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Here is another Podcast to listen to from my interview with Robert Sharpe on his Mystical Cruise show:

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Allan writes:  As always I'm delighted to read your newsletter :-D  Thank you so much.  Today I saw this article :

Magnetic NorthNow could you please ask Gaia, the earth mother, if there are any truths to this or is it simply a flick of someone’s imagination?  As a footnote, I've just today bought the second book of yours "The Gentle Way II" looking forward to reading that one too :-D

Thank you for all you do.

Gaia, is the magnetic pole moving one mile per day?

No, not quite that much, Tom.  The figures are being exaggerated by those making those claims.  As we have discussed before, yes, I am moving the magnetic North Pole, but much more gradually than they claim.

So how much is it moving?

Certainly a few hundred feet per day.  But this is not something to be concerned about.  The poles are not about to shift, as I believe was claimed.  It will eventually come to rest, but not for some time.  It is needed to accomplish my movements, Tom, just not as severely as would be a shift of poles as was speculated.

Allan came back and asked me to pose this question:

Gaia, how will moving the magnetic pole to Siberia, assuming that’s its destination, assist you in any way?

Yes, Tom, it will someday be in Siberia.  It is part of your crystalline grid and needed to move there for the flow of energy through the earth.  It all has to do with energy, dear Tom.  There are energies your scientific instruments are not able to measure yet.  The energies associated with the magnetic pole keeps everything on an even keel.


Giza Pyramid StoneJim writes:  What power tools did the ancient Egyptians use to cut and shape the granite used in their statues?  What was the source of power and who provided the technology?  Were you and your followers the ones who provided the technology?

It sounds like your book will be out sooner than had been expected.  Congratulations.

[Doesn't the stone's top in the photo appear to have been liquefied?]   Gaia, were the stone blocks used in building the Giza pyramids poured stone, stone that was cut by some sort of laser, or cut by some sort of powered tool, or none of the above?

You actually have the answer, Tom.  They had the ability to liquefy the stones so that they would fit absolutely perfectly in place.  The idea that each stone would have been perfectly cut using primitive tools of that day would have been impossible.

I assume they were assisted by ETs?

Of course they were.  The pyramids serve another purpose other than religious.  They act as beacons along with other pyramids all across the world.


ContractI think Helen asked me how long would it be before people in general believe in soul contracts or paths as some people call them.

Theo, how long will it take for people to believe in soul contracts?

It will be quite some time, Tom, for the majority of people on earth to truly understand the wheel of life and how you choose certain things to work on each life.

Will it be more than 100 years?

Much more than that, Tom—several hundred years.  There will be religions that will dismiss the idea for quite a long period of time.


Ancient OZHelen posed these questions:

Theo, have I had lives in Africa, once called OZ?

Certainly, Tom.  You have had lives on all of the continents.  These would be considered primitive lives, and pretty far back in time, although you understand that life and lives are going on at the same time.

Was the Law of One practiced both in Atlantis and Lemuria?

Yes, but not everyone on either continent did so.  But you are correct in thinking there was a connection.  Both societies each had a religion that believed in one supreme being, as compared to a number of different ones.

Theo, did the Atlanteans believe in reincarnation?

Yes, a number of them did.

What percentage would you say?

Much more than nowadays, Tom.  They had much more contact, don’t forget, with the ETs who explained to them how things are.  So the percentage would be over 80%.

So why then did they war so much with each other?

Control, Tom.  Each side wished to control the other.  It was greed and power that corrupted them.

Did they know about the Earth Experiment?

Yes and no, Tom.  Even then, it was hard to explain to the average Atlantean or Lemurian, so only the religious leaders knew, and even those had differing opinions as to the concept and understanding.  It was not something discussed around the dinner table shall we say.


Familial IntegrityI would like to recommend a book for you to read--FAMILIAL INTEGRITY.  It is from my publisher, so full disclosure here.  I contacted Beverley Bright Star after I read an article she had written and was published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence!, which I thought was excellent.  I found out it was part of a book she was trying to get published.  I turned her on to my editor, Ralonne, who edits this newsletter and was the first editor of my book on Antura.

