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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Little Texas in WinterPatricia writes: I have a question for GAIA. What will our winter be like in the southwest this year? 

Claire writes:  Theo has mentioned several times that we are entering a "water cycle" in the weather.  Would you explain more about what a "water cycle" is and what it brings?  Thank you.

Gaia, will the winter be the same for Texas and the Southern states?

Yes, primarily the same Tom.  Naturally there will be some differences, but as I have previously said, the wintertime for North America will be about the same as last winter.  There will be some severe weather to contend with, just as there was last winter.  You are in this water cycle as we have spoken about before, and that causes extremes at times, in both directions—warm and cold.

Water CycleSpeaking of the water cycle, can you explain it a little more for my readers?

Yes, Tom.  It is a cycle where instead of a warming cycle as predicted by your scientists, in actuality when the poles continue to melt, this cold water mixes with the warmer water and creates these layers of water where weather systems become ripe for development.  Therefore there can be extremes so that there is an abundance of snow as an example.  You saw that this year where the snow was not only quite deep in the mountain areas but also in places that receives snow each year but in this case unusually high amounts. 

From my view Tom this is necessary to rejuvenate my body—the earth.  So you can expect this water cycle to continue for quite a few years—yes you are receiving me correctly.  So preparation is my best advice.  You must prepare for extremes in weather for both the summer and winter periods.    Again, this is being done with your soul’s approval I might add.  They understand why this is needed, but also they take advantage of this in the soul contracts where they must experience lives of extremes in weather, storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and so on. 


California EarthquakeJacqueline writes: I have a question to beloved GAIA now!  My spouse and I have been entertaining the idea seriously now to move from LAX California to Foster Rhode Island to become an expanded family there with my friend's family for the sake of mutual support and better survival.  The plan was originally to move by October, but seems it will have to be delayed until next Springtime.

Does this mean that we will be here for the big one?  And how safe is going to be life in the Foster Land? Is it all doable in this short span of time at this point?  You have been more than extremely supportive to us for all of our lives!! What do you suggest to us now; will things open up for us to get us out of here on time, or is not written in our contracts to move to R.I. after all! I AM immensely grateful to YOU and Tom for shedding any light-wise advice our way since for a while now I have been in a conundrum regarding this major step in our lives. Sincerely grateful!!!

Gaia, do you have our soul’s approval for any major earthquakes let’s say first in the next six months in Southern California and then one year?

Yes, Tom.  There will be at least on major earthquake in Southern California in the next year. 

Earthquake ProbabilityWhat are the probabilities of this occurring?

Right now Tom 40 to 50%, and although that seems low, as we get closer that probability will rise, I can assure you.  There are a number of souls that need this in their earth experiences and have been patiently waiting until the right time.  It’s not quite the time yet, but it will be before too long.

What about Northern California?  Same Probability?

Yes, just about the same—40% to 50% now.

Why have these probabilities lowered so much in the past six months or one year?

Yes, it was felt by your souls that you have so much on your plate right now to contend with, adding in major earthquakes for those high density areas would be better to be delayed.  Yet your souls understand that I must eventually have a major movement between those two tectonic plates.

Will the East Coast be relatively safe, including specifically Rhode Island?

Yes, with the exception of some major storms Tom and the rise in ocean levels, this is a fairly good region shall we call it to live in. 


Obama in NegotiationsDonna in Canada writes:  I would like to hear what Theo says about your economy crisis.   Does Theo think there will be a resolution, or do you think the doom and gloom conspiracy theorists are right.
I live in Canada, but of course we follow what is going on.   Personally, I prefer to look to the brighter side of things and use my MBO's and BP's.    Maybe this will all take place and that is why we will go to the 5th focus and not concern ourselves with all of this.  Interesting times for sure.
Thanks Tom, hope you get some rain soon in your part of the world and others that are as dry.

Theo, now that the legislature passed the financial bill, is President Obama still on his soul contract?

Quite so Tom.  Yes he may be battered, but he is also learning how to use his office to the best advantage, which will serve him well in the near and farther future.  These are difficult times, and as I told you before, he will correct some mistakes he has made and will continue to progress along with your country. 


IndependentEleanor writes:  I haven't been listening to the news for obvious reasons but I did hear something tonight about the plight of so many people in the country who are homeless, whole have no food and can't  pay their bills.  Of course, many people are just so upset with the politicians and rightfully so. 

In your last newsletter, someone asked about Rosicrucians and it peeked my interest because I have always wondered about them.  Consequently, I contacted them, they sent some of their literature and it is so much where I need to go at this point.

In one of the Manifestos they sent, they mention the possibility of the eventual demise of the current political parties due to our entrance into the next dimension.  When something has outlived its usefulness that's usually a pretty good place to go. Can you ask your Spirit guides for more on that please?

