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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Volcanic PlumeSix plumes seemed to erupt in California and Nevada on July 29, so I thought I should ask Gaia about this.

Gaia, are you starting to have volcanic activity in California, or are the plumes there normal, or manmade?

Yes Tom, I understand their question about these plumes they see.  Yes I have started some volcanic activity out in the desert there which does release a little pressure, but there is a buildup of pressure in that area as I prepare to have my earth movements—and yes the probability of that happening is still fairly low, but that should increase in the next few weeks and months. 

Keep in mind Tom that there are a large number of probabilities for events to occur several weeks and months later, as you as souls are rewriting you future almost daily at this time.  You have taken on many challenges that have been around for several thousand years and no one has been able to solve these, but you are trying now.  That is why your times seem so turbulent, as your souls have said, “Well we conquered negativity, so there isn’t anything we can’t solve now.”  You are seeing this in every country.  I might add here that you are making headway.

So back to your basic question Tom, yes these plumes are volcanic in nature and not man made.  And yes, I am moving the magma around in that area and to that area, so you will see an increase in earth movements caused by this magma shift and influx. 


DNAMichael on Facebook writes:  Exploring genealogy I see that DNA testing is becoming a very prominent tool. Our ancestors fan out like a tree and I am wondering if we receive equal DNA from each branch or is there a basic rule that a male is favored by the DNA of his paternal (surname line) and a female is favored by the DNA of her maternal line, her mother, mothers mother, and so on. The testing by the way, favors this approach at the moment with YDNA and MTDNA testing. I know I have heard of cultures, perhaps long ago that stressed the importance of a young man learning his paternal line. We might call it the surname line. Maybe the weight of us comes from particular family lines?

Theo, do we receive our DNA equally from each side of the family tree, or do males receive their DNA primarily from the male DNA of their male ancestors and the females from their female ancestors?

An interesting question Tom from your reader.  Yes, there is a dominance from the male side to the male child, and a dominance of the DNA from the female side to the female child. 

That said, there is still a great mixing of the DNA from both sides to give the child a mixture of abilities and limitations.  DNA research will find this to be true as they analyze the data and compare it to several generations from each side of the family tree.  A nice question Tom. 


CartoonTheo, people keep asking how this money crisis will play out in the short term—the next 6 to 9 months?

Yes, an interesting dilemma Tom.  This is one of those problems your souls have taken on to see if you can solve.  In the near future the two parties will continue to point fingers and try and lay the blame of your financial problems on the other party. 

But eventually there will come a time when each side is forced to compromise.  That is the only way out of this mess you have created for yourselves.  But this will not occur until each side believes it is the victor, so this will continue for some time in your near future. 

Ronald sent me this quote during the week:


"The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt.

"People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance."

Cicero - 55 BC

IN OTHER WORDS.....Evidently, nothing...

But at least we’re trying, according to Theo!


I think the following answer Theo gives will add to our “learning curve” about what happens when we begin to request MBO’s in our lives.

ManifestingChrista writes:  As always - thank you for your wonderful work and for Theo and the angels who inspire you! The MBOs and BPs continue to be wonderfully easy ways to bring such blessings in my life and the lives of others. 

I have a question about manifestation, if you could please ask Theo, or if you know the answer yourself? I get fantastic results with the little, ordinary things that I ask for every day, yet the big, extraordinary things are definitely on my list of MBOs and BPs as well. However, with the latter it seems as if I had to go (and am still going) through a kind of 'purging period' first, as if I have to be 'cleared', so to speak. Or is it my imagination? I have asked for really huge transformations in my personal experience, even in myself, and what followed was calamity! This escalated also after I have started to faithfully say the Karma-erasing prayer each morning.

Fortunately of late things seem to settle, with a lot of wisdom gained but not without pain...some of it I even caused. Not deliberately, but not being truthful would have resulted in more pain. Still - ouch! These experiences have caused me to wonder if I shouldn't be more careful what I ask for. I don't want to continue to experience pain
and cause it for others in any way.

I am also puzzled by another thing. Every morning I do Transendental Meditation, and most of the time it is a wonderfully peaceful way to start the day. However, sometimes I would wake up feeling great, but after the meditation I'm really out of sorts! Especially anger and frustration seem to surface on those days. Why is this? Do I need to ask for spiritual protection before I meditate, or is this also part of the 'purging' process?

