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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter!  Please pass this along to your friends. And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.  If you are new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s), you may also wish to sign up for my weekly Blog which have nothing but MBO stories from all over the world.  I typically post this one day after the newsletter goes out.   And have you requested that I be your Friend on Facebook yet?  Please do so.  I do give extra information there.

A quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation.  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work. 

And for both new and old subscribers, please don’t send me questions asking about a specific trip to a specific place on a specific date.  Don’t give your power away to me!  That’s what requesting MBO’s are for—to give you back your power and be protected as you go.  If you request a MBO for a safe trip, if something is going to happen, your GA will find a way to keep you from going. 

In the July 10 newsletter I reported that Gaia said there would be some significant earthquakes after the Solar Eclipse on July 11, including the Philippines.  On July 23 there were 3 quakes in the Philippines in the Moro Gulf—7.3, 7.6, and 7.4 and then another on July 24 at 6.5. 

Have you marked August 21 on your calendar for my last free webcast?  You’ll be able to ask questions, so be sure to tune in!  Details at the bottom of this newsletter. 


This is a VERY SPECIAL WEEKEND for me.  August 1st is my 40th Wedding Anniversary with my wife Dena!  Naturally this was an arranged marriage when we were both 12!
  So please indulge me while I tell you our story.

Tom & DenaMost people would assume that it all began when we met at a ski club party I was having at my apartment complex in 1969.  This was my first business—taking people up to New Mexico every weekend in an old turquoise school bus I had bought – 600 miles each way.  I was dating three ladies at the time, but none of them were able to attend the party, although one showed up for just a minute in the parking lot with several girlfriends.  I think their Guardian Angels made sure they were occupied that night. 

Dena had come with a male friend of hers, and after we hit it off, I kept asking her if she was sure he was just a friend, as he was a member of the ski club, and I certainly couldn’t afford to lose any members.  Well instead of showing her my “etchings” I showed her my school bus!  We were together almost from that point on and were married 11 months later. 

But if you’ve been reading this newsletter for a long time, you might remember the story about when Benevolent Outcomes originated.  I knew MBO’s dated back to the 1600’s, as I was told I was using them as a Shaman Indian living in the western part of North America.  So I asked Theo one day how much farther back it was when I first started requesting MBO’s (thinking maybe a thousand years) and he told me it dated all the way back to my days in Atlantis, where I was “inspired” to begin requesting MBO’s, and eventually over one million people did the same.  You can read more about Atlantis by going below to SERIES and reading the list of newsletters about this forgotten continent. 

He also said that I and a large number of my “flock” left Atlantis about 200 years before its demise, and traveled through what is now Portugal and Spain to Egypt.  And that’s where we settled (it was much more verdant then 12,500+ years ago), with the help of an Egyptian princess, who is my wife today!  So now I wondered, how far back did we go?  Here are some answers to this question from Theo:

Theo, I know about the Atlantean life with Dena, can you tell me about the lives we had together before or earlier first on a linear basis and then if any were later in time but before that Egyptian time period?

Yes Tom, let’s take them in linear order first.  This does date back quite a large number of years when you had your first lives together.  This goes back well over 60,000 years ago, but not millions as you were thinking.  Certainly you were there, having had a few lives already, when she had her first life on earth.  On a soul level you knew you would have a number of lives together, so you were there at her beginning.  This was a very simple life she lived, and it was not Significant for either one of you.  You were a simple Shaman in that life Tom. 

Since that first life of hers, you have run into her shall we say in quite a number of lives—yes, including a few out of your 160+ you had in Atlantis; but your interests were similar yet different, so she had a number of very different lives, as she needed to gain knowledge which would not only assist you in this life, but would complement your knowledge in other and future lives.  And yes this knowledge will be quite useful to you both when you meet again in the 3,400 era and fly off to explore the stars. 

