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Last week I had a nice “Expecting Great Things Today” happening. Out of the blue we received a call from a Christian broadcasting station we had sold movies and series to in the past, but had been bought by another faith-based station and so they closed down. They wanted to know what I would offer for 300 or more movies and TV series masters that the other company did not want. Since they did not have a list of titles, I could only make a very low offer. They accepted, and delivered to our office 700 (!) masters. It’s a treasure trove of classic movies and series, but we have already made one sale to a DVD company for four times what we bought the masters for!

I also received an email from Jeff Maziarek, author of SPIRITUALITY SIMPLIFIED, who said he was sending out an email to 400 subscribers about THE GENTLE WAY. Check out his website . You might wish to subscribe to his information about interesting books too. And he didn’t ask me to say this, so it’s a Expecting Great Things for us both.

May I remind you that I posted the EXPECTING GREAT THINGS TODAY sign on the website – -- under the SIGNS tab. Print it out and hang it near your desk, refrigerator, in the bathroom or wherever you’ll be reminded to say this “mantra,” as one of my readers calls it, each day.


I normally try to keep this just to Benevolent Outcomes and questions and answers, but Ruth in Arizona writes: I am learning so much about living The Gentle Way, that I would love to share with you the meditation My Angels provided this morning: Please feel free to share it with your readers, as This Gift is meant to be shared. Thank you for extending Love in the way that you do. Blessings.

I know that God is only Good. And I know that this Goodness, which I'll also call Life, Energy, Love, or Essence permeates all things and all the spaces in between all things. In other words, there is no place that God is not. Because of this, everything really is Of God, or Of Goodness, which is at the heart of everything. There is nothing that exists without this Heart or outside of this Essence. This invisible Heart, or Essence, is the Love that flows eternally, continually, endlessly and abundantly. It is the Heart that creates. The Power to Create is also the Power to extend Love, which is how God expresses. Here and Now in this moment, I am God's own expression, and I look out at everything around me and I see that It is also God. Everywhere I go, into every Now experience, God is Here. I know this because I have come to understand that that same Heart of God is also My Heart. I have a heart connection with all life and each day I open My Heart to discover more of God. It is a transforming experience to see myself this way and to begin to open to Life as it guides My Heart forward. The journey I am now on is a wondrous, miraculous experience that unfolds from blessing to blessing and I am forever in joy of It.

This is just a reminder that any of you reading this newsletter can communicate with your own Guardian Angel and any other angelic beings you wish to speak with. You just have to meditate and then ask to speak to whom you wish. It’s that easy.


Theo—do we have a “planning board’ where we plan our next life with our guides?

Certainly the description you read is fairly accurate Tom. It is sort of a holographic screen where you quickly lay out your next life and all the paths are considered and the one that will give you the highest amount of knowledge and understanding is chosen first, then all the other souls that you will meet along the way are invited to give you idea of learning experiences with them. As I mentioned before, we are one happy family and everyone offers up ideas where there are no egos in place. You can design a very full life with many challenges, or an easier life with just a few. It’s up to you and your soul.

Since we have free choice, when we decide to take an alternate path during a life other than the best one for our growth, do we then come back to the planning board during dreamtime, or is this taken care of as a possibility when we are first planning our life?

Yes, a good question Tom. You do come back during dreamtime and consult with your guides and higher self and redo the board. It can be done in one night, but sometimes it takes longer.


Theo, a newsletter subscriber asked, did any of the Romanov’s survive?

Yes, one. Yes, a young girl.


This should be the last part on Atlantis, unless you or I think of more questions to ask. This is called, “filling in the gaps.” The questions below are additional questions that would fit into different sections of the questions I’ve asked about the lost continent. See the past eight newsletter issues for all the other questions I asked about the lost continent.

This question was to clear up some confusing answers that I had received. Theo, you have said that we went by air and by tunnel, and possibly by ground to Egypt. Explain exactly how we got there.