Again, thank you so much, Tom, also that each person's questions seem
to matter to you.

ChallengesTheo, why does it seem that for some people there is a period of purging and challenges when they begin to request MBO’s and ask BP’s? 

Yes Tom.  There can be little rough stretch, as when you begin requesting MBO’s you lock back on your soul contract if you have drifted off.  In order to lock back on it you see you must go through some challenges you were meant to already have gone through before, but missed them when you began a path not in your highest interest.  Once you get through this period of time you’ll find things will go much more smoothly for those who have begun co-creating with spirit.

Why does doing Transcendental Meditation cause anger and frustration at times after doing this?

Yes, again when one is converting over to requesting MBO’s it sometimes results in inner turmoil, but again this will pass.  This is a good way for these negative energies to be released.


InspirationalJohn writes:  Tom you mentioned in a previous question to Theo that Creator inspires us at times, and Theo said this information is unlimited, as Creator looks in on his creation from time to time.  I would like to ask if actually getting in telepathic contact with Creator (in a similar way you dialogue with Theo), would change the amount of let's say conversation time you could have with Creator and also personal interaction?  

The reason I ask is that I've noticed that when I bring through Creator/God, while I'm doing my automatic writing, I also have a very subtle and sometimes not too subtle follow-up from Creator, where He/She actually comes through in very obvious ways spontaneously during the day, when I least expect it.  It's like when you take one step toward Creator, He takes one step closer to you in this new dialogue you have going with Him.   He "speaks" to me privately during the day, just by Him commenting on my current stream of thought and to me this short one sentence comments can be amazing realizations to me.  

There's a lot to be gained here; that's why I would like Theo's comments on this and perhaps a explanation.

Theo, I’ve been told that when some people communicate with Creator, it seems their ability to receive inspiration, shall we call it, increases for the next couple of weeks.

Tom, this does not just happen when you or any one contacts Creator, but also when you contact any Benevolent being.  And again, this is another positive reaction to requesting MBO’s. It raises your vibrational level so that you can be more easily inspired.  So each person’s reactions to these inspirations are different, but generally we can say that this observation is correct.


Arch AngelMarcia writes:  What can Theo shed about the origins of Angels and Archangels and their contact with mankind? 

Theo, can you give me more information on the origins of what we call angels and Arch Angels?

Yes, the vast majority of these beings Tom—what you call angels—all came from other universes and creators.  Few were created here by this Creator.  They were attracted to this universe by what this Creator is trying to do.  We have discussed this point numerous times, so we will not delve too deeply this time.  Suffice to say these are beings, which were birthed by other creators and have been sent out to go where they feel they are needed or so that they can raise their vibrational level higher.  Some are larger pieces of a creator than others.  That’s where the Arch Angels as they are called come into play. 


Jackie on Facebook writes:  I'm curious about the process of something becoming ensouled?

Theo, can you explain to my readers how beings are ensouled? 

In the case of Earth, Tom, beings are ensouled sometimes shortly before birth and others almost at inception.  The souls simply align themselves with the physical bodies—whether they are human or “animal” as you call them. 


If you wish to discuss Benevolent Outcomes and Benevolent Prayers, the Steve Pavlina forums has a “thread” dedicated to just that.  Here is a link to the latest postings and you can backtrack to page one of 18 should you wish.

AbundanceJohn writes:  I was reviewing some money affirmations and got an idea of an MBO.   Here are the two affirmations:

"I love money, it's good and helps me have a better life."

"Money comes to me easily, I love to have money just flow to me in an effortless fashion." 

Here's my idea for the MBO:

"I request the most benevolent outcome to have this affirmation, "I love money, it's good and helps me have a better life", deeply ingrained in my subconscious mind so that it becomes part of my new programming and in turn brings me more money, thank you!"

"I request the most benevolent outcome to have this affirmation, "Money comes to me easily, I love to have money just flow to me in an effortless fashion" deeply ingrained in my subconscious mind so that it becomes part of my new programming and in turn brings me more money, thank you!"

MoneyJohn updates:  I also have another idea for a money increasing MBO:

“I request the most benevolent outcome to have ALL of my limiting beliefs around money to be released and healed, and in turn have them replaced with only positive money beliefs, such as "money comes to me easily, I am a powerful money magnet, I can manifest any sum of money I wish just by focusing on it!", and may this outcome be even better than I could hope for or expect, thank you!"

