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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter!  Please pass this along to your friends, as I’m sure they’ll like the variety of topics we have each week, as you do.  And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.  If you are new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s), you may also wish to sign up for my weekly Blog with nothing but MBO stories from all over the world I receive.

In my June 26 newsletter Gaia (Soul of the Earth) told me that Chile would continue to have “significant, but not major earthquakes.”  Chile just had a 6.5 on July 14 plus some strong aftershocks.  

Have you visited my website recently?  We have lots of new “bells and whistles.”  On the home page we have a map showing all the places in the world tuning into the website.  Is your city on the map yet?  There’s also a Translator Widget on each page for my international visitors.  On the Articles & News page there is a Search Box so that you can enter words or phrases and search to see if it’s been covered yet.  Have you sent the Earthquake Packing List (on the Earthquake Info page) to your friends in California?  It lists the top 10 things for them to pack.  And don’t forget to go to the Signs page to print out the various signs available.

Announcement:  I’ll have my last F.R.E.E. Webcast on August 21.  The first one was very successful, as everyone was able to ask questions, and I did my best to answer them.  Now for some very interesting topics this week!


Hurricane East CoastLinda on Facebook writes: Have a question on hurricanes! Any for New York? It’s been a longtime!

Gaia, will there be any hurricanes for New Jersey or New York this season?

There will be some severe storms Tom with almost hurricane winds, but the major hurricane for the East Coast will only brush them.

What about the upper coast including Maine and Nova Scotia?

Again, they will experience some fierce winds and rain Tom but no direct hits on this part of the landmass.

Celia writes:  Is Gaia planning any Hurricanes for Bermuda the last week of July?

Gaia, are you planning any hurricanes for Bermuda this season?

Yes, one Tom although it will not be so large.  It will be a hurricane that does not strike North America, but veers off into the Atlantic and passes by Bermuda.  And to answer when, it will be later in August—late August.


Bird RescueJanis sent me an article by Terrence Aym titled HOW BP GULF DISASTER MAY HAVE TRIGGERED A ‘WORLD EXTINCTION’ EVENT.  I’m not even going to give the url link as I don’t wish you to get “sucked” up into such negative energy.  Here’s what I asked Gaia and her response:

Gaia, there are still people saying there will be a cataclysmic event caused by the rising of a methane bubble in the Gulf of Mexico.  Your comments.

Again Tom.  These are just wild speculations, often to get someone’s name in the news, or to spread fear based propaganda.  This methane bubble will not happen.  Yes, there will be methane gases that will rise to the surface and yes it will cause problems, but these will be localized and not a worldwide event, nor even a Gulf of Mexico complete event. 

There will be problems for many months to come as this area is slowly cleaned up and the oil skimmed up and the water purified.  This will happen and again I remind your readers that it will cause the development of alternative forms of energy to happen much faster than it would have if not for this disaster.  The oil companies will never have their complete way again, as the politicians will see that getting in bed with the oil companies is not good for their careers in public service. 


Gaia, as the number of people grow that take my newsletter, will you start censoring or reducing what you tell if regarding predictions?  I’m already seeing this a little regarding the hurricanes.

Yes, just a little more Tom.  But again I remind you that the majority of the people not only reading your newsletter now but in the future will be drawn to request MBO’s as you call them, or will take up the practice as they read stories of other people’s successes.  The predictions are what will draw them initially to you, but then they will learn little by little how to make their lives easier and less stressful as you continually tell them. 

So don’t be too concerned about me telling you less and less, as our goal or program is to create a cadre of Junior Creators in Training, as we will call them.  The word has to spread, and we are well ahead of you, as you can understand, with what will bring them in the door shall we say, but all the messages you have will keep them there, as you will continually have more predictions, but at the same time, mixing them in with more MBO stories.  So do keep in mind to try and include several or at least one or two each week if possible.

I’ll try but as you know sometimes I receive very few.

Yes, but this will also increase as more people read the newsletter.

Gaia, you said “we have developed a program for you.” That includes you, Theo, and my soul, and is there anyone else?

Ah a good question tom.  Yes, and you will be surprised by the answer—it is all the souls having lives on earth Tom.  You are one of the focal points of bringing about this entry into the 5th dimensional focus.  You are one of the major people—and naturally this will grow quite a bit as you’re not there yet—to assist in this movement.  So yes, there are quite a few souls tuning into these sessions but let’s keep it intimate and just concentrate on the 3 of us for the time being, yes along with such helpful souls as Zosh and others.
Earthquke Damaged House
So perhaps you have already answered this question.  What is the goal of this program—to assist in opening the doors for all these people?

Yes.  In summary you could say, along with informing a number of souls that they must move or perish.  All of their souls are rooting for you too Tom to quickly make a difference so that they can move these threatened souls out of the way of these earth movements.


