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I would like to welcome everyone, and especially to those of you who signed up to receive this newsletter this past week.  We keep adding subscribers from all over the world.   I try and make these newsletters different from any other newsletters you’ve read before.  One of the ways is I pass on to you those emails from people who are living “The Gentle Way” and their experiences.  This week will be a little different as you’ll read below, but keep sending those stories!

I had a great Benevolent Outcome this week.  My computer crashed and then my hard drive crashed.  There’s a recovery company here in Dallas that my son had used, so we took the hard drive there.  They first came back with an estimate of $1,500 to $2,000 to send it to a full recovery lab and I said do their best there and requested a Benevolent Outcome.  They delivered the data yesterday and they were able to recover all the files except one at the end, and at a cost of $720.  Certainly it wasn’t cheap, but it was a MBO.  


R Herbert in Louisiana writes:  Man, I don’t know if you have a real good connection with Gaia.  Not too accurate with that Gustav prediction and the ships colliding in the gulf, or the true path of Gustav or its effects.  Maybe it’s because here in Louisiana, the part that Gustav missed, I work at learning how to manifest what I want constantly.  I was working real hard against this storm and its effects on my people.  Maybe, just maybe, the outcome has changed due to my intentions.  That’s how its supposed to work isn’t it.  We are all infinitely powerful if we know how to use it for the good of the many and not for selfish reasons.  Maybe Gaia heard me and thought, here is one of the few who is in touch and his thoughts and intentions have redeemed the souls of many others.  I will give his people a break because they have someone among them who has no fear and who understands how it all works.  Watch how you write this stuff there T-Tom.  You’re scaring the s…. out of people.  Don’t spread fear man, It hurts many and by and by will come around to hurt YOU!  Readjust your antenna or something, I think you are getting some bad reception, or misinterpreting it.  Good luck on your journey, and do not let my words bring you down or turn you negative.  It is not what I intended.  Go deeper.  You did have something there with the Mississippi River being to capacity though.  That seems to be coming since Gustav is hanging around awhile and dumping rain on the south.  You can never tell what will happen, because everything is changeable if we only know how to change it in confidence that creation will play it out for our benefit instead of our demise.

Well one thing I will never do is run from my mistakes and pretend it never happened.  After being told that another hurricane would strike New Orleans one-and-a-half years ago, that there would be a mine disaster (Utah as it happened), an American Airlines plane would crash (and an American fighter jet crashed 4 hours after I posted it on under the title of my book), I completely blew the information I thought I was receiving correctly.  Was it just that I was having an “off” day?  I don’t know.  So I asked Gaia about it and honestly, I was irritated to the point she said I wouldn’t receive correctly, so here’s what I asked and received:

Gaia, everything you said would happen regarding Gustav did not happen and actually happened in a much more Benevolent way for those people  Why would you do that if you, as you said, loved them enough to have them out of harms way when these big earth events occur?

Yes I know you are displeased with me Tom, and frustrated.  Yes, part of it was people that were moving energy to lessen the impact on New Orleans.  I have to allow that, as you are Junior Creators in training.  If they saw no results, they would become discouraged at their attempts—and there were a number of people who did just that in their own way, not to mention the millions of prayers—yes millions that were answered by that cadre of angels as you call them.  

So are you going to send another hurricane New Orleans’ way or was this it before the last week of October?

No this is not it Tom—yes you are receiving this correctly.  There are a number of tropical storms this year and look for another to make its way into the Gulf.  

How soon?

Quite soon actually.

What happened to the cruise ship incident?

Tom, I will take care of that also soon.  

You’re being awfully vague Gaia compared to last time.  

Yes, one of the reasons is that you have some blocks up mentally that I have to work through.  On a mental level you are rejecting communications in a way, although I know you wish to receive direct answers, sometimes it’s hard when you put up blocks.  

As I write this, Hurricane Ike is predicted to go into the Gulf of Mexico, possibly bypassing Miami, or perhaps not.  The reference I made to the last week of October is about great earth changes Gaia has said are coming.  I will cover that below with a greater explanation.  But first:

Gaia, a lady on Myspace wants to know what benefits there are to you for having hurricanes.  Your comments?

