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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter!  PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS NEWSLETTER. And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.  If you are new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s), you may also wish to SIGN UP FOR MY WEEKLY BLOG, which has nothing but GREAT MBO stories from all over the world.  I typically post this one day after the newsletter goes out.   And have you requested that I be your FRIEND ON FACEBOOK yet?  Please do so.  I do give extra information there.

A quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation.  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested:


Outer Banks Hurricane Damage(August 8)  Gaia, when will the first hurricane to strike North America arrive?

Certainly within the next two weeks Tom.

I just read a report about more sunspot activity Gaia.  Will that assist you in creating the hurricanes, or do they not play a part?

Yes, they do assist me Tom, as they add to the energy required –sort of like stirring the soup to use an analogy—or adding spice to the soup. 

Nice analogy even I can understand.  Thank you Gaia.


Jacqui writes:  I know a lot of people have been writing you to check to see if their city will be safe during the predicted California earthquakes, I looked back through your archives and did not see you report on the Yuma/San Luis, AZ area.  My brother and sister in law are making a trip there to visit her family at Christmas time, so I wanted to ask if that area will see major damage?  Thanks for all your good work!

Mexicali Earthquake DamageGaia, will the Yuma/San Luis, Arizona area be safe to travel to at Christmas?

No Tom.  This area will not be safe.  It is too near the earthquake zone we shall call them.  Too near the epicenter of one of the stronger earthquakes, which will take place in that region.  They should not travel there or there will be great difficulties and dangers, which they will encounter.

In that same area or region, what about Mexicali, Mexico on the border?

Again, even closer to the epicenter Tom, so that whole city will be in ruins after the major earthquake and the subsequent aftershocks.


Kelowna, BCRandy writes:  Dear Tom is the Lake Okanogan area ( Kelowna) a safe area to move to from the Vancouver area to avoid the Quakes. Please ask.

Gaia, is Kelowna, British Columbia far enough away from the coastline to be a safe place to reside?

No, Tom.  Again I have recommended to all who live in that region to move to the other side of the mountains.  This town is just not far enough away from the coast to be safe.  There will be severe shaking here, which will make it dangerous for any human or animals in the area.  They should move farther to the east.


Gaia, will the upper North American coast begin to experience earthquakes before June 2011?

No Tom.  It will be after that--more on the order of July next year.  We can get into specific dates as we get closer to that time period.  You will be given sufficient notice of exactly when I plan to begin those movements.  There will also be a spike in low-level swarm earthquakes as they are called. 

But I do wish you to concentrate on the lower or more southern coastline of California Tom, as this will be the area with millions of people, and those who are supposed to move—many of them have not learned about this yet, but will through your efforts, and yes those of a few more people shall we say. 


Santa Rosa, CALorene writes:  I have a question for Theo.  I live at the 1,000 ft. level in the hills west of Healdsburg, CA about 14 miles north of Santa Rosa.  Will this area be seriously affected by the upcoming quakes?  Thank you.

Gaia, I know you said the earth will shake up to 50 miles north of San Francisco.  Can you tell me if Santa Rosa and Hildesburg are far enough to the north so that they will not experience anything but small movements?

No Tom.  They are not far enough to the North.  And even if they were, they would be included in the movements next July.  But in the near future, they will experience major quake activity just like San Francisco to the south.  Yes, it will not be quite as severe, but more on the line of 6.5 or more intensity—certainly enough to damage most of the structures there. 


Sonja writes:  Could you ask Gaia about the safety of Camarillo, CA during the future earth
Camarillo, CAmovements?

Will Camirillo, California be safe to the east of Ventura (LA area)?

Absolutely not Tom.  This area will experience some of the most severe shaking on the west coast.  The people concerned about living in this area should make plans to move or be out of the area during the period from Christmas day onwards. 


Murietta, CAGaia, Pam asks how will Murietta, California (north of San Diego) fare in the coming quakes?

Not very well, Tom.  Again this whole region will not fare well, as they will have a number of strong magnitude earthquakes, which will level most of the structures in this region.  They are too close to the San Andreas fault to not experience severe shaking. 


She asked me to change her name so Julia writes:  With the upcoming earth changes, will Shasta,
Hoover Dam Hoover, Folsom, O'Shaughnessy (Hetch-Hetchy reservoir) and Grand Coulee Dams be able to withstand the movements?