Horse FarmLouise writes:  I enjoy your newsletter soooo much!  Thanks for doing such a great job with it!
I had a situation that caused me alarm yesterday.  The person who was going to look after my horses while I am away in the last two weeks in August said that she will be moving and the last day that she will be available is Aug. 26th!  My husband and I have already booked our flights from Aug. 16 - 30th!  I said an MBO about it and let the universe answer.  (I am getting much better at relaxing after I request a MBO, by the way!)  The next morning I was able to find a person who could replace the one who is moving, as well as a total stranger and her daughter came up to me when I was riding and asked if I needed any help!  Whoooppeeee!  Now I not only have one, but three helpers available.  What a bonus!
Now that I am feeling good about people to look after my horses, is there a special MBO that I can say from another state so that my animals are safe in the case of a hurricane or would a normal MBO work just the same?  We are on the east coast of Florida and your last email indicated that a hurricane would go through central Florida in August, however, it was a little confusing when the east coast was mentioned.  The safety of my animals is very important to me.  Any help that you can give me is greatly appreciated!

I suggested Louise say, and anyone with animals or pets they must leave in the care of others while on vacation this Benevolent Prayer:

“I ask any and all beings to keep my horses (animals, pets, etc) safe now and into the future, thank you!” 

As I noted in last week’s newsletter (posted on the website), Gaia won’t say the exact dates for these hurricanes coming up, but the big one for Puerto Rico and the Carolinas is not supposed to hit the Florida coast—only the one later in August. 


Mexicali EarthquakeBruce sent me this link to an article that ran in the Los Angeles Times newspaper on July 10.  The link is below to read the full article, but here are some interesting quotes I found:

“There is growing concern among seismologists that the 7.2 Mexicali earthquake on April 4 placed more pressure on faults in Southern California, resulting in increased quake activity over the last three months.”

"The probability of a larger earthquake on those faults could be high within the next year or two," said John Rundle, a professor of physics and geology at UC Davis.

"This thing seems to be popping off with lots of small earthquakes, and it's not decaying very quickly … which to me is worrisome, frankly," Rundle said.

"Under normal circumstances, you have a rather rapid die-off of activity after an earthquake. But in this case, the activity seems to be motoring along at a fairly high level," Rundle said.

House Damage"You can actually mathematically map the transfer of stress from one fault to another after an earthquake," Rundle said. "Small earthquakes are a response to the underlying levels of stress. The higher the level of stress, the higher number of small earthquakes one typically finds. We use the patterns of small earthquakes to forecast the occurrence of larger earthquakes."

Please read this story, especially if you live in California or have friends and family in California.  As I have pointed out numerous times in these previous newsletters starting in March, Gaia says she will cause major earthquakes—not just one or two but a large number—in San Diego, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco area—and I mean affecting virtually every dwelling in these areas—in late December of this year!;,0,2014096.story?track=rss


Denver ColoradoCelia writes:  We are thinking of buying a house in Denver. Should we try to buy before the quake in California.   Will real estate price in Denver go up as a result of all the people moving from California.  Or will we find that these people do not have the resources to purchase homes?   Therefore the prices remain flat?

Gaia, will there be price increases across the USA due to the number of refugees, or will there be no money?

Yes, there will be some price increases, as there are food items, which will no longer be able to be shipped from California.  Those products will see price increases, as they have to be obtained from South America and other sources.  But overall the government will clamp down on people who try to greatly inflate prices to take advantage of the refugees.


Santa FeKJ writes:  I would like to ask about the area of Santa Fe, NM as a safe spot.  The energy is very strong there, but the Los Alamos lab nearby has a lot of buried radioactive waste.  Sedona AZ does not feel as strong anymore energy wise, almost draining at times, and I wonder why this is?  Also, I have been hearing about California going into the ocean since 1985, and am wondering if these quakes will really happen soon, or if this is "catastrophobia" as some channels call it.
PS.  the MBO's I request are working very well, miraculous at times.  Thank you.

Gaia will Santa Fe, New Mexico be a safe place to live with it’s proximity to the Los Alamos radioactive waste buried there?

Yes, it will be entirely safe Tom.  This area will be growing with refugees, but the area does have good energy, so it will be able to sustain itself.

Well, is the last week of December considered soon enough?  Parts of California will be swept by one or more tsunamis, and I’m sure some land will fall into the Pacific Ocean, just not as much as Gaia originally told me in 2008. 


LA writes:  Is Asheville NC a safe place to live during the coming changes on the west coast and also during the changes in the New Madrid fault line/Mississippi River?

Gaia, is Ashville, North Carolina a safe place to live, as it’s fairly far from the coast?

