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McKinney, TX CourthouseI’ll be doing a four-hour workshop on August 26 at the Performing Arts Center (old Courthouse on the Square) in McKinney, Texas.  I should have the signup information posted under the APPEARANCES section of my website.  For more information you can also call Janet Landers at 214-218-7360. 

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


New Madrid Fault Gaia, would you please update me on the New Madrid earthquake zone?

Yes, it is not the time for this movement to take place Tom.  You souls have not signed off on this movement yet.  There is much more of a concentration on your west coast.  That’s fine, I can wait on the New Madrid induction zone, but certainly it needs to move too, and it will have to occur in reverse order of what I originally told you back in 2008. 

So are you saying there will be no large movement there in 2012 Gaia?

That’s correct Tom. 

So to recapitulate, there is no movement—large—for the New Madrid fault line as there has still been no signoff by all the souls involved?

That’s correct Tom, but you can check back with me every month or two for updates.


Gaia, one thing I would like to try and understand better.  When you say soulsCalifornia Seismic Map have not signed off yet on California, it sounds as if this is a 3d answer, since there is no time on your side.  Can you explain?

Yes, you are certainly correct Tom that when I explain things to you it is for your 3d understanding.  So yes, when I say that your souls have not signed off yet, then in this moment of time they have not.  Do I know the timing of the signoff—yes, but for your purposes it is better to give you an answer in 3d terminology, which incorporates your time in minutes, days and weeks. 

So in this moment our souls or certainly all the souls that will be affected by those movements have not signed off yet?

That is correct for this moment in time Tom, but we are approaching that moment in time when they will have signed off.  I realize that seems like what you would call a convoluted answer, but I must try and give you answers based on your time frames and not let’s say near or far in the future.  That would be confusing to those who read your newsletter. 


AfghanistanBarbara writes: The Taliban has been really active in Afghanistan this past week. Will they be stopped in their effort to take over the country? Please advise. Thanks.

Theo, what is the future of Afghanistan?

Yes, certainly a turbulent one for the near future Tom.  Anyone can see that.  And it will take them quite a number of years to throw off the corruption that permeates their society.  So that will take certainly over 50 years, and could extend to 100 years depending upon how soon they can rid themselves of corrupt politicians and radical religious fervor. 

I’m sure you’re like me and didn’t particularly like to read that time frame prediction.


OlympicsRobin writes:  I have a question for Theo...I was quite moved while watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympic games. There very much seemed to be a "unity vibration" - so many people from so many different countries and cultures, many of whom were visibly delighted, even overjoyed, to be there. I thought it was especially wonderful to see representatives from countries with very difficult recent issues (Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Rwanda, for instance), and a number of countries had female athletes participating for the first time.

I'm hoping/wondering whether this will have helped raise Earth's vibration/help us make the jump to the Fifth dimension even faster, in the same way that the election of President Obama was a "game changer" for us. Would love to hear Theo's perspective on this!

Theo, do the Olympic Games, including the ceremonies, contribute to raising our vibrational levels?

Actually yes, to a certain extent Tom.  The competitions are hard fought, but the spirit of togetherness on a global scale permeates the atmosphere of the games and is a teaching tool or example to all those who watch that you can compete, yet still at the end of the day hug each other in a display of sportsmanship.  Plus the ceremonies show the world how together you are. 


ShamanMany of you have heard that the first person I ever communicated with in 2005 was an Indian Shaman living in the 1600’s in the western part of North America (I know the tribe but can’t say) by the translated name of Reveals the Mysteries.  He was the one to tell me in the very first conversation I had with him that I had decided to incarnate into the 20th and 21st Centuries to REINTRODUCE people to THE GENTLE WAY.  I was given the name of the book the first time I ever spoke with him.  He went on to tell me that I was also a Shaman living at that same time and my name was Still Water. 

We had many conversations about life during that time period.  They did not have canoes yet, nor horses, so everywhere they went was by foot—“sturdy feet” he called it.  Life was difficult and they were always close to starvation during the winter.  One time when we connected he turned me over to Still Water, as his chief he had grown up with had just died and he was grieving.  He transitioned in his 50’s and told me one day he was one of my Guides.  So here are some “fill in the gap” questions I just asked. 

Reveals the Mysteries here Tom.  Good morning!

Good morning Reveals.  I do have some questions to tie up some loose ends.

Fire away Tom.

Back to your Shaman life, at what age did you transition?  Was it older than 58?

