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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Each week I receive emails about these two, so here is the latest information I’ve received:

Japan EarthquakesGaia, now that we’re entering June, is the highest probability for the large earthquakes and tsunami for Japan still in July, or have things changed?

No, things have not changed, Tom.  The highest probability—now almost 100%—is still for the large earthquakes and tsunami to occur in July.  And in July the highest probability would be mid-July, Tom.  Yes, you have that correct--mid-July.

Then you don’t anticipate our souls asking for a delay on this event?

No, I don’t, Tom.  It is the time I must move the plates in that area, and the souls understand this.

But you are constantly having movements there as I can see almost every day on the earthquake website?

Yes, and I would seem I could continue with those smaller movements, Tom, but the pressure is building there and I must release it and a small movement or movements will not suffice; plus there are soul contracts to consider.  There are what you would term, Tom, “heavy” soul contracts, but from our side are simply events, which must be experienced.

And I assume there has been no change in the highest probability California Shakeout Mapfor California’s large earthquakes to occur around Thanksgiving?

Also correct, Tom, although the probability has continued to climb, although not up to the 80% level yet.  More in the mid-70’s range.

Bill writes:  Will food supplies and electricity/ fuel be rationed or not affected? Will this send precious metals higher toward their true values and will the financial markets continue to operate? I hope they will become less corrupt along with our politicians. Is the Lake Tahoe area safe?

Gaia, will the West Coast earthquakes affect food supplies and the price of precious metals, and what about financial markets?

Yes to all three questions, Tom.  Food supplies from the West Coast will virtually stop for a time, and precious metal prices always rise after major disasters.  The stock markets in New York and Chicago will not be affected, other than seeing certain stocks take a drastic tumble and others will soar, which are connected with disaster relief, rebuilding and other such stocks.

Gaia has said in the past that Lake Tahoe will not be a very safe place to be.


Hoover DamChristine writes:  Really enjoyed your recent newsletter (5/18/13) when you addressed INVESTING IN YOUR DEBT.  I had recently sent you an email saying one of my biggest regrets in my life has been financial (debt) and I added "financial" to your benevolent prayer, then put it on a virtual post-it on my computer desktop.  I have used that system of concentrating on the smallest bill, etc. It does work! Focus is key! Progress is contagious!

Just recently, there have been lots of people that are having visions and dreams of Hoover Dam breaking.  I searched your newsletters and articles. The most recent for Hoover Dam was 12/3/11.  Can you ask Gaia about this?

Gaia, will Hoover Dam remain standing during the next 20 years?

Yes, Tom.  There will be repairs needed after the West Coast large quakes, as the earthquakes will be felt for several hundred miles.  But, rest assured, the dam will not collapse.


Barbara writes:  With all the tornados happening around the country, I am curious Central Valley Levee Repairif the Central Valley here in CA will have tornados this year or in our future.  Over the past few years there have been a few touchdowns in the Fresno/Clovis area.

Gaia, will the Central Valley of California experience tornadoes in the future?

No, Tom, it will remain a very low probability of this area becoming a major location for tornadoes to occur.  Their main concern in the near future are major earth movements, which will cause some liquefaction, as the soil there does not sit directly on bedrock and therefore can move and vibrate at such a level as to cause liquefaction when the coast of California experiences major movement.


Florida Panhandle HurricaneMaria writes:  Thanks for the latest newsletter--it’s always great.  I'm a little late on this, but if you can, maybe, include it in the next newsletter, I need you to ask Gaia if the Gulf Coast of Mississippi will be hit this year with hurricanes? We had Katrina and need some information if that’s going to happen again.  Much love.

Gaia, will the Gulf Coast experience a hurricane this season, and if so, what part of the Gulf Coast will experience the hurricane?

Yes, the Gulf Coast will most definitely experience one or more hurricanes, Tom.  The soul contracts call for the hurricane to make landfall on the eastern side of the Gulf—yes, that is correct, Tom.  This would be the Florida panhandle—possibly extending to the east a little more in its effect on the coast.  Again, that is one probability.

