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As Gaia mentioned earlier this year in the March 17 and June 16 newsletters, this was going to be a big fire season.  In the June 23 newsletter ( I asked: Wildfires

Gaia, so I take it you’re not done for his summer with your forest fires?

Quite so--the western states will really begin to heat up and they will have some massive forest fires in those states west of the Continental Divide.

Just above she had said “copious” rains were coming to parts of the Midwest.  I know in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex some places received as much as six inches (15 cm) of rain in one day.  Now here come the hurricanes. 


McKinney, TX CourthouseI’ll be doing a four-hour workshop on August 26 at the Performing Arts Center (old Courthouse on the Square) in McKinney, Texas.  I should have the signup information posted under the APPEARANCES section of my website.  For more information you can also call Janet Landers at 214-218-7360 or email at

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Florida Hurricane TrackGaia, will the tropical storm, that they predict will become a hurricane. strike Florida, or the upper East Coast I will call it, or go into the Gulf?

No, Tom.  This hurricane will move up into Florida.  Yes you’re receiving me correctly, Tom.

But it appears now to be headed to the southern tip of Florida.

Yes, but it will change course a little, Tom, and the eye will make landfall farther up the peninsula.

Will it be on the Gulf side or Atlantic?

Gulf side, Tom.

Strange that you would have one during the Republican Convention.  Any particular reason?

Yes, Tom.   Many of those people need to experience a hurricane on their soul contracts.  And their energy attracts this type of energy to them. 

In my last newsletter I had struggled to receive which side of Florida a hurricane would strike, so perhaps this clears it up.  And at the present time the hurricane is predicted to go further into the Gulf, so perhaps I struggled again--we'll see.


Coronal Mass EjectionGenevieve writes:  I have read your books, visited the archives on your website and I must say your weekly newsletter is one of my favorites. MBOs have become part of my daily routine!

I don't know if the question that is on my mind has already been asked. I just watched an interview on Youtube of Drunvalo Melchizedech by Lilou Mace, a French blogger. He talks about Russian scientists and other scientists around the world, including some from Nasa, who fear that some time in the near future powerful solar flares might totally destroy our satellites and computer systems... Apparently, Russian scientists are said to have cracked the codes of the crop circles, the messages from extra-terrestrials being a series of warnings according to which we are heading towards some kind of global disaster.  It would be interesting to hear from Gaia and/or from your star friends about this. 

Thank you for making all this precious information available to everyone who (at least at the present moment) can still use a computer.

Sun, will your CME’s (Coronal Mass Ejections) destroy our satellites and computers in the future?

No, Tom, that will never happen.  Certainly my CME’s can be damaging at times due to their intensity, but you will never return to a time without them and without your computers.  I am working with Gaia for your progress, not to send you back 30 years or more.  I will say you will learn to shield your equipment better in the fairly near future, Tom, but for now, both Gaia and I agree it is in your best interests for these CME’s to be glancing blows for the larger ones, and/or she will build up her resistance to a larger one just before I send it out. 

Your scientists will one day notice a difference in the atmosphere just before I send out a large CME in the direction of earth, so there is a symbiotic relationship your scientists will discover between the two of us. 

One more question, Sun.  Scientists are discussing if you are round or sort of squashed.  Care to give me your opinion or statement of truth?

Yes, they will find, Tom, I’m not completely round, but almost.  Naturally the reason for that will lead to much speculation, but for now let’s say that there is a valid reason for not being a completely round ball let’s call it.  There will be many theories suggested for this, so let the scientists have their fun speculating. Tom.

The information about earth’s atmosphere changing just before a large CME is quite interesting.  


NYC Subway FloodingFrank writes:  I moved to New York City about 5 years ago.   I love the energy here and feel that there it truly is a "high energy" city.  In fact, when I leave and return I can feel the difference.

