will to assist on some levels—perhaps not the home at first—more industrial. 

Will we have androids in our future and if so when?

Yes and no Tom.  There will be that development, but not so extensive as to be used by the general population.  They will have special uses would be the best I can describe for you now.  Robots will have proven their worth by then and will be much cheaper than developing an android for every household shall we say.  Androids will cost millions of dollars so they will not be utilized for such menial tasks. 


For the below workshop, go to

October 3, Saturday—Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom—L.A. Fitness Center.  10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Cost is 75 GBP in advance prior to September 27 then 85 GBP.  Includes a buffet lunch and tea.

A one-day workshop, where I will cover first other tools you can use to assist you in daily life, then I will cover requesting Benevolent Outcomes in depth.  In the afternoon we’ll cover Time Lines, Atlantis, and ET’s.  Then I will conduct first a visualization to prepare you for an “active meditation,” then the guided meditation for you to contact your own Guardian Angel.    If you wish to increase your vibrational level, then plan on attending!   

For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

CONVERSATIONS WITH A SIRIAN—DECEMBER 13, 2008—MARCH 21, 2009; APRIL 18--MAY 16, 2009; JULY 25, 2009; AUGUST 22, 2009
TIME LINES—JULY 26, 2008—AUGUST 8, 2008

So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

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