Theo, will we in the USA convert to a no party system of government or a many party system?

Yes Tom, you are slowly moving towards a no party system where your representatives will represent their constituents in a more benevolent manner and will not kowtow to the whims of their respective parties.  It is not too far off you see—perhaps 10 to 15 years.

It will be much easier for this to occur in a 5th dimensional setting than in the 3rd density with so much separation.  This will be one of the great benefits of this higher level of focus.  Many things you will find will be more gentle, and that includes politics.  Cooperation will become the norm you see. 


Seal of RosicruciansMichelle from Washington, DC writes:  Two quick questions Tom. Is the inner circle of the Rosicrucians made up of the descendants of the original disciples (both male and female disciples)? Are the Rosicrucians catholic? I was surprised to read they were benevolent, I thought they were Iluminati.

I was surprised the last time I asked about the Rosicrucians that they are able to "tune in" to people who are asking questions about them in meditation.  Theo said it is with my soul's agreement.

Theo, is the inner circle of the Rosicrucians made up of the descendants of the original male and female disciples, and are they Catholic?

Good question Tom and yes, naturally they are tuning in right now.  Several are the direct descendants of the disciples.  That was a good guess on your reader’s part.  Most of them do lean towards Catholicism, but most would be considered very spiritual in their pursuits.  As I mentioned before, they are a benevolent group and all they wish is to be left alone to do their work of making the world a better place to live.  They do attract certain levels of people who instinctively recognize them from past lives.    They wish you well they are telling me in your work, which naturally they do consider benevolent too.

And I wish them a good life and God speed too. (Gaia says this all the time to me as she says I used to say this to her in one or more past lives.)

More on the Rosicrucians:


TunnelsAntonia writes:  Any information on what these were?,1518,775348,00.html

Theo, what are the underground chambers in Bavaria?

Yes, Tom.   These date back several thousand years—older than they have guessed so far.  Their use will remain a mystery for some time, but they will eventually find proof of what these chambers were used for.  Therefore, I cannot spoil the mystery, which would take away from the desire to know and search for the answers. 

But wouldn’t what you report just be considered speculation?

Yes and no.  Your writings will take on added significance in the future and will be studied by people you have no idea about at the present time.  Saying any more will spoil the fun for you, so there are times when I must decline to give you information if it is on the soul contract of someone who will discover something through inspiration. 


Bruno GroeningClaire writes:  I have a question for Theo.  In the 1950's there was a healer in Germany known as Bruno Groening.  He had said that even after he passes on, when someone calls him, he will come and continue to help if it is God's will.  He died in 1959 but the healings are still continuing and are documented through the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends.  This is my question:  Since this healer has made a commitment to continue to help others to heal even while he is in spirit, will his soul remain in spirit or will his soul still reincarnate into other lifetimes? 

Theo, Bruno Groening is credited with still bringing healing to people even after death.  How, and has his soul fragment gone on to have another incarnation?

Yes, an interesting man Tom who did a lot of healing when he lived.  People’s faiths are so great that their belief in him is so strong that calling out his name or invoking a prayer does still result in healings, because of faith, and also his soul fragment still has a bit of itself he left behind to assist people even after transition.  And yes, he has gone on to have another life already, but his soul fragment was quite pleased that his work continues to this day.

For more information on Bruno Groening go to:


LemuriaAfter reading a past life reading in Lois J. Wetzel’s book AKASHIC RECORDS: Case Studies of Past Lives, I had a question about the time period when Lemuria was rural and women ruled men to the point they were not allowed to speak and only used to reproduce.

Theo, was Lemuria a female dominated country?  Was it mostly rural?

I can answer yes to both questions Tom, although the rural slowly gave way to cities over an extended time.  They did mistreat males for a very long period of time, which is why even today there are many men who mistreat women as part of a balancing you see. 

So did Atlantis attack Lemuria?

Yes, at one point this did happen.  They thought the country would be “easy pickings” shall we say, but it was not. 

Did the war with Atlantis cause the continent to sink?

Yes, in a way Tom.  It destabilized the continent just as Atlantis was destabilized. 

So was I an Atlantian who was involved in this or a Lemurian?

Certainly later you were Lemurian Tom.  As I have said before, you did encourage the leaders of your country to attack, with disastrous results for all. 

I may have to come back to this, as it seems quite disjointed.

Yes, feel free to Tom. 


Claire in Hawaii writes:  Would you ask Theo about the Happy Science founder Ryuho Okawa?  What is he actually tapping into?  The claim is that he is part of the consciousness of the Lord El Cantare who is the being that Jesus called "Father."  The teachings appear to be very spiritual and metaphysical with practical applications.