Yes Tom.   The benefits are many.  As with tornadoes, they do allow me to release a great deal of negative energy built up by humans on my planet surface.  It is a cleansing mechanism not only in that way, but also it cleanses first the oceans by stirring up pollutants and I am able to convert these to benign substances in this manner.  That’s something your scientists have not discovered yet.  When the hurricanes reach land, it does the same thing in a way, as pollutants are washed away from my landmasses.  Naturally there are the well know benefits that hurricanes bring of more fresh water to in many cases are lands that have suffered drought conditions before.  And also hurricanes assist me in driving people away from the coasts where I really do not wish them to live.  Just in this hurricane season are you seeing people say that they are moving to some other area, as they do not wish to risk not only their lives, but also their possessions to these high winds and momentous rain that accompanies these storms.  I believe that is a sufficient answer for the young lady.  


Theo, a lady, Jasmine, wants to know why if we have free will does a Guardian Angel or other being knows what we’re going to do, when there seems to be only potentials that can change depending upon our choices?  Your comments.

Yes Tom, we do see these potentials and know in most instances the path you will follow at any given time.  Yes you do have free will to change and yes as we have discussed before you frequently take a path that is not in your best interests or on your soul contract.  So even though it seems that you are living this life in a linear fashion, we can go to the end of your life and look back on what you chose.  I realize this is very complicated for everyone, but we are not constrained by time—only you are.  So in the short run we see your potentials and with a long view we see what you chose to do.  

So even though we choose something that was not on the soul contract, you know this in advance?

Oh yes.  We can tell from your previous actions how high a potential is for you to take this path or that path.  We have few surprises from our viewpoints as you make choices in your lives.  When you are drawing up your soul contracts, you normally know the weak areas in advance yourself.  We do our best to guide you, but there are many times you make decisions from a mental perspective and not from feeling.  This will gradually change over the coming years and life will be more benevolent for you all.


Diane wrote with a couple of questions:

Diane wants to know if we really did land on the moon?

Yes, of course you did.  There will be always people that doubt great accomplishments.  In this particular case, there were backup plans for if Neil Armstrong did not land, but instead crashed on the moon.  Had he done so there would have been an elaborate illusion that he did, but instead he did walk on the moon.  Naturally he was assisted behind the scenes with a cadre of guides and his guardian angel, along with those of his fellow crew members.  

How long will the mortgage problem last?

For some time Tom—well into 2009 I would say.  There will be other collapses of firms that extended too much credit.


I do not want to project fear here.  Starting back in 2005 I started receiving messages about great earth changes coming.  Below are excerpts from a book on these events I wrote (about 50,000 words) that has yet to be published, as the “oil lady” was supposed to present herself and give me a national platform to explain what was coming.  This never happened, so take the following excerpts from the book with a grain of salt.  The major reason I do this is for the people on the west coast as they will have perhaps a week warning as you’ll read below.  If the first event never happens, then they don’t need to do anything.  Here are the excerpts:

After I started my active meditations in July of 2005, it wasn’t too long before I happened to ask about earth changes in my region of the United States—specifically Dallas, Texas.  I was told, “With major earthquakes nearby, there will be an influx of refugees from the east and from the west coast and the flooded Mississippi Valley that will strain the ability of your area to take care of them, plus the violent weather caused by these events will affect your area.”

Of course, that put my wheels in motion pondering that message.  A few days later, I was told, “Hurricanes will be more destructive.  It will presage earthquakes and tsunamis in your own backyard so to speak, with the west coast and east coast heavily affected.  There will be warnings for those who wish or need to move away from the coastlines.  Mother Earth will cleanse herself and start to bring herself back to a more pristine level.”

Chapter 2: The time line has already begun even as I write this.  Do you remember the sudden disappearance, especially in California, of billions of bees?  Gaia says that their job was finished and they were not needed anymore, even though plausible explanations have been put forth.

Before late October of 2008 there will be more earthquakes in the Midwest and along the Mississippi River.  In the time period leading up to late October there will begin to be migrations of birds and animals away from the “quake zones” as I call them.

Then in the last week of October the first series of earthquakes will occur all along the New Madrid fault line, which is much longer than is known today.  The earth will heave all the way from Lake Superior to Louisiana.  The fault line will open a passageway near Duluth, Minnesota that will allow the lake to drain directly into the Gulf of Mexico.  In many places, these earthquakes will turn the ground into a liquid, which is known as liquefaction.  Many buildings will simply sink into the muck, as has happened in many other earthquakes before.  More about that in Chapter 5.  