You could say you have been friends, lovers, family members and even enemies in past lives Tom, as you both needed a round education we’ll call it and you acted as an enemy out of love for her growth and understanding.    You all must have balancing lives Tom, which we keep stressing.  You can’t be “goody two-shoes” in every life, as I have reminded you more than once. 

Will Dena’s next life in Egypt be part of a priest class or monarchy and how long after the life she lived when she met me will that life be?

It will again be in ancient Egypt Tom and yes, not too many years after the one where she assisted you in settling in that area.  She will be part of the new priest class, which you established.  But she will be a man as we have noted previously and will be a very important figure in that priest class.  She or he will not be part of the monarchy but will be the power behind the throne shall we say.   This will be a significant life for him/her Tom.  He will be a good guide for his people. 

Theo has told me that she will have 30 more or so lives before we team up again around 3,400 as female space pilots on one of the 17 earth star ships at that time.   While in the meantime I’ll have a life back on the Sirius B water planet as some sore of religious figure for 1,400 or 1,500 years.  And so it goes. 


Anne writes:  Thank you for the newsletter.  The MBOs  and prayers are an important part of my life.  The response to readers’ questions from Gaia and Theo has offered many reasons to be attuned with our ability to create a more awakened life.

As Junior Co-creators in Training, some people are realizing how truly powerful they are.  In some cases, storms can be diverted and/or dissipated, requesting rains (when needed) or sunshine, and much more.  In the August Sedona Journal of Emergence, the Kryon article reminds us that our thoughts and emotions can change earthquake activity as well.

Now the questions for Gaia is:

(1) Can people actually influence and/or lessen the earthquake in areas?

(2) Can earthquakes and volcanic eruptions be moved to other areas, e.g.  oceans
or less populated regions?

(3) When we ask these requests, are we interfering with Gaia's ability to release tension in certain areas?

(4) Or, as Junior Co-creators in Training are we finally awakening to our innate powerful potential?

And on the same subject Diana writes:  First, thank you for your contribution and the work that you do.  I have introduced my husband and my sons to your work.  I live in the Seattle area.  We started creating an emergency plan together but one of the great questions that my sons had was this.  If you believe that you manifest that which you think about – is there a relationship between reading your newsletter and creating a growing populace of people that are concentrating on the same thing and drawing to us the earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and all that you are reporting from Gaia?  Shouldn’t we all be concentrating on more positive outcomes? Please coach me on this and what Gaia would say to such a question.   Are MBO’s the solution to change the projections that you share from Gaia?

Gaia, I have been asked if we can ask Benevolent Prayers to lessen the strength of the coming earthquakes, or even move them elsewhere, or does that interfere with your plans? If so, what are we allowed to do as Junior Creators in Training?

Yes, this is a very good question Tom.  Yes, you can ask for the severity of the earthquakes to be lessened, and I will oblige as much as possible, but I still must have the earthquakes or movements of my plates occur, so they cannot be moved off shore or to a lesser populated area; first because I need to move the plates in those areas, and secondly because your souls signed up for lives to experience these disasters as part of their master plans we will call them. 

These plans call for your soul fragments to experience every single experience or event I have to offer, plus all the events that happen afterwards.  It is very complex, but ask these Benevolent prayers and again I will respond as best I can, within the confines of my plans and your soul contracts.    But it is something that in the future you will find much easier to accomplish as you switch to the fifth focus.

So let’s say a couple of Benevolent Prayers.  If nothing else it will make us feel better that we did all we could do.  Please say these out loud for the best energy. 

“I ask any and all beings to lessen the severity of any upcoming earthquakes in the Pacific, including, but not limited to, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Japan, thank you!”
“I ask any and all beings to lessen the severity of any upcoming earthquakes along the North American coast, including, but not limited to, Mexico, California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska, thank you!” 


Whakatane, New ZealandMeg writes:  Hello Tom, thank-you for your amazing work that you do.  I am so grateful to have been guided to find your website.  I have a question for Gaia if you would be so kind to ask her for me.  I live in a coastal town, Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand and am wondering if the tsunamis from the earthquakes at the end of this year on the west coast of America will impact my home region and if so how destructive will this be? Thank-you again for all the light that you bring and I send you light and love.

