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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the Guardian Angelworld.  Please PAY IT FORWARD by sending this newsletter to a friend.  And approach them on requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes.  It will change their life.   If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.

 I think you’ll find some really interesting information you have not seen anywhere before in this newsletter.  Some I will be adding to the Guardian Angel 101 series.  

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Gaia, please comment on the energies at this time. 

Yes, Tom, the energies are such at this time that everyone should be trying to sleep a little more.  There will be much more energy sent your way in the next few weeks and months to assist you in crossing over to the 5th focus.

Time TubeIt is my understanding, Gaia, that we are in sort of a tube of energy or time or what, as we approach that December 21 date?

Yes, that is absolutely correct, Tom.  Compared to normal times, we’ll say, this is a very short span of time connecting you to the next focus. 

So why the need for so much energy when we’re already seemingly on our way?

This energy must be sent to you, Tom, so that everyone’s energy level eventually matches that of the 5th focus.  Your transition to the 5th focus has been portrayed as a one-day event, but actually that is what you could consider the end of this part of the journey. 

So this brings us to a question posed regarding all these strange sounds heard world wide and not just in 2 or 3 places?

Yes, they are part and parcel of this energy, Tom, and some of them are earth movements that echo through caverns, eventually seeping out into the atmosphere. 


RomanceDeLeah writes:  Here is a question I would like for you ask Theo if possible. It is something I have long wondered about.

I know that sex is a big part of our lives here on earth and that these urges are not with us once our souls leave the physical body. It seems to be that there are many, many people whose lives revolve around sex and just can't live without it and then there are others who don't need it at all. Can Theo explain why this is? Is it a balancing of karma from past lives of having too much of it in another life or does it affect other areas of our lives as well. Is this something that is pre-planned before we come back or just something that is a personal choice?  Thank you!

Theo, why do some people seem wrapped up in sex and others not at all?  Are these soul contracts, or freedom of choice?

Actually both, Tom.  A soul contract may certainly call for a greater exploration of sex than in other lives as part of a soul contract.  But they may become obsessed with sex through freedom of choice, or again it may be a soul contract issue.  There are many, many answers to this question.  Sex may be low on the totem pole, shall we say, for other people to allow them to accomplish certain things in their lives.  Also, there are many cases of balancing where one life has been filled with sex, sex, sex, so the next life is balanced with almost none at all. 


Appel writes:  Thanks for the newsletter, brings great inspiration and contentment. I truly enjoy your spiritual contribution to humanity. My few questions are as follows:

Mosquito1) QUESTION to EARTH: Who created mosquitoes and what is their real purpose, are they of any value other than food for bats and spiders? Malaria infects some 247 million people worldwide each year, and kills nearly one million. Mosquitoes cause a huge further medical and financial burden by spreading yellow fever, dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis, Rift Valley fever, Chikungunya virus and West Nile virus. Can humanity successfully eliminate the mosquito problem any time soon?

2) With regards to memory recall of other lifetimes and timelines: when I share experiences with other incarnated human beings whom I have had past, con-current or simultaneous timelines, the others seem totally ignorant of the possibility or reject outright discussion of the possibilities. Does the "official" crossing of timelines on December 21st 2012 help with this spiritual blockage?

Gaia, what purposes do mosquitoes play in your ecosystem?

Yes, these little pests, Tom, serve as food for a number of nocturnal insects and animals—more so than is currently known.  As I have said many times, Tom, Creator loves variety and though they are a pest to you and many other mammalians, Creator loves them just as much.  They are carriers of disease at times, as you know, so they also serve a purpose for humans in their soul Reincarnationcontracts to contract a disease and be ill or die from it.  They are not the only ones to carry disease, but certainly they are a big part of it. 

Gaia, will more people accept the concept of multiple lives in the years to come in the fifth focus?

Quite so, Tom.  There will be much written about this concept and the Pleiadians will also broach the subject when they arrive.  The number of people who believe in reincarnation will dramatically jump in the next few years.  Keep in mind there will be several religions, which will be shaken to their roots as your history is laid out before you.  This certainly will not be the first subject they cover, but it will be one of them. 


