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Share With FriendsWelcome to what many people consider is the most thought-provoking and interesting newsletter. Please SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS!  And suggest they try requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes.  It will change their life.   If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I Angelscommunicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Lightning StormI have received emails from subscribers asking about rain for Colorado to help put out the forest fires and even the Midwest including Indiana.

Gaia, when will the region, including Indiana receive rain, and I’ll ask the same about Colorado?

Yes, both regions of the country have been dry this year, as I mentioned I am running a cycle where there will be forests first to clean the slate shall we say and start another cycle of growth.  You scientists can study this Tom and see this cycle repeated over and over again. 

I will say that both areas will receive some fairly copious rains in the very near future.  The jet stream is about to move lower over North America and they will see some relief in the way of rain.  It will alleviate the situation somewhat, but again, I need these fires to destroy old growths of trees and brush and begin a new cycle. 

So I take it you’re not done for his summer with your forest fires?

Quite so--the western states will really begin to heat up and they will have some massive forest fires in those states west of the Continental Divide. 


Luna, when they moved you, why did they wish to keep just one side facing the earth?

MoonAn interesting question to begin the day Tom.  They—your ET forefathers—felt that it would add some mystery as you gazed at the heavens as you have called it in the past.  And it would require some scientific study to determine that the moon and the earth are round you see.  Everything was set up so that you would relearn everything, and a rotating moon would have easily given it away that the earth and the moon are not flat.  You had to figure that out for yourselves. 

Luna, analysis of titanium from your surface and from earth’s surface by scientists have led them to conclude you are the child of earth.  This would seem on the surface to contradict what you said before.

Yes, it would seem that way Tom, but I must say that your scientists have much to learn about the compositions of planets and moons.  Certainly there are some close similarities, but they will find this too in other planets and moons in this solar system and indeed other solar systems in the Milky Way galaxy.

Luna, I’m asked if you are hollow?

Yes Tom.  There are speculations that I’m hollow just as there was speculation at one time that I was made of cheese.  Certainly there are vacant spaces—caverns and such below my surface just as there are under the earth’s surface, but overall I have a solid interior made up of different materials according to layers.

As you have large craters on your surface, were they made before or after your move to your current location?  Moon Craters

Good question Tom.  Most of the craters on my surface appeared after my arrival here over millions of years, as there is no atmosphere to burn the majority up.

So did the asteroids that collided with you leave large mineral deposits in the craters?

Yes and no Tom.  Some did leave mineral deposits and some were just chunks of ice and debris. 

Are there mineral deposits from these collisions different from the minerals we have on earth?

Yes, a few.  Most are exactly what you have on earth, but some you will find with minerals completely foreign to those that exist on earth.  This will cause much study by your scientists—another reason for the moon colonies.


Diana writes:  We are all so blessed to benefit from your communication and insights.  I look forward to the ever expanding discussions about so many different subjects- WOW!   My gratitude and love to you for the gift of MBO's and the ability to get answers to our deepest questions about life.  I recall reading, Dear Gaia, that you cannot offer information unless you are asked a question.  So...I will ask.  What happened to the anticipated major earthquake in Japan?  Will it still occur?  I recall that the eclipse of late May was anticipated to trigger this - yet all is quiet.  If it is still going to happen, may any and all "resources" align to minimize the impact and may I offer love and a humble expression of compassion and gratitude for those who have agreed to experience this so that it might elevate the vibration of the world's people.

Japan Gaia, why hasn’t the earthquakes in Japan occurred yet?

Yes, I know, Tom, take my word when I say it will be much sooner than later. 

Yes, but you’ve been saying that for several months now.  I would appreciate if you do not wish to tell me then don’t.

I understand Tom, but my timing and yours you understand are different.  Much work goes into each movement.  We’re talking planets, CME’s from the sun, volcanic movements—many things that are not readily apparent.  And all of this takes place after your souls give the go ahead. 

So it will occur, as promised.  Just be patient.

I will note that there was a 6.4 magnitude earthquake off Japan’s coast this past week on June 17, but certainly nowhere near the 8.0 Gaia says will happen. 