When this occurs, there will be a 50 foot wall of water that will sweep down the Mississippi River all the way to the Gulf, destroying hundreds of levies along the Mississippi River, and inundating many towns and cities along the way, including New Orleans.  The river will grow to over 250 miles in width at various points, as the level rises to over 27 feet higher than it is today.

Even cities as far away as Kansas City will feel the brunt of these enormous earthquakes and will suffer great damage.  

These enormous earthquakes will cause the eastern plate of North America to shift to the east about 8 feet.  This will cause some flooding on the East Coast, but the major effect of this shift will be the creation of a small tsunami that will travel across the Atlantic and will strike the coastlines of Bermuda, Europe, and Africa.  The tidal waves will be 10 to 12 feet in height.  

But to the west it will be much worse.  The North American plate will shift 28.7 feet to the west, which will cause Baha California to collapse into the Pacific Ocean.  It will act as an anvil to drag over one-third of California down too, with loses of land all the way up the coast to Alaska, and causing giant tsunamis that will race across the Pacific.  

Within seven days of the Mississippi Valley earthquakes, there will be a series of huge earthquakes affecting the whole West Coast of North America.  These earthquakes will cause tremendous damage all the way from Mexico through Alaska.  Baja California will sink mostly into the ocean with only a few islands remaining.  Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego will virtually disappear, as 50 to 75 miles inland their land mass will also collapse into the ocean.  All along the West Coast land will be lost to the sea.  Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area will be hard hit.  Fully one third of California’s land mass will disappear, along with parts of Oregon, Washington, British Columbia Canada and Alaska.  

The earthquakes will cause the arctic ice cap to begin to break up.  These earthquakes will continue, not allowing the ice cap to refreeze.   Over the coming months and years, massive icebergs will drift into the Gulf of Alaska and on out into the Pacific.  The level of all the earth’s seas and oceans will rise two feet over the next three to five years, much more than has previously been predicted.  Several hundred million people will be displaced during this time period, as they are forced to move away from the coasts.

The collapse of land into the ocean, coupled with the earthquakes will produce some huge, multiple tsunamis that will race across the Pacific at up to 600 miles per hour, first striking the islands of Hawaii, before taking aim at the whole Asian continent and including the islands of Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Tahiti and others in the South Pacific.  The Korean Peninsula will be hard hit with the coastlines inundated.  These tidal waves will be much higher than those in the Atlantic, reaching up to 50 feet in height.  

Within ten days of these quakes, Japan will take a second “hit” when they will experience several severe earthquakes throughout their islands, but will especially be destructive to their large cities of Tokyo, and Osaka.  

Within thirty days major earthquakes will strike New Zealand, causing massive destruction to the cities of Christchurch and Auckland.  All along the Pacific Rim, there will be destructive earthquakes.  

Beginning soon after the massive Pacific Coast earthquakes, the weather patterns in the United States will change.  The formerly arid areas of Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and far west Texas will become verdant again, with rainfalls in the 35 to 40 inches per year, compared to average rainfalls of 8 to 8.5 inches now.

These storms will continue across the southern part of the United States and northern Mexico, picking up moisture and energy from the Gulf of Mexico, with yearly rainfalls in the 60-inch range compared to 30 to 40 inches today.  These storms will move across this area every two to three days.  There will be more tornadoes and violent weather.  The whole southern part of the United States will become sub-tropical, with many crops grown that currently cannot be.  

These storms will continue across the Atlantic and will make the Sahara desert in Africa verdant again for the first time in thousands of years.  

All of these events will dramatically increase global warming.  First the sea levels will rise two feet within three to five years; then we will see the continent of Antarctica and Greenland melting within the next 15 years, with seas rising approximately 18 to 20 feet, causing further displacement of hundreds of millions of people.  
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I will not go any further with this unless some major events happen.  When I first started receiving these messages from the Indian Shaman I first communicated with, I told him that no one would believe me.  He said, “Tom if you could save just one life would you do this?”  That really hit below the belt, so naturally I said, “Sign me up.”  What could I say?

For those of you on the west coast or in the Mississippi Valley, if you wish to send me an email, I will send you a much better list of things to do and items to take with you in case you have to leave than those normally offered by government agencies.  


On September 8, I will be a guest on Pamela M. Edmunds hour-long radio program Bridge Between Two Worlds.  It will be broadcast on WARL in Providence, Rhode Island, and on the internet at .  Times are as follows:  7:00 pm EDT, 6:00 pm CDT, 5:00 pm MDT, and 4:00 pm PDT.  

If you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one), articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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Tom T. Moore


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