God SpeedA year or two ago Gaia started saying, “God speed” as we signed off.  I finally asked her about it and she said it dated to my life when I was a major advisor of the King of England from 1830 to 1837 when he passed away and channeled her for him.  He and I had been schoolmates before.  I had previously related that story, but I have often wondered if there was more to the reason, so I finally asked a “fill in the gap” question.

Gaia, one last question.  Did you introduce the “God speed” saying, which in reality you did not have to, in order to point out another life communicating with you, or for what reason?

Yes, I did, Tom, for that very reason.  I wanted you to know we had done this many times in the past and that was an easy way to pique your interest while giving you a little glimpse of the past, and how beneficial it was just in one life, not to mention all the others.


This is really interesting information. 

Spirit GuideTheo, speaking of Guides, do I have another member of my soul cluster as a guide too?

No, Tom.  “Reveals” as you call him is your only main Guide, shall we call him. 

So is this usual for most people to have only one Guide from their soul cluster?

Yes, you could say it is quite the norm.  That is why there are many reports of two guardian angels.  Only one GA is needed as you surmised, but you were a little off in saying there were two guides from your soul cluster.  That’s a common assumption. 

Theo, another question on soul fragments.  As each fragment not only has 600 to 800 lives on average, but the 12 parallel lives.  I take it that the fragment is just divided into 12 each life, or is it achieved in some other manner?

No, Tom, you have it correct.  Even your soul fragments are quite strong—much more capable than you can imagine at this juncture.  Even though your fragments are a tiny part of your whole soul, each fragment is more than capable of not only splitting itself into 12 parts for one given life, but also for all 600 to 800 taking part at the same time as we have discussed before, Tom.  And there is still enough left over shall we say, that you can act as a guide in hundreds, if not thousands of other people’s lives, including your own soul cluster, but for many more where your expertise can assist someone in their own lives. 

Gaia, I’ve been meaning for a while to ask you about the ensoulments of mountains, trees, and anything else you can add.

Certainly, Tom.  Yes, many inanimate objects are ensouled.  Why you may ask?  Because all souls need this experience. 

So, are these whole souls or just fragments that ensoul trees and mountains?

Yes, Tom.  They are fragments.  The souls do not need to be completely within, as I am within the earth.  So they will have fragments of themselves to have this experience.  And like all souls, as I have mentioned before, they are experiencing hundreds of thousands of lives across the universe all at the same time. 

So, how small do we go with these ensoulments—pebble, bushes, grass, and so on?

Yes, even the smallest piece of sand that washes up on shore is connected to a soul. 


FairySondra from Shreveport writes:  I am intrigued about the Fairy kingdom experiencing life in human form.  

How about the Fairies kingdom experiencing life in animal form?  The reason I ask is I have a Toy Fox Terrier that is so different than other canines I have known.  Also, an animal communicator told me that he had been a part of the fairy kingdom and has come into this physical canine body for a long time desired experience.

Would you be kind enough to inquire about this for me.  It seems a bit over the hill, so to speak, but I do feel certain that my "Wiley" is different.

Theo, do Fairies ever have lives in animal form?

Yes, Tom.  In a few cases they will have lives as animals as part of their own learning. 


Theo, after I migrated to Egypt from Atlantis, did I live in what is now Cairo, or Mouth of Nile Riverperhaps Alexandria, or some other place in Egypt now covered by the sands of time?

Yes, Tom.  You lived not too far from the mouth of the Nile River in a very verdant zone, even much more so than today.  Again the country was lightly populated, so there was space for the several thousand people who migrated there to live simply, yet peacefully with their neighbors.  You needed to be near the seat of power at that time to work with the Egyptian people’s leaders as their representative.  And those healing bowls, and other instruments you brought, gave you power, although you never abused it.  You never denied Egypt-Ecuadorhealing to the Egyptian people who came to you.