Gaia, will the Shasta, Hoover, Folsom, Hetch-Hetchy, and Grand Coulee dams remain intact during and after the earthquakes?

Yes, for the time being Tom, the only dams affected will be those in close proximity to the epicenters of the earthquake activity.  None of these, with the exception of the Shasta and Folsom dams will be affected at all.  They’re buffered by mountains.    And even these two will not break. 


Gaia, originally in 2008, Baja California was going to sink into the ocean.  What will happen to all those people whose soul contracts were for that to be their experience?

Baja CaliforniaYes, a very good question to begin the day Tom.  These people—these souls, did have an opt-out clause shall we say for your purposes.  It was understood long, long ago that there was another probability--which I could not really discuss with you at that time as your work was needed--and it is still needed even more, as things have progressed.  There will still be a time for them to have this experience, as Baja California will experience these quakes too—albeit on a smaller scale. 

So you don’t plan on dropping this peninsula into the ocean?

No, not at this time, Tom.  I would have to move the whole North American plate as I described for you back then 12 or 14 feet, and that will not happen with this first round of movements.

What about when you open up the Mississippi River?

Yes, it may happen then, but that is an event which we will discuss in detail in future times.  Again I want you to concentrate on the west coast and yes this is part of that, but not in my plans at this time. 


InternetShauniel writes:  Could you please ask if the massive earthquakes in California going to disrupt communications... especially the Internet???  We take it for granted... but so much computer technology is based in CA.  If so, can people in the know do anything to prepare for this???  Thanks!

Gaia, will the quakes in California disrupt the internet?

Yes, Tom.  Definitely so.  I know you thought there would be backups elsewhere, but a number of the major companies have facilities in California, so yes there will be some disruption.  Those companies farther to the north, after the quakes in California commence, will begin shifting their operations off the west coast, but those in California will not move beforehand, and therefore any that connect nationally will affect the national internet grid. 

Will the whole internet go down?

Yes, for a brief period until the backups are put into service Tom.  But again those internet companies with most of their facilities in California will go down and stay down. 

I think the best thing any individual in California can do is to make sure your computer is backed up before you leave December 25, and then take it with you if possible, or at least load everything on your laptop.

Fear ModeI received more emails this week that I'm not allowed to quote.  Keep in mind everyone that I just report what I receive in meditation from Gaia about these upcoming events.  I think she would censor herself if needed, but I thought I should ask if there’s a more gentle way to convey these messages.  I’m not trying to terrify anyone.  I’m just trying to get the word out to as many people as possible, who then will decide to stay, or to not be there when these earthquakes take place.  But I thought I better ask Gaia and get an answer “straight from the horse’s mouth” to use an old saying. 

Gaia, am I terrifying people on the west coast?  Is that true, and if so, should I not have the photos as illustrations?

Certainly you can choose not to do so Tom, but as I said before, some fear is good, as that causes a person to act.  You should remind people to request a MBO for the perfect place for them to live or at least travel to during that crucial week of December. 

You have a job to do my friend, which you signed up for long ago.  You should emphasize for those people who become fearful, that it is good to have some fear if it will cause them to take action for themselves and their families’ safety.  Those that ignore you will have a very difficult time I can assure them.

She means a LONG TIME AGO.  And I like what she said last week, in case you missed it:

… It will be much better to say you wished you had done more in preparation than to be in the middle of it.


Mena, ArkCaryl writes:  I am subscribed to your newsletters and enjoy them immensely. Richard and I are 76 and 80 years old and have 17 acres in western Arkansas near the Oklahoma border. We are 10 miles east of Mean, Arkansas near a village called Boardcamp. We have an all year creek, are stocked up and have battened down the hatches with our own water supply, and a propane generator for electricity if needed. We also have a motor home we can jump into and live in if it’s necessary to move out.

I would like Gaia’s comment as to whether Mean will be safe for us when the New Madrid and adjacent faults move, changing the Mississippi river to originate from Lake Superior? Or how much damage should we be prepared to have to repair? I have cleansed my home and acres of negative vibrations and keep it in Light. My Angels consistently overlight our homestead, especially when we leave our 4 cats at home and go to the lake camping. Thank you.