I met her last October at the Light Technology publishing office in Flagstaff, and she had her book accepted to be published in the weeks following.

I really loved this book.  Several of the stories you could read to children, but they are all teaching parables (except they actually are drawn from past lives in history), as told, or channeled, to her by Lily and the Group.  Lily and the Group were originally channeled by Ruth Montgomery, whom I got to briefly know when I engaged her, along with Brad and his first wife, Francie Steiger, and Dr. Edith Fiore, for a seminar I put on in Dallas and Houston in 1979.

Here is the link to Familial Integrity on Amazon:
For some reason, this link is just to the Kindle version, but there is a printed version too.

As Lily says he’s part of the Sirian Council of 12, I thought I should ask Antura if I ever knew him in some of the thousands of past lives I had on the water planet.

Antura, what is the Sirian Council of 12 and have I known the person who goes by the name Lily in another life?

Yes, the Council of 12 is made up of spiritual advisors we will call them for your purposes, Tom.

Do they live in the 5th focus or at a higher focus?

Good question.  They do live at a higher focus, Tom, and are available to assist us.

And yes, you have known the being who calls himself Lily in the past, and quite well, I might add.  You have been colleagues of a sort before he decided to operate, we’ll say, from a higher focus.


Paul HellyerSeveral people in the last couple of weeks have sent me a link to a video of the former Canadian Defense Minister speaking at a disclosure conference at the Washington Press Club about what Canada knows regarding contact with ETs.  As I keep being sent this, I thought I should share it with all of you.

For all of my new readers Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster,” as Theo calls it, and Theo introduced me to him in 2008.  He’s living on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System and will be coming here in one of those big motherships in 2017, two years after the Pleiadians make first “public” contact in Russia.

I know this has been a little difficult for some of you to accept.  It’s one thing to believe in angels and spirits—it’s another to accept the concept of billions of species of other intelligent beings in the universe.  But I must remind you that I act as a catalyst—that’s my soul contract in this life.  I started requesting MBOs almost 16 years ago—years before most of you ever entertained the concept.  Now it has been almost five years since I was introduced to Antura.  I do have to stay in front of you to lead the way to new concepts and ideas.  So, don’t dismiss this one just because it seems strange.  Theo would never have introduced me to someone who was not benevolent in every way.  Read the book.  It is really an eye-opener and will introduce you to ideas and inventions humans will not discover for hundreds of years in the future.  Again, here is the listing to buy it on  These questions are from Lynn, Robert, Janet, Helen, Lois and me.

First Contact Front CoverRegarding of the book, Antura, what is the probability of the Russians releasing their information in, let’s begin with, October?

Probability is a little low then, Tom—25 to 30% let’s say.


It certainly ups then quite a bit higher—in the 70% to 80% range.


Back down lower again, Tom.  More on the order of 50%.

So in none of the fall months is it 80%?

No, not yet, but those percentages are climbing.  Again, as you have noted before, humans can change their minds, but in this case, we are discussing with the leaders how beneficial it will be to release the information.

Antura, were there hidden tunnels into the continent of Antarctica and is there any truth to the story of Admiral Byrd’s expedition being attacked by flying saucers?

There is some truth to the story, Tom, but was greatly exaggerated.  The Nazis did try to set up a base there and did discover a way into the interior.  But stories of attacking Admiral Byrd’s expedition are quite inaccurate.

So were there flying saucers down there that assisted the Nazis?

Yes, Tom, but only for a short time until it was learned their purpose was not in the best interests of earth.  Keep in mind there was the Earth Directive and they were quickly withdrawn after being contacted by the Federation.

Then these were not Federation members?

No, another society doing studies and were asked to leave.

So did I receive this correctly?  The Nazis did find a tunnel into the interior?