Judi on Facebook asked me about this:

Theo, why did the same Egyptian image of a woman show up in not only Egypt, but also Ecuador?

Yes, an enigma.  Supposedly the Egyptians could not travel half-way around the world, but, yet, here is an example of an Egyptian deity in both places.  Obviously there was communication between the two.  There will be more discoveries like this, and have been, but they were quietly set aside as they could not figure out the meaning. 


Hidden PyramidsLois J. Wetzel recently visited the Bosnian Pyramids while researching her book on sacred sites.  She emailed to tell me that they recently discovered a piece of wood under three feet of dirt, laying on top of one of the slabs covering a pyramid.  It was carbon dated to 25,800 years, plus or minus 200 years, corresponding to the Mayan Calendar!  Also, on their website, they have a story (in the News section) about pyramids being found in Alaska using Google earth, and more pyramids found in Egypt plus 17 ancient settlements also using Google earth.  I’ll post her blog when Lois writes about her Bosnian trip on Facebook. 


Theo, it does not appear that President Obama will choose Hilary Clinton.  What happened?

Yes, the vibrational level changed, Tom. 

For the better or worse?

Worse, Tom, but it will not affect the outcome of the election. 


Economic CollapseGreg asked me to check on some doomsday predictions he had read concerning the economy after the election, not only in the USA, but in Germany.

Theo, people are fearful of a financial and economic collapse after the elections.  Your comments?

Certainly there are more dire times ahead, Tom, but not a total economic collapse, just a purging of old systems which will no longer work, as those behind the scenes are discovered, and new ways of doing business are implemented without these people pulling strings.  Economies around the world will take several years to recover, but they will eventually be much better off.  So, keep the hatches battened down and live conservatively would be the best advice. 


She writes about the imprisonment of the Pussy Riot band in Russia and what will result:  I Pussy Riot Bandbecame a little concerned when I saw these young women desecrating a cross and behaving with no respect for victims of Stalins time. And although I have not been raised as an Orthodox I felt what they were doing was not helping their situation.  I'm all for energy being transformed, but not in way that harms or hurts anyone. Sure Churches have in many cases not behaved with integrity and truth, however there has to be a better way than what has happened.  A better way for everyone.  It saddened me deeply. Surely there is a better way to assist in the evolution not revolution of the Russian people. A quiet gentle way, a benevolent way.

Theo, what can we expect from the efforts to free the Pussy Riot band in Russia—anything?

Yes, Tom.  Mr. Putin will discover that this will not go away.  Instead of a warning to those who might oppose him, the band will be the focus of attempts by the Russian people to gain their freedoms.  As I have told you in the past, if Mr. Putin does not change his ways, he will be ousted from office.  Their prisons will be overrun if he keeps his same policies. 


Lake OntarioDeb in Ontario, Canada writes:  I love your newsletter and have been using MBO's and benevolent prayers with great success! I am most grateful for all your teaching of how to connect with our angels, guides and benevolent others! It has helped me with everything from a parking space to homes for animals at the shelter where I volunteer. NOTHING is too big or too small to request!
My question for Theo today is where 6 teenage boys disappeared to on St . Patrick's Day in 1995, on Lake Ontario near the port at Pickering. Neither the 2 stolen boats, or the bodies were ever found. Many people searched for days and did not find anything-no clothing etc.-only one old gas can. Did they really drown after a night of partying, were they kidnapped by a foreign vessel, or were they victims of an alien abduction? Their fate remains a total mystery, but their families continue to hope and pray they may yet one day come home.
Thank-you for all of your wonderful information and advice.

Theo, what happened to the six teenage boys who stole two boats on Lake Ontario and were never seen again?

Yes, Tom.  A rogue wave hit them, they capsized and drowned.  The two boats sank into a very deep portion of the Lake. 