Yes, Tom, although they will experience some severe storms which roll through there due to the hurricane and more to come.  There will have some flooding of low lying areas to contend with, but overall if people live on higher ground they will not have a problem.


Nancy writes on Facebook:  We were thinking about going to Mazatlan at Christmas time.  Bad idea, earthquake-wise?

Gaia, will Mazatlan, Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta be OK to visit at Christmas time?

No, not all Tom.  Mazatlan yes, but the two coastal cities might very well experience tsunamis associated with the earthquakes farther to the north.    There will also be some earthquakes in the Puerto Vallarta area connected to the moving of the plate. 

I was under the understanding that the damage would not extend that far south.  Am I receiving this correctly?

Yes, for the most part Tom.  As I said before, the fault lines are in sections.  The slippage to the north will cause some slippage to the south too, just not as intense as to the north.  Damage will be much less from the shaking, but there is still the danger of coastal flooding from the tsunamis created to the north, as this will spread throughout the Pacific, not just the coast of California, but Hawaii, as I have mentioned before, Japan, and most of the islands of the Pacific will experience some level of a tsunami, plus the lower coast of Central and South America. 

This is another reason I strongly encourage people to move away from these coastlines, as there will be other movements in the future, which will create this wave action.  There will not be just one tsunami Tom and that is the end of the danger.  There will be SEVERAL.


Yvette writes:  I enjoy your newsletters tremendously and I am grateful for the information you channel and share with us.  I have a dear friend who is planning on moving to Klamath Falls, Oregon.  Would you please ask Gaia if this is a safe place for her to move to?

Gaia, is Klamath Falls, Oregon and the surrounding area far enough way from the coast?

Yes, it is Tom.  This area will see little or few problems caused by the next round of movements I will make after the movements of the crust up to the San Francisco area.    But again, this will not occur until 6 months or so after the California earthquakes. 


Mt ShastaMargaret writes:  I really appreciate your books and The Gentle Way newsletter and blog.  I'm writing today with a concern regarding my elderly Mother who is living on the family property, which lies roughly halfway between San Francisco and Mount Shasta (if you were to draw a straight line between the two). It's not quite in the middle of nowhere but you can certainly see it from there. It's the area west of 1-5 west of Williams/Maxwell/Willows.

Will she be safe there with the coming earthquakes/earth changes at the end of the year? Will that area be habitable afterward?

Gaia, will the area around Williams, Maxwell and Willows, California be safe?

Not entirely Tom.  They will experience some severe shaking of their own.  Not to the extent on the west coast mind you, but enough for quite a bit of damage I can assure you and those wanting to know.  They should take your advice and obtain earthquake insurance and not be in the area during that last part of December. 


AfghanistanTheo, when will the war in Afghanistan end?

Not for some time Tom.  Certainly it will continue for the next 3 or 4 years, even though your President has pledged to begin pulling troops out next year, it will be almost impossible to draw down too many of the troops due to this conflict.

Eventually yes there will be less and less strife as you move into the 5th focus and things become easier, even though it will not seem that way in that region, they will slowly stop fighting and begin meeting across the table from each other.    There are many soul contracts that are involved here to be resolved, or carried out for these mostly younger souls Tom.  That is their playground shall we call it to learn how to get along with each other. 


Diane writes:  I have been saying my MBO's for a while now and they truly manifest.. I ask for many types of things and rarely do I ask for money for anything. Just the other day I realized having $10,000 would be very helpful to me to pay off a loan that I have that had been weighing me down...

All I asked for was that amount of money (be careful what you ask for because you surely will get it).

The day after I asked for it, my father called me to let me know that he bought a $10,000 Life Insurance Policy for me and a plot for my grave ... he named my sister the beneficiary so she would be able to handle my affairs whenever the time came as he would be gone himself by then..

I don't believe much else can be said.. other than the fact that the next time I ask, I am going to be much more specific.. LOL  I surely hope you enjoyed this. Please feel free to share I feel your audience will get a big chuckle.


MRTAnnie writes:  You are probably familiar with MRT ( Muscular Response Testing) used by kinesiology to detect allergies and reactions of the body to food, products, clothing etc.

I use MRT a lot before buying new food or new garments, new shoes, to make sure my body does not react negatively.  I see a NAET practitioner regularly to be desensitized to all kind of " allergens" and I also use it at home.To give you a short and simple example of how efficient it has been for me, I had my daughter test me when holding a new desk chair : Sure enough my body indicating I was " reactive " or "allergic" to it, no surprise there since I had developed a backache soon after I started using it. Now using another chair, the backache is gone.  We had come to the conclusion that it was the chair by asking questions such as : it is a reaction to food, to clothing, to inhalant, is it emotional and we had NO answers. We had a YES on a contactant etcand we went from there by elimination.( There are ways to be treated for that reaction and use the chair, but this is not my point today.)