Will Texas or Louisiana or Mississippi experience a hurricane too?

No, not at this time, Tom, but they will have torrential rain from one or two tropical storms that remain just below hurricane status.


New Mexico DroughtLisa writes:  New Mexico is having the driest two year period in nearly 120 years of record keeping.  Farmers and ranchers are hurting.  Cattle are dead and dying.  I don't know what the deer are finding to eat anymore.  The dirt in my yard is powder.  In addition to no rain we have a lot of windy days which does not help.  The prediction is for a poor monsoon season.  Will you please check with your sources to see when we may expect a return to normal?

We are grateful for your abilities and so appreciate what you do.

Gaia, you said the drought in the Southwest will continue for several months more.  Does that mean the monsoon season will not be very long or powerful for New Mexico and Arizona?

Quite so, Tom.  Your meteorologists are already making those predictions, which are fairly accurate in this instance.  I will bring a large amount of rain to these areas, but not for quite a few months.  I need the drought to continue there for a time, but like all my cycles it will end and they will experience flooding, but not for many months.


White LightWhen I meditate I always send white light to those that are earthbound and are of lower vibrational levels.  Thought I would ask about that.

Gaia, when I send white light to all those of lower vibrations that are earthbound, does it ever help any of them, or does it just send them away?

Good question, Tom.  Yes, it has aided many of them that the light reaches.  It’s not, let’s say, an immediate jump up and head to their light, but sort of a simmer effect where as you send the light over and over throughout the weeks and months, there is finally a tipping point as you would imagine where their own guardian angels, as they are termed, are able to cajole or urge or welcome them and they are off with them.

Some soul fragments, as you might imagine, Tom, are so earthbound due to quite negative lives they led that it can take a long time to recover, but as you know there is no time here, so they don’t miss out on anything, shall we say.  But to answer your question, yes, send and continue to send them light, as each time you do it lightens just a tiny bit and you, along with others who do the same, eventually do make a difference, so please continue your efforts.


First Contact Front CoverAntura, for my new readers, is a member of my soul “cluster,” who happens to be having a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System.  My new book, FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET, is available for pre-order on such websites as  Link is:  Buying my books helps support this website, so that I don’t have to charge for the newsletter.  I guarantee you will read things in this book that were never published in this newsletter, and all arranged in a very readable format.  These questions are from Helen, Lori, and me.

Antura, did I receive the numbers correctly about Lori’s family’s abductions—40—and not 4 or 5, as that’s all she seemed to recall?

Yes, you have that number correct, Tom.  The rest of the time they were able to delete the memories, but in those instances she was able to recall something that happened just prior to, or after, that alerted her mind that something was just not quite right.  Again, it will require hypnosis to bring these many times up so that she can process them.

She wants to know if anyone in the family fathered or mothered a hybrid?

Yes, of course they did, as that was the reason for the many abductions.  Their DNA signatures matched what the Zetas were looking for, so therefore they contributed.  You could compare it to another planet contributing DNA for the earth experiment, but then they did it willingly, so it’s not an apples to apples comparison, is it?

No.  Speaking of other alien societies, why didn’t the Grays just go to the Federation and say we have this problem, instead of doing the abductions?

You must understand, Tom, that this Zeta society would be from the Alien Abductionpast, and I would term it far in the past, but they were able to enter your space time continuum from the past.  They landed, if you will use that terminology, during the 20th Century.  Their instruments were such that this was the time period they arrived at.  It could have been the 16th, 17th, or 19th centuries, but it wasn’t.  Had it happened then, the people it happened to would have been confused, but would not have been able to understand it at all.

So what I’m saying is that they lacked the ability to move up or down the years as we are capable of doing.  Yes you could, as you are thinking, compare it to some of the planets that did early experiments with various forms of humans.  Some of them did not have a lot of experience, and here was this earth experiment upon which they could try out their ideas.  So you could say the Zetas had a certain lack of sophistication when they began to abduct humans to help save their society.  They were desperate, and you were the best DNA around–a combination of DNA from all over the galaxy, and yes even from across the universe.  What better specimens could they choose?  And there were no rules at that time when they started that said they could not borrow a few bodies here and there.  There were no rules because no one had considered those possible actions.