Yes but not by much Tom.  I certainly did not live to be 60.  As I told you before, those lives were hard and most people did not live past their forties.

How old was your chief when he transitioned?

Yes, obviously a little less.  More on the order of around 57 years.

Have you had many lives with him?

Yes, quite a number.  And you have had some with him too I might add.  He’s in a soul cluster we work with quite often for our mutual growth and understanding. 

When you told me you had transitioned and were now one of my guides, were you already one of my guides, since there is no time?

Yes, vertically speaking it would seem that I came and took over those duties after I transitioned, but in reality I was already on the station, as our soul fragments certainly have that capability. 

When I first contacted you and subsequently asked you questions, were you replying to me from one of the upper time lines or Time Line 6 and I guess I should first ask were there time lines back in the 1600’s?

Yes there were Time Lines even back then Tom, and yes, I replied to you from a higher time line, as it was easier to communicate that way.  My persona if you will call it that on time line 6 had a harsher life even than I had on the upper time lines and so it was certainly easier for an upper time line of myself to navigate to your time line to answer your questions.  I know you suspected that, and that’s very good observation.

So I never spoke to you on your time line 6?

That is correct Tom.

ShamanHow long after you transitioned did I as Still Water—and was I younger or older or the same age as you?

You were a little younger Tom, but you also transitioned—and we’re talking abut the 6th time line now, a little younger than I did too.  More on the order of age 56.  Still a long life considering the harsh living conditions, but you had done about as much as you could, given those circumstances.

So it is confusing to me Reveals that I was dealing with you on an upper time line and what would seemingly be a much easier communication from both of us on time line six.

Yes, but that’s the way it happened Tom.  Again there are large differences when you speak of time line 6 and 9 and 10 and 11 shall we say.  But even then as I said before, life was still quite difficult. 

OK, closure on that aspect I suppose.  What type of assistance do you provide me during this life?

Spirit GuidesOh you name it Tom, but mostly towards the spirituality end, where I have lead you to read certain books in the past to assist your growth in actually all your time lines. 

So what else?

This could take hours which you do not have Tom, but certainly as we’re both the same soul cluster I know your soul contract intimately and I assist you in every way to remain on that path and assist you in learning what needs to be learned and accomplished in this life.

Yes, speaking of this life, I don’t seem to be accomplishing what Theo has said I would with hundreds of thousands of people reading abut the Gentle Way and even about the other things communicated to me.

Yes, but it will change dramatically for you in the coming days, weeks and years Tom.  You are on your path and just keep up the steady work and one day you’ll have your breakthrough, I can assure you from this side. 

OK, time to start asking Theo some questions Reveals the Mysteries.  Lots of hugs for you.

Thanks Tom.  Much love from this side to you I can assure you.


This Most Benevolent Outcome story and the next one were in last week’s Blog, which you can on the Menu on the website, or at

Troy writes on Facebook:  I was unemployed for 6 months, then gratefully received a job that only paid my bills, leaving MBOmy spouse to pay for our other needs, that job had no health insurance and my spouse has a chronic illness. I messaged you and you suggested some MBO’s, which I put to practice, now a week ago I was offered a job in my career field that pays well and has health insurance benefits. Thank You so much Mr. Moore, Thank you all who sent out MBO’s on our behalf, and thank you spirit and your angelic employees for the help. Written and submitted with Divine gratitude.


Regrigerator RepairCheryl writes on Facebook:  Tom, I woke up to find that my two-year old refrigerator wasn't working. Started saying MBO's to get it fixed as quickly, easily and cheaply as possible. Dug out paperwork, model number, etc., called the factory...only had a one year warranty. Called my son the contractor who can fix lots of things...not this, but he told me who to call. They couldn't come out til next week. Said some more MBO's. Called my daughter-in-law and her mother told me to call a guy she had used. He could come today. YAY! It was late, but he had parts with him, also cleaned the coils, and was done in about 45 minutes for less than I thought it would be!!


Diane writes:  I have a questions:
(1) Is there such a thing as the Gray Aliens and who are there?  What planet do they come from?
(2) is it true that aliens are time travelers from the future to visit us here? And why are they coming from the warn us?
(3) Why is Orion's belt in just about everything?  Why is it so important no matter what....the building of the pyramids, etc.?

ZetaAntura, I’m asked several questions.  Are the Gray Aliens the Zetas?

Correct Tom.

Are most ET’s from the present Antura, or are there some from the past and future?

Almost all are from the present Tom.  The Federation curtailed most of the activities from your past. 