If the body " knows" what is good for it or not as tested through the muscular response, does it mean that it is contained inside the intelligence of the cells, inside the cellular memory?

Then I am wondering what questions can be asked from the body  this way ? I know we do have a human brain that is built to make decisions but can I get an accurate answer about a question like:  Is it positive of me to go on a trip to XXX on August 1 and should I buy my tickets this week? Should I work today? etc..
 I am very curious to read what Theo has to share about this.
Thank you, Tom; you are an angel.

Theo, in using MRT, do the cells respond to questions through cellular memory?

Not exactly Tom.  It is not so much cell memory as cell “knowing,” as they are not shielded as you are.  I realize they are part of you, but they are allowed to be unshielded as part of the work they must do in your bodies.  Therefore, when MRT is used, they are able to respond. 

Can this be extended to asking such questions as to whether to go on a trip or not, or whether to buy tickets from one place or another?

Yes would be the general answer Tom.  There are many uses of MRT, which have not been discovered yet, so this will be an ongoing discovery of how else it can be used.  There will be some restrictions as you might guess regarding answers, which would conflict with the soul contract of that individual. 


HoudiniRick writes:  I happened to catch HBO's documentary on Lily Dale, NY...the village where all the Penn & Tellermediums live. Dick Sutphen does a lot of work up there. They mentioned Harry Houdini and his obsession with debunking mystics, séances, etc. I'm sure if he were alive today, he'd be trying to debunk Sutphen and even you. My question for Theo (when you have time) is what was his deal? Was it his purpose in life to debunk spiritualists, or to weed out the actual frauds? What about the Amazing Randi and Penn & Teller? They've gone on a crusade to continue Houdini's work. If we all have these gifts (to varying degrees of development), then why are so many people still walking around with the veil closed?

Theo, why did Houdini wish to debunk spiritualists, and why now has Randi and Penn & Teller taken up his crusade?

Tom, you always must have the yin and yang of a situation and they act in opposition to keep things balanced if you will.  Houdini saw many charlatans bleeding people and he took it upon himself to expose these people for the thieves they were.  Still in modern day, if it were not for Randi and Penn & Teller, you would have many more charlatans who would be fleecing people of their life savings.  Yes, they do go too far in attacking legitimate healers and mediums, but someone doing this work who is pure of heart can withstand the heat in the kitchen shall we say. 


SphinxDiane writes:  I’ve been busy looking at the history channel and came across a few things that
have me thinking...............
(1)    Hall of Records
              is there one under the Sphinx?
              Is there one in the Yucatan?
And what is written in the Hall of Records and does it have anything to do with
the future and explaining the past?
Did the Mayans and Egyptian people come from Atlantis?

And What happened to the Mayans?  Did they die out?  Or did they come from another planet and return?  This civilization was always a mystery and still is today including their pyramids and parts that have been discovered....and I wonder if they will ever get answers to these people other than what they have discovered so far?

Theo, is there a Hall of Records under the Sphinx?

Yes and no Tom.  It is at a little different focus, which the priests of the time were able to do, so that it does exist, and eventually it will be seen as you raise yourselves to a higher focus.

Speaking of focus, are we going into the 4th or 5th focus, as there seems to be confusion about this even with channelers.

Yes, Tom, but you are correct in thinking it is the 5th focus.  The fourth is not a focus to live in, but it does affect you.

Mayan TempleWhat about a Hall of Records in the Yucatan?

There will be many finds of artifacts in the coming years, so their version of the Hall of Records may be uncovered.  It is not the same as the Egyptian one.  But yes one exists.

Did the Mayans come from Atlantis?

Certainly some Atlanteans resettled in that part of the world.  They melded in fairly well with the local populace, as they were far above them in technical skills.  Over time this was lost to future generations and legends were born.  But to answer the question, there were already indigenous people living there, which the Atlanteans eventually commingled with and added their DNA to that of the Mayans.

How many Atlanteans resettled in Egypt?

Certainly over 100,000 people Tom.  But that country was not very populated, so it was easy to absorb these people who did not arrive all at once, but in waves.  Certainly your group was one of the first to resettle and it was fairly large, but there were other groups who came later as things became worse and worse. 

What did happen to the Mayans?

I will leave that to the archeologists to discover Tom.  That is part of their work and I would not ruin their enjoyment of discovery by laying out what actually occurred on a silver platter shall we say.    I will say that they just did not disappear in the blink of an eye.  It was due to many reasons. 

OK that’s all for today Theo.  Send me some energy for money and abundance please.  I do request a MBO for that, thank you.

China Sinkhole

Ross sent me these photos.

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