Gaia, will the tsunamis created by the earthquakes on the North American west coast in December affect New Zealand and Australia?

Yes, to some extent Tom they will.  They will have sufficient warning of these tsunamis coming—and there will be more than one I can assure you.  But they will have this problem for their coastal towns and cities.

How high will these waves be?

Certainly over 20 feet (6 meters) Tom.  It all depends upon what part of the shoreline you’re speaking about here.  Obviously the points facing North America will experience the highest tidal waves.  The populations of these towns and cities must move away from the coastline when the warnings are issued.  For those who wish not to experience this at all, I do suggest you leave these areas prior to that last week of December.


Russian VolcanoMitch Battros in his Earth Changes Media Newsletter mentioned that three Russian volcanoes were at Code Level Orange, so I decided to ask about them:

Gaia, will any of the 3 Russian volcanoes blow soon— Sheveluch, Klyuchevoskoy, and Karymsky?

No, Tom.   These particular volcanoes will continue to smolder and rumble for the coming time, but I may have one or more become much more active in a few years. 


NorwayBrit writes:  I am reading your newsletter and would very much like to know if Norway will have any major/minor problems with respect to flood, earthquakes, global warming or any other unforeseen problems. Or will it be a safe place to live in the future.

Gaia, does Norway and the rest of the Scandinavian countries have a calm future?

Yes Tom, they will be a calm and pleasant place to reside, and actually the conditions there will moderate quite a bit, and they will be a warmer place to live.  Stockholm as an example will have a climate more like Paris in the future.  So you see, there will be a great change for these Scandinavian countries in the coming years as I moderate the temperatures in the Northern Latitudes. 

So no earth movements for them?

No, not at this time, nor actually very few in their future Tom.  This will be a place for more people, displaced by the rising ocean levels, migrate to as there is much land which can be settled away from the coast lines of these countries.  They will begin to have a real mixture of people, which they have not had before.  It will become quite interesting for them, and certainly there will be challenges with language and customs for them to deal with. 


Cayo Coco, CubaMari writes:  Hi Tom, Love your books and newsletter. I have one question, I live in Canada and my Cuba Hurricanehubby and I are planning on taking a trip to Cayo Coco, Cuba in Feb. Will this area be safe from earthquakes and hurricanes at this time of year?

Gaia, do you have any plans for hurricanes or storms for Cuba up through February of 2011?

Yes, certainly during this hurricane season there will be two times Cuba will experience severe weather Tom.  It is their location in the Caribbean that causes them to be right in the path of these tropical systems, so there will be two that will pass by them or through the island this hurricane season.  After that it will remain relatively calm through the first half of 2011.


I am including this, as here is another way your own Guardian Angel will try and connect with you.

Leanne writes:  Could you please ask Theo for me a question that I have pondered for a while now. A couple of times a day I feel a sensation around my head, like someone is stroking or touching my hair, along with a kind of pressure feeling as well. Is this My Guardian Angel or Sprit guides that I am sensing or both? Should I be doing anything when I feel this, or is this just a 'hello' for me? (It is happening now as I write this funnily enough).

Theo, Leanne wants to know about the feeling of pressure on her head taking the form of brushing her head or hair.  Is this her own GA?

Yes, quite so Tom.  She is able to feel this, so her GA uses this method of letting her know it’s there for her and sends her much love.  She should open herself up more, although naturally she should surround herself with white light for protection each time.  A mild meditative state will bring more events of this nature to her.  But it will be in her best interests to try contacting her GA during meditation and just ask, “Guardian Angel are you there,” and naturally if she doesn’t discount the “thought packets” it will send to her as just her thoughts, she will open the door to communication, just as you have with me. 


Bimini RoadDiane writes:  The Bimini Road in the waters off that man made?  Was it part of Atlantis?Bimini Rd Closeup

Gaia, was the Bimini Road off the coast of Nassau man-made, and if so, was it constructed during the Atlantean times by those people?

