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Good day everyone and welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter and a special “hello” to all of my new subscribers from around the world.  New subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter will find it the most diverse newsletter out there, as we explore anything you want to know more about, or clarify.  If you are reading this for the first time, go to to subscribe right on the home page.  

And now for our international MBO’ers, each page of the website has the Google Translator Widget to translate into 57 languages for our global reach, which you can see on the map at the bottom of the home page. 

Speaking of MBO’s (Most Benevolent Outcomes), I’ve been receiving a lot of questions lately, but not so many MBO stories for this newsletter and my weekly Blog for people new to requesting MBO’s.  This is the most simple, yet powerful and effective spiritual “tool” you can use the rest of your life!  Please send in those stories.  This newsletter started off with nothing but MBO stories, as I wanted to pass along this wonderful “tool for your toolbox.”  You can read a couple of sample chapters of my first book on the website, along with articles I’ve written for regional and international magazines as this spreads across the world.  Germany and Greece will be releasing the first book this fall.  Requesting MBO’s raises your vibrational level and puts you on an easier and less stressful path. 

My wife and I drove down to Austin during the July 4 holiday period to visit her relatives.  Naturally we requested MBO’s for the drive down and back, plus our stay there.  Of course the Texas Highway Patrol was always on the other side of the highway giving someone a ticket as we passed, or one on our side doing the same.  I got to feed one of their neighbor’s three female goats by hand during our stay, so I can cross that one off my “bucket list” if I had one. 

If you’re on Facebook, have you befriended me yet?  I do give updates during the week, so my Facebook friends are quite often the first to know.  And I do Tweet too.  Now for some interesting topics this week!


Caribbean Sea MapMaria writes:  Hi, Tom, thank you for all your guidance.  When do you expect that this hurricane with massive damage for Puerto Rico will happen; and is there going to be more than one hurricane?  Thank you for your advice.  Blessings.

Gaia, when will the major hurricane pass near Puerto Rico this summer?

Yes, it will be coming up in the not too distant future for them Tom.  Certainly around the end of July or first of August.  This will be an extremely active time for these storms there and in the Gulf of Mexico, so the residents will see several storms seemingly that could head in their direction, but one will.  Naturally they have faced these storms many times in the past, but this will be pretty strong Tom.  One of the upper category hurricanes, which they will remember for some time.

So can we say the last week of July or is it the first week of August?

Atlantic Coast MapI do not wish to give you that exact information today Tom.  Again, if I were, there would be people who are supposed to experience this who would leave the island.  It is their soul contracts to experience this storm. 

(7/4/10) Gaia, where will the hurricane that will hit Puerto Rico head for next—the Atlantic Coast, Florida, or where?

Yes, Tom.  It will move up the Atlantic Coast into the Carolinas, yes and they will feel its full effects too, before it veers on out into the Atlantic again, but further up the coast.

So it will not head too far inland?

Not so far Tm, although as you’ve seen from Alex, there will be bands of torrential rains and winds which will affect several hundreds of miles on the East Coast. And farther inland. 

I assume a large number of people have this in their soul contracts to experience this?

Quite so, Tom, Several million people will experience this storm along with the flooding and high winds.  Their souls wish this experience.

So will the winds exceed 150 mph (240 kph) in the wall or close to the center of the eye?

Yes, perhaps even higher than that Tom. 

And no indication of the week for me?

No.  Only the general time period of the last part of July and the first part of August.


Hurricane hitting coastI noticed that you said the same thing for the coast of Texas.  Will you have multiple hurricanes at that time, or will there be an interlude between the storms?

There will be somewhat of an interlude between these storms Tom with the hurricane on the East Coast preceding that in Texas. 

What about the hurricane, which you said would strike central Florida?  That’s not the east coast hurricane is it?

No, Tom.  That will be another but not too far off from the same time period—a little later in August.

OK, thanks for the information Gaia. 


Rene writes:  Tom hello I'm one of your readers, I'm from Mexico and my father lives in Monterrey.  The hurricane Alex hit between Tampico and Brownsville, in a very populated area; the hurricane hit in the "sierra madre Oriental." This chain of mountains make a funnel that ends directly in to Monterrey city, so it struck directly to that area.

Here is the link to see photos of the destruction: .  Click on "ir a foto galeria" in red.

I would like to ask to you and your readers to send white energy to that area, and the people that lives there.

You can send white light, but you can also say this Benevolent Prayer:  “I ask that any and all beings assist the people in recovering from Hurricane Alex, thank you!"