Yes, Tom.  That part of the story is true, along with them encountering ETs, but they were not aided in any way to attack.  It’s the old story of starting with one story and repeating it around the room and when it comes back, it is completely different than the original story.

Alien AbductionAre the Zetas contacting any of their abductees at the present time?

No, they are not.  That does not mean that the abductees are not being contacted by their home planets who are trying to assist in their recovery from the trauma of being abducted.

Am I not correct in thinking that there will be a great deal of anguish brought to the surface of the conscious minds of the abductees in seeing the Zetas on TV and in photos?

Yes, Tom.  We recognize this and it will be addressed by the Zetas when the time comes.  There is still great discussion about how to handle this when the time comes for their arrival.

Lynn writes:  I am a professional so I tend to keep things to myself at times.  I do enjoy your newsletter, and read it weekly.  I was reading about the abductions; I have had more than one unusual occurrence. I had a time a few years back where I was at a gathering with a small group of metaphysical people.  I was the first to leave, everyone was standing in the front yard talking and saying goodbye.

I left at 7 pm; at 10 pm  I was parked on the side of the road and lost. I thought seconds "only" had passed. I called the host of the party to ask for directions,(even though I had been there many times).  I assumed I had made a wrong turn or something.  During our conversation, she informed me that the "whole" group was watching, and me and my car seemed to have just disappeared while I was sitting at the corner waiting on the light.

She also informed 3 hours had passed. With her help, I/we figured out where I was how to get on a main road and get home. I felt strongly like something unusual had happened. I do not drink, and I have never done drugs.  I am a clearheaded person, but I have often had moments of clearly knowing/intuitively when something will happen. So the metaphysical group was a learning/understanding tool for me.  I have vague memories of past abductions.  Am I an abductee?

Alien AbductionLynn wants to know what happened to her car and to her when she left friends.  Was she abducted?

Quite so, Tom.

Antura, do motherships have windows or portals?

Yes, Tom, but of an alloy different from glass, but still allows us to view outside the ship if needed.

Are there many on a mothership or just a few?

Good question, Tom.  No, just a few, as there are plenty of views available anywhere in the ship should one desire to look out.  It’s as simple as pushing a button, or requesting the ship to give you a view of the exterior.  Obviously this is far beyond what you can imagine at this time, but the ship does have an awareness, and if you wish to view outside you simply ask the ship for that view.

Does the bridge, or where the pilots operate, have permanent views?

Yes, again a good question.  They do have, but again not exactly as you think.  You’ll see how they are able to view where we are going and where we are above the planet one day in the not too distant future.

There’s not going to be a fake UFO attack is there?

No, Tom.  That is just someone’s fantasy.  A sort of reaction to a fear that the government, or some government, or some organization is so powerful it can create a fake UFO attack.  That is just not going to occur.

Zeta GrayJanet writes:  Tom, I was troubled when Antura answered your question about the benefits of abduction by saying that the benefit is mostly for the Grays.  Once an abductee gets beyond the fear and anger, they are very prepared to face the fifth focus.  Those who are still troubled should ask for MBOs for finding the best path to overcoming fear and anger.

I still have questions about hybrids for Antura or Theo.  I would like to know if I am the mother of hybrids.

Antura, back to the Zeta Grays.  Was Janet the mother of any hybrids?

Yes, Tom, her DNA matched what they were looking for so she did mother a hybrid.

Speaking of mothers of hybrids, Antura, did they keep the mothers on board for the full nine months or did they remove the fetus sometime, let’s say, after four months?

Yes, you are close to the time when they removed the fetus.  That was not always the case.  When they first began to abduct women they would keep them for the full nine months, but quickly saw or learned they could remove the fetuses much earlier and incubate them until they would cut the cord, so to speak, and allow the hybrid to breathe and begin functioning on its own.  Then they would not need to keep the women for such a long time, which naturally involved feeding them and caring for them medically.  They could be returned to their bedroom, or wherever they were abducted, at almost the same minute or within minutes of their original abduction with, again, their memories erased; although they were never able to totally erase these memories which are buried deep in their minds.