John writes:  Can you ask Antura about this UFO pic taken over Brooklyn... I wonder if it's a real UFO?

UFO Over BrooklynAntura, was the UFO seen over Brooklyn New York on June 6 real or fake?

No, it was real Tom.  Yes, the pixilated image does reveal a spacecraft, although not one you normally see.   This one was in the shape of a diamond or spinning top if you wish that description and was not a Federation ship, but was allowed to be there for studies.  We also liked that it would be seen and discussed.

Antura, when you go through a portal do you see anything, such as a change in the color spectrum, bright colors, or just black?

Good question Tom.  Yes, we are able to see a quick burst of light as we move through the portal, but it is quite fast, as I have mentioned before that from one end of the portal to the other only takes a split second.  It is not some lengthy movement from point A to point B. 

So no colors?

No, just the burst of light Tom.

AuraTeresa writes:  Quick question, I seem to recall Master Kryon mentioning that humans have (or wear)  a "coat of colors" that identifies them as Earth reincarnaters when they travel on other plants.  I guess it is sort of a "badge of honor" for our tough job.  Any comments on this?

Antura, is everyone on your planet able to see auras?

Yes, Tom.  Everyone is able to see auras.  This is pretty natural after such a long time.  Many more people on earth will be able to see auras after your jump to the 5th focus.

Does your aura appear different, since you have had the many lives on earth (800)?

Yes, actually it is quite different.  Yes it is more colorful you could say.  Naturally we do not particularly concentrate on another being’s aura, but again, it is easy to switch our focus to view another’s aura if we wish. 

So it is more colorful because of your many lives on earth?

Exactly Tom.  A coat of many colors I believe there is that saying on earth.

When was my first life on your planet—how many years ago?

Quite a few million as you might imagine tome.  Certainly over 10 million years ago.

Is it more than 10?

Oh yes.

More than 20 million?

A little less than that.  More on the order of 18 million or so give or take a few years.

Sirius A & Sirius BSo where did our souls come from—another universe?

Exactly Tom.  We were created by another creator and were drawn to this universe.  We had no physical lives in that universe before coming here.

Antura, what purpose did the artificial moon serve for the Atlantians?

Yes, Tom.  It served to transmit the crystal energy, along with communications Tom.  And naturally it lit up the sky to provide more light when the real moon was nearing it new moon phase.  It did exist for several thousand years before it was destroyed. 

So to go over the details just a little more, did the pieces of the artificial moon mostly fall onto the lands and seas of the world, or did parts of it wind up crashing into the moon. 

Yes the explosion caused much of it to plunge into the ocean Tom, but parts of it did crash into the moon.  And parts of it remained in orbit for quite a long time until they drifted and burned up in the atmosphere.   It did cause a major rift in the relationship with the Arcturians.

CNN Report of Mysterious Object 195 feet in diameter on the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

UFO in BalticAntura, is there any information you can provide about the cylinder object found beneath the Baltic Sea?

Yes, I’m scanning your memory banks Tom and I see that this was a spacecraft.  It will make for interesting explorations as they try and deduce more about it. 

Any idea whose it was?

Yes, it was a Federation ship from long ago that lost it’s power from what I understand as I seek an answer for you Tom.  It created a path shall we call it as it crashed into the sea, which gave the appearance of some sort of runway.  The craft stayed mostly intact so there is little debris from it. 

Guess we’ll leave it there for the time being Antura.  I thank you and would ask, is everything still on track for 2015?

Yes, Tom nothing has changed.  If fact, it is more solidified than ever.  You are progressing as a people at an enormous rate, although we realize you don’t see it that way.  You are doing in leaps and bounds what took thousands and thousands of years for most of our planetary societies to accomplish. 


DreamsSalomie writes:  I read in one of your newsletters that when we dream we sometimes go into another timeframe where we are experiencing this dream physically. Now the question is, Does that other being in our dream, experience us in his physical world? – And how do we leave there,  without disappearing in front of his eyes?

Theo, when we dream are we as physical in that reality as we are in 3D?

No Tom.  You move into a quantum state where you have the dreams and certainly the landscapes seem as real as the 3rd dimension, but are not.  Much more will be learned about this in the future. 