Solar EclipseGaia, will the coming solar eclipse assist you in moving the earth’s crust or mantle, and if so, where will the effects be most noticeable and significant?

Yes it will, Tom.  This eclipse will assist me in moving more sections.  Certainly Indonesia for one will have a significant earthquake in the near future--shortly after the eclipse.    There will be other movements in the Indian Ocean and near the Philippines.

(7/8/10) Gaia, can you give me more information about the solar eclipse on July 11?

Yes Tom.  It will be a significant one.  It will allow me, as I said, to be able to move my crust—my mantle if you will—in several places, which I mentioned.  And it will help or assist me in a number of other functions, which your scientists will slowly discover over time. 

So is it a good thing for humans to seek out the solar eclipses?  What does it do to their systems?

A good question Tom.  It doe have an effect on their bodies, although subliminal in actuality.  It does open them up to change too, in a variety of ways depending upon the individuals needs.  It allows breakthroughs of various kinds to be made. 

So Indonesia, and where in Indonesia?

Yes, near Sumatra Tom.

The Philippines?
Near Luzon.  That’s as close as I can tell you, as you would need to study a map for me to give you more accurate information. 


Earthquake MapGaia, we heard last night you had another 5.4 quake in the desert 100 miles east of Los Angeles. 

Yes, I am continuing to bring pressure in that area Tom, but as I said before, this is just the prequel to the large earth movements I will make at the end of the year.  Those will be right in the middle of Los Angeles.

Josh asks are Utah and Wyoming safe places to relocate?

Yes, quite so.  They may have some small earth movements, but overall Tom they are safe places.  Naturally that will not include the area around Yellowstone, when I will cause that volcano to flow.


Saundra on Facebook writes:  I got to thinking today and was talking to my friend Gary about earthquakes... is Tracy a safe place to go?? I would be able to go to Gary's house.  He said that the Altamont (Livermore) keeps a lot of earthquakes safer for them out in that area... its only about 30 minutes from my house in Pleasanton.

Gaia, a reader asks if Tracy, California will be a safe location?

Not really Tom.  It is a little too close and the buildings there will sustain some heavy damage.  I would suggest to this person that they move farther to the east. 


Ellen writes:  Dear Tom, could you please ask Gaia these two questions:
1.  When will the oil leakage in the Gulf of Mexico stop and will the leakage create the kind of devastation  (due to toxic fumes or tsunamis, etc.) that will cause, at best, citizen evacuations  and/or, at worst,  widespread death in any of the Gulf States?
2.  What, if any, natural disaster will hit South Florida this year?
I have used MBOs many times with great results.  Thank you so much!! 

Susan writes:  I've been reading, from several sources, about a buildup of methane gas in the Gulf of Mexico.  I was also watching a program on The Science Channel about what happens when the gas is released, comes to the surface, and the devastation to all living creatures.  Would you please ask Gaia about the possibility of this happening in the near future?  If so, what will be the effect be to those living in the vicinity?

Gaia, when will the oil leak stop and what about the toxic fumes such as methane?

Yes, Tom that is a concern for those who wish to still live there.  The actual well will be capped soon.  But yes, the methane gases have been trapped below the surface and will cause an ongoing problem for many months. 

What about the people working on recovering the oil with skimmers and such?

Yes, they too will have health problems.  It will be seen that this disaster will have many layers to be stripped away in the light of day shall we say.  Billions of more dollars will be spent providing for these people and their healthcare through the coming years.  I do recommend all who can relocate, as this is a toxic area, which they will have to learn how to clean it up.  Again, this was the catalyst for alternative fuels to be developed on a much larger scale with much more money flowing their way, had this not happened, Tom. 

Any natural disasters for South Florida this year?

Yes, a small one, Tom with a tropical system—not a full-fledged hurricane, but still potent enough to cause some damage and widespread flooding. 


Kathy writes:  First of all thank you for your faithfulness and your wonderful news letter. I have relatives that live in the Waterloo, IA area and have had so much destruction with flooding. Will there be any flooding this year?

Gaia, is there anymore flooding for Waterloo, Iowa this year?

Yes, Tom, a little, but not as much as they previously had.  It will depend upon location this next time.


Pat writes:  What can Gaia tell us about USO (Unidentified Submerged Objects)?  They've been sighted for centuries but information has not been forthcoming.  Are these beings Amphibian in nature which allows them to live under water?
Gaia what can you tell us about Unidentified Submerged Objects.  Are they earth dwellers or extra-terrestrials.