How is it that you cannot travel to your past—meaning all the rest of the universe, But ships from your past can materialize in our time loop?

Yes, extremely complex question Tom.  You also were thinking how far out this time loop goes.  There is a limit to it’s effects, but that is in a way how your space ships will come from different time lines to visit us.  We are not caught up in the time loop, but must enter this time loop each time we travel to your solar system. 

Is there something important about Orion’s Belt?

Certainly there are Federation planets there Tom, so certain people will have originated there—not to the large extent as the Sirians, Arcturians and Pleiadians—but they did contribute in the past to you. 

UFOAntura, was there a Federation ship above the Olympic stadium?

No Tom.  It was not.  At least not the one that was observed. 

There are people predicting a major landing during the Olympic Games by the Pleiadians.  Your comments?

Yes, the person or persons who wrote about it were mistaken shall we kindly say.  As you correctly pointed out, this event is planned already, with the approval of the Federation Council for 2015.  Nothing has changed on that date Tom.  Yes, as I have told you before we will continue to have ships in positions to remind you of our presence, but it was decided some time ago that 2015 would coincide with the raising of your vibrational levels to a point needed for this disclosure.  And yes it will be much easier after you bridge over to the 5th focus.

Anything more that you can tell me about your mate’s work?

Not a lot Tom.  It has to do with things that are not even on your drawing boards yet, so it is difficult for me to describe something far beyond your understanding at this time. 


Theo, Were headbands used in Atlantis, and if so, when and for what use?

Yes they were used Tom for healing purposes. It was an electromagnetic headband that aligned a person’s magnetic field and by doing this allowed healing in the body to take place, both mental and physical. You will have something similar in the coming years.

Two MoonsThe following is a correction of what I previously wrote in a newsletter. Theo, was the second moon that you previously said we had a satellite, or an actual planetary type body?

Yes, Tom, it was a satellite.

Why didn’t you mention this before?

Sometimes it is difficult to offer new concepts to you at this stage of development in your communication. The satellite was put up by the Atlantians to act as a power grid or source. When it was misused it did explode, so that’s why you see none of it’s remnants. It was low in the sky above Atlantis and therefore the pieces left over were absorbed into the atmosphere.

Tyberonn said that the satellite existed 19,500 years ago and not 50,000 or more years. Is that correct?

Yes. His figures are fairly accurate there. The loss of the satellite was all part of the decline of the Atlantian civilization.

Was there the equivalent of a Wiccan belief system during the time of Atlantis?

No. Not the same as today. This was more a scientific oriented society. The Wiccan belief system grew out of the love of nature in Europe over the centuries.

IrelandWas Ireland named after the Aryans of Atlantis or the similar named people of Northern Europe?

Actually both Tom. As you guessed both had ties. Atlantis had outposts as you call them or colonies or settlements in Europe and so there was a great influence over these peoples. The Atlantians were seen as almost gods as they came in modern aircraft or vessels far beyond what the average farmer or villager of that time period had achieved.

Did Aryan – the Atlantian island—control the islands of Og and Eyre?

Yes, what you read is accurate Tom. They controlled not only their own island but the other two as well.

Is that how Ireland to this day is known as Eyre?

Yes absolutely Tom. That name is a carry over of the Atlantian island’s name.

But Ireland is or was not the original island of Eyre was it?

No, it was not. They just brought the name with them just as you see today many places named for European cities, towns, and even countries. It was a reminder of them of their beloved island that sank into the Atlantic.

Transportation TunnelDid the Atlantians have giant tunnels beneath the earth?

Yes, that was very accurate.

So how far did these tunnels range?

Far and wide Tom. Thousands of miles. They used the crystalline energy to power the construction, but they also took advantage of the huge chasms that are beneath the earth’s surface, which made it easier to establish their power sources.

So were the tunnels used as much, less, or more than air travel?

Actually a little bit more, as it was quite easy and they could go farther than the aircraft, which I said before were tethered to their energy source on the ground. Under the ground, crystals could be moved along the routes and act as energy stations for the continued movement of underground vehicles.

Did I have a life at the end of Atlantis and if so did I perish or leave?

You had left some time before the end of Atlantis with your flock Tom.

Why did I decide to leave Atlantis? Was it quite evident that the destruction was coming or was I directed to do so?

It was quite evident Tom; as plain as the nose on your face, to use your idiom. But you were told that time was becoming short to move during your meditations, so you hurried up the process sending people out ahead of the group to arrange transportation, food and such for a large number of people.