I think Theo gave me a really short answer to a complex question.  I’ll ask more about this. 


BrawlingEleanore writes:  I really enjoy receiving our newsletter.  Something that strikes me is that so little mention is made of the current status of things these days in the US.  I'm overwhelmed by the number of shootings and killings, and yet another drug, bath salts, that induces cannibalism in some, the enormous amounts of money being spent on things other than perhaps feeding and caring for those who can't right now and on and on.  I keep telling myself that if I have a belief in a Higher Being (and I do), this is all occurring as it is supposed to and is a preface to the ascension to the next level. Would you be kind enough to ask Gaia for some soothing words of wisdom on these issues for those of us who are so completely shaken by it all.

Gaia, any comments on the seemingly increase in violence in the world?

There are heavy energies afoot we shall say as you approach the end of the third focus.  Certainly they are magnified on earth.  This will, of course, begin to greatly alleviate after you cross over to the fifth.  Those of lower vibrational levels can feel something happening on a subliminal level and this certainly affects their systems. 


DepersonalizationAthena writes:  I came across your site while searching for information on Costa Rica being a Cayce "Safe Place". Your site was one of, literally, a small handful of sites that touched on Safe Places outside of the U.S.

I've been stuck on your website ever since; reading through the newsletters one after the other. I'm curious to know why you felt so compelled to write a newsletter on the 11-11-11 date but not on 10-10-10 (my birthday *smile*).  I could be doing this all wrong but nothing beats a failure but a try.

I was hoping you might consider writing about depersonalization at some point. It is a state I can move into easily but not out of so easily. The strange thing is everyone who describes themselves as having depersonalization claims to be "suffering" from it and "suffering" would never be a word I would use to describe the state.

Professionals call it a disorder but I don't believe that is right either. It feels like your soul or spirit is drawn out of the majority of your body and then focused or concentrated where people say a third eye should be. You can still move and function but it just feels like you've moved from participant to observer and your body is on auto-pilot.

I will definitely subscribe to your newsletter and I really hope to hear your thoughts on depersonalization as the descriptions of everyone else does not seem quite right.

Theo, can you comment on “depersonalization.”

Yes, just as some people act violently to these changing energies, so do some people seemingly sit back and become spectators to all that is happening around them.  You have gone through this yourself in the past.  It’s a detachment in order to not be so influenced by these energies.  It is a coping mechanism you have and is available to you.  Yes and it can be brought on under extreme conditions such as torture where the person finds themselves out of body and observing.  This is the extreme end of the spectrum you might say. 


John the Baptist BonesAntonia writes:  Are these the bones of John the Baptist?

DNA bolsters Bulgaria's John the Baptist bones claim

Theo, were the bone fragments found on the island off the Bulgarian coast those of John the Baptist?

Yes, it will be found they are Tom.  And they have most of the story as to how it happened for them to be enshrined there.


Here are two MBO stories that appeared in last week’s blog you can find on the Menu on my website or at

Continuing on last week’s stories of MBO’s for our vacation to Geneva, New York, I request Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) for everything—the drive to the airport, parking the car, and taking the shuttle to the airport.  I didn’t feel good about the place my friends chose this time.  It was a hotel close to the south entrance to the airport, but I would class it as a low two star hotel.  We had no problem with the shuttle to the airport, but on the return they did not pick us up immediately as promised.  Perhaps we will receive a refund.  Then I requested a MBO for going through the Security Line and had no problems.  When we boarded the plane we were on the bulkhead behind first class.  Normally my wife doesn’t like those seats as you have to put everything up in the overhead, but United Airlines had opened the space at the bottom of the divider to allow us to put items under the first class seats. 

Syracuse Airport Rental SectionIn Chicago we ate at a restaurant near the gate.  The plane was late arriving, and then later departing.  We had to gate-check our carryon roller bags, as this was a regional jet.  By the time we landed we were an hour late, and by the time we all claimed our bags and made our way down to the rental car counters it was 11:00 pm.  Here’s where a MBO I had requested for a rental car came in.  We had booked the Dollar Rent-a-Car “Special Special” for $182, which did not guarantee what size car.  We did a backup with Thrifty at $207 just in case. 