Pineal GlandGaye in Australia writes:  I just don't seem to be able to do MBOs so well. I want so badly to be able to raise my vibrations and connect more with my spiritual self, but nothing ever seems to happen or improve. My mother took fluoride tablets while pregnant with me (believing herself to be doing something very beneficial for her unborn babe) and from what I have read this toxic substance is very detrimental to the pineal gland - and you know how important this gland is for spirituality! I fear my pineal gland may be completely ruined and did not even get a chance to develop properly. What do you think I could do to gain a better (or ANY) contact with my GA etc.  Thanks Tom and blessings to you.

Theo, would loss of the pineal gland, due to a toxic substance, cause a person to be less spiritual?

No, Tom.  Certainly it can lessen a person’s psychic abilities, shall we call them, but not their spirituality, which can never be damaged.  Tell the person who asked to request MBO’s to reactivate their pineal gland and to have more success when they  request MBO’s.  And, as always, it is best to request many MBO’s for the mundane parts of your lives, in order to build up the trust that this does work, and to make it a habit.


These two BP and MBO stories were in my last week’s Blog, which has nothing but MBO stories each week sent from all over the world.  You can go to and click on Blog in the Menu to find them. 

JobsKathy writes:  Hi Tom, I have a great MBO story for you. About two months ago a dear friend Eric suddenly lost his job after over 20 years with the same company. This was quite unexpected and a total shock. We posted a benevolent prayer request for him on Facebook and email, and within one month he was hired by another company doing the same work (mid management in resurfacing work). Everyone was so amazed by how quickly Eric found another job, within commuting distance. His sister told me they are all certain this is due to the benevolent prayer request, and all I can say is thank you!!!! To the Angels and to you dear Tom for sharing this wisdom which has touched so many in such amazing ways. 