That being said, with all energy there can be good and bad.   Shifts of all kinds.  What do you see for NYC for the next 5 years?   I know that is a strange timeframe but I was impressed to ask.  Any specifics in terms of timeframes and timelines would be most appreciated.  This is NOT being asked to scare of worry anyone, but to know and be alert is to be prepared.

Gaia, as a general question, what events do you have planned for New York City during the next five years?

As I have said repeatedly, Tom, the ocean levels are rising and will rise at a much faster rate than is expected.  This will play havoc with cities, such as Manhattan. that lie right on the ocean.  They will have flooding to contend with and storms will flood their streets and subways.  There are no more terroristic events in their immediate and long term future, although there will be some threats revealed, due to good investigative work, with a little help from their GA’s and even ET friends on occasion.  There will be no earthquakes or any earth movements that will affect the city.  So the rising ocean levels will continue to be the greatest story for this city in the next five years. 


Proposition 37Nikki writes:  I am wondering if you could ask if PROP 37 will pass or not. This is the California initiative that would make it a law in California for all food containing GMO’S to have a label saying such on it. This law will affect all of us and I really want it to pass.

Theo, what are the probabilities of Proposition 37 passing in California?

Quite high, Tom—certainly over 80% and growing (using a little pun there) as we near that date. 

So there will be no earth movements to interfere?

Not on the books at this time.


Diane writes:  I have an important question that is really bothering me.
Some people say it is a waste of time to VOTE because the powers that be have already decided who will be President.  I have always heard that there is a group of powerful people who control everything and I do mean everything.
So I need to know with all the problems that they are talking about where people cannot vote because of a law that requiresVoting Booth them to have ID's and some of them don't or can't get these required ID's and other problems.
Is it really important to VOTE?  Does it really count?  Or is it all a a lie?  Thanks as always, Tom.

Theo, does voting really work?

Of course it does, Tom, which is why vast sums of money are spent to influence the voters to choose a certain candidate.  Naturally there are those individuals, who have been corrupted, or are corrupt, who desire power and money, and will sell themselves to the highest bidder.  There will be fewer of these people able to gain office in the future, as people will be more able to perceive this.  So vote for those you believe will be less likely to be corrupted and you will change your history forever.


Pat in Houston writes:  I love your newsletter... and I now feel lead to ask a question of Gaia.   Please explain what the Hollow Earth Cosmic Vortex represents.
Hollow Earth TheoryIt is my understanding that we do have a Hollow Earth and the Vortex, (one of 12 throughout the world) has the Vortex  located near Omaha, NE.  The energy flows into 5 states of NE. OK, N & S Dakota and Kansas.  What role does this huge vortex play in the Shift of the Ages.?  Is it currently active, or waiting to be activated?    Thanks in advance for your answer.

Gaia, is there a Hollow Earth Cosmic Vortex located near Omaha Nebraska now?

Absolutely not, Tom.  This was someone’s imagination or receiving incorrect information.  As I have said before, there is no hollow earth.  There are caverns and such beneath my surface, but it is not hollow per se.   Only parts of me are, some of which your scientists will discover in the future.


San Francisco Bay AreaGaia, why are so many earthquakes not directly on the major fault line running nearby?

This is an easy question to answer today, Tom.  It is simply, as you guessed, fault lines running off of the main fault line - in many cases a fault line that has not been known to scientists.  So there are thousands of minor fault lines running off of a main fault line. 

So I assume in the future our ability to map or discover these side fault lines will improve?

Quite so, Tom.  Your geologists will develop instruments, which they do not have at present I might add, that will detect these fault lines much more easily and accurately.


Michael writes:  Just read latest newsletter, really enjoy the part on Atlantis with many questions answered.  When the reveal comes in 2015, what effect will the new found knowledge of our creation and past have on the religions of the world?  Is there a religion/belief now practiced that will emerge as dominant, or will organized religion fade? Given the treatment of women, I find it hard to believe that the Muslim faith would dominate, in spite of the growing numbers. I would like to believe that a common thread would join and align all with a similar basis of consideration for each other in a spirit peace, love and mutual co-existance. Thank you, Tom, for your continued enlightenment and assistance.