I'm sure anyone reading this can figure out how to create more money MBO's to say to begin to work on the parts of ourselves that are holding us back.   I think releasing and healing limiting beliefs is so important, and asking our GA's to work on this will get it done much quicker. 

Nice thinking John!


Lee in Florida writes:  Hi, Tom! I have a MBO for your blog this week. Last week I had a
Emergencyfamily emergency in another state. I asked for an MBO for the trip to be as smooth as possible with very little traffic and good weather. We drove through Atlanta at 8:45 a.m. with little traffic. Because there was 3 of us in the car we could use the HOV lanes. And we were one of only a few in the lane while the other lanes were creeping along. When we made it to our destination we went immediately to the Trauma Center. My sister was in very grave condition and things did not look good. I asked for any and all beings to surround her and keep her in their arms. We left to find a hotel and get some rest.

The next morning when we went to the Trauma Center she was sitting up in bed! All the nurses said that they were so grateful that I had arrived as they thought she wasn't going to last the night.  She is still in the hospital, with a long rehab ahead of her, but definitely on the mend.  I asked for an MBO for the ride home and although it rained for the last 425 miles of the trip, traffic flowed smoothly and there were no problems around us even though we kept hearing on the radio about accidents, backups, and flooding in areas all around us. Thank you, Tom, for MBO's!


JFKPeter in Canada on Facebook writes:  Tom could you ask your friend from another planet if this video is true or not please?

I asked Theo:  Is there a speech President John F. Kennedy was going to give to the nation about ET’s when he was assassinated, or was this speech conjured up sometime after his death?

Yes, Tom.  This speech was invented by a gentleman who wished President Kennedy would have spoken out about ET’s but had not.  Certainly it sounds much more melodramatic that this speech was supposedly found in his breast pocket.  Please note that the more details, which are given in one of these conjured up stories, the more believable it sounds.  But again, this was a fabricated story to be sure.


Randy writes:  I learned about Ramana Maharshi, a master that attained 
Ramana Maharshiself-actualization at the age of 16 ( ) , through reading from Lester Levenson.

Lester found that he went through the same experience that Ramana Maharshi had when researching Indian spiritual or metaphysical teachers, after experienced self-actualization himself, and trying to discover what happened to him.  After Ramana Maharshi experienced self actualization he went to live in Aranachula, India for the rest of his life.  He said Aranachala was his master or guru and he wanted to be with him.
I wanted to see way Arunachala looked like so I went to google maps and found these two websites below:

ArunachulaAfter mid-night they update the pictures every 1-2 minutes for a while and I was watching the pictures change and studying Arunachala when I caught an object in the air above Arunachala.  It appeared to me to be a bird at first then I realized that it must be pretty big since it was far away and way to big to be a bird.  It looked cigar shaped with two wings at the back end of the cigar shaped object.  I have never seen an airplane like that without the fuselage going well back past the wings.  I could tell if it had a vertical stabiliser or fin since I saw mostly the bottom of it.
1.  My first question would be for Theo I guess:  Was this a jet of some type or a UFO and if so, please tell us more?
Arunchula2.  Could Theo tell us more about Arunachula and why Ramana Maharshi would say that it was his guru?

Theo, why would Ramana Maharshi consider Arunachula mountain his guru?  Also was that a UFO or bird over Arunachula?

Yes, this mountain has great energy Tom and is ensouled shall we say by a very wise spirit, which the Indian people more easily recognize than do those in the west.  The spirit that ensouls this mountain recognized it would become for many a great place to meditate and receive energy from the earth.  In their belief system spiritual guides can come in many forms, as there is more of an openness about this Tom. 

Yes Tom.  This was not a UFO over the mountain but a very large bird-an eagle or hawk in nature.  The orbs he sees are actually spiritual beings hovering about.


BracoClaire writes:  Would you also ask Theo about the Croatian healer called Braco who heals by simply gazing at people?  He seems to bring forth a really beautiful energy when he does his gazing.  What energy is he tapping into?  Why is it that some people receive physical healings but many others do not? 

Theo, what can you tell us about the Croatian healer Braco, who heals by gazing?  And why does it work sometimes and not others?

Yes, Mr. Braco is an old soul, Tom, and can heal by gazing.  He is sending highly charged particles to the people who come to him. It does not work on some people because their soul contracts call for them to experience life with certain abnormalities or afflictions per their life plans to balance other lives as we have spoken about before.