Are the total number of abductees over 30,000?

No, Tom.  It was much closer to that 25,000 figure I gave you.  Somewhat above, but not close to the 30,000.  More on the order of just under 26,000.

Did I receive that number correctly?

Yes, Tom.  Very close.

Why did Matilda receive that this was a prison planet?

You would have to read what she wrote, Tom, for us to have a proper discussion, but she certainly made some mistakes in her reception, which doesn’t cancel out the good work she did.  Remember, she received those thought packets during a time when you were at a lower vibrational level and it was more difficult to receive thought packets.

Futuristic CityHow long will it take for humans to be able to create just as was done for us in the past?

Much longer than you might think, Tom.  Certainly you are already moving it that direction, cloning sheep and soon other animals.  But it will take many years to completely decipher the complex DNA signatures .  So I would say easily over 1,000 years.

Does that mean when we reach the 3400 era we will have that capability?

Yes, by then you will have it.  And the ability to grow new limbs in case of an accident, and to provide food for long voyages by simply creating it.  As I stated before, you will need much more sophisticated instruments before you travel to the stars.


SoulsDean writes:  Of possible interest as material for your newsletter: Regarding Gaia's sage comments re: soul fragments, and postulation that Jesus was the only person to incarnate as a "whole" soul, is there a general guideline as to what percentage of the soul enters into an earth incarnation?

How many fragments would be the possible maximum out at one time, and what amount would be required to remain at its "home" (Heaven,  as it  would be termed) for possible safety and anchoring?

Can a fragment add to an incarnation when it is pertinent for growth, or unexpected "clearance" ? Or for the emergence of a special gift, such as music, art or literature?

What is the maximum or minimum  percentage of fragment when a major act of karma is to be cleared, such as a mass murderer (AKA Hitler, Stalin, et al for example) and if a fragment is used to clear it, what is the work being done at the time with the rest of the wholeness?

Gaia, can you put a percentage on what part of a soul has lives on earth?

This varies so much from soul to soul, Tom.  Some souls might only have, say, 100,000 lives across the universe and other souls several hundred thousand—yes, even up to one million lives.  So the percentage, even with the lower number, would be small, but again I say that these lives are by far the most important, as you might make more decisions in a day than some societies make in a lifetime.  That is how intense you could say these lives on earth are, compared to elsewhere.

Multiple LivesSo would all these lives be going on at the same time, or is there an ebb and flow – variations in the total number, or do they remain constant in number?

Again we get into soul choices, Tom and there can be unlimited answers to this question, all depending upon the soul choices.

Would a soul, having one of its fragments having a life on earth, substitute another soul fragment (what we call a Walk-in) to use a special gift?

Most of the time, Tom, the soul fragment’s soul contract covers that life aspect.  We have covered Walk-ins before, and these are normally done because the soul fragment does not have the tools to cope with certain situations and the soul does not wish the fragment to be subjected to more of a situation it is not capable of handling.

Why would one of its other fragments be more capable?  It would seem that although there are differences, they would not be so great?

HitlerAu contraire, Tom.  There can be great differences, as a soul fragment might have had to handle that problem in several lives, while this is the first time for the other soul fragment.  So it inserts the other fragment and another life is set up for further learning so that the fragment learns how to handle that problem.  There are or can be great differences as we have noted in the frequencies of the soul fragments and their interests and abilities—again to obtain the greatest learning and experiences for the soul.

Would a soul insert a larger fragment of itself for a significant life—good or bad—or are all of its fragments the same size, or is this an impossible question to answer because I’m asking it to be described three-dimensionally?

Yes, you are much closer to the answer there, Tom.  All of a soul’s fragments are capable of having significant lives, and when your questioner mentioned someone such as Hitler, his soul fragment was really no larger than his brothers and sisters, you could say, for an analogy.

So using Hitler as an example, how many soul fragments were or are there in that soul’s cluster?