Antura, were there connections between ETs and the Lemurians?

Yes, just the same as with the Atlanteans, Tom, but when the Earth Directive was created, they were left to their own devices and destructive behavior earlier than were the Atlanteans; as we have discussed, the Lemurians lasted another five thousand years give or take a few.  But every society on earth had some ET connection at that time.  And, I might add, we were guilty of making a mess of things, which is why we had to withdraw.

Are the 60 portals we have discussed before equally distributed on all continents, and are there any over or under oceans?

Good question, Tom.  Yes, they are fairly equally divided, but keep in mind this not so much for your benefit as for those who utilize the portals, Tom.  If they were all in one place like a train station things would get very crowded—not that we couldn’t handle it, but there is no reason for them to be grouped in just one or even two areas.  You will learn in the future that the portals were placed strategically in certain places where the energies align and allow a portal to be there.


This Benevolent Prayer story and the next MBO story originally appeared last week in my Blog.  You can view over 160 of these blogs with great, inspiring stories at

She asked me to change her name to Constance:  Hi, Tom:  You've changed my and my husband's lives!  We use MBOs constantly.  Thank you so much!

I had the bright idea (inspired by my GA perhaps?) to write out a BP for us three girls to say, in unison, each day at work.  I work for a general commercial contractor and we managed to make it through the recession, but really wanted to grow the business.  I've worked there for 15 years and turned the other women I work with onto The Gentle Way.

Commercial ContractorSo we've been reciting this BP for 1) the success of the company, 2) the health and vitality of the employees, 3) the perfect people to become part of our family (we are hiring now), and 4) for us to figure out and grow to love a new accounting software we were using (which we were having serious problems with), among other things.

1. We have more work now and coming up than we have ever had, even in this economy!
2. Someone who has been chronically sick with migraines and other ailments hasn't missed any work in months and even said "Those MBOs must be working!"
3. When I became a grandmother, I contacted someone who used to work with us but who had relocated to the southeast to be near their grandchildren.  Turns out the company he was working for was declaring bankruptcy, their children had moved away with their grandchildren (they're in the military) and he was dying to come "home" to the northwest.  I told him we were looking for people and he is now here and working for us again!  One of my favorite people, too.
4. Our CFO, in frustration with the accounting software, started looking into alternatives, although we had spent considerable money on the new one, and found that the company that had bought out our old software company, has a new product that offers everything we want, in a recognizable and, I'm thinking, much easier format for us to learn and convert to, AND they're willing to work with us on the price because they want us back as customers!!!!

And, one of the other things in the daily BP was financial abundance for everyone in the company and I just found out yesterday that I'm getting a $1,600 bonus for attendance and all the overtime I've been putting in!!!!

Thank you, Tom, and Theo, Gaia, the Sun, and Antura, for all your insight and this beautiful Gentle Way!  It's made all the difference in our lives!


Denmark TrainAllan in Scandinavia writes:  I have so many unsettling things going on I my life - but I'm using the MBOs every day - most of them successful :-D

Last week at work - it's a very stressful time these days - but I made a request that I'd come through the day safe and sound - that I'd expect the best for the day.  To my big surprise my manager called and told me the train I was supposed to operate/drive was cancelled, so I could leave almost an hour ahead of schedule!  What a big and happy turn of events - something I could never have imagined, so I got home an hour before I was supposed to - early weekend!

So thank you for showing me the Gentle Way and MBOs - they do work (a big thanks goes to my GA who does a great job of keeping me safe and sane these hard stressful times).


Soldier in AfghanistanHelen had previously asked about the soul contract of the soldier who suffered temporary insanity, which was covered last week.  She followed up asking if it occurred in all time lines.

Theo, returning to the soldier who killed the 16 Afghans, did he go insane in all time lines or just a portion of them?

Certainly not in all, Tom.  On the upper time lines he was recognized as having mental problems and was treated accordingly.

Is the United States involved in a conflict there in the upper time lines?