Yes, a nice question Tom.  Another of the mysteries we have discussed.  But most are in agreement that this road, and yes it was a road, was constructed during Atlantean times.   Yes, this is correct.  It was at the far reaches of this continent, but they had developed this area to a certain extent.  There were some villages in the area, long since covered by the ocean, and will probably never be found.  So another of the enigmas for people to ponder over and cause you to explore. 

As I said before you need these mysteries for you to slowly learn about how old and how long humans have been inhabiting the earth--millions of years as we have discussed before.


New Orleans FloodDiane also asks:  Areas like Haiti, New Orleans, Mississippi when they get hit with floods, storms, etc. is this KARMA?  I have always wondered if it’s their past and what happened back in the old days that they are paying for it now?  Is it karma for the evil that was done in these areas by the people?  Or is Gaia just cleaning up the area? 

Gaia, are the earthquake and Floods in Haiti and New Orleans respectively karmic in nature, or are they just for their soul’s experiences?

They are a mixture Tom, as keep in mind that after these events, there are many choices to be made by the people living there, and by people who come to render aid, and in some instances to take advantage of the situations.  So the events for the most part are for the experiences of the souls, with the exceptions of those who caused others to die in a similar manner, but then Karma comes into play here as the people go about their lives afterwards.


Retail SalesDiane writes:  As I was watching the news this morning I got an idea.
Ask Theo......if we were to create a MBO for the world economy since it’s everyone that is in bad shape and have all your readers say it every day would it help us get out of this slump?  I feel that the energy of us saying a MBO for the economy would help or am I wrong?  Theo, would it change the energy of all the negative energy they keep talking about on the TV?

I feel if just a thousand folks put their attention on changing the situation that things just might turn around for all.  So Tom can you make an MBO for this?  Can we spread the word to everyone to concentrate on good energy?

Theo, is there a Benevolent Prayer, which everyone can say that would improve the economy?

Certainly Tom they could say, “I ask any and all beings to assist in bringing our economy back to a healthy exchange of goods and services, which will be the most benevolent for all the world’s citizens, thank you!”


AccountantCindy writes:  Thought I would share a long awaited MBO that was just resolved.  Back in 2005-2006 I had a Nevada Corporation that did business selling online education and Wealth & Self Conferences. None of the transactions were made in California where I live. Since CA is in such an economic crisis, they've been trying to get money any way they can and decided I should file a CA Corporate tax return and owe them money!

My tax accountants advised them it was not a CA corporation, nor did it do any business in CA, but they kept sending me bills with interest mounting into the thousands of dollars and a lien on my house! I requested a MBO (several times
... with each notice), and finally I got a call back from the investigator, re-explained the business that was conducted, and he said he was going to cancel all requests for money owed and take the lien off as filed in error! This took probably over a year to resolve, but what a relief! The only better outcome was if they sent me money!

I have full confidence another long awaited MBO to either sell an investment home in Indianapolis or have the money come in to rehab it and rent it out will be forthcoming!


Black BearMichael on Facebook asked me to ask this but can’t find the message.

Gaia, will bears or any other wild animals be domesticated?

No, Tom.  It is not in their nature to be domesticated, although certainly some that have grown up around humans have been fairly domesticated, but it is not in their DNA shall we say overall.  They need to roam freely, and yes this roaming brings them into contact with humans, as they forage for food, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to walk in and sit on your couch as a member of the family.  They simply must find food wherever they can, so the short answer is no, never--nor other wild animals. 

I have them or allow them here to teach you about other cultures so that as you roam the stars you will recognize all of these varieties of cultures as you visit them.  They each have unique personalities, just as they do on their home planets, even though they often do not look the same as they do here. 