Naturally both rental counters were closed.  I’m looking around, and a lady named Emma I had a long conversation with in the plane (I always request a MBO for someone interesting to talk to) motioned for us to come over to the Alamo/National Rental counter.  Emma, and her husband were headed to a class reunion at Cornel.  She’s into angels so we had a great talk and have corresponded since.  They had obtained a $25 per day for three days rate.  I quickly requested a MBO and we did even better for four days--$23 a day and the nice rental lady chose a Durango SUV (normally much more expensive) with 3 rows of seats and a backup camera.  Total cost was $121 including tax, as I recall, saving us at least $60 with a much higher class car. 

We drove to the Microtel Hotel in Geneva, which proved to be the perfect location for where we went in the next four days.  We did a wine tour the next day with Bonnie as our guide in her limo (naturally requesting a MBO).  We couldn’t buy any wine, as they don’t know how to ship in refrigerated trucks from New York, which allowed us to spend money elsewhere for dinners and my wife and I bought jackets. 

We subsequently visited the Curtis Flight Museum in Hammondsport, NY.  Curtis was a genius with motors and held the Curtis Flight Museumland speed record for a motorcycle at one time.  He also invented many of the airplanes the allies used in World War I—the Jenny’s.  They had a number of early airplanes on display.  When we were about to leave, the girls went to a restroom, so I started talking to the director of the museum.  When he found out we were from Texas, he took my friend Frank and I back to a closed portion of the museum and showed us a P-40 fighter from the WWII era that had crashed in the Florida swamps they were just starting to restore.  Really a mess!  If you know anyone with P-40 parts, they need some donations. 

I could go on and on with MBO’s but a couple more come to mind.  We went to Elmira, NY to visit the Mark Twain exhibit at the Elmira College.  We were very disappointed in it, as they had only two small rooms dedicated to one of the greatest writers of the 19th Century.  They could do so much more with Capt. Bill's Boat Toureven a full gift shop plus displays of the characters of the books, etc.  Afterwards they gave us a puny map to drive to up a hill to where he once lived.  I was looking down and passed through a red light a half-block before another light.  Frank, who was navigator, told me I had run the light and there was a policeman right there.  I quickly pulled over to the curb, said a quick MBO, and waited for the policeman.  It took him a minute to even turn on his red lights.  We showed him the map, which he called “chintzy,” gave us directions, and didn’t give me a ticket.  The house was a bust too, as you could not get very near it. 

On Sunday we visited the lighthouse at Solas Point on Lake Ontario and then drove down to the bottom of Seneca Lake for the Captain Bill Boat Tour of the lake.  Naturally with a MBO request there were only six of us on the boat, which the captain found unusual, as it was a sunny day and they were expecting capacity.  He thought it really unusual when the other couple was from Shreveport, Louisiana and were really from East Texas. 

The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful, although we arrived back at the DFW airport 30 minutes late because the pilot had to avoid thunderstorms. 


Medical BillLee writes:  Went to the doctors in April for a check up. I said an MBO for a good report and small co-pay.  Because of an insurance change they said to wait and see what was paid and they would send a bill for the balance. I got the bill and was surprised that it was $153.47. My insurance usually pays more.

Today I went to get the results of my blood work ( excellent!) and to pay the bill. Before I left I said an MBO for great results and also a more manageable balance to pay. When I checked out, the receptionist said my balance was $34.67. I asked about the past balance and she said that was the past balance and today was no charge because my doctor checked that it was my yearly physical and I get one free visit per year! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For MBO's and always sharing your knowledge with us.


Theo, How much of our DNA dates back to the Atlantians?

Some, but not a lot. The races have blended so much during the last 10,000 years that their DNA makes up only a small portion of your DNA today.

Were the Atlantians red skinned or reddish in complexion?

They were a red-skinned people—similar to the purer American Indian in color.

Mexico Crystal CaveAre the Arkansas crystals I presently have in my house large enough or the right type to power anything?