Theo, what is the founder of the Happy Science Ryuho Okawa tapping into?

Yes, this is something that those who are interested in Mr. Okawa’s teachings must decide for themselves Tom.  Again, this is part of the earth school.  You must decide whether these teachings resonate with you or not. 


Chem Trail SprayingLaara in Washington State writes:  Have been saying MBO for almost a year and WOW.  

I have a question for Gaia regarding “chemical trails” that have been sprayed in our atmosphere for many years.  My question is:  I live in the Seattle area and for the past 3 weeks we have had no spraying.  The clouds and the sky look like they did when I was younger, they have movement, color, vitality and I am also noticing that I feel better outside since the spraying as stopped.  Will the “chemical trail” spraying stop? What is the history regarding the “chemical” spraying? And what purpose have they served?

Theo, what was the purpose or goal of the chem. trail spraying and has it now ceased?

Good question Tom from your reader.  Its purpose will be revealed in the future, but let’s say for now that the chemicals used were to test certain theories of control.  It has ceased now, as there were budget problems just like anywhere.  It will not take off again shall we say.  They did produce mood swings in the population, that I can tell you. 


Neumayer StationSharon from Whitehorse, Yukon writes:  There are happenings in Antarctica that have been filmed each day, with July 14th being the most outstanding so far.  The link to the video leads you to YouTube where you are taken through step by step, and I must say, it is very baffling.  It would be wonderful to have some answers, of course, so I wondered if you would ask whom ever you felt appropriate to ask in order to receive some answers?  I leave the questions up to you.

Theo, what is the light source in Antarctica at the Neumayer Station?

Yes, very mysterious in appearance Tom, but in this case it is simply lights used in doing work at the station. 


EnergyMichelle writes:  Last Saturday (7/23/11), I returned to my birth home of Harlem, New York after an absence of 25 years. All my relatives who lived there are now deceased. I was literally across the street from my Godma's whom where I spent a lot of time.

I received a tremendous surge of energy, not right away but about 2 hours after we reached NY.  I felt light headed, not in a spacey way, instead, I felt the need to touch/hold on to things cause I felt I was going to float off.

After much reflection, I thought I received what I can only call "home" energy. However, I also wish to know if this could have also been a melding of any of my timelines. Maybe there was a time line that stayed in Harlem?  Guess that is the question.

Thanks for your time as always.

Theo, Michelle felt a surge of energy when she returned to her old home in Harlem.  Did this have anything to do with Time Lines?

No, not in the sense of what she asked Tom.  But she was adjusting to the energy of the area, as there is a definite energy associated with certain areas of a large city such as New York, and a sensitive person can feels that energy, just as you do when you visited New Orleans.  You sort of enter an energy bubble when you enter certain areas.  But this was a good observation on her part. 


Edgar CayceRick writes:  I do not recall you ever touching on Edgar Cayce. There is a store in Virginia that sells products based on his psychic talents. I am curious to know from Theo if there is any legitimacy regarding Edgar and if the products being sold from his readings are beneficial to human healing or if they are simply snake oil quackery? Thanks.

Theo, are the products sold in Virginia based on Edgar Cayce’s channelings and work beneficial?

Some are Tom and some are not.  Therefore each person needs to decide for themselves if a particular product will be good for them.  These are earth-based decisions, which you all must learn to do.  Again, we have had this discussion before and I cannot tell you what products to buy, what path to take and so on.  You must make those decisions.  Naturally you can request MBO’s to make the best choices, which are in your best interests.

For those of you who wish to read more about Mr. Cayce, go to the website, click on Articles and News, and enter his name in the Search Box.  There are 13 listings. 


This is an excerpt from a future book about Gaia.


Gaia--We seem to be operating under a system or set of rules where you can’t give me the information until I think to ask the questions.  Who set these rules in place?

That is an excellent question Tom.  You set these rules in place—you meaning all of the souls who are taking part in this great experiment.  You decided that it is you that must discover these events and things, not I.  Therefore I can only answer what you ask of me under this set of rules you have established for yourselves.

I read where you said to the author Pepper Lewis that you are a resource, but I don’t think people will understand that statement.  Would you elaborate?

I am a great resource, but you have to ask for my assistance, just as you do for your Guardian Angels and Guides.  I can provide great riches for those who wish, simply by manifesting them.  I can give you knowledge about the cosmos and your origins, but you must ask.  The general population does not think that they can carry on a conversation with me as you and some others do around the world.  They just have to open themselves to the possibility of doing so, and then practice as you are doing.  I am there always for you and wish you all to succeed in your lives.

So here are my questions.


AsteroidGaia--Is it my understanding that you were ensouled in an asteroid at one point in your existence?