That sounds like the beginning of my travel agent/tour days, Theo.

Yes, exactly. Becoming a travel agent and handling large groups of people in this life came naturally for you, as you had done this for your flock of followers in that life. But that is good recognition as to how one life can be affected by another. The knowledge you gain from one life can carry over into another. Yes, a child that begins playing the piano at an early age is another example of this.

Mediterranean MapDid I leave with my “flock” just before the third destruction or how long before?

Quite some time actually--two to three hundred years before the move was made. That would seem close in comparison, but was certainly far enough before that you were able to make the crossing to Spain and on to Egypt in an orderly fashion, as compared to those that waited longer when many died trying to flee at the last possible moment.

How many people went with me?

Several thousand. It did take a couple of years to move everyone. But of course you were living the Gentle Way and things would seemingly magically happen to assist you in moving this large group of people out of harms way. That was a life of high achievement—good Karma shall we say.

Where did I go?

You went through Spain to Egypt, as that was a very fertile place at that time. Later it would change to a very desert country, but not when you arrived.

Ancient EgyptHow many people migrated with me to Egypt?

Several thousand. Some of your flock had already migrated before you decided to pull up stakes, to use your idiom, and many stayed behind because of family ties and such. So the flock you see was much smaller than the number of people that practiced the Gentle Way (previously reported at one million).

Why did we travel through Spain and not fly or go directly to Egypt?

Yes, it was because there was a limit to the range of those flying machines due to their need to be locked onto the external power sources. Spain was at the outer boundaries of their range, so you first flew to Spain and then went overland to the coast and by ships to Egypt. It was quite a long procession if you can imagine this wave of people traveling together down to the coast. They had to be fed and transportation of various types was used in this migration. You had people that went out ahead to arrange such things.

On another day I received a different answer. When my “flock” and I left Atlantis, did we travel by boat, air, or tunnel?

Good question Tom. You actually traveled by tunnel to what is now Portugal, as that was a busy highway shall we call it. From there you went overland crossing Spain and then to Africa.

AtlantisThis week I asked again: Theo, you have said that we went by air and by tunnel, and possibly by ground to Egypt. Explain exactly how we got there.

Yes Tom. You did have to use a variety of transportation. Let’s see if you can receive this. First you did use the tunnel, as that was a very fast and easy way to reach into Portugal and then Spain. Here is where it will be a little difficult for you. The flock split up and some went overland and some went by air and some went by ground. It depended upon your flock’s interests. You allowed them completely free will. You did not dictate to them how they had to travel.

Some wanted to explore that area a little more. You had made the recommendation as to what you felt was the best place to begin again, but you always allowed for a difference of opinion. So as I mentioned before, they came to Egypt over a period of time, which made it somewhat easier to start building houses or rather apartment type buildings and of course they –your flock I mean--certainly had the capability to do a lot of work themselves. There was great sadness at having to move away from their beloved Atlantis, but everyone knew it was just a matter of time. There were frequent earthquakes and of course the governments were quite unstable too. So they moved by almost any and all means possible, as there were too many for just one mode of transportation, as the capacity of these systems was not large enough to handle such a large group. Yes it was sort of like your saying “by air, land and sea,” Tom.

Egyptian MigrationWas the Egyptian migration the same as if we moved to a third world country?

Quite so Tom. The Egyptians had a very fertile, but not too densely populated land, so many Atlantians could settle there, but they were not nearly as far along in their scientific development. They were a simple people until the Atlantians arrived. Of course you must remember that there were many other settlements from what is now Portugal all the way through Spain into France and so on. That whole area was available, for the most part, so someday even more ancient settlements will be found in these areas—some under modern day cities and towns.

I asked about significant lives with my wife and here was an answer that sheds some light on what was happening towards the end.

…There are of course, other lives more significant, such as back in Egyptian times when she was a princess and you my friend were newly arrived from Atlantis. You were impressed with her authority and handling of situations of that time. She was able to assist you in some of your endeavors at that time. Through her meditations she understood who you were and your significance when you brought your flock of people with you to resettle. She was pleased that you were a non-violent sort of people and welcomed you to their lands for resettlement. This was a very significant life together.


Theo, are there more insane people now killing people, or is it just more visible?

Colorado ShootingCertainly there are more Tom, as your population has soared, and you have these people which have been alienated.  Naturally these are soul contracts, as please keep in mind that those who show compassion for people murdered do raise their own vibrational levels and in general this raises the level allover the world. 