Yes Tom.  They are extra-terrestrials.  The earth dwellers are for the most part, in caverns deep beneath the surface.  We have spoken about them in the past.  They do not wish to mingle with you, as you are part of the experiment and they are not.  They have their won lives totally separate, and wish to remain so, which I allow. 

The extra-terrestrials on the other hand are there either studying not only the oceans of your world, but also their instrumentation is so sensitive as to be able to give them readings on the surface and it’s population too.  It is also a good place to hide shall we say in plain sight.  Not exactly plain sight you see, as the ocean is deep and their craft have no problems operating at any depth, just as your machines are starting to handle depths too.  Their form of propulsion allows them to operate in literally any conditions a world might have, and we can include for your study purposes, such foreign worlds as Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus.  None of these worlds pose a problem for their craft and operating systems.

You will glean much information from these societies before you even head to the stars yourself.  Your purpose, don’t forget, is to shake up other societies and get them moving again.  Yes you will have scientists who do study all these elements, but you will be given much information too. 


Pat also writes:  Also what can Gaia tell us about the Black Holes in space?  Scientists say they don't know what they are composed of nor what causes them.  Please enlighten us.  As always we look forward to your newsletter each week.  Keep up the good work.

Gaia, can you give us any more information on black holes?

Not too much more Tom, as again, these are things for your scientists to explore and learn about on your own, without my contributing too much.  The black holes, as a number of people have theorized, are gateways, but to what?  I’ll leave that to your scientists to discover one day. 


Cynthia writes:  There is an interesting phenomena happening with the spheres that are orbiting the sun. They are about twice the size of the earth!  When they started orbiting, the sunspots calmed down.  Can you ask the Sun where these spheres came from and what they are doing?

Theo, may I speak to the Sun for just a minute?

Sun here Tom.  Good morning. 

Good morning Sun.  What were those spheres that seemingly were orbiting you back around January 21st?  Were they made by extra-terrestrials or were they some sort of natural spheres created in your atmosphere or whatever I should call it?

Yes, Tom these were natural spheres formed and not extra-terrestrial, although they do have the appearance certainly of huge craft, they are not.  I will not spoil your scientists discoveries by giving too much information about them, but they are shall we say, anomalies created by certain conditions in my atmosphere we will call it for your purposes.    So it was nice that the satellite and such saw this, as it led to much head scratching let’s say.  It is all part of the billions of discoveries your scientists will make over the coming hundreds of years. 

Thank you Sun. 

You’re welcome Tom.  Anytime. 


Cayce WilcockPatty on Facebook asked me to check to see if David Wilcock is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. 

Theo, is David Wilcock the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?

Yes, actually he is Tom.  He has returned to continue his work in that field you see. David is young, but sincere in his approach, so he already has a large following as you have noticed. 

David’s website is .
Photo is of a young Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock.


Egyptian TombDiane asked me if there were any real curses when Egyptian tombs were opened.

Theo, were there any real curses when the Egyptian tombs were opened?

Only in the beliefs of the people Tom, which is why there are any tombs left to explore.  Otherwise they would all have been looted.   So naturally these curses were passed from generation to generation, and any injury or disease, which happened to the tomb explorers, were attributed to the curse. 


Iris writes:  I read last week’s newsletter and was intrigued by the question about monoatomic gold and its link to the pyramids in Egypt. I have a similar question about the Wands of Hours. It is amazing to me that almost
Wands of HorusEVERY statue, male or female, sitting or standing, on hieroglyphs, pyramid ceilings, as well as various pillars and walls on Egyptian tombs, depict the holding of these wands.      ( )
My question to Theo and Gaia is if the Wands of Hours actually do what they are alleged to do, such as increase the biofield around the body to balance it electrically in order for the body to heal itself of disease? It is said the wands, if used over time will realign the frequency of damaged organs or systems resulting in self healing and regeneration. Does this really occur? Can one's use of the wands be dangerous?  It is also said the purpose of Wands of Hours is to "attempt to curb the downward rush toward materialism by guiding man in his spiritual development and ultimately break the cycle and curse of reincarnation."  This is heavy stuff but a wonderful idea if true. What is the real scoop? Please advise.

Theo, please explain the use by the Egyptians of the Wands of Hours and benefits, or was it just a symbol of authority?  And does it increase the biofield around the body?

Yes, an interesting question Tom.  It was more a symbol of authority—notice to all that a King or Queen held the power.  The Wands held no power compared to the Golden Pyramid book nor the spinning ball from their earlier times.  The power of those instruments became a guarded secret of the priest class—not what you had meant it to be used for, nor even your descendants.    But again the Wands were a symbol of authority.