Gaia, the area around Mean, Arkansas will be relatively safe will it not?

Yes, quite so, Tom.  This area is far enough to the west to be protected by the mountains in between it and the fault lines which run along the Mississippi River.  They are buffered you see.


She didn’t ask me to, but I’m changing her name to Martha writes:  I don't know whether you can help me out with this question or not.  I live in Sherman, Texas and have a strong personal need to move away quickly due to a domestic dispute that is escalating.  I have been reading a lot about earth changes and have looked at several of the maps showing USA after the changes occur.  Do you know if it would be safe to move to the LaMonte/Sedalia, Missouri area?  Several of the earth changes maps show the Great Lakes opening up and cutting through the US exiting into the Gulf of Mexico somewhere in Louisiana.  Thank you and God Bless.

Gaia, will Lamonte/Sedalia Missouri be safe to move to?

Yes, they are not in the path of any earth movements Tom.

What abut Kansas City?  Before in 2008 they were going to have a hard time due to fault lines close by. 

Yes, and they will have problems when I move the New Madrid fault line Tom, but again that’s a discussion for another day. 


Sandy writes:  Hi Tom, here's another MBO.  Today I was riding with my son in the 96 degree heat in our '93 Suburban, and he lowered the window on his side but it wouldn't go back up, it seemed that the mechanism wouldn't even respond when using the window switch.  We stopped at the store where my son had to go in and purchase chicken feed and I stayed in the truck with the motor running and air conditioning on and decided to try to get the window to go up by pushing on both sides of it, but nothing worked.  I then said an MBO that the window would work. 

My son returned and was driving and tried the window, and the mechanism worked again and the window went up without a problem!  How's that for an answer!   I then was able to tell him about my saying the MBO, haha. 
Flat TireAlso last week my husband and I were on a trip visiting our family in Northern California and had to take two cars and travel from Fall River Mills, thru Boise, Idaho, and attend my granddaughter's graduation ceremony at Pocotello, then travel to Salt Lake City where we would fly back home.  I requested MBO's constantly and we had a great trip. 

Right after dropping us off at the airport in Salt Lake City my daughter called & said that her daughter had a flat tire.  The tow truck came (they had AAA) and found that the spare was also flat so they were towed to the nearest Walmart and got 4 new tires.  I had requested an MBO for their trip home, of course, and feel really thankful, because the flat tire occurred before they left the city instead of on the 10 hour drive across the desert from Salt Lake City to Reno.  Can you imagine a flat along that road in the 100 degree heat?  What a benevolent outcome.  I have so much to be thankful for! 
Thanks so much for the sharing of your life with us.


Meat Processing PlantAnne writes:  Could Gaia or Theo give some insight for the following information/question?  What is the meat industry doing to change the food we eat?

Over the years, changes have been taking place very subtlety.  If I was to purchase slices of turkey from the deli,  I notice the texture was more gelatinous and the taste was not turkey; more salty and tasteless. 

Recently, I was given a couple of pounds of turkey breast that was purported to have been cooked in a special way.  The friend was raving about how good it tasted. Upon sampling the "turkey", it had the same texture as described above.  It seems the meat industry is genetically and/or chemically modifying what we eat,  possibly
to extend shelf life.

Now the question comes down to, how is this alteration affecting our bodies? 
Much appreciation for all you do!!

Theo is the meat industry using chemicals to keep the meat we eat fresh?

Yes, they do use some chemicals Tom which are not good for you, which is why I have said in the past to cut down on your red meat consumption and even chicken and turkey as you can.  I realize this is very hard for some people, but you are moving towards a meatless society in the future, as there will be very tasty substitutions available.  It will certainly take time to wean yourself away from meat, but there will be revelations shall we call them, which will assist in breaking the habit of eating meat in general, but certainly red meat first.


KeysAJ writes:  Thank you so much for your great newsletters. You always make them so interesting to read and yours truly looks forward to reading them each time. 

I've grown to understand that there is a certain peace to letting go and asking for the most benevolent outcome. Can I share one of those occasions with you?

After procrastinating a car repair I finally dropped it off early one morning, the day before an extended holiday. Hoping to save time I took at taxi back home. As soon as the taxi drove away I realized I'd dropped my house keys on the seat. Immediately I asked for the MBO to finding my keys. I have to admit I was in a bit of a panic though. After walking around my apartment building I found a contractor working on-site who was able to let me into my flat with his master key. This was my MBO.