It also demonstrates to people how foolhardy it is to put high-powered weapons in every Tom, Dick, or Harry’s hands.  There are consequences, which are teaching lessons that some would prefer to ignore—both from a greed side who make their money off of selling these weapons, and those who cling to the old ways of living, which cannot work anymore.  The loopholes in the laws must be fixed, and then the laws themselves must be enforced.  This will take a little time, but you’ll see changes within the next five years.  So yes, there are more disturbed people these days killing people, but then again, you have a huge population that puts great pressure on these people.

Theo, was the man in Colorado who massacred a number of people brainwashed, had a mental illness, a tumor, or what?

Yes Tom.  Information is just being released that this man was being treated for schizophrenia.  Much more is still to be learned about this disease. 


Soham from India writes:  In our mythology and spiritual literature, we have two stories - the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. 

Monkey ManThe Ramayana is the story of a King Rama - considered one of the incarnations of the Supreme.  He accepted to go into exile into the forest for 14 years, with his wife Seeta and younger brother Lakshmana, while his other brother Bharata ruled over the kingdom.   While in forest, the Lankan King - Ravana kidnapped his wife and kept  her in arrest for 1 year, since she refused to become his queen.

During this one-year time, Rama searched for his wife, was helped by Sugreev, the king of Kishkinda and his minister Hanuman.  (Sugreev, Vaali, Hanuman, and their people all, have human bodies and monkey faces). They find Seeta, Rama's wife in Lanka.  Rama and his monkey army build the Rama Setu (the bridge) between Lanka and India, reach there, fight Ravana and his army, and bring back Seeta. 

The Rama Setu is visible in satellite pictures as a black shadow in the waters.  A bridge, which  previously existed, has now gone underwater. 

I want to know - who were there these humans with monkey faces, very similar to humans, except that their faces were like monkeys?  Hanuman, the minister of King Sugreev, is supposed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva and very much venerated God for wisdom, valor, success, and everything heroic.

There is also another bear King - Jambavan, who was old and wise and assisted
Rama to fight Ravana.  Are the monkey faced and bear faced humans extinct now?
Why cannot bears and monkeys interact with humans now as they did during the (Treta Yuga) - the time period when Rama lived as a human?

We are told that word GOD means the power which generates, operates and destroys in cycles.  Usually, when anarchy is at its peak, to re-establish peace & righteousness, the Operative part of the Cosmic Energy (Vishnu) takes human form.  At such a time, to assist Him, the generative power and destructive power of the Universe also take human form.

BearRama being an avatar (incarnation) of Vishnu (takes care of sustaining creation), Brahma (the creative power of the Cosmic Energy), and Shiva (the Destructive power of creation) also took human form - as Jambavaan and Hanuman respectively. Thanks for all you do.  I enjoy your letters very much.

Theo what truth is there to the story of King Rana and the army of the monkey men and also the Bear King?

Yes, ancient stories from far back in India’s past when there were such creatures.  They later were to die out, as they were part of an experiment, just as there were many others around the world.  There were many experiments with different kinds of bodies, including the “things” that abounded on the continent of Atlantis.    So there is truth in this legend, although it has been embellished quite a bit over the centuries, as it was handed down verbally over may centuries before there was writing. 

And yes, there was a bridge that existed so long ago when the oceans were lower at that time—many thousands of years, as you can imagine.  But there were many creatures on earth in those early days that were allowed to live out their lives, but were not allowed shall we say to reproduce.  It was decided that the Adam man and woman were best suited and therefore the other possibilities died out. 


Antonia writes:  According to legend, the Pied Piper lures 130 children of Hamelin away. Any truth?  Pied Piper of Hamelin

Theo, any truth to the Pied Piper of Hamelin?

Yes, Tom.  This has already been covered somewhat by examining records from that era.  But it was mostly just a story to remind everyone to keep their word, or there would be consequences.  It’s an allegory.


Rossyln ChapelPhyllis writes:  Rosslyn Chapel (also Roslin Castle) is said to be of great importance during the Knights Templar Crusades and one of  the most mysterious places in Scotland.  I have always love historic lore and anything talked about from Jesus’ time.  Is there a secret(s) held within this mystical place, historic relics, such as the Holy Grail, or other interesting facts and legends?

Theo, what’s special about Rosslyn Castle in Scotland?

Yes, a very old and important castle in its time.  As you are not familiar with its history Tom, suffice to say there are certain things buried beneath the surface and building that would be considered quite interesting to archeologists. 


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