No not really—perhaps a very small device of some sort, but the crystals used at that time were monstrous in width and height. The crystals you have are really mostly used as record keepers. They will someday be used to look at your work.

Were the crystals used on the continent of Atlantis found there or elsewhere, and were they similar to those found in Arkansas, or those found in Brazil?

Yes, first they were found on that continent, as they had huge deposits of these crystals and eventually large mines to carefully remove these large clusters from the ground. Then yes, they would be of a quality more close to those in Arkansas, than those of Brazil. The Brazilian crystals, as you have noticed, do not have the energy of those found in Arkansas, simply due to the formation and the minerals that were present in their formation. It takes a special type crystal so it will have the energy needed to perform or be the energy source for thousands of vehicles of all types.

Atlantis Were all the people the same race or different races on that continent?

Good question. There was more than one race. Yes the red skinned race was prominent, but they did have some mixing of races as other races would come to Atlantis in their travels, or taken there by the Atlantians both with and without their will.

What percentage of the Atlantian population was gay?

Yes, there were homosexuals in the Atlantian society. Yes they were treated better than your gay population has been treated in history and even recent times. The percentage was close to the same, perhaps slightly less but close. They were just accepted more during that time. Life was more open in some ways than today.

Did everyone speak the same language—I assume the Atlantian language, or were there multiple languages?

As you can imagine from the previous answer, there were other languages spoken by the other races. But the Atlantian language was certainly the predominant language at that time.

Japanese CharactersTheo, did the Atlantians have a written language or was it in the form of hieroglyphics?

The Atlantians did have a written language Tom. They were quite advanced in communication and had letters, not roman though.

So were these letters more towards Arabic, Japanese, Chinese or what?

More Japanese and Chinese type letters.

Did they write left to right or right to left?

Left to right Tom.

Did they have bound books as we have today.

Oh yes, they were quite sophisticated after thousands of years with books and other reading material. And even computers of a type.

Were their computers more basic or more sophisticated than ours today?

More different would be a better answer Tom. They were designed for different functions than the personal computers you have today. The general population did not use them, only governments and other institutions.

(Another day) I need to ask again, were the letters of the Atlantian alphabet more of a form like Japanese and or Chinese or Arabic?

Again Tom, they were a combination. They influenced all three. But they were unique and complex at the same time.

Will we ever discover the Atlantian langue written anywhere?

Not in your lifetime Tom, but perhaps someday in one of the ruins that will be found.

Has any part of the Atlantian language survived anywhere?

Not really. They—the survivors who migrated prior to the end, over just a few generations had to assimilate themselves into the local landscape and adopt other languages in order to carry on business and work and feed their families. Like any language it would be spoken in a house for several generations but eventually died out, as the children would look upon themselves not as Atlantians, but whatever country or locale they were living in. Keep in mind that this was over 10,000 years ago, so just look at how your own language has changed just from the old English days of say 400 years ago to now. Languages evolve just as do humans.

Language SchoolHow did they communicate with other races they met in their travels—by physically learning the language or did they have some type of translating devices, or were they telepathic?

Certainly not telepathic Tom. They did tend to pick up other languages and had schools as you do today that would teach these languages for those involved in international trade and explorations.

Someone asked if the Atlantians had similar psychic gifts that we do today?

Yes, of course, about the same actually. They were more densely in the 3rd dimension, so there was less than you see today, but there were those people considered oracles who advised leaders and wealthy patrons at that time, just as it is done today. There were just fewer of them.

Was there a form of tarot?

Oh yes, there were cards that they used to help them read a person’s Cardsfuture—not exactly the same, but a similar style if you will.

So since my soul cluster is known as teachers, were we schoolteachers or what back then?

You had many lives as different types of teachers, certainly, but your soul cluster liked to get in and learn how to do something so that you could eventually teach it well. So therefore, you had many lives of learning trades, science, and so forth so that you could be of service, and that included the various spiritual beliefs of that time period. They did have their own religions, perhaps not so extreme as today, but something for everyone. As you have read, Atlantis was destroyed by science and greed, not so much by religion.

Part 4 next week. See the past two newsletters for Parts 1 and 2.


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