I telephoned the taxi company several times and was unable to locate the cab that brought me home (after being informed there are over 2,000 taxi drivers in my city). I never asked for a receipt and did not know the taxi number. So I kept asking out loud for the most benevolent outcome to finding my keys. I asked the contractor if he could find me an extra key for my door since I had so many errands to run that day. After 20 minutes he came with a box of keys and located the only spare key for my door. This was my MBO. 

I went back to the location where I took the taxi, walked up and down the long row of taxi drivers parked on the busy street, but could not find my taxi driver. I kept asking aloud for the MBO and wondered if I looked silly talking to myself while walking. I came back home, finished packing and organizing for my holiday, completely forgetting about my lost keys. At 5 p.m. one of the shop owners in my building knocked on my door with my keys, saying a taxi driver was looking for me. This was my MBO.

I can't tell you how many times I have received amazing MBO's and have such gratitude for all of the most benevolent energies about me now, supporting me in the most benevolent ways. Thank you Tom for teaching me this!  I also found the article about noise sensitivity very interesting. I could relate to the writer completely. Now I know why!


Whistle Blower CartoonI’ve had a couple of emails recently asking about the whistleblower who’s supposed to come forward with information never made public about 911, so I decided to ask for an update.

Theo, anything happening regarding the 911 whistleblower?

Not at this time Tom.  This person is underground – off the radar for the moment, but we are hopeful he or she will return shall we say and do what their soul contract calls for. 

Why is there such a problem with these people Theo?  This is twice now that a person who had planned to expose secrets has withdrawn or delayed?

Yes, it is a problem, but again, this will be much less a problem.  This person may in fact come forward very soon, but this is a choice they must make. 


Lori writes:  First let me thank you for all your work and inspiration.  I love The Gentle Way and the Gift of MBO's.  Thank you for helping us all connect with our Angels!

The question I have is for Theo.  I have been reading "The Law of One" as channeled by a group of entities called Ra.  Does Theo have any knowledge of this group of entities, and if so, is the information they are giving helpful and/or true?

It's a very interesting read and I found out about it through listening to David Wilcock. (I believe one of your subscribers asked Theo about him in a previous newsletter.)  The three people who wrote the book are Don Elkins, Carla L. Rueckert (who is the actual channel) and Jim McCarty.

Theo, what do you know about the “Law of One” channeled by the entities named RA?

Yes, some of their channeling is fine Tom, but as the name implies, they do have an agenda, so I will let your readers make the decision themselves to ascertain the quality of the channelings.  They must learn to distinguish whether a particular channel resonates with their being or not. 

That’s part of what you came here to earth school to learn, and it would not be in their best interests for me to say that this particular channel is good or bad.   Many of these channels attract a person who needs or wants this particular style of channeling at that particular moment in time.  They may stay with that channel or move on, according to their own internal growth patterns.

And naturally that goes for the messages I receive from Theo and Gaia and the others.  It must resonate with you, or you need to continue your search.


She asked me to change her name so Amy writes:  I have a question concerning Theta healing as a modality. Would either Gaia or Theo care to comment?

Is Theta healing a useful modality?

Yes, it is Tom.  Perhaps not on the level of some others, but certainly for those who practice this healing technique it does have its benefits.


Bermuda TriangleMike writes:  Hi Tom.  I was wondering if you could ask Theo if scientists have finally solved the mystery of the Bermuda triangle, or if there's more to it than this for us to discover in the future?


Gaia, is methane gas the culprit for the loss of ships and airplanes in the Bermuda Triangle?

Certainly there have been releases of methane gas in the past Tom, but not enough to accomplish the sinking of a ship, and especially the downing of an airplane flying several thousand feet above the ocean.  A nice theory, but that was not the case of those vehicles encountering this gas.


NESARASonja writes:  Could you ask Theo or Gaia about NESARA/GESARA?  I have been reading about it on another web site.  Is this something that will happen and when?

Theo, what can you tell me about NESARA/GESARA?

Yes, Tom.  We have covered this before, and this will not come to pass on this time line.  This falls into the category of conspiracy theories and there is only a kernel of truth which has been blown to the size of a popcorn.  It will not happen in the future.

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