Dr. Luis TuriMolly writes on Facebook:  I just recently heard a talk with Dr Luis Turi, who is a famous astrologer, and is said to be the reincarnation of Nostradamus, is this true?

Theo, is Dr. Luiz Turi the reincarnation of Nostradamus?

Yes, Tom.  He is.  His interests are a little bit different this life. 


Jacqueline on Facebook writes:  Thanks Tom for your faithful dedication to bring us to a better place in these moments of interesting challenges on Planet Earth!!! My question for Theo is: In my teens I had a startling dream; I saw myself in my ethereal body wondering in ...spirit form at night in a beautiful landscape under the moonlight, floating and meandering between trees in a peaceful place inside myself... In the distance, I saw a curious strong light emanating... I felt very interested to check it out but, hesitant... As I approached with caution saw this was a big Saucer! Hovering close to the ground I felt uneasy; crouched down behind some bushes and tried to hide out!

AbductionBut too late I was spotted! I felt I was an intruder... they took me up in a thick beam of light as i was screaming at the top of my lungs and kicking, refusing formidably to give in! In those days I already felt to the core of my being that we were not alone in the Universe and was looking forward! to meet other species ,that somehow, I found myself "missing"!... I woke up sweating and still terrified for quite a while !!!

With the fear I had forgotten what transcended if anything at all!... Was I truly abducted then? What really took place? Did they change me or probed me. Who were these guys!!?? I always had this burning question!!! Is it too much to ask...? Thanks to Theo for looking into it for me! I give my honest permission and thank to you Tom for your willingness to ask! Blessings and many MBO'S for you.

Theo, was Jacquie abducted by ET’s and if so who?

Yes, she did have that experience in the past Tom and now she is able to remember it in pieces.  She needs to contact a hypnotist who can take her back so that she’ll remember much more.

I think Jacquie is supposed to find out “who” when she is regressed.  My guess is the Zeta’s. 


UFO over MichiganDenise in Michigan writes:  I have seen some sort of large silver object in the sky above Bloomindale, Michigan about 6 times, I was wondering if you could tell me what it was. It is not saucer shaped and it is not an airplane. Twice it went into a cloud and disappeared. Any information you could give me on this would be appreciated.

Love your books and I do benevolent outcomes everyday; have my family members saying them also. Thank you.

Theo, what was the large silver object over Bloomenfeld, Michigan?

Certainly Tom.  This was, as you guessed, a spacecraft from another civilization – a friendly ET shall we say which was taking readings.  There is no cause for alarm.


MothershipFor my new readers, Antura is one of my soul cluster “mates” who’s had over 800 lives on earth.  He’s in the middle of a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System and is part of a “grass-roots contact group” coming here in 2017.  I have many more questions you can read by going down to the Series list below and reading the list newsletters for Conversations with the Sirian.

Now I wish to speak to Antura.

Antura here Tom.  I was expecting your call I believe the terminology is.

Yes that’s correct Antura.  I would like to ask several questions pertaining to the mothership you will be arriving in.

Yes Tom.

Was this mothership constructed in space, on the ground, or in the water?

MothershipGood question Tom.  No, all the construction was fairly well or easily accomplished out in space as you call it.   Needless to say the capabilities to do this type of construction is far in advance of what you are capable of doing now, but then we do have a couple of million years on you. 

How old is this mothership?

Several thousand years of your earth time Tom and even universal time. 

Have I ever been on this ship in a past life?

Good question Tom!  Yes you have in fact—several times, so when you visit there will be a déjà vu feeling.  You probably at certain times feel that you know which way to turn.

Are there any video records of me on this ship?

Probably Tom, but we are not so concerned about capturing every moment through pictures or video  as you are.  Again this comes from having very long lives of several hundred – yes over 1,000 years.  Things do not seem so urgent you see.  That is a huge difference between the vast majority of ET’s as you call us and earth humans.  Because you live such short lives, you must cram everything into a very narrow level of time. 

OK, for how long can these motherships be gone without having to be resupplied, or are the ships capable of making food and water and whatever substances are needed for the crew’s survival?

A good question Tom.  It can stay on duty if you will for several hundred years your time, as it is capable of generating most of the sustenance needed for our bodies.  There are machines in these ships, which do work that you will not discover for hundreds of years.  But that’s the way it is supposed to happen Tom.  



 Coming Soon.



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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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TIME LINES—JANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011


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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!


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