If you have not read the newsletters about Time Lines, (also known as Parallel Lives), please scroll down this page to SERIES and see the list of newsletters where I asked many questions about Time Lines.  Here’s an update.

Theo, I’ve been confused for some time about whether there are 11 or 12 Time Lines.  Can you please straighten this out for me?

Yes, Tom I’ll try.  There are 12 timelines but the 12th is an amalgamation if you will-- a higher timeline with a frequency that does not really have people living lives.  It is more spiritual and not 3rd dimensional.  Therefore, for your purposes you should consider there being 11 time lines and not the 12th.

But how does that affect the 9 to 11 time lines as they are coupled in twos?

Yes, but the 11th time line although coupled, is the highest time line for a physical incarnation.  This is very difficult to explain now Tom and we can visit this again in the future. 


Wall Street PhotoPam writes:  Could you ask Theo if it’s true that the Global Monetary Authority is a financial dictator of the planet and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Switzerland is the real central for such entities as the Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of England and Bank of Japan and that the BIS is above the law?

Is the global currency that is being rolled out the SDR – a flat currency of the International Monetary Fund?
Has the fiscal economy of the US been dished off to a bunch of bankers in Basel, Switzerland whose plan is to reduce the size of the US economy and remove the dollar as the world's reserve currency?

These are claims made by John Truman Wolfe who advocates that the US take back the printing of money from the Federal Reserve (whom he calls "fiscal vampires") and backing US currency with actual products and real estate. He also calls for oversight of international banking organizations and their regulations.  Are his suggestions realistic and how do we make that happen and should we?  Thank you for your newsletter – it’s refreshing.

Theo, I have some financial questions:

1.    I s the Global Monetary Authority the financial dictator of the world?

Not really Tom, but certainly it does have a lot of influence over financial decisions by the countries, which take part in this.  It does not have the power shall we say to dictate, but only strongly suggest.

2.    Is the BIS (Bank of International Settlement) the real center for the Federal Reserve, Bank of England and Bank of Japan?

No Tom.  This is not the case.  Again, it does have influence and power, but not to the extent of what some people would claim you see.  Again, these banks work in cooperation with each other, but they are not dictated to.  That said, there are powers behind the scenes, which try to move monetary funds and so on in certain directions to make huge profits for those involved.  So for the conspiracy theorists, this is a tidbit for them. 

3.    Is the SDR the flat currency of the International Monetary Fund?

No it is not Tom.  It is a stable currency, but the dollar and the Euro are still the major currencies in use at the present time.  All roads must lead through Rome comes to mind and again these two currencies are the major ones at this time. 


Haitian PalaceI stumbled upon a video of what happened at the Haitian Presidential Palace during the earthquakeHaitian Palace Ruins that collapsed the whole building.  Here is the link:


Adrienne writes:  I was wondering if you could ask Gaia and/or Theo about the current "ascension symptoms" that people seem to be experiencing? I have noticed that for myself whenever there are major earthquakes (or at least ones above a 4 point something) or Coronal Mass Ejections from the sun that I get really low in energy for a few days and then my energy goes back up. I feel also that I've been experiencing strange dreams and "cleansing" type of energies when these events occur. Does Gaia have any insights regarding this? And what can we do so that our "ascension symptoms" do not seem so harsh? Thank you!

Gaia, why do sensitive and even less sensitive people feel drained of energy after earthquakes which are not even that close it seems, and also after Coronal Mass Ejections?

Yes, they do become listless Tom as the energy grids strain in coping with these peaks of energy.  You are tied to these energy grids Tom and those that feel this connection more than others also feel the changes in the grid.  I move energy to where it is need the most, so there is a lessening of energy for a short period of time in these locales.  The people can get out in the sun and soak up the beneficial rays—although at this time of year for your hemisphere this has to be done in moderation.  Candles can be lit and handling crystals can assist in recharging you. 


Joan on Facebook writes:  Hi Tom, I seem to remember that you had a great anti-aging philosophy, but I can't find it- would you please reaquaint me the concept? Thanks, Cheers & Blessings.

When someone asks me my age, I say, "I'm ageless." This seems to work in a couple of ways. Psychologically everyone has a mental idea of what people are supposed to act and look like at ages 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80 years of age. If you say that each time you "erase" mentally that concept.

The other reason is metaphysical (beyond physics). It will be proved one day that our cells are cognizant and actually communicate with each other. When we tell them we are ageless I believe it slows down the aging process.

You'll find, within a short time, that by saying this you'll forget how old you actually are. I've had to stop and count from my birth date, when I've had to fill out a form with my age listed.


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