Yes, it would be on the lower end of the averages as you guessed, Tom—more on the order of six.  But whether a soul fragment is part of a cluster of 6, 8, or 12 fragments, there is little difference.  It may seem on the surface that a soul fragment would need to be larger to handle a significant life, but it is more on the order of vibrational levels the soul chooses for each fragment so that each has its own interests and is not a duplicate of the other fragments in the cluster.


IRSMichael writes:  Will the Tea Party special interferences by the IRS have any impact on President Obama's ability to accomplish a more people-friendly agenda? Generally how does the President's success rate look, including the healthcare law?

Recently I visited the other side of the veil after my aunt died recently on this side and I was waiting for her as she emerged from the "resting hall". My aunt had strings attached to her and she showed me a burnt right hand. I have had more experiences on the other side and actually communicate with her. My question: am I correct to perceive that she did not ascend further in the ascension spiral, that she has attachments pulling her backwards? Is that what being earth bound means?

Gaia, will the IRS debacle affect Obama’s agenda? IRS Congressional Hearing

To a certain extent, Tom.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Mr. Obama has a number of goals, which will be met in his term and some which will not.

Gaia, did Michael receive correctly that his aunt is earth bound?

Quite so, Tom.  She is attached to the earth at the present.  He can greatly assist her through benevolent prayers to sever the ties than bind and for her to go to the light.  And yes, as you are thinking, have everyone say a BP for her.  That will assist her in detaching herself.

Let’s all say, “I ask any and all beings to assist Michael’s aunt to sever the ties that bind her to earth and go straight to the loving light we think of as home, thank you!”


This story and the next one originally appeared last week in my June 1 blog.  You can read all the stories by going to

Traffic AccidentCheryl writes:  Whenever I get into a vehicle, I at least say an MBO for a safe trip. I did so on Sunday morning when I left on an hour-long drive to a family reunion. Passing through a nearby town, I moved over to let a string of traffic on at an entrance. As I was passing them, I realized that the last vehicle (a small car, fortunately) apparently didn't see me because they just kept coming over into my lane. The only reaction I managed was to move further left without hitting the center divider.

I really thought I'd feel the car hitting my rear side and was surprised when I finally looked in the rearview mirror to see them safely behind me. I said many "thank you, thank yous!!, caught my breath, and drove safely on. Oh, I also asked an MBO for nice weather, since it had been storming for days and we would be outside. It was beautiful!


Lee writes:  Our local news station was giving away golf-type umbrellas as part of a promotion. All you had to do was "like" them on Facebook or be a fan already. The first night I heard the promotion I requested an MBO to win one and today I picked up my free umbrella and boy, is it beautiful!


Giant Skeleton StoryJeini writes:  I don't know if you've addressed this one, but I've wondered for a while if the giant skeletons found on islands off of California could be Lemurians:

Gaia, who were the giants who lived on the coast of California that have been reported to be well over 7 feet to 9 feet?

Yes, these were early models, shall we call them, Tom.  Your ET uncles and aunts wanted to see how a large body would handle the environment, and it was determined—looking far in the future at probabilities—that a large body would consume too much food, resulting in starvation as your population exploded into the billions.  So they were allowed to die out over a period of time.

Did some of them last until the 1800s?

Yes, a very few in number.  And yes, the American Indians of that time period reported seeing a few.


Biogeometry JewelryRichard writes:  With respect to Biogeometry, I have been familiar with this subject since 2006, as one of my Bodytalk seminar teachers was Kris Attard from Malta, one of the first Biogeometry practitioners. Kris would dowse the meeting rooms where the Bodytalk seminars were held, and affix three-dimensional Biogeometry symbols to walls and ceilings, which he claimed totally eliminated EMFs and thereby improved our capacity to learn and apply the seminar materials.

I never attended Biogeometry workshops or purchased their dowsing pendulums or symbols, but I think I may do so now, as I have immediate practical applications for them (enhancement of architecture of aqua phonics greenhouses, enhancement of growth and vitality of living organisms in the greenhouses). Tom, as Biogeometry claims to embody rediscovered Egyptian esoteric knowledge, this is right up your alley, and I suggest that you ask your non-human friends to comment on its efficacy in shielding against EMFs, treating chronic diseases, improving health of plants and animals.