Karen in Canada writes:  Have been reading your books and newsletters and am extremely grateful for your work to help us. One question that I have a lot lately: We are Canadians-snowbirds to Florida in the winter months. When all those people affected by the earthquakes and tsunamis start moving inland will the government of USA close the borders to Part Time Residents so that these displaced citizens will find places to live? Most of us are seniors and not that mobile. I must tell you that I use MBO s often with great results and have already said one for the hurricanes to stay on the waters and not do undue damage on land. Thank you for everything you are doing for humanity.

Gaia, will the U.S. close its border to the “snowbirds” from Canada when the quakes begin?

No, not at all Tom.  They will be mainstays of the economy, and of course will have to compete with those displaced persons needing housing.  They should consider locking in their prices for next winter and even the following winter as well, as prices will inch or rise upward due to demand. 


Dr. Michio KakuEleanore writes:  Thank you for the most current.  I love when I go on to my computer and I discover "today's the day."

I'm currently into Michio Kaku author of the string theory concept, and while reading his "Parallel Worlds", Gaia came into my mind.  I wondered where she stands on all this material. The next of his works I will be reading is "Physics of the Impossible".  From Galileo to here has been quite a journey but, at that, the idea is of a wonderful tale that can't really be substantiated that goes through my mind but then neither can the existence of a Higher Being.  Doesn't leave much room for a lot of dialogue between cosmologists and evolutionists, does it? 

Gaia, please comment on the “string theory” by Dr. Michio Kaku.  And how long before we have invisibility devices?

Dr. Michio Kaku has done good work in this field of quantum physics Tom.  He has also make it more understandable to the normal person who has scientific interests.  That said, he still has, and I’ll add in his distinguished colleagues here too who are working on the same theories, a lot of work and exploration to do.  They have only scratched the surface shall we say in the string theory analysis.  They have some major, yes major discoveries ahead of them—for not only Dr. Kaku but the rest of his colleagues.  This string theory does have promise, but they are not there yet; but shall we say are getting close to opening the door.  That’s how much is left to discover using that analogy. 

Regarding invisibility devices, there are some already being developed for use--yes not only for jet fighters but also for individuals.  Naturally the application is for military use—but it will quickly be used throughout the world. You will need these devices certainly when you begin to roam the stars, as there will be places where the people you meet will not be up to the level of knowledge you will have by that time and you will not wish to scare them. 

Does that sound familiar to what is occurring today for your world?  Yes, your friendly ET’s use these devices to observe and not frighten your peoples too at this stage.  In the next few years the need for these devices by these ET visitors will diminish as they become accepted, but it will be quite a few years for these devices to be put away completely or packed away shall we say. 


Arch CrawfordCindy writes:  My husband told me about this interview of Arch Crawford in May of last year in which he uses technical analysis and planetary cycles to determine market direction. His outlook for 2010 is very grim: the alignment of the planets around July 27-30, 2010, could see ‘major changes on the earth, it could change the face of civilization’.

I'll give you the link to the interview below ... interesting listen.  My question I guess could be for Theo or Gaia as sometimes his predictions deal not just in "natural" changes but something that just affects the whole world, what does this prediction refer to?

Gaia, Arch Crawford predicted major changes for the earth and civilization around the period of July 27-30. Your comments.

Yes, Tom there will be some major activity, but more on the order of with civilization and not my earth body, if I can make this clear for you.  Certainly there may be some revelations brought forth about nefarious activities, which have not been known before.  But as far as the earth goes, there will be perhaps some major earthquakes along the Pacific Rim, both east and west, but nothing that will impact humanity worldwide.


Joshua writes:  Thank you for your great newsletter.  Would you please ask Gaia what changes, if any, may occur in the northeast counties of Ohio in the near future?  Will this be a safe area and good for homesteading?  Will the weather be stable?

Gaia, are the northeaster counties of Ohio good to homestead?

Quite so Tom, they will go through this coming upheaval in fine shape.



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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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GUARDIAN ANGEL 101—MARCH 28, 2009-APRIL 4, 2009, MAY 23, 2009-JUNE 6, 2009
TIME LINES—JULY 26, 2008—AUGUST 8, 2008, JULY 3, 2010.

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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