Religious SymbolsTheo, assuming that the Pleiadians make public contact in 2015, will a new religion emerge, or just changes in the existing ones, especially those fundamentalist Christian, Muslim and Hindu sects?

Yes, Tom.  There will be enormous changes in all religions when the Pleiadians do make contact in 2015, as has been told to you before.  Naturally there will be those who refuse to believe the Pleiadians.  They will accuse the governments of creating some sort of sham.  After all, as you can imagine, you have been brought up and told the earth was created only 6,000 or so years ago and suddenly find out men and women have been on earth millions of years and it will be as if their systems will shut down, as it will be so hard to accept the new revelations.  It will be the younger people who will be able to accept this more than the older generations, who are much more rigid in their beliefs. 

Certainly some new religions will spring up, devoted to this news knowledge, but none will become a major religion.  These revelations certainly have been discussed by your ET’s families for several generations, and it was agreed that humans had to reach a certain level of vibration before you would be considered ready to accept that you have a much more ancient past.  That is one of the major reasons it is not going to happen until your bridge over to the fifth focus, Tom. 


Nancy writes:  I thoroughly enjoy your newsletter and am following with great interest the discussion of where the boundaries of Atlantis were. A couple questions:  Are any parts of Atlantis still above sea level? I am thinking particularly of islands off the coast of Maine, many of which seem to have a special quality. The novelist John Steinbeck wrote, in his Nobel Prize-winning non-fiction work Travels with Charley, “You don’t have to be sensitive to feel the strangeness of Deer Isle.”  That is an island near Acadia National Park in Maine.  The Bahamas and Bimini also come to mind.

Deer IslandTheo, were any of the islands off the Maine Coast remnants of Atlantis?

Quite so, Tom.  Just as the Bahamas islands were fragments of Atlantis, so are those islands.  There are ruins deep beneath the surface that will be someday found.

As was previously reported in the August 4 newsletter, the Bahamas were also part of the Atlantian continent.  

Theo, how many people were able to escape the final sinking of the Atlantian islands, and did those islands sink all at once or over some period of time?

Keep in mind, Tom, that the warring factions had these giant crystals and were able to use them as giant weapons of destruction.   They did use them on each other, so that the islands all sunk within a fairly short time of each other.  Their underground structures were weakened by not only the wars, but also by the severe earthquakes that resulted. 

So to answer your question, those that stayed all perished.  Certainly there were a few thousand that were able to leave, but very few compared to the original size of the population. 

You said I had one more life on Atlantis at the end.  Was I a child, or had I reached adulthood yet?

No, you were a child, and this was simply one of your balancing lives after your life on Lemuria. 

Theo was referring to the life where I helped sink Lemuria and it took me 82 lives to balance. 


National Parks Missing PersonsZena writes:  I came across this information about people (including children) who have vanished in rural locations including our parks. This individual has written 2 books on this subject one west and the other east.
Can you please ask Gaia or Theo about this? What is happening to and with these people? Where are do they go? Is this another abduction scenario taking place? Why are some returned? Why do some never return?

Theo, is there any type of organized activity associated with people missing in National Parks?

Certainly there is some there and it is good this is being investigated.  It will take combined local and Federal investigators to put all the pieces together, but they will. 


This MBO story and the following one were in last week’s Blog, which you can find by going to my website and click on BLOG on the Menu.  Many of these stories also wind up in my monthly column in The Sedona Journal of Emergence. 

Now HiringMarie writes:  After a month without work, I happened to walk by a place where they were hiring--interviews on Friday only. I had nothing to lose. The day before I updated my resume. On Friday I was ready, and I felt hopeful that I would get that job. I said," Guardian angel, I request a most benevolent outcome that I get the perfect job, better than I expected and hope for, Thank you.!”

I went in for the interview, and got the chance to come to the second interview. After the second interview, I got the job!! Thank you guardian angels!!