Yes, that is quite true Tom.  It was my training wheels in your vernacular.  There was much to be learned, even though it would seem to be an easy assignment if you will.  It was a large asteroid yes, that moved through the universe and I was able to communicate with planets and suns as I passed and gained great knowledge during that experience.

So why were you chosen for the earth by the Creator?

All souls have certain specialties and interests and I was unique in my interests so the Creator of this Universe felt that I was the right soul for this job, as I could have the experience with the planet for several million years of your time even before humans were ensouled here.  I was ready for you by then.  At least I thought I was.  But having a free choice and veiled from knowing about yourselves is truly unique in this and any other universe.  But it has meant growth for not only your souls but for me too.

Did another creator create you too?

Yes, yes.  I was attracted to this Creator’s universe just as many, many other souls were, because it is so unique among creations.  It was exciting if you wish to use that word, and we all knew great growth would be the result in taking part in this.

EarthAs a soul, do you normally reside in the earth?  Do you surround it?  Do you completely permeate it?

And what a good question from you this morning, Tom.  I do reside if you will in the earth and my presence expands as needed to the surface and all through the earth.  It’s very difficult to explain in your third dimensional thinking, but as a soul I can be everywhere at once, just as I’m speaking to you right now.  I am cognizant or aware of everything on this, and in this planet.

Months later I would ask a similar question, receiving more information:
Do you remain in more or less the center of the planet, or do you expand yourself to cover the whole planet, or do you move around?

An excellent question Tom.  Let’s see if you can receive this.  I tend to move around in my body.  I am not like the fragment of your soul that remains basically in place during your waking hours.  I have the ability to move around the planet in milliseconds of course, plus I can send out parts of myself to keep tabs so to speak on developments on or within my physical body.  Naturally I have the ability to be in thousands of place all at the same time.  I am not limited.  As your Theo says, we’re multi-taskers.

Gaia—How many people around the world are communicating with you at the same time as I do?

There are several thousand, but not as many as you might think, considering the world’s population.  It is something I am easily able to handle, should there be thousands more that wish to communicate with me.

Are most of them in India, or are they really scattered around the world?

A majority are in India, but there is good representation in Europe, and even a few souls in the United States and a few more in Canada.  It all adds up when you add all the people in and on all the continents of the world, keeping in mind the time differences as many will meditate to talk to me either in the evening or morning time as you do.

Are you Gaia a combination of souls or energies, or was there some misinterpretation since you have many souls that you allow to live on and within you?

I am basically a complete soul, but of course that means I am part of a larger mass of energy of all that is.  I welcome all the many souls and fragments of souls that choose to reside here. 

Your awareness is not constricted by our time is it?

No, I am aware of the earth from conception to the end of its days.

Could be sad I suppose to know of one’s ending, but then are you aware of what you will do next after you have finished here?

Somewhat, but that is a little veiled for me, as I have much to do and accomplish myself before I take the next step.

Gaia—I have a general question about your work.  Please tell me about your studies and how you work with humans.

Solar System ExplorationGood question about how I work, Tom.  I do find time to study as I have recently worked on becoming a quantum master, and certainly the duties of keeping up with all the needs of this planet is quite challenging, because it includes the Explorer Race that will someday go to the stars and planets and educate and change them forever. There will be movement across the universe, as what your Explorer Race does will have a rippling effect across the universe; this is already happening, although you won’t be able to see or learn about that for several hundreds of years.  It will seem you are progressing slower than you actually are. 
There are many challenges and obstacles and hurdles for the Explorer Race to overcome before you will be allowed to actually reach the stars.  There will be a long period of exploration of the other planets in your solar system, which will aid you down the way or in the future to understand the makeup of other similar planets in the universe.  There are so many things for you as a race of people to learn that it cannot be done in a few generations.  This will happen over hundreds of years and also with the assistance of beings that are more technically advanced than you are. 

(Note:  For more information on the Explorer Race read Robert Shapiro’s THE EXPLORER RACE series of books.)

I know I read you have attained either material mastery or something like that. Am I correct?

Yes.  That has been one of my best accomplishments since I ensouled this planet.

So you have achieved quantum mastery?

It was quantum mastery I have achieved during my inhabiting of this world.  It is something that is hard to explain how it is accomplished, but I did.  Now I am working on other things as you say.

GaiaGaia, I just read a Time magazine article that says that James Lovelock, the environmentalist, coined your name.  Isn’t your name older than recent times, or is it a new name?

James coined the name; although it was in existence well before the time he first used it publicly.  Is that a diplomatic answer?

It’s a confusing answer to me. Did he channel the name or was it given to him as an inspiration, or did he see it in some old text?

He actually channeled the name.  I gave it to him. 

OK I suppose that is my first surprise for today.  I thought he must have picked it up long ago.


 Coming Soon.


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