Gaia, give me your take on Biogeometry and its ability to shield against EMFs and treating chronic disease and plants?

Yes, there is some validity to this and should be studied more in the future.  It is but one of the methods which will be discovered.  In the long range other discoveries will be made, but I would encourage those who have a scientific or math background to continue their studies or look at its potential.  This is not something I can discuss with you at length, Tom, due to your lack of scientific training.


Sailing StoneYvonne writes:  Would you please ask Gaia why these stones 'move?'

Gaia, why do the stones move in Death Valley, CA?

A mystery is it not, Tom?  All sorts of theories abound—the wind, ice, aliens—you name it.  But also look to some of those heavy elements we discussed earlier. [In the May 25, 2013 newsletter.]


ClockJackie writes:  For the first time, our guides asked me to ask Theo a question. Last night everyone in the immediate vicinity of our apartment lost a bit of time, between 7 and 10 minutes. Now, losing time isn't too strange for humans, but this includes our spirit guides as well. They can't even figure out when exactly this happened because it threw every being off so badly. They spoke to the beings 'above' them and were given no information. In fact, the upper beings seemed very tense.

At this point everyone is confused, our energies are out of whack, and we don't have many theories. She wonders if there was an abduction that didn't go as planned, causing such a massive energy drain to affect all of the spirits in the house at the time? I know there are rules about these things, but very little makes any sense.

Any light Theo could shed on this is very appreciated.

Theo, why did the residents of Jackie’s apartment building seemingly lose 7 to 10 minutes of time?

They did lose a little time, Tom, as this was an anomaly in the time line or space time continuum.  It rarely happens, but in this case there was a small anomaly and just as some items seem to disappear and reappear later, there was this slight bend in the road, to use that analogy, where it should have been straight ahead.  It is confusing for them, Tom, but no one was damaged, shall we say.  Just confused.  This happens sometimes, but most of the time people that have the experience don’t notice it, or they shrug it off.   You could call it a blip in the matrix, but is actually just a waver in the timeline for them.


Boston BombingPat writes:  I would like to ask a question. After reading a number of answers to other people’s questions referring to the Boston bombing or other world events, it seems like innocent people are killed. The answer I see most often, is usually that the people who are killed or injured had done something bad in a previous life.
So my question is. Do the people who did something bad in a previous lifetime, know that they have this punishment coming before the tragic event happens to them?

Thanks for your work, it's very informative.

This was covered quite some time ago.  No, they are veiled on a conscious level, but oftentimes they will have a glimpse through one or more dreams, or a feeling given to them by their GA, so they start saying things to their family and friends.  If you keep your "antenna" up you will notice TV news reports saying a person had a premonition about their upcoming death, or even knew their whole life they would not reach old age.


PythonKevin writes:  Can you ask Gaia if she can shed some light on the python explosion in Florida: will these snakes continue to migrate throughout most of the United States, and if so, how far north are they likely to spread?; Also, will we get a handle on this situation?

Gaia, why are pythons proliferating in Florida and how far to the north will they migrate?

The conditions are right for these creatures to live, Tom, so it is normal for them to grow their population.  Their migration north will not be so far, as they want the wetter and warmer environments; so not too far to the north, but certainly along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.  Anywhere it is wet and warm and swampy.


Kevin also writes:  Would you ask Theo what "night terror" is, and is there a solution for it?

Night TerrorTheo what is night terror and is there a solution for it?

Yes, it is exactly as described—terror when night falls.  Normally this relates to past lives where the person has had very traumatic and horrific experiences during the hours of darkness.  This condition can be alleviated by undergoing past life regressions where these instances occurred.  Many times it has to do with their death and/or the deaths of their loved ones.  This stays in their psyche until they bring it up and understand this was a past life or lives and is not the same today.


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, FEBRUARY 23, 2013,  MARCH 2, 2013, MARCH 9, 2013, MARCH 23, 2013, MAY 11, 2013,  


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