Pricilla writes:  Thank you so much for all the information you freely share on your websites.  My life has truly been transformed since I learned about MBO’s, BP’s, The Benevolent Prayer, The Daily Affirmation and all the other wonderful information that you share.
HealthI’m 58 years old and live in Summerfield Florida.  When the economy tanked I lost my job and have been unemployed since that time.  Life has been one long hard bump in the road after another, but I have managed to keep a roof over my head and enough food on the table to keep from starving so I am more fortunate than many other people. 
About a month ago I started having pain in my lower back, with no job, health insurance or money for medical bills I did my best to tough it out.  I was raised to believe that God would never put any thing in your life that he is not willing to see you through so I hung onto my faith and just kept trying to make the best of the worst years I have had to live through.  A smart person would have sought medical attention and worried about how to pay the bills later but I’ve never claimed to be smart.  I will not run up a bill I know I can not pay, to me it’s just like stealing.  So I just toughed it out.
I prayed to God to ease the pain, but it only got worse with each passing day.  I’ve always believed we all have Angels that watch over us but in these last six years I felt alone, abandoned by my Angels.  I kept asking them how could they just sit around and watch me go through such a hard stressful time in my life and not help me.   I asked, pleaded, begged my Angels to help me, point me in the right direction to get my life on the right path.  I got no answer, no inspiration, no direction I got nothing for six long years of trying every single type of “contact your Angels” information I could find.
On August 25th the pain was more than I could bear, the slightest movement sent lighting bolts of pain through my body and I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I do not know how I ended up on youtube but I found a video that said Ask your Angels for undeniable proof that they are with you and they will give it to you.  I told my Angels I believed they abandoned me, but if they are with me I wanted them to give me undeniable proof.  I didn’t expect anything to happen and I’m sorry to say when I went to bed I asked God to just let me die in my sleep cause I just couldn’t take anymore.  I had finally given up.
 At 2AM the bedroom TV and surround sound system came on.  Both the TV and the surround sound system are quite old and do not even have a timer function, and they have to be turned on separately.  My fiance Bill and I were the only ones in the house and we were both sound asleep.  The remotes were no where near us.  Bill did not even know I had asked for proof.  Of course Bill looked at me like I had two heads when I told him it was my Angels giving me proof they are with me.  My Angels gave me the undeniable proof I asked for, now I had to find out why they weren’t listening to me. 
MBOSo August 26th I started searching the web.  I found your website and I read and read and read.  I Googled every piece of information I could find on Tom T. Moore, and MBO’s.   I was skeptical to say the least, just a few simple words followed by Thank you and my Angels would be more than happy to help me.  I had nothing to lose so I wrote and said three MBO’s.
“I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for me to live pain free and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect. Thank you.” 
“I am asking for a Most Benevolent Outcome that the form of life that is generating this pain in my body mutate now into a benign form that will be gentle on my body and that the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you.” 
“I request a most benevolent outcome to have a money miracle happen to me today, and may this outcome be even better than I could hope for or expect, thank you.”  
On August 27th I woke up dreading the pain I knew would come the moment I moved.  I rolled over, no pain.  I sat on the side of the bed, no pain.  I can not explain how wonderful I felt, being able to move for the first time in one month and not be in pain.   In that moment I decided to start my day with The Benevolent Prayer, and The Daily Affirmation.  When Bill came home I smiled at him and touched my toes, his jaw dropped.  I explained about MBO’s and told him I said an MBO for the pain to go away.  He looked at me like I had two heads. 
On August 28th Bill asked me if I had put two twenty dollar bills in his wallet.  I laughed because where in the world would I get forty dollars to put in his wallet besides I haven’t been able to leave the house for a month.  He rarely has cash in his wallet, never mind forty dollars. Then I told him I said an MBO for a money miracle so the money was put there by my Angels.  Bill rolled his eyes and said he must have gotten cash out of the bank and just forgot about it.  Normally I do all the shopping and run all the errands, but since I had been unable to leave the house for the last month Bill had to do it.  So I went through our on line bank statement for the last month and there was not one transaction that would have put that money in his wallet.  There is no one that even has access to his wallet except for him or me.  So I knew it was my Angels.
The next day he finally admitted it must have been my Angels, he smiled and asked if I did that again please ask for more than $40.00.  I asked him if I had his attention yet and did he want to do some MBO’s.  He said I had half his attention but he didn’t want to say any.  Then the strangest thought popped into my head.  “Take $20.00, say and MBO and go to the store tomorrow and buy the first scratch off ticket you see.”   Strange thought for me since money is not something I want to throw away like that.  But I wrote and said another MBO.
Scratchoff Ticket“I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for choosing a winning scratch ticket tomorrow at Publix, and may the results exceed my highest expectations, thank you!”
August 29th I went to the store bought a twenty dollar scratch ticket out of the machine.  I admit I stood in front of that machine for a few minutes with that $20.00 bill in my hand not wanting to put it in that machine, but I did.  I brought it home, told my fiance it was a winner from my Angels and made him scratch it.  That ticket won $100.00.  My fiance didn’t look at me like I had two heads, he said “Okay now you have my attention.”  He still doesn’t want to say any MBO’s, but that’s okay, it’s his free choice and I’m not going to pressure him to. 
Because I do not earn a reliable income I normally will not buy myself anything.  I have this “thing” about spending Bill’s money on something that’s only for me.  But my Angels had just given us unexpected money so I went on line and bought both your books, delivery was supposed to take 3 to 5 days.  I got notification this morning that they will be delivered by UPS tomorrow.  Two day delivery, how cool is that.  I can’t wait to read them!!!
Today I went outside to mow my lawn, the riding mower wouldn’t start.  I turned the key three or four times and it just barely turned over but would not start.  I turned the key again and now it wouldn’t even turn over.  I started to get frustrated and angry, then I caught myself and simply said an MBO for the mower to start right now.  I took a deep breath and turned the key one more time, it turned right over and ran like a charm while I mowed the lawn.
Do MBO’s work? I know with all my heart and soul that yes they most definitely do work.  Do they work for big things, yes my pain was a very big thing.  All I can say to anyone that doesn’t even give it a try is you are missing out on the most powerful knowledge that has ever been laid out in front of you.
Sorry this email is so long, but I had a lot to tell you.


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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011, JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 4, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, AUGUST 18, 2012, SEPTEMBER 1, 2012,

THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012,


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