Yes Tom. You did have to use a variety of transportation. Let’s see if you can receive this. First you did use the tunnel, as that was a very fast and easy way to reach into Portugal and then Spain. Here is where it will be a little difficult for you. The flock split up and some went overland and some went by air and some went by ground. It depended upon your flock’s interest. You allowed them completely free will. You did not dictate to them how they had to travel. Some wanted to explore that area a little more. You had made the recommendation as to what you felt was the best place to begin again, but you always allowed for a difference of opinion. So as I mentioned before, they came to Egypt over a period of time, which made it somewhat easier to start building houses or rather apartment type buildings and of course they –your flock I mean--certainly had the capability to do a lot of work themselves. There was great sadness at having to move away from their beloved Atlantis, but everyone knew it was just a matter of time. There were frequent earthquakes and of course the governments were quite unstable too. So they moved by almost any and all means possible, as there were too many for just one mode of transportation, as the capacity of these systems was not large enough to handle such a large group. Yes it was sort of like your saying “by air, land and sea,” Tom.

What island was my flock and I on before we left?

Yes, Poseida for one, but you had followers on all the islands, just as there are people in many locations that are starting to live the Gentle Way.

Was the second moon of Atlantis of Arcturian construction, and if so why?

Yes they assisted the Atlantians, as the benefits were deemed to be benevolent at that time. The Arcturians had no idea how the Atlantians and especially the Aryans would mess things up by using the satellite in wars. They were mortified.

Was it 5 miles in diameter, more, or less?

Almost exactly 5 miles in diameter Tom and reflected light quite well, which was why it was easy to see in the night sky. And it was in a low orbit too, so that made it look larger than it actually was.

Did the Atlantians have a telephone system similar to what we have today, or was it some other way of communicating with each other?

So the Atlantians used a triangulated power grid system called posers?

Yes that was the name and these grid systems were triangulated to hold and harness the power of the crystals Tom.

Yes, their telephone system as we’ll call it for your purposes Tom was similar, but as you guessed, was powered by the posers or crystal power. Theirs was more of the over the air type system as compared to having a lot of wires strung from location to location as you do today. Their system was much more efficient than yours, although you’ve been making advances in this area and will continue until reaching that same level and surpassing it one day.

Were the priests on Poseida able to extend their lives for 6,000 to 12,000 years as I read?

Yes, there were a very few who did. The crystal had great rejuvenating power if used correctly, and those priests remained alive for several
millennia . This was not open for use by the general public, which created some Karma for the priests, as they did not share this ability or information with the general public.

Was there a “golden race of giants” that also lived there?

Yes, for a time they did live there. They were a gentle people.

Is there a reason why Atlantis is popping up with other channels at this time?

Oh yes, you and the other channels are supposed to help people remember Atlantis for a variety of reasons--the most important to remember that it was a place of great accomplishments before greed set in and brought down the house of cars you might say. These revelations about things they were able to do that you haven’t will encourage those that invent to set their sights on creating what is described.

You said previously that the “things” were left over from previous experiments by ET’s. Tyberonn channeled that the Aryans created them. Please explain.

Yes. That was incorrect and yet correct. There were many experimental beings left over that lived on the continent of Atlantis for thousands of years. That’s where the Aryans got the idea to create under controlled conditions similar beings to do their work. And thus did they create large numbers of these poor beings to do their dirty work—the menial tasks of that day and time—and including the dangerous ones. It was slavery of the most heinous kind, and yes souls were trapped in these bodies as Tyberonn channeled with no feelings and no way to grow. They took on much Karma for those actions. And you can see where these ideas first originated that were later used again in Germany.

How long did this continue—hundreds or thousands of years?

Yes. Thousands of years. They were quite entrenched in their usage of the “things.”

That’s all I have on Atlantis for the time being, unless in your reading of the nine parts you see other questions we need to ask.

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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