Actually no, Tom.  There is still some conflict, but not to the extent you have on the lower time lines.


I can’t find the email on this one but was asked about the sacred India Sacred Cowcows in the Hindu religion.

Theo, why did the eastern nations ever adopt the belief that cows were sacred?

Long, long ago, Tom, these cows symbolized fertility, so it was decreed by the ruler at that time to not kill cows, and that became part of their religion.


Kathlynn ShepardKathy writes:  Thank you, Tom and Theo, for all the wonderful insight.  Could you please ask Theo about the little girls in Waterloo, IA that were kidnapped? Her name was Kathlynn Shepard, and they found her blood and think that Michael Klunder killed her and put her in the hog pen. The other girl got away and told on him and he shot himself. My question is: was he the same guy that kidnapped  and killed the 2 cousins, 8 and 10, from Evansdale, Iowa awhile back? May all their souls rest in peace.  Thank you, and God Bless you and yours.

Theo, did Michael Klunder kill the two cousins from Evansdale, Iowa?

Yes, Tom.  There is even evidence to support this question, and the answer is, yes, he did murder the two young cousins.  Naturally, there will be a balancing in the future.


Allan writes:  I've read somewhere that Queen Elizabeth 2 will abdicate - and leave the throne to Charles - what are the probabilities of that?

Gaia, will Queen Elizabeth II abdicate the throne?

No, Tom.  She will hold onto the reins of her monarchy to the end of her life, Tom.  She still feels quite capable of doing the job.


John Wilkes BoothJim writes:  Did John Wilkes Booth ever live in Granbury, Texas under the name of John St. Helens?

Theo, did John Wilkes Booth ever live in Granbury, Texas as John St. Helen?

No, Tom, there is not truth to that particular story.  It was made up to attract people to visit Granbury and they used that story not realizing it would have a life of its own.  They just wanted visitors, just as the other small town did when they invented the story about the alien being buried there.

Theo was referring to Aurora, Texas, covered here not long ago.


John writes from Texas:  I have a question that I'll be submitting after I summarize the qualities of Lincoln, but for now, my present question involves perceived world conflicts that affect the Creator's experiment as we transition into the 5th focus.

The background for my question is too long to describe, but is derived from two Glenn Beckvideos that Glen Beck has developed in the following segment.  See:

The "time" available to most television commentators is so short that, regardless of position taken, the position is not explained sufficiently to enable the listener to make an informed judgment w/o extensive, individual research (which most of us neglect to conduct).  Mr. Beck thoughts are an apparent exception.

With the foregoing background analysis from Mr. Beck, Tom, my question to Theo is, "how accurate is Mr. Beck's analysis of our actual future?"  I know that for various reasons the "future" is shrouded and off-limits as to comments from the other side.  Nonetheless, I'd appreciate Theo's thoughts as I am one in Mr. Beck's third class of humanity, the "survivors," and there is sufficient incompetence and deception in elected officials in America and lack of careful analysis and reporting of positions of world leaders to the American public, that we face significant future challenges which are not being disclosed to us.

Theo how accurate are Glen Beck’s predictions for the future?

Not so accurate, Tom.  You have not read them, so you would need to listen or read those predictions, but he is only guessing according to his belief system.


Bruce LeeMantej in the UK writes:  My question is about some lost "Bruce Lee" film footage.

Prior to Bruce Lee's death, Bruce Lee only half completed a film called "Game of Death," it’s estimated that he shot around 100 minutes of footage, of which around only 39 minutes of lost footage were found.

Will any of the lost footage be found in the vaults or elsewhere?

Theo, will the last Bruce Lee missing footage be found?

Yes, Tom, eventually, but not for many years.  It is not where they thought it should be.  And therein lies the story—how it wound up in the location that it now rests in.


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THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, FEBRUARY 23, 2013,  MARCH 2, 2013, MARCH 9, 2013, MARCH 23, 2013, MAY 11, 2013, JUNE 22, 2013,    


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