Marie had already requested a MBO for a job, and so she was “led” to a place that was hiring, and that voice “whispered in her ear” to apply.  The MBO kept her calm and not nervous during the interview. 


Joette writes:  Had a huge fight with my daughter.  I had to do some serious disciplining and we were both terribly upset, so Mother Daughter ArgumentI asked for the MBO of the situation and two days later, we had a major breakthrough and are much more closer and happier than we were before the incident with a whole new outlook with respect to our trust in one another! Thanks Tom!


Zena writes:  I'm sending the link to this video. I feel intense love and emotion for our Wonderful World when viewing. Can you confirm that viewing videos that evoke such intense emotion can work for the good as well as the bad?
So there are several questions that come to mind immediately. When I view the below video, does Gaia benefit directly from the intense love I feel?
Beautiful EarthThe other questions would be about violent videos. Does viewing violent videos or playing violent video games hurt Gaia in any way?  How do we as a species help to mitigate these intensely negative emotions?  Thank you for your ongoing process.

Theo, does watching beautiful videos of earth raise our vibrational levels, and what about the reverse—watching violent videos?

Watching beautiful videos of earth does give the person an appreciation for the variety Gaia has not only in her geography, but also in the multitude of different creatures or beings who reside here.  This in turn makes the person look on these scenes more benevolently and can lead to experiences and deeds which raise one’s vibrational level.

Violent videos can have a detrimental effect on a person, making them less caring or having no emotion when violent actions happen, or they commit the violent acts too.  But there is also the effect of releasing their violent thoughts by experiencing violent actions, as if in a dream state.  So watching violent films can be both detrimental and at times beneficial, depending upon what is being shown. 


SignTheo, where does pornography fit into the scheme of lives on earth?

Certainly sex in all forms has to be experienced in your lives on earth.  For some, it is like a sex education class, which many people are denied due to religious beliefs having influence over the school systems.  That will change for the better in the future.  It is also used to stimulate and as fantasies for those in normal relationships. 

Then there is the ugly side, where people are sexually abused, including children.  Certainly there is much Karma or balancing at work here, as those that are being abused were the abusers before.  In years to come this will be eradicated as your vibrational levels continue to rise.  For those involved in the business of pornography, they will have to balance these lives in the future, and, I might add, not just one or two but several. 

So, in conclusion, better ways will be found to add spice to relationships, and pornography will take a back seat shall we say, although it will still be around for several hundred years. 


King of FranceJean-Marie writes:  I heard it said several times several years ago the kings of France descended from the family of Jesus.  Is this true?  Are the Stafford family, the Raymond family, like the Rothchilds, descendants of Jesus and Mary Madeleine?
In Israel, there a Rabbi Eliyahu Rips and other mathematicians, and also Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson who use computers to find  all kinds of things in the Torah by skips between letters, words. Their bible code seems to work. It seems they lack a main key to really find the true hidden story in the Torah.  What is Gaiya’s opinion on this subject. 

You do interesting work.

Gaia, did any of the Kings of France descend from the family of Jesus?

Yes, a couple, Tom.  But, like any monarchy of the past, they had their overthrows of power due to greed and the demand for power. 

Gaia, is there a code written into the Torah, as there seems to be for the Bible?

Yes, the mystical part of these religions did create these code systems to contain their predictions for the future, Tom.  It would not have been in their best interests to bring out this knowledge during those early times.  They were able to project themselves into the future. 


Theo, why did Dianne Robbins (author of TELOS) receive the information that Atlantis destroyed Lemuria, compared to whatTelos you told me?

Yes.  It was given to her that way, Tom, so that she would not have to delve into the reasons for Lemuria’s destruction.  That was not her purpose you see.  It was to give information to the public about Telos.  Had she been given the actual information about them destroying themselves, she would have naturally wanted to explore that in more detail, and that was not what her soul contract called for her to do. 


Joan of ArcTengo writes on Facebook:  I have a query for the newsletter: I have recently read about how Joan of Arc met and became a lover of Gilles de Rais, a notorious self confessed Black Magician and abuser of children. Is this true?

Theo, is there any truth to the story that Joan of Arc became the lover of the notorious Giles de Rais?

No truth whatsoever, Tom, in that fairy tale shall we call it.  She did have one or more lovers, but not that particular one.  She did have her choice of men, as her status with those that followed her would be compared to a queen. 


David writes:  Sallie (my wife) and I have just finished watching ' The Tourist.'  Angelina Jolie(Angelina & Johnny Depp). I know you are a 'movie person' and so, this could be fun.  If Marilyn Monroe was Cleopatra (in another life), then could  you ask Theo who then was Angelina Jolie?  Thanks in advance for your help!

Theo, was Angelina Jolie a famous person in a past life?  I know we already covered the reasons for her adopting the children before, but I don’t recall asking this.

Yes, she has been famous in a few lives, Tom, but they would be almost unknown to people in these modern times.  You would have to be an expert historian to recognize them. 


Jeff writes:  Jeshua has told us about reactivating the body after death and that more and more people are going to be doing this. Mother Mary, in a channeled message to a semi large group at a Summer Advance told the crowd or group, that 9 of them and maybe more would be reactivating the body here soon when they lay the body down or pass on.

And we are not talking about being dead and gone for just a few seconds and then coming back to life. We are seemingly being told that in some cases and maybe all of them, it will be more shockingly like what Jeshua did, with the body being dead maybe for hours and even days, and then being reactivated.

Near Death ExperienceAnd so I want to ask you, to please ask your Sources, about this process.

If we are consciously choosing such a thing Now as we contemplate such things, is this going to be what we experience? Or is it like I have been told, and it is a SOUL decision and choice after death? I have struggled with this notion for a long time and would love to get clear on just how this works.

If we choose to have a very long life, even much longer than what is normal at this time, is this a Soul choice and not Mine, the person that I know or think myself to be here and now?

I have been told, that for healings, it is up to the Soul, whether or not there is actually a Healing. This is why some went away without a healing when they lined up before Jeshua back in the day. The Soul seemingly was not ready for a healing and so there was none.

So then, the first question in all this, is how much control do we consciously have here as the thinking personality as we are here and now and does everything come down to what the Soul approves of?

And the second part of my question is, what actually happens after death with respects to choices and the things we might wish to experience as we think about them here and now? Is there something that happens after death, that might wipe away the choices we may have made while living? How much of what we wish or choose to experience After death is actually carried on with us when we pass over? If there is an experience and maybe a person we wish to spend time with on the other side, will we actually remember this and carry it out when we move to the higher realms or dimensions?

I hope you can understand what I am wanting to learn here and I feel it is very, very important for all of us to learn such things. In the Covnersations With God books we are told of many of the possibilities and options after death, but how much control do we actually have after death with respects to what we wish to do or experience when we leave the body behind?

Thank You Tom for allowing me to ask such things!

Near Death CartoonTheo, why would people wish to reactivate their bodies after death, and are they or will they do this in the future?

Absolutely not, Tom.  When your soul contract is over, it’s over period.  These are people who just hope there is a way to prolong their lives.  Certainly there will continue to be people who have NDE’s, but to awaken after six or seven days will not happen. 

How much control do we have for healing?

You have much control, Tom.  Certainly your soul contracts do come into play Healing Handshere, but you are learning to be Junior Creators in training and you will discover you have much more control over your bodies than most imagine at this time.  These are learning experiences, per your soul’s desire to experience. 

For your other questions on life after death, you should read what I’ve received on this subject in my Guardian Angel 101 series listed at the bottom of the newsletter.  We do review our lives, and since there is no time there, it can seem instantaneous to us in the third focus.  Remember that we regain all of our knowledge about how everything works, and can review other lives if needed. 


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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011, JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 4, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, AUGUST 18, 2012

THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012,


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